The next day…

Fuji made his way from his house over to Eiji's. The smile that always sat on his face was there as usual. As he stopped at the door, he knocked. Eiji opened the door and quickly embraced the other boy.


"Are you ready to go out for a little bit?" Fuji questioned.

"Mhm! What are we doing today?" Eiji stared at the bag Fuji was carrying.

"I thought we could do something we haven't in awhile."

"Really? What? What?"

"It's in the bag," Fuji laughed as he grabbed Eiji's hand. "Just come with me."

"In the bag?" Eiji repeated as he was dragged away.

Fuji pulled Eiji all the way to a tennis court that they used many times before. It was the same court that Fuji and Oishi tried to stop Tezuka from using his arm too much. It was the last place where Fuji and Eiji had played tennis together.

"Tennis?" Eiji titled his head to the side. "We're going to play tennis?"

"I thought it would be a nice twist from the usual date," Fuji walked up to the court and saw two figures. "Hmm?"

"It seems like you're getting used to using your right arm," one figure said.

"Oishi!" Eiji quickly ran up to the boy.

"Huh?" Oishi turned to see Eiji. This made the tennis ball fly past him.

"I think that would make it my win," the second figure walked up to the net. He wore a light purple polo shirt.

"Tezuka!" Eiji looked over at him. "I thought you had hurt your arm and aren't able to play tennis."

"I was given good advice."

"I'm glad you decided to listen to me, Tezuka. You look better with a racket then acting like a bully," Fuji placed his hand on Eiji's shoulder. "Eiji and I were going to play a match or two. I guess it could wait until you're done."

"Tezuka, why don't we play a match against them?" Oishi suggested.

"Golden Pair?" Eiji grabbed his arm.

"I was thinking you and Fuji again Tezuka and me."

"Are you ok with that, Tezuka?" Fuji pulled out two rackets from his bag. "I won't go easy on you after what you did to Eiji."

"I won't expect you to, Fuji," Tezuka's grip on his racket became tighter.

Eiji fell to his knees and began to laugh so much that tears formed. "Thank you."

"Eiji!" Fuji sat next to him. "What's going on?"

"I'm so happy that we're all here like this. I love you, Syusuke…and I like Oishi. Tezuka…thank you. I understand now. I think that as long as I can stay by Syusuke's side, I'll be able to laugh like this. People will say things that I don't like, but I now know that I need to just let people say those things. I shouldn't care. I have Syusuke…I have my friends. It doesn't matter what anyone else says," Eiji pulled himself off the ground and hugged both Tezuka and Oishi. "Lets stay friends forever. No more silly fights."

"Of course, Eiji," Oishi patted the boy on the back. "Remember what you said, we're the golden friends."


"Kikumaru…how can you forgive me so easily?" Tezuka got out of Eiji's embrace.

"Because, Tezuka, we're friends."

"Are you sure?"

"Positive~!" he giggled and leaned back onto Fuji. "Right, Syusuke?"

"If Tezuka's willing to be our friend again, I am more than happy to call him so," Fuji nodded.

"Tennis time!" Eiji ran to the other side of the court and stood in position. "Bring it on Oishi and Tezuka!"

The day continued on as they played their match. Fuji and Eiji had won, but they decided it was probably because Tezuka hadn't played in so long. After playing, Fuji snapped a few pictures of Oishi and Tezuka. Eiji demanded they took a few pictures of him with Fuji as well. After a long day, Fuji and Eiji made their way back to Eiji's house to drop him off.

"Syusuke," Eiji wrapped his arms around the slightly taller boy. "You know, I never noticed that you're taller than me."

"I was shorter than back in junior high. I grew throughout the first year of high school," Fuji explained.

"I feel like time has passed so quickly since we began high school. I feel like it was just last year that Ochibi had won us the victory at Nationals. Then he left to go back to America, Tezuka ruined his shoulder, and our team slowly fell apart."

"Eiji, but we're here together now. We don't talk to everyone like we used to only because they went to different high schools. Don't worry so much about the past. Just think about the future that's ahead."

"A future with you?"

"Yes, a future with us together."

"Do you love me?"

"Yes, I love you."

"Syusuke, thank you for giving me a second chance. I'm very lucky to have someone like you."

"And to think when I first asked you out you thought it was a joke."

"I wasn't expecting you to just kiss me like that, but I'm happy you did. Even though we've been through a lot in this past month, I think I did a little growing in the process."

"Eiji, I think we both did a little growing up."

"Would you kiss me one last time before I go inside?"

"Of course," Fuji placed his hand underneath Eiji's chin and pressed their lips together.

"Forever," Eiji whispered as they pulled away. "Love me forever."

"I will. I won't let another person harm you. Only you."


"I promise, Eiji. I won't ever leave you again."

"I believe you," Eiji smiled as he went inside. The door clicked closed behind him.

"I love you…" Fuji turned away from the house and left for his own.

One playful kiss was all it took to spark their relationship. They had a bond that they thought no one would break. If Eiji would have only let Fuji keep their love a secret, maybe all of the teasing would have never happened. Though, would they have been happy hiding their relationship from the rest of the world? If they had hid everything, Eiji would have still been hurt once out of high school from those outside. If that would have happened, it's unknown if their relationship would have lasted. One kiss turned a friendship into love. The pressure of their love made them realize just how fragile a relationship could be. Though, in the end, they final had their happy ending…

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