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Prologue: Through the eyes of a villain

Everything burned
Everyone cheered.

The bird gawked unbelievingly at the sight that was displaying in front of him.

The masses cheered.
He could still hear them.
Blowing him away with a rocket.
What an idea.
He still was alive since the heavy blow had only slung him away.
He had lots of burns though.

He had lost his vision but he could hear something running.
His falcon.
Why was it running?

It finally arrived, staring at Shan-Yu.
It revolved its master.
One time.
Two times.
It motivated him to stand up again.
But he couldn't.
It revolved its guarded one.
One time.
Two times.
Stand up you freak.

The man's hand moved towards the animal, weakly patting it on the still burned back. Trembling, the falcon lay down next to the once most feared man in China. Listening to the snatches of his fading voice, the bird closed its eyes.

It perked up as the revived cheering drowned his master's words. Slipping out from under the conqueror's hands, it snarled at the remaining sound in the air until it had faded away.

"I've heard a great deal about you, Fa Mulan."
Fa Mulan… was that the guy?
After quite a listing the Emperor finally came to the point that mattered.
"…destroyed my palace, AND... you have saved us all."
It was the guy.
The falcon looked back at Shan-Yu.
He was a strong man, but one could easily tell that the Hun was in pain right now.
And he would die soon.

The bird lifted his head, looking up at the sky.
He would avenge his master.
He would get that soldier. And that little lizard, that kept him from protecting Shan-Yu.
That little lizard, that kept him from carrying out his duty.
They would pay.

The plucked bird started to shiver for a moment, before his entire plumage appeared again, carrying it through the night as the falcon lifted itself from the ground.
They would pay.
Both of them.

Left alone Shan-Yu could only listen to the sound of wings as his solely remaining comrade faded away in the smoke of the fireworks.