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Oh, er, setting for this one (just in case) is after Orihime was taken to Las Noches and Grimmjow is reinstated as Sexta; before the berry-head came crashing in to maul the place over with his cronies. Yeah, I hate the good guys, sue me.

Anyway, enjoy the first ficlet!

Stray –

Again… There it is again…

A soft pair of lips upon his… Gentle… Feather light… Supple… Cold.


He slowly opens his eyes… His vision is fogged by sleep but he manages to see something and a sigh escapes him…


Only the usual blur… of black, white, and green.

He sits up on the immaculately white bed. Sapphire eyes blearily searched for any soul that might still be in his room. Ah… Who was he kidding? There was nobody there at all. Nothing was left.

Nothing… but the warmth on his lips and a faint feel of expertly concealed spiritual pressure.

Grumbling, the blue-haired Espada laid back down on his bed, one hand raking through his hair. Geez, you'd think after the first few days of almost getting caught in the act the bastard would actually stop… but then again, who in the world actually knew what was going on in that man's mind?

Grimmjow turned to his side, his eyes going up to see the view from his window, finding the ever-crescent moon and the starless black sky looming at him. Well, fuck. Now he wasn't gonna get his sleep either.

Really, if Ulquiorra wanted to be an insomniac, he didn't care. He just wished that the Arrancar wouldn't be too generous to include him in it… He scoffed. Yeah right. Generous? It's more like torture, isn't it? He wasn't that dumb, you know… Who else in this whole fucking palace had the color scheme of green going on?

Deft tanned fingers lightly traced the contours of his lips. They were warm. His whole body felt cold except that particular part. Most curious… Of course, he could've just been imagining things but, nah… Where's the fun in that? Besides, it'll be a lot better to just pin the blame on Schiffer. It's just what his daily routine states: Wake. Kill. Attend Espada meetings. Kill. Show off. Kill. Sleep. Wake up in the middle of the night with some son of a gun insomniac Arrancar harassing you while you sleep but find out that said insomniac Arrancar is gone the moment you open your eyes. Grumble. Put blame on Ulquiorra. Stay awake for the rest of the night. See, there it is, right there.

The bone fragment against his right cheek was hurting his skin. Hn, must've leaned on it for too long. Grimmjow shifted so he was facing the high and sickly white ceiling of his quarters. Damn, he hated this…

From G to U –

Night again…

This feeling again…

Him. Again…

This time, he wasn't just going to let it slip by… He knew he was there… He could literally feel the other Espada against him, leaning on him, kissing him.

His moves were slow, deliberate, unrushed… He didn't want the other to just disappear like all the other times he'd woken up to this… Everyone knew that 'Grimmjow' and 'patience' would never fit together in a sentence. But what do they know? It was excruciatingly difficult for him to sluggishly move his hand just to capture his prey. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques was not sluggish but under certain circumstances, rules have to be broken.

However, if moving his hands slowly was a pain, remaining still was just another. Only it was so much fucking harder. You try it. Remaining stock still, pretending to be in goddamn dreamland, while your self-proclaimed arch nemesis is kissing you. So softly, I might add. It's sort of weird, really. He could feel Ulquiorra's lips hovering over his most of the time, and then his lips would be taken in; a foreign one would press upon it, ever so lightly. The kisses were short but abundant, and if Grimmjow didn't know any better, he would've said that Ulquiorra was an amateur at it; but hell, he'd already gone through a week of this type of kissing and the higher ranking Espada had always kept it at that. So curious.

And all of a sudden, the lips lingering over him froze.


Grimmjow allowed the smirk to cross his lips as his right hand kept a firm hold on the small waist that he'd caught just beside him. Eyelids rose over sapphire orbs, mischief swimming in them as he found a wide jade pair of eyes staring right back at him.

The flicker of surprise didn't last long on the Fourth Espada's impeccable face; in the blink of an eye, his stoic mask was back on.

"Cuatro." Grimmjow greeted, his grin going wider.

"Sexta," was the Arrancar's reply in his usual monotone; appearing to be nothing more than civil at being discovered.

"So what brings you here at this time of the night?" the blue-haired Espada asked casually, as though waking up to find his arch nemesis kissing him was a daily occurrence to him.

A pale hand twitched and it was only then that Grimmjow realized that Ulquiorra had one hand on his bare chest, probably to keep balance. So he slept topless, what the hell was wrong with that?

"None–" Ulquiorra had began with his usual 'none of your business' reply but seemed to have thought better of it. "Nothing," he amended quickly, pulling back to sit up properly, taking his hand into his pockets. He, unlike Grimmjow, was fully clothed; Murcielago was missing though, and that definitely earned a bit of curiosity from the taller man.

Grimmjow rolled his eyes and scoffed. Really what was the guy playing at? Since when was kissing a guy in his sleep under the category of 'nothing'?! With his hand still holding the smaller Arrancar's waist, the Sexta Espada hoisted himself to a sitting position, eyes still locked with his superior's. He ran a hand through his hair out of habit as he spoke, "Look here, you, this ain't the first time you've been in my goddamn room doing hell-knows-what. Don't even try to deny it you bastard. Now I want to straighten up things, you got that?"

Ulquiorra considered him and gave a slight nod.

"Good. Now don't you dare move from that spot," Grimmjow demanded as he got off his bed and began to stretch. "Hot damn, its like two in the morning…" He yawned. "Let me wake up properly for a moment…" He then went over to a door near his bed and entered it; the sound of running water ensued. A minute later, the Sixth Espada walked out, looking very much awake; an impudent grin spreading over his features as he noticed that his superior had literally 'not moved from his spot'. The Cuatro was still sitting on the edge of Grimmjow's bed, his hands in his pockets, looking very much like a disciplined child waiting for his due punishment.

"So…" the brazen Espada began as he went back to his bed, sitting directly opposite the Fourth. "What the hell are you on, Ulquiorra? Taking trips to my room in the middle of the night, kissing me and then disappearing the moment I show signs of consciousness. Rapist, much?"

"I refuse to dignify that statement." Came Ulquiorra's deadpanned reply.

"Oh come on, I swear I won't tell Aizen if you're on crack or something…"


"Okay… Let's try it like this then…" Grimmjow proposed, crossing an ankle over his knee and lounging back against the headboard. "I won't even ask if you're an insomniac or anything; you're just a fuckin' weirdo like that, trust me, it makes sense. But why the hell of all the goddamn rooms in this place why mine? Barragan's too old? Halibel's jugs scare ya? Nnoitra too tall for your tastes? Zommari's too far from your skin tone? Szayel – okay, who'd actually want to go in his room? Er… Not Aaroniero – he's got that test tube thing on his head… Yammy! Why not that buffoon's room, huh? Hell, I bet you could have your way with Stark and he wouldn't even notice it – that guy sleeps like a damn log, man. So why not him? Why me?! What the fuck, man?"

Jade eyes looked up at him seriously, the black-hued upper lip rose partly to allow his voice to pass, the tone as cold as always. "The hallways are conspiring against me."

Grimmjow's eye twitched. He couldn't help but give the smaller man a Seriously-what-in-the-name-of-that-lone-strand-of-hair-on-Aizen's-face-are-you-on look. The higher ranking Espada just said it so sincerely, so honestly that he didn't know what to think of it. "The hallways… conspire… against you?"

The ebony-haired Espada nodded.

"Oh for the love of–" Grimmjow very much wanted to run the little bastard's head into the wall, but then he realized that Aizen was bound to notice the disgustingly red splat on the otherwise pristine white walls, and so he digressed. For now. "Of all the excuses in the book, Ulquiorra! Come on, at least give me a good alibi…"

"But it's true. I was on my way to the kitchens – I am dead sure that I took the right turn – when I suddenly find myself facing your door." Ulquiorra replied solemnly.

"Okay, fine. The hallways conspired and you're in front of my door. Why the hell didn't you just turn to leave? Why go through the shitty door, waltz your way over to my goddamn bed and start molesting me?" Grimmjow raised a pale blue brow at the other.

"My feet are traitors."


Grimmjow felt his nerves snap. The grin on his lips was twitching. "So the hallways conspire, and your own two fucking feet betray you."


"And they lead you to molest me."


"And you couldn't stop it?"

"I tried. Didn't work."

"And this went on for a whole damned week and you didn't even think of locking your doors? Or tying yourself to your bedposts or something? To keep you in your godforsaken own room?"

"Such masochistic suggestions, Grimmjow. I am not into that. And for the record, it's already been a fortnight."


"It had never crossed my mind to, and I never did, rape you. You're over exaggerating, Grimmjow." Ulquiorra responded quite calmly in contrast to the earful that he'd just received. "Blame the hallways if you will."

"Enough with the fucking hallways!" Grimmjow ground out, he was pissed. Very pissed. "Why can't you just fucking admit that you did it all yourself, huh, you sleazy bastard?"

"Because I did not. How hard is that to comprehend, Grimmjow?" Great. Ulquiorra's treating him like some stubborn kindergartener. Well, fuck that.

"Aizen's goddamn perversity finally rubbing off on ya, huh?"

"Whatever is circulating around pertaining to such monstrosities between me and Aizen-sama is pure blasphemy, I tell you." The Cuatro replied seriously. "I am merely performing my duties as a loyal follower."

"In his bed, right?" the blue-haired Espada replied with a snort.

"An obscene one, you really are, Grimmjow. Do you honestly think that I'd be here if not–" Jade irises widened by a fraction for a split second before Ulquiorra stopped himself, giving a small indignant huff before turning his eyes to the door. He'd said too much.

"Hey, hey, what was that last part, Ulquiorra?" Grimmjow's eyes gleamed in enthusiasm.

"Nothing," was the pale Espada's strict reply.

"Come on, what is it?" Grimmjow pressed on, leaning in closer to the smaller Arrancar, his smile leering.

"I said it's nothing, Grimmjow. Are you deaf?" Ulquiorra shot him a look that held multitudes of threats behind it, but, as usual, he paid it no heed.

"No, but a fortnight? Really, Ulquiorra, you must've had it going for me… to actually wander out of Aizen's bed for that long…" Pantera's owner purred. He went on all fours as he crawled over to his superior, placing a muscled arm around the pale man's suddenly rigid form; trapping the green-eyed Espada.

"I have never been in Aizen-sama's b–mph!" Pale eyelids flew open as lightly chapped lips pressed over the Fourth Espada's supple ones. It was a quick peck, nothing serious, but still… "What was that, Grimmjow?"

"Hmm?" Grimmjow grinned wider as his eyes gleamed in the semi-darkness of the room. He licked his lips plaintively. "I was just returning the favor, Ul-qui-or-ra." As he syllabicated his superior's name, the Sexta gradually leaned closer until he was murmuring against the porcelain cheek of the seemingly immobile Cuatro.

"Enough of this nonsense, Sexta." Jade eyes narrowed at the offending Arrancar but it was ignored. He made to move but a hand on his chin made him stop.

"And I'm quite sure I have a whole fortnight's worth of favors to return…" Grimmjow spoke in between kisses as his lips trailed along the paler one's jaw line, using one hand to keep his companion in place. He reached Ulquiorra's chin and looked up to find bright green eyes glaring at him, accompanied by faintly blushing pale cheeks. This was too easy…

Brows furrowed and tight-lipped, Ulquiorra closed his eyes and prepared himself for the worst… which really wasn't bad at all. It was actually quite… dare he say it? Incredible.

Grimmjow captured his lips in a hungry kiss, crushing their lips together. The blue-haired Espada was so used to taking control of things like this; he had the usually stoic man responding in 1.5 seconds flat. His lips formed a smirk at the feel of the softer ones underneath them kissing back rather eagerly. Conspiring hallways his ass, Ulquiorra liked him, he knew it. He slowly snaked his hand downwards, zipping down the Cuatro's tailcoat-ended top; grinning ever wider when the man didn't even protest.

Rough hands were running all over his chest and back, the moans the escaped him were only consumed by the other in their heated kiss. Ulquiorra felt himself being pushed down and he complied, lifting his hands and promptly wrapping his arms around Grimmjow's neck. It was easier to keep balance that way, he told himself, there wasn't any other reason. He felt his back make contact against the mattress but didn't take much notice of it as he was rather… distracted at the inferior Espada's… display. Grimmjow's right hand stopped on his crotch, groping him. The Fourth wasn't able to contain the gasped that passed his lips, breaking the kiss.

A smug look was on the taller Espada's features, his sapphire eyes half-lidded as he brought down his weight on Ulquiorra, taking care to put extra pressure on the man's pelvis region.

"Is this what you want, Ulquiorra?" Grimmjow asked, creating delicious friction with his hands.

The ebony-haired Arrancar only closed his eyes as a groan escaped him. "Fuck." Ulquiorra breathed out as his back arched off the mattress in pleasure, pushing his body against the firm muscles on Grimmjow's abdomen.

"Damn." Grimmjow cussed as he watched Ulquiorra's expression change out of its usual stoic mien. Ebony hair was clinging onto the sweat-covered porcelain face, his thin lips were slightly parted just waiting to be devoured, not to mention all the sounds he was making. His hand immediately left the man's crotch, settling instead in entangling itself on the wild locks of ebony hair, forcing the Espada to face him. "Goddamn, Ulquiorra." Grimmjow had managed to say in his husky voice before he dived once again to claim the smaller one's mouth, thrusting his pelvis against the other Arrancar's at the same time.

Letting out a moan at the sensual actions, Ulquiorra barely realized that Grimmjow's tongue was invading his mouth. He had nothing against it, of course. In fact…

Sapphire eyes went wide as dinner plates, staring with utter disbelief at the lidded jade ones underneath him. Ulquiorra was… smirking…? Sweet mother of god… Was that his – and he's – oh shit. Grimmjow's brain was clouded in a haze of pleasure. Even he didn't know that was possible to do with your tongue. A pull around his neck brought him back to reality. Ulquiorra had broken off their kiss – saliva was rich around his mouth, and he was sure it was abundant on him as well.

"You – You're making out with me…" Grimmjow stated, in between harsh pants. "In my room… at two in the fucking morning… And damn you're good…"

Ulquiorra shot him another deadpanned look, although it didn't have its usual death threats behind it as he was too busy elegantly catching his breath.

"You're not used to this are you?" Grimmjow cocked his head to the side.

The resistance to roll his eyes at the man's comment was almost wavering but still Ulquiorra managed. "I told you, my feet are traitors and now they've connived with the rest of my body parts…"

"What the fuck…?" The expression on Grimmjow's face only confirmed that statement. "Seriously, Ulquiorra, you need a fucking psychiatrist or something…"

"Well we don't have shrinks in Las Noches now, do we?" This time Ulquiorra did roll his eyes, sarcasm lacing his words. "And for the record, I still don't like you…"

"So what? This is like stress relief?" Grimmjow's brows rose quizzically.

"I'm… not sure…" jade eyes darted to the side, realizing just now that the Sexta was still lying on top of him.

"We'll work on that later…" the blue-eyed Espada said dismissively, closing the distance between him and Ulquiorra once more, licking off the saliva around the pale man's mouth.

The Cuatro wasn't able to suppress the shiver that ran through his body when Grimmjow's tongue made contact with his skin. God, that was distracting…

"Let's take care of this for now, shall we?" Grimmjow indicated, rubbing their groins together.


"You know I like it when you say that…"

From G to U –

Aizen 'Hmm'-ed softly as he waited for the Espada table to fill up.

Stark was already there, drooling on the tabletop, dozing off. Seriously, who sleeps at eight in the morning? Okay, maybe there are a few but, whatever… The meeting table was not a place to sleep in at any case…

Barragan was being grouchy at his seat. Having Yammy yawning at his side was not good. Having Szayel Aporro looking too cheerful this early in the morning didn't give the Segunda Espada any good sign either.

Nnoitra was lounging on his chair, both hands on his head, with his feet on the table.

Halibel looked repulsed at this and kept sending glares at the Quinto's boots.

Aaroniero was bubbling away silently and Zommari was sitting all prim-and-proper with his hands clasped on the meeting table in front of him like some elementary school kid.

The doors opened with a creak, announcing the arrival of two more of their numbers.

"Ulquiorra. Grimmjow. Welcome, please do take your seats…" Aizen gave his usual cool smile at his Sixth and Fourth, indicating the vacant seats on either side of him.

"I apologize for my tardiness, Aizen-sama. I was… held up by some business." Ulquiorra explained smoothly as he took his seat. Grimmjow snorted from across him and he shot the man a glare.

Grimmjow's grin only grew wider.

From G to U –


"Aizen-sama has called for a meeting. Get up, Sexta." Ulquiorra muttered as he secured the hakama around his waist before picking up his top.

"But I'm still tired! Tell the megalomaniac bastard that I'm sick or some shit like that; I don't want to attend the damned meeting…" Grimmjow grumbled, turning in his sheets.

"You have three seconds to get up Grimmjow." Ulquiorra's threat was followed by the unmistakable sound of a cero preparing to be shot.

"Alright! Alright! Sheesh!" The sheets were thrown off revealing a very naked Grimmjow Jeagerjaques. He didn't seem to mind though and lazily walked over to his closet to get a new pair of clothes. Once he'd slipped on his jacket and rolled up the sleeves, Ulquiorra opened the door to leave.

"Next time you wake me up this early for a godforsaken meeting, be sure that I've had a good eight hours of sleep…" Grimmjow grumbled loudly as he followed his superior out of the door. "Or at least make sure that we weren't up until the ungodly hours of the morning having sex…"

"Whatever made you think that there is going to be a 'next time'?" Ulquiorra asked coldly as they turned a corner.

"The hallways conspire against you and your whole body's a traitor to yourself… I figured I'll be seeing you soon…" Grimmjow stuffed his hands in the pockets of his hakama, a much too wide grin on his lips.


"Crazy hot insomniac bastard…" A smirk.

Everything was back to normal…


From G to U –

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