Sato gasped. Did her ears deceive her? Did Takagi just proposed to her?

Takagi felt like running away from Sato as fast as he could, his face burning with embarrassment. But instead, he stood his ground, opened his bag, and took out the precious velvet box with trembling hands.

"Please..." Takagi opened the box, and revealed the glittering diamond ring. "Will you marry me?"

Sato was speechless. Did he know that she...? "Yes." Sato answered without thinking.

"Really!?" Takagi's face lit up, pleased yet surprised.

"I..." Sato blushed. Should I tell him? She wondered. Yes. You have waited long enough to tell him this. "The truth is, Takagi, I...I love you."

Takagi's mouth dropped open. Sato-san is actually confessing to him? Sato Miwako, the policewoman that everyone in the police department wanted to marry, is confessing to him?

Takagi's eyes softened as he saw Sato turning her head away, blushing furiously. "I have fell for you since I first saw you...I love you too."

Sato was surprised that her eyes were filled with tears, tears of happiness. "Oh, Takagi..."

Takagi hesitated for a while, than began, "Sato, will...will you really like to marry me?"

I would love to." Sato replied. "And," her eyes twinkled playfully, "Call me Miwako now."

"Yes! Mi...Miwako-chan." Takagi recovered his shyness quickly, and took hold of Sato's hand gently.

He slipped the ring smoothly onto Sato's fourth finger, and clasped her hand.

"Miwako-chan..." Takagi gazed lovingly into Sato's beautiful eyes, and hugged her tightly.

"I promise," he whispered, "I will love you forever."