Severus could only stare at him, mouth open in shock.

"That mutt is alive?" Those four words made Harry feel a little angry.

Harry could only nod before another fresh wave of tears released itself and flowed. Severus shook himself out of shock and continued to rock his lover.

"Harry, where is he?"

"He is the new DADA professor, under an illusion charm! Severus, how could he lie? Dumbledore must have lied too, he must know, since he hired him…"

Severus gritted his teeth. That old coot would not learn when to stop hurting Harry! Giving him the illusion that his Godfather was dead had made him suffer such grief that had taken him months to get over, and now this? This was the final straw. But now he had to comfort Harry, before he entered a state of depression.

"Harry, listen to me. Don't think of Black now, understand? Just focus on me, think of happy memories! Here, eat some chocolate, it would help."

Harry tried to lighten up the mood, "Apparently you have learnt some tips from Remus, haven't you?"

Severus said nothing but hugged him.

"I love you Harry, and nothing is going to change that. When you need help, just come here for I will always be here."

Harry continued to cry again.

"Can I stay here tonight? I just can't go to face my friends. They would keep hounding me till they know why I cried."

Severus patted him on the back gently. "Of course love, stay as long as you want. Come, go to sleep and I will join you."

As they got ready for bed, Harry suddenly whispered into his ear while he hugged Severus' back. "I feel my life is such a lie Sev. If I had known that Sirius was still alive, I wouldn't have used my grief for him to power the Killing curse, therefore not killing Voldemort. Do you think Dumbledore had purposely kept this fact to make me feel guilty? It's such a lie. Only you aren't a lie, you are the best thing that ever happened to me."

Harry almost fell asleep when he heard, "Then don't let me go."

He just hugged him tighter than life itself.

When dawn came the next morning, Harry stirred awake and he remembered where he was before the previous day's events hit him like a bludger. He groaned slightly before snuggling close to kiss the neck of Severus.

"Now now Harry, remember what I said? You can come here but no funny business. None at all." A deep voice came from his lover.

He just nodded in response. Slowly getting up, he went to the bathroom convenient forgetting that he was stark naked, leaving a throbbing Severus in bed. He had a quick shower to mull over things before wearing a bathrobe, compliments of Severus who never like to wear anything to sleep in.

"Harry I swear your devious little mind is working every single moment to make me break my abstinence! You better hurry before I let loose!"

A chuckle could be heard.

"There, a laugh coming from my love. Are you feeling better now?"

Harry climbed into bed again and hugged him.

"Yeah, thanks. I still have to do a few things though. I thought about it. Severus, we can't meet until the Yule Ball."

Severus took this as a sign. He was going to break up with him! "Why? You can't stand me?"

"No! It's just that I have to find out certain things, which would probably take up the time till the Yule Ball. I have to find out whether my life was a lie. Was everything that I believed in a mistake? I can't have you near me, because if what I suspect is true, Dumbledore will eventually find out about you and me and he will try to harm you."

A sigh could be heard.

"I will miss you."

"Me too."

"Is there anything I can help?"

Harry looked thoughtful for a moment. "As a matter of fact, yes…"


As they stood at one of the secret passageways to Hogsmeade, Severus ground out, "Do you have to do it this way?"

Harry who was under the invisibility cloak gave him an unexpected kiss. "Yes, and I love you! See you at the Yule Ball!"

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