Authors note: This series continues in The Death in the Vow. Thanks for reading!--Susan

Booths Are Us

Chapter 11

Susan H.

Three weeks later, Brennan and Booth sat next to each other in the diner.

"She's late," Brennan said.

"Only 5 minutes Bones, give her a break. She's not used to DC.

"Why does she want to meet with us anyway?"

"Bones, she was in DC for an appointment, and thought it would be nice to meet with us."

The bell above the door rang. A woman dressed in a business suit carrying a briefcase walked in. Booth stood, "Delilah, it's good to see you!" he sat down after she was seated across from them.

"Agent Booth, you look so much better. Hello Dr. Brennan."

"Hello Delilah, how do you like D.C.?" Booth asked.

"Well, I don't prefer crowded cities. However, this visit proved to be extremely fruitful. I also thought it would be the perfect time to thank y'all, I mean you, for the kind way you handled me during such a terrible time. I'm working on my accent. My years married to Sammy made me sloppy. I'm going to start teaching my Mountain Babies again and I need to set a good example."

"Your Mountain Babies?" Brennan asked.

"Yes, it is my pet name for the Appalachian children I help. I am working out the details now, but I'm designing some mobile teaching units that can go where they are needed. I found a buyer for the business, and that will help fund the endeavor."

"Well that is great news Delilah. Back to your first love?" Booth asked.

"I suppose that's true. I did love Sammy though, and I never begrudged my decision to settle with him. I know now that Bobby thought it was the wrong thing for me, but it was my choice at the time."

"You talked to Bobby?" Brennan asked.

"I did. My mama always taught me that no one is all good or all bad. She says we deal with the bad, and pray we can find enough good to be loving and forgiving."

"Well, I don't think I can agree with that theory Delilah. I have met truly evil psychopaths that seemed void of any goodness whatsoever. I'm sure Booth would argue that Jesus was all good."

"Yes Dr. Brennan," Delilah smiled, "but, if you cancel the highest and lowest scores, you are left with everyone else. That's who I work with, everyone else."

Brennan looked down, "I see."

"Besides, Bobby transferred me all of his assets and asked that I use it for my Mountain Babies. That's what I intend to do. He is trying to do penance, and I won't stand in his way.

"Anyway, I hope this doesn't break any FBI rules, but I brought the two of you a little something." She reached into a bag and pulled out a black and pink thermos. "I filled these with some of my mama's wisdom. The thermoses are excellent. I thought they may be appreciated for long trips, or stake outs."

She handed the pink one to Brennan, and the Black one to Booth.

"Thanks Delilah, these are wonderful." Booth said smiling.

"My pleasure Agent Booth. Dr. Brennan, your name came up in one of my meetings today. We were discussing how private citizens use their talents and resources to help with public problems. You were mentioned in relation to a bridge you had rebuilt. You are an extremely generous woman, and you've made a big difference."

"Thank you Delilah, but as you said, it was my pleasure."

"You know, I may be out of line here, but I shared some very intimate feelings with you two through Sammy's death, so I'm going to say what is on my mind. Some people thought I made a huge mistake leaving my life for Sammy. They viewed it as a waste of talent. But, there was something they couldn't see, they couldn't measure, and we couldn't prove. This intangible bond that overcame all of that. I was truly happy.

"This is not an explanation worthy of Dr. Brennan's scrutiny, but sometimes, I believe, we spin in this universe, and for some inexplicable reason, a force pulls two people together. I'm sure many couples are missing this invisible gravity, and they are happy. Yet, once one experiences it, a person recognizes it. I recognize it in you two. You have been pulled together, and I believe, this universe will continue putting you together until you give in to it.

"Sadly, I lost my Sammy. But I am surely happy that I gave in to that force before he was gone.

"I really need to go now. I have another appointment. I'm so happy I was able to see you both again and speak my mind." Delilah shook both their hands and walked out. The bell rang as the door closed.

"Well, that was crazy. I sure hope she doesn't teach her Mountain Babies that theory." Brennan said.\

"Well Bones, I'm open to a better explanation, but until then, I'm inclined to believe her. So what do you think, is mama's wisdom more mint tea?" Booth twisted opened his thermos and inhaled.

"MMMMMM, it's the most fabulous coffee I've ever smelled."

Brennan opened hers and agreed.

"But I don't want a pink thermos. Trade with me Booth."

"Special Agent Seeley Booth does not carry a pink thermos!"

"Come on Booth, you're secure in your manhood. Can't you feel the invisible force pushing your thermos to me?"

"Nope, I don't carry a pink thermos."

"Well, you wear a purple tie."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. It's just an observation."

"I'm starting to feel a force that is repelling me from you."

"Okay, keep the black thermos."

"Are you going to mope now?"

"I don't mope. I'll carry the pink thermos. It's a very good thermos. Logically, the color doesn't change its quality. I'm mature enough to realize that."

"Oh, so now I'm immature."

"A little defensive, aren't you?"