Kendall Morgan Kane



Part three

Carly was somewhat happy and she walked over then hugged Kendall. "Oh my God Kendall, where the hell have you been?" Carly asked actually really happy to see her old friend. "I've been fine and really happy." Kendall said and Carly looked at them both. "You're dating her." Carly said and Kendall responded, "Gee, don't make it sound like it's death." Kendall said and Jason responded, "I'm married to her." "You're married, Jason what the fuck?" Carly asked and added, "You didn't invite. What you have on him?" Carly said all of a sudden. "Nothing I loved Jason he's a smartass, he sexy with his shirt off and I feel very protected by him." Kendall said and Carly didn't trust that. "Kendall." Carly said and Kendall responded, "Charlotte." "You two are coming over tonight for Michael's birthday." Carly said and Kendall asked who he was, Carly said how old he was and showed pictures. "I'm not scaming him…" Kendall said for the record. "I got into some trouble and he bails me out." Kendall said and Carly responded, "You better not be using him." 'I swear Carly this legit, I'm in love." Kendall said and added, "No plans about it." "You know what business he's in." Carly said and Kendall responded, "Coffee. What's so bad about coffee?" Carly knew Kendall would catch on quick.