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"What was that Bella? You want us to kill you?" Felix taunted, though I barely heard him over my own screams. I was shocked that I had said it out loud.

"Felix, this is enough" Jane said, and I felt the pain decrease a little. Only a little, but I felt it instantly.

"No, I say when it's enough!" He yelled at her. I kept out of it, just concentrating on breathing through the pain.

"No, I do. Enough" She said as firmly as she could in her girlie voice.

Despite what she said, I never felt the pain go away. Instead, I fell into the darkness once more. I had been clinging to the light desperately, but now I had to let go. I didn't want to stay anymore.


I didn't know how long I had been in my stone prison. Too long.

I hadn't been out of here since I had attacked Jane but plenty of people came to see me. Every one of them had a vendetta against me, and Aro seemed to think that it was only right that they each got their revenge since I had, at some point, attacked them.

And so I sat against that stone wall, my arms, ankles and neck in chains as I was beaten, my mind, body and soul attacked. Of course I could do nothing to defend myself, knowing that any manipulation of my powers would weaken me further and leave me even more vulnerable. It was better to be conscious and knowing what was going on, than unconscious and left questioning everything.

Some people even came back for seconds after they realised this. A free attack. I knew what Aro wanted. He wanted me to break, to beg for anything but this. Too accept his terms.

I would never join him.

I may have lost my pride, my dignity, my freedom and my choice, but I have never lost my love or my soul.

The Cullen's all remained on the fringe of my mind, never entering my thoughts fully. Aro knew I was hiding something from him, something he couldn't get at, something I would rather die than let him discover. And since he wouldn't kill me, the Cullen's would be forever safe.

They are all close to my heart, and I think of them as a shield against Aro. They keep me sane in this hell, they stop me from breaking down, from begging for death, for mercy. They keep me strong. Edward keeps me alive.

"Come on Bella" Jane whispered in my ear, her quiet voice full of remorse and sadness.

Jane had become my saviour of sorts. She had to torture me, but she never did it as bad as she said she did. I acted out, screaming and faking it so that they would leave me be. She always comes back afterwards to see if I was alright, and sometime, when she can manage it, she gives me a bit of bread or water even though I don't need it or at least that was what I thought.

I haven't had a proper meal since I was at the Cullen's, and I never thought that I would need any kind of nutrition or sustinance, but I do. My body is weak, so weak I can barely stand. So I sit on the stone floor in the same position as always, my arms either side of my head, my legs curled up beside me, my head hung to my chest, my body leaning forwards, letting the chains take my weight.

I struggled to open my eyes to see Jane, but I did so, raising my head to look her in her ruby red eyes. She had even expressed a want to join the Cullen's. She hates what she does, torturing people and hurting them, the never ending carnage. She never thought there was another way, she never thought she could get out and rebel. But when she saw me, she realised that not only was she my saviour, but I was hers.

She wants out of the Volturi, and is trying to think of a plan to get us both free. So far neither of us can think of a way.

"Bella, I need you to listen to me. Aro is planning something. A big tournament. He's inviting all the vampires to come and fight you. He's telling them what you are. He wants to know if you are as strong as you say. The winner gets a place on his guard. Bella, this could be our chance" She whispered frantically and I felt hope bubble inside me for the first time.

I opened my mouth to speak but my throat and mouth were too dry. Jane, thankfully, had managed to steal some water from somewhere and gave me a drink, tipping the bottle end into my mouth. I ignored my cracked and dry lips and the pain they brought me, water was more important.

"How long?" I whispered, my throat burning with those words as I coughed violently.

"Tomorrow. Aro just told us today, he said it was supposed to be a surprise. Bella... the guard get to fight you as well after the enitial tournament" Her eyes were wide and I knew she was only thinking one thing, the same thing that I was. Felix.

He wanted me dead, and was so upset when Aro said that he couldn't kill me. Now he has his chance.

"I know the winner gets a spot on the guard, but he said something about... a thank you for being loyal" She shook her head sadly, closing her eyes. Jane was about fourteen in human years, way to young to be surrounded by anger, hate, violence and death.

So they were using this as a 'thank you' for being loyal? 'Thank you for staying with the Volturi, here attack the Spark and see how far you get'


Jane left without a word, wishing me luck. It took a second after the bolt slid across the door for me to remember that Jane was on the guard too. She would have to fight, if not then everyone would know that she had created a friendship of sorts with me. She would be killed instantly if anyone found out.

I let myself sleep, something I had refused to do ever since I woke to Felix and Demetri standing over me. They left after a sneer, not telling me why they were there or what they had done. My mind instantly went to the worst scenario. That they had raped me. But I would have surely woken up, besides, they both hate me anyway. Yet my mind went over the possibilities, fear gripping me every time.

Sleep was fitfull and terrifying. Another reason I stayed awake is my sleep talking. What if I mentioned the Cullen's? They would get killed because of me and my sleeping. But not today. I needed sleep.

Maybe tomorrow I'll get lucky and Felix will go too far. Maybe he'll kill me 'accidentally' and I'll be free from this hell.

It would be a nice reprieve.


"Get up!"

I awoke to Felix kicking me in the stomach, grabbing a handful of my hair and forcing my face upwards to his. Everyone says that vampires are beautiful, and I used to agree with them. They were beautiful monsters. But the Volturi are the ugliest being I have seen. They have a switch, as I like to to think of it. One minute they are beautiful, kind and polite and then the next, they transform into this savage demonic being.

I pretended to be unaware of what was going on. Jane regularly gave me updates on what was going on outside my prison. Aro was oblivious to the two of us speaking to one another, Jane says he spends most of his time out hunting other Sparks or kidnapping others who may have seen them.

He very rarely uses his ability anymore, and because of that Jane and I remain safe. Or as safe as can be with the Volturi.

Aro had not visited me once in my prison, and I had not laid eyes on him since I tried to attack him and Jane stopped me. Of course Jane has apologized again and again for that, but I have forgiven her. I know what it's like to not like who your people are.

"You're going to get some more play mates today" The sleep had paid off it seems and I raised my head to watch Felix take off the chains from my ankles and wrists, my arms dropping limply to the ground. I haven't used them for so long.

He saw me watching him and chose to punch me in the jaw, sending me backwards into the wall that had a permanent Bella dent in it from the amount of times people had hit me into it. I forgot. Keep your eyes on the ground. Don't look at him. That was his number one rule. But since Jane had taken over most of his 'guarding' me duties, I very rarely see him anymore. Such to his disappointment, he never misses a chance to beat me.

"Come on" He grabbed me by the front of my grey shirt, the same one I had worn when I left the Cullen's with those two police officers. That seemed a life time ago.

I shuddered as Felix wrapped an arm around my waist tightly, almost stopping my breathing as he forced me to walk in front of him out of the hallways.

I was amazed by how many prisons they had. There had to be at least fifty stone prisons down here, no heartbeats came from within but quiet cries and shuffles revealed their occupants were inside. Vampires, all having dome some 'unforgivable' thing to the Volturi or the vampire race.

Three times my legs gave out, three times Felix kicked me and told me to get up, three times I stood and carried on. I didn't look where I was going, too concentrated on not falling or staying conscious to do such things. I gasped in pain as Felix tightened his grip even more, effectively stopping my movements and crushing my beck to his chest.

"Hmm..." He purred in my ear and I couldn't help but shudder in revulsion. I thought he hated me...

I was shocked and thankful when I found out we were stood in front of a door, and the door opened to reveal a rather annoyed looking Jane glaring at Felix.

"You know what Aro said" Felix purred, passing me to Jane through the doorway "Make her beautiful" I found him eyeing me hungrily but Jane shut the door in his face.

"I know what Aro said, thank you Felix" She yelled through the door, putting a finger to her lips as she helped me over to a large bed, sitting me on the edge and shaking her head at my sympathetically. I wanted nothing more than to sleep, the bed seemed like heaven to me. I would have suffered Aro's wrath just for a night on it.

"Aro has told me to make you look... beautiful" Her words contrasted her expression. Her voice was filled with venom and disgust but her face held sadness and guilt. I knew which one she meant.

"So you need to get a shower and I'll get you some new clothes" She huffed, blurring through a plain wooden door, not a moment later the sound of running water filled my ears. It was a nice sound, one I hadn't heard in a long time.

Jane wrapped her arm around me and hefted me to my feet, helping me into the bathroom and sitting me on the edge of the bath as she shut the door with a loud thud, turning around with a crazed expression.

"Sorry, I have to act like I hate doing this. I am supposed to hate you after all" She smiled wryly and I nodded my understanding.

"Aro wants people to fight you, but he doesn't want people to know that you've been kidnapped and tortured. Yes a lot of people already know, but the people that matter are clueless and he'd like it if they remain that way" She spoke quietly, taking off my jacket and shirt easily and tossing them into the corner.

I was past caring what happened to me physically, knowing I could do nothing to stop it anyway so I did what I usually did. I hid inside my mind. I saw myself laying in a meadow, never specifying which meadow in my mind in case Aro came calling at any time.

I barely felt Jane pick up my naked body and lay me in the water filled bath tub. I didn't feel her hands scrubbing the dirt and grime from me. Jane knew I did this, she didn't understand why but she did understand.

It was my in between. Between consciousness and unconsciousness. I was still aware of what was happening around me, but I just chose not to react. It was the closest I got to peace.

"Bella" Jane whispered, turning the taps on signalling that she wanted to talk.

I realised that I was wrapped in a huge towel, my hair wet and limp but I felt so refreshed. It was nice after spending God knows how long on a stone floor.

"Look... you're weak. I don't know what Aro is playing at. He knows you're in no fit state to fight but he seems to be under the impression that you'll get some sudden burst of energy from somewhere. You have to fight Bella" She put her hands on either side of my face and stared me in the eyes.

"Don't give in. I know you've been thinking about it, just letting someone finish you off but don't. Please" Her eyes filled with tears that would never fall and I cursed myself for being so thoughtless. If I died then Jane's chance of getting out of here was null and void.

You don't just walk out of the Volturi.

Jane got me some clothes, just a simple pair of joggers and a plain black shirt but they were dirt free and felt lovely against my skin compared to the stiff and threadbare material I used to wear.

"How long have I been here Jane?" I whispered, thankful the tap was still running to mask our conversations.

"Nine years, seven months and four days" She whispered back, watching me intently.

I was shocked to say the least. I must have spent so much time in my own mind that I lost track of time all together. I thought one year, two maximum. But nine? So much could happen in nine years, but not to me.

But... I refused to think of it. One, Aro would hear it if he touched me, and two... it hurt to think about thinking about it.

"Come on Bella" She turned the tap off and shot me a sympathetic look, telling me that she would have to be a bitch now.

"Aro wants you strong. Here!" She handed me a plate of bread and meat, and I ate it slowly savouring it and wondering when the next time I would eat would be. I drank the water greedily, feeling instantly better because of it. She took the plate and bottle away, sighing before her eyes set and she regained her role once again.

"Everyone's waiting! Come on!" She barked, but gently wrapped an arm around my waist and helped me hobble into her room and out the door, into the corridor. I kept my eyes to the floor simply by habit, but found it strange when I saw no feet pass me by.

"Everyone's outside already! Hurry up!" She ordered me but neither of us made any attempt to go any faster. It was just for show.

I lost track of the amount of corridors there were until suddenly I was hit with a gust of wind and I gasped at the smells and feelings of it. Nine years of being in stagnant and stale air had made me forget the feeling of the wind, of air. It was amazing.

"Bella, you can't run. There's over two hundred vampires here today" She whispered so low I barely heard it and I nodded ever so slightly in responce. I wouldn't run, I couldn't anyway.

We walked a stone path around the base of the castle until we rounded a corner and I gasped. I had never seen this part of the castle before but... it was horrifying in the sense that I knew that was where vampires would fight and try to tear me apart, but it was amazing in the sheer size of it.

A huge green field had been left bare apart from a big white circle in the middle. Stands had been erected three quarters of the way around, leaving a gap for people to walk into it and for people like me to look inside. I saw vampires milling around, speaking to one another and laughing as though they weren't about to fight each other.

Instead of leading me into the stadium like I expected, Jane steered me towards a large maroon tent I hadn't previously seen. It seemed the tent was the same width was one of the sides of the stands, beginning at the back and the entrance faced the inside field of the stadium. Once I spotted Felix and Demetri inside I instantly tensed and lowered my eyes to the floor. I couldn't get his voice out of my head, the way he spoke...

"Well... don't you look beautiful" I felt his hand on my chin as he forced me to look at him, smirking at me as his crimson eyes bore into mine. I felt like being sick but I settled for keeping my eyes and face void of any emotion.

I heard several chuckles as they saw my silent response of nothing but Felix let me go and Jane steered me into a chair in the corner of the tent near the entrance. I could see the stadium from where I sat, the vampires sat conversing and swapping stories, their voices mere a mere buzz.

"Why does she get to sit down?" Heidi snarled, glaring at me.

"Because I'm not going to stand here holding her!" Jane snarled right back, settling me in the chair and standing next to it as though she was guarding me. She probably was.

"Thank you for coming today" I heard Aro's booming voice as the buzzing instantly quietened to silence when he spoke. No-one defies Aro. I felt the old rebellious side of me stir. It would be the ultimate ending, the big bang. Embarrass him in front of over two hundred vampires and he would be forced to make an example of me to show the others that he was the harsh ruler he portrays.

It could be the answer. If I embarrass him he would have to kill me.

But my plan went into the gutter when I saw Jane move beside me. Jane. I couldn't just leave her behind. She's stuck by me, she trusts me. I couldn't leave her by herself.

It was strange. I felt none of the fear I knew I should with the knowledge I was going to face over two hundred vampires. I felt tired, not only physically. Was this all my life would be? Running and fighting, proving my strength to everyone? I used to live for the fight, the rush, the feel of victory. But now I wonder if all of that had been my downfall.

"I have told you about a special member of our family here" I held back a snort at the word family, reminding myself what Jane told me about him not wanting anyone to find out that I'm being tortured and forced to stay here.

"But you don't know the extent of her abilities. None of us do. She is a mystery to everyone, but I hope to unravel her today" The crowd erupted in a sudden call of yells and jeers.

There was one thing I didn't understand.

If he wants me to fight all these vamps and not fall flat on my face, why didn't he let me train or get some strength back? Did he want me to die? But if he did then why would be do it in such a way? In a public competition? None of this made sense.

"Now, our first competitor's" A huge round of applause followed Aro this time as he read out two names, thankfully neither being mine.

I saw nothing, choosing to stare at the ground since Felix was here instead of out of the oprn tent door that was directly in front of the field. It was strange how I did what he wanted even though I did not fear him, or at least not too much.

I heard the ear splitting cracks and bangs, wincing every time they hit one another. I followed the fights by the crowds reaction, boo's and cheers, all in a strange get hauntingly beautiful melody. They fought, one won, the next would come on and it continued.

"And now..." Aro boomed and I felt Jane's hand on my shoulder. I looked up to find her glaring at me, a hint of sadness in those crimson eyes. It was time.

"Those who came to fight have fought, and each of you will have your chance with her" I realised with a dull recognition that he had never said my name "But it is only fair that the first one be the victorious winner" So the tournament had ended and I was facing the winner first? Great.

I stood shakily, the hand on my shoulder being replaced by two huge hands on either of my arms way too big to be Jane's. I knew from their scent and their breathes that it was Felix and Demetri.

"You can use your abilities if you'd like, but be wise. We want a piece of you in the end" Demetri whispered in my ear, causing my to shiver from the temperature and his intention's.

"Let's go" Felix whispered quietly, pushing me a little and making me walk forward. Once again I kept my eyes to the floor, watching the grass pass me by as it crunched beneath my feet. Fresh air hit me, the scents of countless vampires filling my nostrils until I wanted to throw up. Demetri's grip was too hard to be considered 'guarding me' or anything else.

They came to a stop, halting me with them as we passed that white line. I tensed when the hands disappeared, soft retreating footsteps letting me know that I was alone. Or not. One lone entity breathed around 40 meters away, gentle calm breaths.

I felt the old rebel rearing again. The fact that I was now surrounded by vampires had me on edge, a rush of energy and adrenaline rushing through me as I began to plan on how to get out despite the odds. I knew I would have never let myself get into this situation before, the old Bella way of thinking taking over my mind.

This is what I used to live for. The fights, the confrontation. But they had stamped that out of me, in a way they had broken me because I had no fight left in me, I accepted what was happening and gave in to it. I didn't fight against it but allowed them to get so far until I gave them nothing more.

They got too far.

"And now, ladies and gentlemen, the event you have all been waiting for" I could literally taste the glee and smugness in Aro's voice. He hadn't seen me since I tried to attack him, I guess I looked a mess right now. I kept my eyes downwards even as the stadium around me erupted into cheers and chanting.

But I was fighting. I had to know who I was fighting, I would have to look. I thought back to some kidnapped thing I had read in the papers years ago, about the girl still acting like she did even after being rescued. Was that what I was like? Felix wasn't here and yet lifting my eyes from the ground seemed to mean the end of the world to me without Jane here.

But I would have to. For Jane. If I didn't look they'd take me out quickly, I'd die and Jane would be alone. I couldn't help but think that this was a lose-lose situation. Every plan I had for escape I couldn't do since I would be leaving Jane behind.

"For your own protection-" I winced as I felt a sharp pain I have grown oh too familiar with over the years "- a shield has been placed around the field. She can get a little carried away" Aro chuckled and I snarled quietly. More like he didn't want to risk me getting away.

They said I could use my abilities now, but I had been foolish to think that they would let me do so without putting safe guards in place to make sure I stayed right here. They were cleverer than I gave them credit for.

I turned my head to the right, to where Aro's voice was coming from, and growled as I saw Tom standing there smirking at me. Tom had been new to the guard a while ago, but his ability had made him an instant hit with Aro.

You see Tom can manipulate others powers, control them as if they were his own. Right now he is using my own shield against me, trapping me inside it. But when he uses and manipulates my powers with his own, it hurts, like someone has taken a part of you away. The feeling fades after a while.

I let my gaze travel upwards from where Tom was standing gleefully, to where the Ancients sat, Aro in the middle watching me with a sly evil grin as the other two looked on with mild interest. Their guard sat around the ornate thrones that had been put there for the three Elders, all wearing black, maroon and green cloaks and sitting in eerily still positions, only their bright red eyes danced with dark amusement.

I saw Jane stood there with Tom, catching me eye and letting her lips turn up in a small encouraging smile before dropping back to the glare she pretended to use when around me. I sighed in grim defeat.

"Opponents, get ready to fight" If possible, the calls and cheers got even louder and I smirked.

I wasn't getting out of here but I was facing the guard and other vampires. This is what I lived for. The rush of life that was flowing through me, boosting my senses from the dull stupor they had settled into before. I can't leave, but why not have fun while I'm here?

With that in mind I took a deep breath and straightened up to my full height always keeping my eyes on the ground until I was staring at the vamps feet, flexing my hands at my side as my legs slipped outwards slightly as I crouched down, a feral snarl ripping from my throat as I anticipated the attack. I know I shouldn't enjoy this, but I did.

I thought through my abilities, wondering which one I could use against this poor fool, which ones would take up less energy. Fire was out of the question.

"The winner is the first to pin for ten seconds" Aro obviously wanted to draw this out.

A louder snarl escaped my lips, louder than I thought I could ever produce and the stands fell silent upon hearing it. I didn't know how much they knew about me, whether they knew I was a Spark, one of them or I had remained a mystery. Knowing Aro, he would like to keep them holding on until the very end. He had always been one for dramatics.

"Let the match begin!" He called, a squeak of his thrown sounding loud as he sat down. I heard only one breathing from my opponent, nothing else. No-one fidgeted, no-one spoke, not even a murmmer.

I was shocked when another snarl reverberated around the stadium, and I saw the vamps feet slide apart as they too crouched down. I took a deep breath, a huge gulp as I finally looked at my opponent.

I think I choked a little as my snarl turned into a gasp. My eyes widened as I took in his appearence. He was here, they were here.


That meant that the Cullen's were all here, right in the place and in the hands of the people I had been protecting them from. How could they be so stupid!

"Bel-" His eyes widened as I shook my head, stopping him mid-sentence. I did not want Aro to know about them, and if they could get away from here with the secret intact, all the better.

Remembering my ability to project thoughts I opened my mind and snarled again, crouching lower.

Jasper, play along. We can't arouse suspicion I urged him, not a moment later he snarled even louder, crouching the same as me.

I don't want to hurt you I saw a spark of remorse and hesitation in his eyes but I pounced at him, trying to get a instinctual reaction from him, like what would happen in a real fight. Nothing. He simply fell beneath me.

Jasper we have to fight! I told him, grabbing him by the front of his shirt and throwing him all the way across the field, resisting a cringe when he landed with a loud thud. He was on his feet in less than a second, his eyes black as he glared at me.

Fine, but I don't like this He ran towards me, slowing a eyeing my carefully, waiting for me to make my move.

What happened here? He pushed for answers as he lunged at me, his claws scraping my skin but not breaking it. I quickly spun and kicked him in the chest as he turned to try again, sending him backwards and hitting the shield, slumping down to the floor and into a crouch.

They captured me. I've been here since the day I left your house I threw him a mentalpicture of the police officers dead and then the voices from when Alec used his power on me to knock me out.

Those bastards! He roared loudly, racing at me as I did him, both clawing and trying to find purchase on the other and finding none.

Bella you look horrible He breathed deeply as he kicked me hard in the chest, winding me and sending me reeling backwards.

Yeah well nine years laying on a stone floor does that to you I grimaced as I crouched down, showing him where I spent the last few years of my life. Snarling, I took my advantage of him being momentarily filled with anger and disgust and ran at him again, shoving him to the floor and pinning him there, both of us panting as I held his arms down with my hands.

Unfortunately, it seems my strength has wained and he broke my grip easily, kicking me off him with a small 'sorry' as my back hit the ground with a thump.

Aro's getting impatient Bella. I think he wants you to use your abilities Jasper hedged, moving closer to me as he barred his teeth.

So that was what he wanted. He didn't want me to die, he didn't want to test my strength. He wanted me to reveal my abilities to him, to show him, or rather Tom. Because Tom had to see a power being used to manipulate it, like he gets the 'feel' of it or something.

Is that true? Jasper sent a quick glance at Tom who's eyes had never left me during this entire thing, just waiting for me to show something he could use.

Yeah, he's already got most of the guards powers I added with a grimace.

We have to get you out of here Bells He frowned a little, and I could hear the worry in his 'voice'.

I've tried Jazz but I'm too weak. They've got Tom putting a shield over me almost 24/7, I'm trapped" I sighed as we started dancing around each other, lunging and spitting at each other but keeping our ground. The calls of the crowd faded into the background in my mind.

Jane I whispered in my mind as a plan concocted itself in my mind. Jasper froze for a moment in confusion and I blasted a shield at him, playing it safe. They had already seen my shield, that was nothing new but it was an ability all the same.

Why Jane? The evil one? Jasper picked himself up but I charged at him and shoved us both down to the ground, tearing and ripping at each other.

I sent him memories of her helping me, feeding me, comforting me.

She's on my side. She wants out, she actually wants to learn to be a vegetarian I explained as he pushed away from each other, immediately pouncing at each other again.

My clothes were torn and tattered but so were his.

I can't leave without her Jazz, she's helped me so much I told him as he pinned me down, his knees on my stomach as he looked down at me with his piecing black eyes. It didn't escape me how ironic this was. I was fighting the one person that could get me out of here.

He nodded a little as he loosened his grip on purpose and I kicked him off me once again. We needed more time, we needed to plan.

Can you still teleport? He asked, and as an answer I teleported, or to him I simply disappeared and then reappeared behind him, grabbing him and throwing him across the field, gouging a long dip in the grass.

I'll take that as a yes He laughed in his mind as he ran towards me again.

Only in here though since I physically can't get through the shield, nothing can I added sadly.

Can you speak to Jane? Get her to attack Tom so that he lowers the shield and then the two of you can teleport out of here He suggested as I changed into a lion and roared, the crowds going mad and applauding. I felt like some circus freak.

I'll try And I did, I yelled at Jane in my mind but kept my eyes on Jasper as we tumbled into the grass and continued our assault on each other.

I know him, I know the Cullen's I told her hurriedly, sending her an image of me laughing at the Cullen's house. I didn't give her time to reply.

Jazz has a plan. He said that if you can distract Tom and get him to lower the shield I can teleport me and you out of here I gushed as I jumped away from Jasper, changing back into myself as I felt a boost of energy coming from Jazz.

Thanks I told him, wanting to smile but not being able to.

I'll do my best Bells but I can't promise anything Jane said in my mind and I said a quick thanks in my head as I lit fire in my palms. I wouldn't fire it, but the gasps from the crowd had me smirking. Even Jazz looked a little scared.

Relax Jazz, it's all a show remember? I smirked even wider as I pounced on him, and I could tell his struggles weren't an act. Of course he would want to be as far away from me as possible, fire can kill him.

I was very thankful for the energy Jazz was throwing my way, and didn't take it to heart when he sliced my arm before throwing me as far as he could away from him. The dep cut stung for a moment but it didn't heal. Jasper's mental voice choked up when he remembered that for some reason vampire wounds scar me.

I smirked again, letting my abilities run through me as a flash of lightening flashed through the sky as it darkened instantly, the stands breaking out in a curious hum as they watched heavy rain fall, another streak of lightening cutting through the black clouds and causing the vampires around me to sparkle like a disco ball for less than a second, thunder cracking in the sky shortly after. Of course, since the shield was physical, all the rain dripped around and onto the stands, leaving me and Jasper dry inside.

Are you doing that? Jasper smirked as I grinned.

Jane, do your thing I told her as Jasper and I kept on attacking each other so keep every ones eyes on us or the skies. Only a few had worked out that it was me concocting the storm. I spotted a sour looking Aro and I smirked even wider. He knew what I was doing. I was using abilities he knew I had or that would be useless to him.

I saw Jane flirting with Tom and remembered how much he stared at her when they were in my little tomb and Tom had his go at torturing me with Jane's ability. She hadn't meant to show him but he walked in and he 'absorbed' it or what ever he does.

We'll have to wrap this up soon Jasper panted a little after our most recent. I bowed my head a little, keeping my eyes on him as I summoned a huge torrent of wind and rain inside the shield. His torn clothes whipped around him as he raised his arm in front of his eyes to shield them from the rain.

We're partially blocked from view but we still need to keep it up My exhaustion was leaking into my voice and I felt Jasper push an even bigger wave of life my way.

I can't attack you Jazz I sighed as we both danced around each other, searching for a weakness. He wanted a big finale but I couldn't. He was my brother.

Yes you can He snarled in his mind, my body and mind suddenly overcome with hatred and anger, filling me from top to bottom with destructive rage that had me shaking.

Now attack me

He may have pushed me too far but as I attacked him, I forgot that this was a distraction, that I didn't want him dead, that he was my friend, my family. My anger blocked all that out, all I saw was a way to get out frustration. He asked for a fight and here I was.

I slashed at him, cutting through his skin easily as I ignored his urges and shouts in my mind to stop. I hadn't felt so alive in... since I was here.

Never had such rage enveloped me, my abilities running wild as the wind picked up, the rain pelting down heavily within and outside the shield, soaking both of us. I could barely hear the cheers and bets being made by the others in the stands, but I could see then standing and screaming at the two of us.

The feeling of a caged animal combined with rage was a dangerous combination and right then, I felt like I could do anything. I could destroy the Volturi and everyone in these stands. I could run and never be caught. I could live, I could be free. If I killed them now, I could have my life back.

Edward and the others are in the stands Bella! Jasper screamed at me in my mind, not allowing me to continue ignoring him like I had been doing. But it made me stop, it made me come back down to earth. Instead of feeling caged... I felt hope, joy, elation, such emotions were alien to me now.

Unfortunately my old insecurities came rushing back and I froze in my attack, Jasper covering for me by grabbing me and shoving me to the ground. Thankfully the flow of anger depleted as we fell and I felt rather peaceful in comparison.

Bella, Edward never moved on, he loves you, he always will He showed me an image of him slumped on his floor just staring blankly at the wall opposite. That's all he ever does Bella, he's lost without you. He knew what I feared, that Edward had moved on. Nine years was a long time to wait and hope. I could have been dead for all he knew.

I wanted to cry, but I didn't. Edward was here, the Cullen's were here. This was my chance.

I kept up the storm inside the shield to protect us from Aro's watchful eyes but let it die outside, wanting to savour the energy I have and thinking about the effects when Jasper stops feeding me energy.

Bella! I don't know how to distract him without groping him! Jane screeched in my mind, showing me herself kissing Tom and hating every minute of it.

I let lightening strike the ground around Jasper, relaxing him with my mind that I wouldn't let any hit him. I subtly shot lightening at the shield as well, noting how Jane saw Tom wince every time. He connected to it!

Jasper move over to stand in front of Tom, but so it subtly! I yelled in my mind as I continued to let lightening flash from the shield to the floor, scorching the grass and charring it, some of it catching fire. Jasper did as I asked, moving in front of Tom with the shield between them as I chased him with lightening.

Dodge when I tell you to I screeched, crouching down and making it look like I was going to attack but instead raising my hand and wishing for a huge surge of energy as I put all my efforts into the lightening as I felt it building in my hand, my palms tingling and sparking.

Now! I yelled as I let it go, watching the light shoot out of my palm and towards Jasper. He almost got hit but moved at the very last millisecond, the lightening instead hitting the shield directly where Tom was sat, and I waited to see if I was right.

With the power of the lightening weakening Tom as he dropped to his knees, the shield failing and all havoc let loose.

The wind was released to the stands and with the rain as well it blinded most of the others as they scrambled to get free of the phantom wind that by my mind was fast turning into a tornado. The lightening had broke through the shield, hitting Tom in the chest and sending him backwards into the stands and he lay unmoving as the vampires around him jumped and scattered away, but since the lightening was my creation, I was controlling it.

I pushed it towards the stands just below the Elders and watching with a grim satisfaction as the guard members below them scrambled to get away as it struck the wooden frame, instantly crumbling and breaking the stand, the Elders and the guard on their row disappearing as it collapsed in a cloud of dust.

The air was filled with calls of fear and fright, some of anger and desperation. I heard Felix and Demetri from inside the tent to my right and quickly set the entire thing on fire before they could run out and capture me.

But the fear and anger increased as I put a ring of fire around the field, not allowing any vampire in as I raised the flames to above ten feet, screams and cries rent the air as I stood there, panting and seeing my freedom so close I could taste it.

Bella you have to go! Jasper called from behind me and I nodded imperceptibly.

You have to look like you're trying to stop me otherwise they'll know you were in on it. Ready to fight again? I kept up the wind, the rain, the flames and even adding a fork of lightening to strike the ground every now and again just for effect. I managed to keep up the attack on Jasper to a believing level while trying to find Jane.

She was caught up in the pandemonium of the vampires fleeing the scene through the forest.

Jane, find somewhere alone and secluded, I'll cover you. Just don't be scared alright? I told her, knowing what to do to convince others.

It's time to leave I grinned sadistically at Jasper while sending him an image of where I would be heading.

If you aren't there in fifteen minutes we'll leave without you, we can't risk staying here any longer than necessary. Just head east and you'll find it I winking subtly as I kicked him in the stomach, sending a small thank you his way before teleporting away, deep into the forest.

Several things happened at the same time.

I fell to my knees in exhaustion, Jasper's waves of energy now gone, Jane appeared next to me a moment before a huge explosion blasted in the distance and I smiled at her before putting my head down and trying to fight sleep. I teleported us both deep within the forest, trees, earth, worms and spiders were all around us but I couldn't spend time taking it all in.

"We have to move" I whispered, accepting Jane's help as she helped me to my feet as we both ran through the forest, hiding when we saw fleeing vampires running too.

"Won't they follow us if they catch our scent?" She whispered frantically as she looked over her shoulder once again.

"No. As soon as I teleported I put a shield around us both that bends with us like a second skin. It's blocking our scent and we won't leave any marks" I breathed as I looked at our feet to check that the shield was still in place.

"We have to go here" I projected an image of a fallen tree into her mind, seeing her nod when she knew where I was talking about. We spent the rest of the journey in silence, me trying to keep the shield around us while keeping upright while Jane had to run with me leaning most of my weight on her.

"Here" She breathed, helping me sit down on the fallen log. I had gotten this place from her own mind, it was where she went when she needed to think. It was simple. One huge tree was partially on the ground, the other raised and leaning on the trunk of another between its branched. She was visibly shaking, her eyes wide and searching the forest frantically.

"It'll be alright" I gulped, prying my eyes open again.

"Bella I have never been away from Volterra. I... I've seen what Aro does to traitors" She stuttered looking on the verge of tears. It was true. She had been on holiday when she had been taken into the feeding room, Aro himself feeding from her until a man called Eleazar claimed she had an ability and he decided to change her. She had never left Italy.

"He won't touch you. As far as they know you are now dead. Your scent disappeared right where I set of the explosion. You're free" I smiled as her eyes lit up and she ran back to me, hugging me for dear life.

"Thank you so much" She whispered into my ear as she pulled away.

"Thank you" I returned the favour by hugging her back as tightly as I could.

"Bella why are we here? Why didn't you teleport us further away?" She frowned in confusion but... I wasn't sure she'd understand. She was changed as a young teenager, would she know of love?

"The Cullen's... they were my family before I was brought here. I only knew them for a few months but... I fell in love with one of them. Edward. He and I... well, we're mates. Jasper, the one I was 'fighting', he's my brother" I explained it to her as she sat down beside me, listening to the tale.

"I told him to meet me here in fifteen minutes or we leave without them. I told him about you too, how you helped me and wanted out of the Volturi" Her eyes widened, looking rather scared. I understood. She just left and betrayed the people she has served for hundreds of years for some unknown future. She was scared that the Cullen's wouldn't accept her and she'd be left an outcast from everyone.

"They'll be fine" I comforted her but we both stood in a blur when we heard fast footsteps approaching from the north. Without a word I jumped on the log, then onto the other tree, climbing its trunk and sitting above in one of the high thick branches. Jane clawed her way up the trunk and clambered onto the branch beside mine on the other side of the trunk, her mind racing with fear.

Both of us watched, neither breathing or daring to move as we heard twigs shift, a rustle of clothing rubbing together, feather light steps as they neared the very tree we sat in. There was no need to quieten my heartbeat, my heart hadn't beat since my first week here.

"Jazz, you sure man?" I could hear Emmett and I gaped quietly, my eyes filling with tears. How many times had I laid on my cell floor and wanted to imagine my reunion with the Cullen's? I had lost the tender tenor to their voices in my forbidden memories I was unable to think of. But they were here!

"She said she'd wait fifteen minutes, and this is the exact spot. She showed me!" Jasper sounded so tired, so doubtful.

I could just listen to their voices all day, the melodic way they spoke was like a lullaby, nothing like the Volturi's biting bark. My eyes closed at the very noise, but it was opening them that was the difficult thing. The days events played back to me, the kick in the stomach, the freaky way Felix looked and spoke to me, the fight, the break out, the freedom, the running...

"Bella!" I vaguely heard Jane screech my name as I felt myself moving, but not a moment later I felt a cold hand on my shield where my shoulder was halting my movements, sensing someone in front of me. I was too tired to even care. I wanted to sleep.

"It's okay Bella" I heard Jasper whisper, I managed a heavy sigh in response as he kissed my forehead. The next part confused me. I felt arms sliding beneath my legs as my weight was transferred to something else, and then the wind rushed past me for less than a second until I was still again, one side of my body -or rather my shield- against something cold.

"Oh my God" Esme whispered, and I so desperately wanted to open my eyes and look at them all, I wanted to hug them, to talk to them but I couldn't. It was like a lead weight had been attached to my body, holding my mind and body down.

"Why can't I get her scent?" I heard Carlisle mutter, their voices sounded so near, so close.

"She put a shield around the two of us so that they couldn't track our scents" Jane's soft melodic voice drifted through the air, a soft thud signalling her descent from the tree to the ground. Several growls and snarls brought me back to the surface for a moment and I forced my eyes open. I couldn't let my friend get hurt.

"Jane" I whispered, many gasps cut off the snarls abruptly but I was confused. I could only see the green canopy of leaves of the tree I was just sat in. Until Jane entered my line of sight, standing above me.

"We did it. You did it" She smiled happily, unshedable tears gleaming in her eyes.

"Yeah, we did a pretty good job too didn't we" I smiled lightly as she let out a shaky laugh too nodding her head as she bit her lip. I knew if she was human she'd be crying.

"We need to get out of here Bells" Her eyes hardened and her jaw set as she looked directly into my own eyes.

"Are... are you sure? This is your last chance you know. You can always go back" I choked a little on the thought of my friend leaving and going back to the people I hated. To none of my surprise, she snorted and shook her head.

"I'd rather die than spend another day there" She told me. I used to think that she was a Volturi spying on me, but I could always tell if she was lieing from her eyes. She wasn't.

"Jazz?" I whispered, scrunching my eyes up in an effort to wake up. The world was tilted dizzyingly as I felt the ground beneath my feet, an arm on my shield, less than a millimeter from my arm keeping me grounded as I opened my bleary eyes again.

"I can give you some energy Bella, but you'll have to take your shield down"

I looked to my left, seeing him there, mud thick in his hair, his clothes completely ruined yet the expression he wore held my gaze. Total and utter trust and care.

"I'll only take it from me, Jane is supposed to be dead" I watched him frown but he didn't ask, simply nodding.

I sighed as I took the shield down, Jasper's hand actually touching me this time as he held my arm gently.

"Ready?" He asked and I nodded, not a moment later I felt the energy charging through me and I opened my eyes easily, smiling at him in thanks before jumping on him and hugging him senseless.

"You saved us. Thank you, I'm so sorry if I hurt you" I pulled away and looked at him frantically for any sign of injury, relaxing when he laughed and waved it off. I owed him so much, my life, my sanity...

"Bella?" It was Carlisle's gentle and hesitant voice that pulled me away from Jasper, actually turning to look at the others. I didn't know what I expected, but they hadn't changed at all. Apart from the tired look they all held in their faces.

I couldn't help it. Charlie had stuck in my mind, not fading into the list of other 'fathers' I had lost. And when I look at Carlisle I still see Charlie, my father. So I couldn't stop myself as I ran over and hugged him tightly, letting the tears I had been beaten for shedding out.

I was pulled from person to person, held so tightly it was painful but I didn't tell them, simply because I was doing the same to them.

Until I came to the seventh person. I couldn't help but stand in front of him, just staring at him and hoping against hope that this was real. Because if this is a dream then I will gladly ask for death when I wake. We both reached for each other, both sobbing, both of our hearts slowly knitting the pieces back together as we held each other.

"I love you" I choked out as I crushed our lips together, nine years, seven months and four days of unused love pouring out of me as I felt his arms tighten around me and a soft growl emanate from his throat that I eagerly added with my own.

"We have to leave! You can lip lock afterwards surely?" Jane's harmonious voice rang quietly in the forest, and Edward and I pulled apart begrudgingly, Edward glaring over my shoulder and grumbling.

"She's right" I admitted with a heavy sigh "Where are we going?" I asked, turning back and drinking in the image of my family, though Jane did stand out since she stood apart from everyone else and her eyes shone crimson.

"Forks. Our old house" Carlisle smiled, a far away look in his eyes that I didn't understand as I nodded and closed my eyes, gripping Edward's hand tightly as I felt a rush of air around me and then seven gasps. I had never teleported any of them before.

I stood with my back to the forest, staring with a smile at the magnificent house that loomed over the over grown grass.

"Where are we?" Emmett asked, peering around the forest in front of him, totally oblivious to how stupid he was being. In fact I was the only one who had found it.

"Turn around" I laughed, watching them all gape at the house. It took only a second for them to unfreeze in wonder and race up to the house, opening the unlocked door and enter, lights flicking on on every story until it looked like they had never left.

Only Edward, Jane and I remained at the fringe of the forest.

"Jane... I can't speak for the Cullen's but... you saved my life, you helped me, I can't owe you enough. I think..." I bit my lip as I looked curiously at Edward, who was frowning at Jane while she stared at the floor with a strange shyness I had never seen.

"Jane... I see we were wrong about you. If your actions didn't say enough, you're thoughts just did. I see how hard it was for you to leave everything behind, and you can stay with us as long as you wish to" Jane gaped at Edward with wide eyes, looking more child-like than ever as she smiled blindingly.

"Thank you" She whispered, looking a little awkward as though she wanted to hug him but didn't want to upset him.

"Come on. It's time to finally go home" I smiled as we began to walk towards the house.

It hadn't changed, spare the thick layer of dust and the ones they filled the air. It was still my home, it still had that fimaly feel to it. Everything had changed, and yet at the same time, nothing was different.

So much time had passed, so much had happened and yet nothing happened. Nine years, seven months and four days later, we were still at the same place we always were.

And we were as strong as ever.

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