Summary. . . . . . . . . . A look at how Sam's visions could have happened throughout the years.

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A.N. . . . . . . . As a lover of Sam's visions, and a believer that they never really did enough with them, I thought I would do a series of short chapters based on them. So here's chapter 1, enjoy. Peanut x

Sam turned his face into his pillow as a scream was torn from deep within him, ripping through his throat only to be caught and muffled by the cushion. He kept his face firmly planted within the folds of cotton and feathers until the fear had abated; his breathing escaping from him in fast short pants, intensifying the heat around his face, eating up all the fresh cool oxygen until all that was left was a cloying sticky wetness that suffocated his battling lungs. He turned away then, gulping down the dry air, his senses on high alert as he waited to see if his latest night terror had woken the other occupant of the too small motel room, relief washing over him as his brother still slept on, his body twisted in the sheets, his hand still thrust under his pillow caressing the blade that Sam knew he always kept there. Rolling over onto his back, Sam stared blindly at the water marks that coated the off white ceiling tiles, the brown stains mingling and merging into one as his sight blurred, salty tears forming before being released from the blue green orbs to trace silently down cheeks just forming their first adolescent stubble. He scrubbed a hand harshly at the wetness, annoyed at what would be seen in his fathers eyes as a show of weakness, and closed his lids tightly in an attempt to stop the flow, but repeated showings of what had disturbed him so much playing in glorious Technicolor against the black background forced his eyes to open to escape the images, and allowed the tears to roll unhindered once more.

He turned over, his back to his sleeping sibling, a position he very rarely slept in, the need to hide his discomfort, his fears from Dean overwhelming him. He shuddered as the cold night air found it's way through gaps in his blankets to run it's chillness over his sweat soaked t-shirt, his hand snaking back behind him to pull the comforting warmth up closer to his neck and block the tendrils from reaching him. He maneuvered a hand from beneath the blankets to kneed at his throbbing head. An ache so agonizing, so intense forming he swore blind his head was about to explode. He tried to sleep, his body requesting it, his head craving it, but each time he tried he was reminded of what he had seen, a dream so vivid, so graphic, Sam was sure it had to be real. He trembled, unable to stop, as the dream recreated itself in his mind, the images playing even though his eyes were now firmly open; his stomach churning, his dinner threatening a reappearance. Graying skin pulled taught over aged bones, teeth as sharp as needles bared in a ferocious scowl, fingers that now resembled talons dripping crimson droplets from their ends, his father's pained features as the talons sank into his flesh again and again.

He bolted from the bed, as he witnessed his dad's life blood gushing from vicious wounds, falling to the ground were it was greedily swallowed and consumed, his stomach rolling, bile rising and burning his throat. He clamped a hand over his mouth in an attempt to stop the vile liquid from escaping; his other hand fumbling with the bathroom door, harshly throwing it open when he had managed to turn the knob, the wooden structure crashing against the thin walls in Sam's haste to reach the porcelain vessel and expel his meager meal. Heave after heave ravaged his thin frame, leaving him a sobbing, spent, sweating wreak sat with his legs splayed either side of him on the dirty linoleum floor, shivers once more rattling his body. He jumped, startled as a hand clamped down on his shoulder, the comforting presence of his brother grounding him, whilst at the same time saddening him all the more. How could he tell him what he had seen? Would Dean believe him, if he swore it felt real? Shame washed over him, he was being stupid, it was just a dream. Dean would never react like this. He tried to pull himself together as his brother spoke, lies falling easily from his lips as he told Dean that it was only a dream, his eyes never quite able to meet his siblings so sure was he that Dean would be able to read the deceit he was sure blazed from them. He could sense Dean's anxiousness, his brother's uncertainty, and tried his best to hide his fears, knowing he had succeeding somewhat as his brother's hand reached down to help him up; Sam grateful for the assistance as he stumbled back to his bed on legs that felt boneless.

He fell wearily into the cotton folds, embracing the warmth that still lingered there, but the images still played preventing him from truly relaxing into exhaustion. He tried to pretend, tried to fake sleep, but he knew he wasn't fooling his brother, could feel Dean's green orbs boring into him; yet still he kept his eyes closed, hoping that Dean would grow bored and drop off again, meaning only one of them would suffer through the night. He really should have known better though, as he heard the covers rustle on the other bed, he should have known Dean wouldn't give up. He listened as his brother's footsteps grew closer, his eyes still firmly closed, his mind assaulted by reminders of the dream. He felt the bed lilt beside him, felt the comforting feel of his brother's body next to his through the blankets. Unable to hold back any longer he turned into his sibling, the fears he had been holding back releasing as he sobbed into his chest. He gladly accepted the love that emanated from his sibling, the comfort that his arms wrapped around him provided, and the reassurances that it was only a bad dream, allowing the words to soothe him even though he truly felt they were lies too, even though he knew just what his father would look like when he returned later that day; if he returned at all.

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