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Hideki gulped as he found Hidan standing behind him. He looked back at Kakuzu for a moment, and realised that no surprise or shock or whatsoever was found. Bastard had seen this coming. Why, oh why had he been so foolish as to let his frustration get the better of him? He slowly turned back to Hidan, clutching his fists at the sight of his brother standing there with ambiguity in his eyes. But what really made Hideki's heart break was that Hidan was in his jacket. The one obviously too big for him. It was...nostalgic.

"Hi-chan," Hideki managed out through a choked voice. Hidan continued staring at the older Yuu, asking for an explanation with his eyes. When Hideki just looked down to the ground, Hidan turned his eyes onto Kakuzu instead, feeling a dread growing in him. A fear that he just wished wouldn't be confirmed.

"What the fuck is going on, Kakuzu?" Hidan asked quietly. He needed answers. He narrowed his eyes when his boyfriend sighed and said nothing. He looked back at his brother and then took a step forward. "Nii-san, what is going on?" Once again, silence replied him. He was starting to get angry. First Hideki had been so fired up and were practically screaming the words that they were losing the shop and now that he wanted clarification, neither of them would answer him. He stamped forward and forced his brother to look at him, grabbing him by the jacket. "Answer me, dammit! What is this about losing Inked Pleasures?!"

Hidan stepped back, allowing Hideki some space to breathe when he saw that his brother had tears in his eyes. But by doing so, he was allowing Hideki a full view of himself. Something Hideki didn't really want. Seeing Hidan in his jacket, so small and petite, Hideki felt worse. He was doing it. He was destroying Hidan's one and only goal in life. Suddenly, a wave of sadness washed over him and he stepped forward, wrapping his arms around Hidan tightly, speaking softly into the younger albino's hair. "We're losing the shop, Hi-chan... Oto Orochimaru isn't renewing our lease..."

He could feel Hidan freeze in his arms. He had been stunned into silence. He took this as a sign to continue. "He's creating a row of brothels on Geijutsu street and there's nothing we can do, Hi-chan... The man's made up his mind and...demolition's in two weeks." Hideki tightened his arms around Hidan. "I'm so sorry, Hidan...there's nothing I can do... I know that Inked Pleasures is all you have left and I'm sorry I let it get away... I am so sorry..."

Kakuzu watched the display between the two brothers. He could spot Hidan's eyes over Hideki's shoulder and could see them filled with tears. His eyes had a softer demeanour and were starting to close, causing the tears to spill out.

Usually, Hidan would be yelling and blaming his brother for this outcome even though it wasn't really Hideki's fault, Hideki noted. He half-expected Hidan to pull away and yell and cuss but no such thing happened and he realised what Kakuzu had said was true. Hidan had grown up. He was now an adult. He could understand what was going on, handling it in his own way. But still, Hidan pulled away firmly with enough strength to send Hideki back a step.

He was sucking in deep breaths, trying to stop the tears from surfacing. "Go...away... I don't want to see anyone right now..."

Hideki took a step closer to Hidan to try and hold him again but Hidan held up a hand, eyes glaring at the floor. "No! Stay the fuck away from me! Just go away!" And a tear came out. "I don't want to see anyone! Least of all, you, nii-san!" And the younger albino just failed to see how much those words had hurt the older albino. His eyes softened and his voice came out as a squeak. "Please...just go away..." He looked up at Hideki and then at Kakuzu. "Both of you..."

Hidan closed his eyes, focusing on the sounds. Footsteps made their way past him and slowly, they got softer and softer. Once they disappeared completely, he fell to his knees, keeping his eyes close. Somehow, even with his eyes shut tightly, tears managed to squeeze themselves out. The tears came out slowly, one after the other. He felt like a huge part of his life, his heart, had been taken away. With that sorrow thought, his breaths became more rapid and desperate.

That's when he felt two arms wrap around him front his front, pressing his face into the person's chest. That's when he realised one of them, either Hideki or Kakuzu, hadn't left. That's when he recognised the warmth and breath tickling his ear. That's when he knew it was Kakuzu. Deciding not to care that Kakuzu hadn't listened to his request for him to leave, he wrapped his own arms around Kakuzu.

"You crybaby..." Kakuzu chatised softly, running his hand down Hidan's hair.

"Didn't I say to leave me the fuck alone?" Hidan managed out between intakes of breaths. He hands started to grip handfuls of Kakuzu's clothes, clinging on tightly. It seemed like anger to some but to Kakuzu, it was Hidan's plea for Kakuzu to stay. "You never listen to me, fucker..."

"Idiot," Kakuzu whispered as he hugged Hidan closer to himself. "When are you going to get it through your thick head that I'm never leaving you?"

Hidan choked back a sob.

"I can't ever leave you alone, Hidan, never."


Hideki was pacing around in the living room, biting onto one finger while his other hand was behind his back. It had been an hour since the incident at the boardwalk. No one could cry for that long, right? He couldn't believe he had done it. He had felt a great weight be released from his shoulders but it was only replaced with heavier guilt. Those tears he had seen in Hidan's eyes. He had caused them. He had caused his little brother to cry.

His phone, on the coffee table, rang and he practically jumped it. The caller ID said Kakuzu and he quickly picked it up. "Hello?! Kakuzu-san?!"

"Yes, Hideki-san. Hidan's a little worn-out. I'm bringing him for some early lunch. Is that alright?"


"L-Lunch? Is he alright? How's he handling the news? Where are you guys?"

"It's alright, Hideki-san. He's still rather...upset about everything," Kakuzu said quietly, glancing around to look at Hidan. The two of them were in a cafe and were seated at a booth. Hidan just looked out the window with blank, empty eyes. "But generally, I suppose he's alright. We're at some cafe. I'll...bring him back to my dorm afterwards. I don't think he wants to go home right now, actually."

"Ah, i-is that so?" Kakuzu heard Hideki fake a small laugh. It came out sad. "Uh, well, take care of him for me, Kakuzu-san? Please?"

"Of course. Well then, please excuse me." With that, Kakuzu hung up his phone and placed it back in his pocket before turning back to Hidan, who was still looking out the window, placing his chin on one of his hands which he had propped up on the table. "So, what would you like?"

Hidan just shook his head. "I'm not...hungry."

Kakuzu tilted his head to one side with a small smirk. "I'm actually treating you to lunch and you say you're not hungry. Will wonders ever cease?"

"Aw, shut up..." Hidan growled. He then glanced at Kakuzu, trying to hide the small smile tugging at his lips. He failed. Kakuzu's smirk widened but then it slowly disappeared, as well as Hidan's smile. Kakuzu sighed and Hidan just glanced down at the table again. That small moment of happiness suddenly didn't feel so good afterall. And Hidan felt guilty. He and his brother, as well as Pein, were in such a dilemna and he could still smile. Hidan couldn't help it, though. Just being with kakuzu made him want to smile. Hidan sighed this time. "'Kuzu, what am I gonna do?"

"I'll tell you what you're gonna do. You're going to continue studying and going to school."


"No 'but's. You focus on your studies. Hideki-san and I will handle this."

"Do you really think I can focus with what's going on?" Hidan asked, staring at Kakuzu incredulously. His goal in life was practically crumbling before his eyes and he still wanted him to study? "Do you really think I can, Kakuzu? I'll be too busy thinking about Inked Pleasures. I can't do this, Kakuzu."


"Sometimes I wonder why you even love a stupid asshole like me."

Kakuzu sighed. "Force yourself to concentrate, Hidan," Kakuzu said as he stared deep into Hidan's eyes that held so much pain. "It ain't gonna be easy, I know, but you can do it. I know you can. Just focus on your studies or the past few months would've been for nothing. Do you hear me? Don't let all those hours you spent studying go to waste, Hidan." The albino sniffed and Kakuzu could see some tears forming in his eyes again. Kakuzu smiled encouragingly and then reached out a hand to wipe away a tear when it fell. "Crybaby."

Hidan quickly wiped the tears in his eyes away with the sleeve of Hideki's jacket, smiling a little. "Asshole..."

Kakuzu just smirked. "Now I know why."

"Why what?"

"Why I love you."


A few hours later, Hidan was fast asleep on Kakuzu's bed in his dorm. They had just been lying in bed together, playing games like truth or dare or telling each other secrets about each other or maybe Hidan would just take Kakuzu's hand into his own and play with it. Soon, very soon, Hidan had just fell asleep, using Kakuzu's arm as his pillow. Very carefully, the tan man made his way out of the bed, trying his best not to wake Hidan.

He failed.

He was suddenly tugged back to bed and when he looked back, he realised why. Hidan had grabbed his shirt. "Where're you going?"

"I got some things to do. Just sleep, idiot. You need the rest."

"Don't call me an idiot, bastard."

"Don't call me a bastard, stupid."

They tossed insults at each other back and forth for at least the next five minutes before Kakuzu sighed and stood up. He pulled the blanket over to Hidan who whined. "Don't leave me alone, asshole."

"I'm not. I'll be gone for an hour. I'll be back as soon as possible, I promise."

Hidan just pouted and whined even more, making Kakuzu feel that he was taking care of an abandoned pup instead of a fully-grown eighteen year old. A playful, childish eighteen year old but an eighteen year old nonetheless. Kakuzu rolled his eyes, leaned down and kissed Hidan on the forehead before grabbing his jacket which was hanging on his chair. "Just get some sleep, alright?"

"Get your ass back into bed, 'Kuzu," Hidan demanded. "That wasn't a request, that's a fucking order."

"I don't have to take orders from you, dear."

At the nickname, Hidan immediately flushed red. The albino sat up and glared at Kakuzu. But it soon faded away. He could never stay mad at Kakuzu long. He slowly just sighed and laid back in bed. "Just come back to fucking bed. Whatever you gotta do, do it tomorrow. It won't kill you to just spend some time with me, right?"

"It won't kill you to let me go for one hour, right?"

"You're a douchebag."

''Takes one to know one."


"Hidan, it's just one hour. No more than that, I promise."

Hidan was silent for a few moments. He sighed and then outstretched his hands towards his boyfriend. "Then give me one more fucking kiss."

Kakuzu chuckled lightly before making his way over to Hidan. He leaned down and captured Hidan's lips with his. He pulled away a bit. "Right now, then. Go get some damn sleep. You could use the rest." After all you've been through today, was left unsaid. Hidan seemed calm. And hell be damned if he was going to remind Hidan of what was happening. Hidan lifted his head up a bit more, connecting their lips again.

"You know I fucking love you, right?"

Kakuzu just hummed in reply before getting to his feet again. "I love you too. I'll be back soon."


Outside, once Kakuzu closed the door, he made his way off the school campus, growling lightly. "There's no way in hell I'm letting anyone kill your dream, Hidan."


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