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The Pressure of Our Love

A young boy of about 17 reached his hand up to a white door. Quickly, he pulled away. He couldn't get himself to knock. He was too nervous.

I have to, he thought.

Again, he reached up, but, this time, he was able to hit his hand against the door.

"Hello?" the door began to open. Peering out was a boy of the same age. He looked at the person standing in front of him with his glossy, blue eyes. "…Eiji…"

"I couldn't do it…I couldn't just forget about you!" Eiji's voice cracked as tears streamed down his cheeks. "I love you too much, Fuji."

"Eiji," Fuji reached his right arm out and wiped the boy's tears away. "Give it time. I'm sure you'll be able to forget about me."

"Don't you understand, Fuji? I love you. I can't just forget about the time we shared together. You promised! You promised to always be there for me."

"I know…"

"Liar!" Eiji shrieked. He began to lightly hit his fists against Fuji's chest as more tears form. "Liar…I hate you…liar!"

"Stop," Fuji pulled him closer and brushed his lips against his. "I don't want to see you crying anymore."


"This is the last time, Eiji. I think it's best that we are no longer together. The pressure from other students…the teasing…it was getting to you. It was hurting you. If I see you hurting from our love, then I will not give it another chance. Understand?"

Eiji wrapped his arms around the small frame of Fuji's. "Just…continue to love me and I'll be fine…"

One month earlier…

"Finally! All exams are over. I can relax~!" Eiji stretched out on a hill close to the high school he attended. His white shirt had a few of the buttons unfastened and the breeze was pulling through his hair.

"Eiji," Fuji smiled as he stood over the boy. His light brown hair fell in front of his face. "Should you really be so calm? You still don't know what your scores are."

"I know, I know. It's just nice to know that I don't have anymore exams to take for awhile."


"Fuji," Eiji stared up into the blue eyes with his own beautiful, sapphire colored eyes. "Why are you still hanging your head over me like that?"

"What would you do if I kissed you?" Fuji avoided the question being asked.

"Huh? What's that suppo―"

He was cut off by the pressure of Fuji's soft lips up against his. His cheeks began to heat up as he couldn't help but kiss Fuji back.

A smirk formed on Fuji's face as he pulled himself away. "Eiji, lets go out on a date."

"F-Fuji! You just…and…I don't…what?" he was flustered and unable to form correct sentences.

"Lets go out on a date," Fuji repeated himself. "You know? It's when two people go out together…alone."

"I know what a date it!" Eiji snapped. "Why would you want to go out on one with me?"

"I like you, Eiji."

Eiji's cheeks began to turn an even darker shade of red. "Of course you like me. We are best friends after all."

"No, Eiji, I like you as more than a friend."

"You're joking."

"I wouldn't joke about such a thing."


"I'm not lying."

"I like you, too…"

"I know," Fuji looked up to the sky. "I'll come to your house this Saturday to pick you up."


"We'll go get something to eat and take a walk in the park or something."


"Yes?" Fuji turned back to the other boy.

Eiji reached up and pecked Fuji on the cheek. "Lets be more than friends."

Fuji softly laughed. "I think that's what's already been decided…"

"I know," Eiji stood up.

"We should get going. I know how your family is when you're late," Fuji took the boy's left hand in his right and pulled him off.

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