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The Changer


I stepped out of my lovable red truck, my safety, into the world. The wet, murky, green world of Forks. I didn't like it here, but, it does have some great terrain. I can be myself here, I can be what I really am, whatever that might be.

Ugh! I'm not getting into this now! I've spent years and years thinking about what I am. And i still can't figure it out. I'm not normal, that's for sure.

I quickly walked across the car park, headed towards the office, I'm guessing it's the building with the sign saying office.

Hhmmm... I dunno it's just a hunch.

I just reached the pavement on the other side and froze. I know that scent! I know what it means. But they can't be here! In school? I detected five separate scents.

Five?! Why would five of them be here? what are they planning? Who sent them? Is it a trap?

I can't believe this! I thought I'd gotten away from them, but, apparently not.

I had now been frozen for about three minutes and was getting some weird looks from the other students, so I quickly I kept on walking even quicker towards the office, the sooner I get this over with, the sooner I can get the hell out of here. I walked into the office, trying to keep my head down, keeping a low profile. Of course that went out the window when I mentioned my name.

"Isabella Swan? Chief Swans Daughter? We've been waiting for you to arrive"

I'm sure she meant to sound happy and cheerful, but it just made me sigh. Great! Charlie wasn't supposed to flaunt me around, this is supposed to be a quiet life. I'm supposed to be laying low! How can it be a quiet life when there are people who are talking about me everywhere? They'll find me in no time!

I quickly thanked the women behind the desk and sent her a fake smile after she gave me my papers of my time table, map and all the usual useless things I might 'need'.

First, I had English. I like English, my old teacher was really nice and supportive. She told me I could have a future in writing. Yeah Right! with the life I have, when would I ever have the chance or opportunity to write?

What about these five people? Where are they? Are they teachers? If they are, I have a major problem. What if their students? That could be even worse!

My musings brought me right outside my English class. I took a deep breathe to steady myself but I almost choked on the air.

Oh no. I got two of the vamps scents from this class! But I couldn't not to it. If I didn't go to my classes, I'm sure Charlie will find out. And what could I tell him? 'Sorry Charlie, but if I went into certain classes I would get killed'?

Like I could ever do that! Charlie was oblivious to my double life and I would like it to stay that way.

I didn't let myself think about this anymore. I opened the door and walked in, glad that people were still getting settled, I wouldn't attract that much attention. I quickly closed the door behind me and walked over to were the teacher seemed to be trying to calm a group of boys down. The scent was strong in here, very strong, almost nauseatingly strong. I was resisting my instincts that were telling me to run. I really wanted to, really I did. But I couldn't.

The teacher looked up when I approached and smiled at me, ignoring the still raucous boys in front of her. She took my little slip - the one that, annoyingly, had to get signed by every teacher that I had- and looked at me name. She glanced at me and smiled. I held back a grimace. Everyone here was so nosy, they knew everything about everyonesbusiness! She signed it, and handed it back to me, still smiling and told me to take a seat anywhere.

I had a feeling I would like this teacher, she was easy to get along with. I glanced around the class, and found an empty desk at the back. Upon sitting myself down I took another deep breath to try to calm my nerves. They were in here. Two of them. I looked around the room for them, which was safe because I was at the back and no-one had noticed me come in. Well, that's what I thought.

As I looked around, I found them, not that I could exactly miss them.

They were sat on the opposite side of the room to me, but sat at the back too. There they were. Two, inhumanly pale, beautiful people. Both male. The first one looked like he was a body builder rather than a student. Even sat down he towered over everyone else. I had to stifle a giggle at his expression. His body looked so scary, huge and muscly, but his head was cocked to one side and he was staring at me like he was trying to figure out a really hard math problem. He looked like a little kid, and his curly hair made the picture complete.

The second was still tall, but not as tall as Muscles. He had curly honey blond hair that hung into his eyes. He wasn't as muscly as Muscles but he still had them. He looked like he was confused by something. Their facial expressions were priceless.

They were both staring at me like I was something that had to be figured out and I guess I would be an enigma for them, unless it was all an act.

I didn't make eye contact, I didn't want to see the horrifying colour that haunted my dreams. I was glad that the teacher finally got the class settled, and Muscles and Curls (as I have named them) had to turn away. I breathed a sigh of relief and made myself get stuck into the lesson.

Unfortunately, I had already studied this material. I was actually pretty bored and settled for doodling on my notebook but that got boring too when I began to sketch vampire eyes, and so and got my Ipod out. I made sure that it was hidden in my hair and wasn't visible though I did think I was busted when the teacher called on me for an answer, but it was easy. I didn't bother turning my Ipod down even though it was on full blast, I could still hear her regardless. She seemed happy with my answer, and a bit surprised with my quick response. Unfortunately, this got the attention of Muscles and Curly, and they turned to look at me again. I ignored them, distracting myself with the song that was playing and tapping my foot along with the rhythm.

The bell rang loudly in the class, and everyone jumped out of their seats to go to break. I slowly put my Ipod away, trying not to get caught by the teacher and got up. I saw both of the vamps talking to each other whilst they walked towards me but I scrabbled to get my bag on my shoulder before I hurried out of class.

I had no idea where to go. I followed the general crowd and found myself in the cafeteria. However, not one for big social gatherings where I would be alone I was about to turn around and seek the solitude of my truck but fortunately, some people found me and I was saved. A girl named Jessica, who I didn't know if I liked, a girl called Lauren, who I knew I didn't like and a girl named Angela who I did like invited me over to their table. It was a twenty minute break, and I didn't want to be rude as well as lonely.

So I joined them. I was in the middle of telling them my 'story' when they walked in.

All five of them.

Along with Muscles was a stunning blond, who was so beautiful I nearly killed myself with my dramatic confidence plummet. I laughed silently at that, ducking my head while I controlled myself before looking back up.

With Curls was a pixie- like girl who looked really worried about something, and was clinging to his arm for dear life. Then there was the other one. The bronze haired one. I must say, even for what he is, he was gorgeous. All of them appeared to be casually walking to their table, but from the time spent around their kind I knew better. All were tense, and the way they walked, in a group, it seemed like they were getting ready for a battle. They sat at their table, but didn't talk. Strange. They just stared off into space.

I sighed quietly, even Angela, who was sat right next to me didn't hear me. But all of the vamps heads snapped up in my direction. Muscles, Blondie, Curls, Pixie and Bronzie (I know, but I have a short attention span okay? And I find it hard to remember names) all stared at me like they were expecting me to jump at them. Okay this was just getting weirder and weirder.

They were the evil ones not me, so why are they scared of me? I pondered my question while I stared at them shamelessly, only doing so because of the comfort of the knowledge that they couldn't hurt me in a room full of humans, not if they didn't want to provoke the Volturi anyway.

That was when I saw their eyes.


This made no sense.

Golden? Where's the red? Or violet if they wore contacts? What did it mean? Why were they just sat there, when there was a room full of food here for them, just sitting feet from them? Why weren't they attacking?

There was too many questions buzzing in my head that I actually felt sick. Only when hand was waved in front of my face did I snap out of it and tear my eyes away from them. I realised I was hyperventilating, my hands shaking in my lap..

"Bella? Hey, are you okay? You don't look so good" I head Angela's voice through the pounding in my ears.

"She looks pale" I heard Jessica say, worry colouring her voice.

"She's always pale, that's just the colour she is" I didn't know if Lauren meant that to be mean or not, but at the moment I didn't care. I had to get out of here, away from the vamps, I needed to think.

"Errmm... I'm gunno get some air" I quickly told them, getting up and grabbing my bag and not even waiting for a reply as I bolted from my seat and fled the cafeteria without a backwards glance.

I walked through the double doors to the car park and felt instantly better when the cold wind hit my face. I know what I needed. I needed to run. But I couldn't. I couldn't risk it. I didn't know why they were here but I had to keep an eye on them, just to make sure it was safe.

But it didn't make any sense! Why were their eyes golden? Why were they here? Was there more of them? A coven of five is bigger than avergae but who knows?

But how? Why?

Why was there a group of golden eyed vampires attending Forks High School?

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4th January 2010

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