Author's Note: This is the place I'll be uploading all the loads of drabbles I've been writing for this fandom. I'll be uploading them gradually. Here's the first!

Cooking: PolandxLithuania

"We should like, totally make pony shaped cookies," Poland offered as he adjusted the bubblegum pink apron he was wearing.

Lithuania sighed. "We're making cookies for a World Summit Poland. Do you really think every other nation is going to want to eat ponies covered in pink frosting?"

Poland stopped mid-stirring the batter and smacked his forehead. "Oh, duh. Pink frosting is such an amazing idea, Liet. Thanks for suggesting it!"

He was walking over to snatch the vegetable oil so he could grease the pan when Poland offered this suggestion. Lithuania grimaced. "Come on Poland. I mean can you imagine what everyone will say when we walk in with pink ponies covered in sprinkles?"

"Sprinkles!" Poland said excitedly. So excitedly, in fact, that he ended up slopping a spoonful of batter onto his apron. "Why didn't I--- " He paused and pouted when he registered the rest of Lithuania's statement. "Hey, wait a second. Since when should it like, at all matter what everyone else thinks?"

Lithuania's green eyes widened and he bit his lip. Poland's pout was difficult to deny, and he wasn't precisely incorrect. "It uhh... doesn't really matter at all, you're right." He gave Poland a gentle smile then walked behind him, leaning his chin onto his shoulder. "I can make cookie cutters. I'll whip up a pony one right now."