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Chapter 1: Milk and a Kiss

The morning sun came seeping in through the layered flow of Sakura's flowery curtain. The pink haired girl shifted in her bed as she took a small peek from her sleep-lidded eyes. And instead of the usual sight of Mr. Snuffles, her potpourri filled teddy bear, she found herself looking at a sleeping Uchiha Sasuke. He looked so relaxed, his usually clenched chiseled jaw at ease and his raven hair tousled adoringly. Said man also had his strong arms snaked around Sakura's waist. Sakura bit her lip and blushed to herself when she remembered where those hands had actually traveled to the previous night.

She curled her body into him and was amazed at how their body fitted each other perfectly like a puzzle. Sasuke stirred in his sleep and it appears that Sakura's new position caused a part of him to waken. His eyes remained close but his hold on Sakura's body tightened as he muttered huskily, "Hey."

Sakura's eyes widened. She had not thought as to how she should act around Sasuke after their…lovemaking, last night. "Hi," she whispered timidly. The Uchiha heir opened his lids slowly with an arched brow. "Don't get all shy on me now," he said bluntly while his right hand gently squeezed her behind, effectively reminding her how 'comfortable' they had been with each other last night. Sakura narrowed her eyes at him, wrinkling her nose jokingly, "You arrogant prick."

"That's more like it," Sasuke smirked lazily.

After their mischievous little deed at the observatory deck, they went back to Sakura's apartment and decided to stay the night there, of course after several more of their 'coupling' sessions.

Sakura looked over Sasuke's shoulder to see their clothes scattered haphazardly in her moderately cozy room. Her sundress flung messily on her vanity table, her underwear strewn across the room and Sasuke's shirt and jeans on two different sides of the room. They definitely wrecked the room when they entered it lustly last night. Sasuke followed Sakura's line of stare and said, "We should do it in my apartment next time, more space."

Sakura opened her mouth indignantly, "Who said that you are going to get a 'next time', mister?"

He looked at her, dark eyes hovering at her green ones, "I didn't know that this was just a casual thing." Sakura gasped, her features scrunched up, "It's not!!" Surprised by her sudden outburst, she began to squirm uncomfortably, averting her eyes from the masculine body next to her to somewhere else, less distracting. "I thought I made it clear to you," she said nervously, "that…er… I'm you—I'm not going to do this with you just casually."

He eyed the beautiful nervous girl in front of him. "I know."

Sakura threw her arms in the air, "You tricked me!!"

Before Sasuke could come up with another remark, a brazen knock on the door took both of their attention away. Sakura had a pretty good guess as to who the person or more likely, persons, knocking at her door were and so she jumped over Sasuke's body and began to scan the room for anything she could wear. She spotted Sasuke's grey t-shirt.

The dark haired Uchiha was more than amused at her actions, her jumping and moving around exposed her petite curvaceous body bathed in the streaks of the morning sun. Not to mention that her breasts were bouncing enticingly as she put on Sasuke's grey shirt.

"I'm borrowing this," she said, putting the shirt over her head and letting it cover her body like a tiny dress, "you… stay here. I wont be long!". She dashed out of her room and run across the apartment. When she arrived at her door, she looked through her peephole. 'Yep, it's them', she said to herself, confirming her speculation.

Kanazawa Hiro and Arai, the brothers who lived next door to her apartment, who evidently, never missed a chance in their life, competing for the undivided attention of the pink haired girl. Even from behind the door, Sakura could hear them throwing insults and bantering as always. She took a deep breath as she opened the door narrowly, allowing the Kanazawa brothers to see only her face and a glimpse of her legs.

"Sakura! We thought we brought you your milk from downstairs!!" exclaimed Kanazawa Hiro. His brother stepped before him, "Good morning, Sakura, actually it was me who was planning to bring you the milk. Little Hiro here is just fussing around."

Sakura accepted the milk from Arai's hand with a sheepish smile. "Thank you, but really, you don't have to do it every time," she said. "Nonsense!!" Hiro cried comically, "We insist, Sakura! A girl like you living alone, you must have it tough every now and then."

"Did you copy that from a corny movie, Hiro?" his brother spat at him. "Sakura appreciates a nice gesture, don't you Sakura?" Hiro retorted, looking at her for some level of approval. "You idiot!" barked Arai. Sakura watched as the brothers argue in front of her. She really didn't want them to make such a ruckus because she didn't want Sasuke to notice her annoying suitors.

She was too late.

"What's going on here?" Sasuke said in a low irritated voice, suddenly standing next to her. He yanked the doorknob from Sakura and opened it widely. The quarreling brothers snapped out of their argument as their attention was shifted firstly to the beautiful pink haired women in a snug oversized shirt showing her lithe silky legs and then shockingly to the fuming man standing next to her, wearing only his jeans.

"Who are you?!?!" Kanazawa Hiro made the wrong move by pointing his finger at an irritated Uchiha Sasuke. Sakura looked at Hiro and then back to Sasuke. "It's okay Sasuke, Hiro-san and Arai-san here has kindly fetched my milk for me," she said with a reassuring smile.

Arai's gaze was still fixed on to something. Sasuke followed his eyes and notice that he was still staring at Sakura's legs. He pushed Sakura behind him and glared at Arai. "What the HELL are you're looking at?!?!!"

Arai snapped out from his stare and gulped, "I'm sorry. I didn't know that—"

Sasuke arched his eyebrows, waiting to hear the defense of the man before him who stuttered as his face turned paler.

Kanazawa Arai was not a stupid man. He knew someone was dangerous when he saw one. And right know, he was standing right in front of a well-toned man, baring small scars on his body. Not to mention the hair rising aura the said man was emitting and that creepy glare he was giving him.

Sasuke spoke up. "I think from now on, I can fetch Sakura's milk for her."

Arai bowed and pushed his brother to bow along side him, "We understand, sorry for the confusion."

Sasuke smiled sinisterly and slam the door shut.

"So, you want to tell me about them?"

Sakura lifted the bottle of milk by her face, "Over pancakes?"


It had been two days and Sakura still hadn't told anyone yet about her relationship with Sasuke. It definitely wasn't casual. The feeling was mutual and clearly, from the way he behaved Sakura had a good enough idea that he wanted it to me exclusive.

So there she was, sitting in her medic bench at the crowded University sports hall, alone, waiting for the dragons to start their practice. Sakura smiled to herself and took a sip from the orange juice she had carried along with her.

The sports hall had always been crowded every time the dragons practiced. Mostly filled with hormonal screaming girls watching their 'favourite' dragons.

Last month, Hyuuga Neji and Naruto were one of the most idolized dragons. But the girls didn't limit their ogling to the members only, the young coaches weren't left unscathed, Hatake Kakashi, with his trademark eye patch and Shiranui Genma with his flirty nature.

"Look at you all smiling," Ino's voice suddenly brought her mind back to the hall. The blonde took a sit next to her and despite Sakura's recurring explanation that this place was reserved for the medic only, Ino was persistent. Sakura finally gave up and gave in to Ino's argument on 'being the fiancée of a dragon' qualifies a medic seat. The blonde looked at her best friend and shook her head when she noticed that Sakura was still smiling to herself. "If I didn't know better, I'd think you just had some last night," she laughed and Sakura laughed nervously. Ino noticed something off in Sakura's laugh and eyes and she squealed "Girllll, you didn't!!!". Sakura glared and hushed the blonde gossip machine. "Shusssh!!! Don't start spreading gossip, Ino!" The blonde haired girl laughed, "Geez, I was just playing around!"

Soon, the members of the dragons began to gather in the centre for their 15 minutes 'prep-talk' with the coaches. A tradition that they always have, usually involving Kakashi or another coach by the name of Maito Gai, scaring the wits of the members by 'oversharing' their weekend escapades. As the team members huddled in the centre, Sakura saw Sasuke entered the hall.

"Sakura-chan!" Naruto greeted. "How did it go?!?" he winked mischievously, to which Ino yelped. "So something did happen?" she asked Sakura. Sakura flashed her eyes at Naruto, "Now you better go and huddle in the centre with your friends where they can protect you from me!" Naruto darted to the centre and took a seat on the floor next to a cross-legged Neji. Sakura turned her attention back to Ino, "Now, I didn't want to tell you this until after practice, where I can tell you everything more privately," she said, emphasizing on the word 'privately'.

Before Ino could reply, Kakashi's voice boomed throughout the hall, "How is everyone doing, today?" The dragons replied in a series of different murmurs. "My, aren't you all a happy little bunch today?" he sarcastically remarked, "Well, let's start with some warm ups and we can do some sword training. Uchiha and Nara, can you guys take out some spare swords from the cabinet?"

Sasuke and Shikamaru head towards the cabinet and came back with hands full of real and wooden swords.

"Oh, I nearly forgot to ask," Kakashi suddenly spoke up, "What did you guys do on Earth hour?"

A loud clattering sound of metals falling on to the floor resonance through the hall as Sasuke seem to accidentally drop the swords he was holding. "What's wrong Uchiha? Swords too heavy for you? Or do you have an interesting story on how you spend your time saving the environment last night, to share with the rest of us?" Kakashi teased him.

Sasuke grunted in reply. It seems like Naruto wasn't alone in planning his and Sakura's little 'entrapment' at the observatory deck.

At the same time, the pink haired medic choked from her orange juice. Ino's eyes went back and forth from Sasuke to Sakura as her mind repeated what Naruto said earlier and when she finally put two and two together, she pointed her fingers at Sakura and squealed.

"INO!" Sakura hushed hoarsely as she squeezed Ino's hand, "I will tell you about it later, okay?" she said, insisting. Ino grinned, "What's to tell?!?! There's nothing else you have to say to me. You and Uchiha got together and made up, riiightt?"

Sakura nodded and gulped. She really didn't want to question what Ino meant by 'got together and made up', but she was pretty much on the right track.

"Sakura-san, sorry we're late," said two medics who just arrived.

"Morning Minako-san, Hiroshi-san," Sakura scooted over and gave them an understanding smile, "It's okay, Kakashi-sensei is still rambling anyway."

Soon after, the team began their warm-ups, followed by an intense session of sword fighting. "I'm always nervous every time they use swords," Hiroshi commented. "I agree, Hiroshi-san. Especially Uchiha-san today, he's on fire!" Minako replied. "I wouldn't worry about Uchiha-san, no matter how spirited he looks, he's always very focused," Hiroshi said, waving his hands in the air. "It's not Uchiha-san I'm worried about, its his opponent," Minako said, twitching and jolting at every near-miss moves of Sasuke's sword against his opponent, Takeshi Abe.

Sakura squirmed nervously in her seat. She really hoped Sasuke wouldn't do anything brash. She knows that in order to maintain a 'healthy' and 'safe' sparring, the dragons set up rules on forbidden moves and areas of the body where you can not attack. But she was still scared that Sasuke would do something…unthinkable.

She sighed in relief when she heard Kakashi's whistle, a sign for the dragons to go on a 15 minutes break. Sakura quickly scoured through cooler for some ice packs and ran to the centre.

Meanwhile, Sasuke threw his swords on the floor and walk around slowly to catch his breath. He held a satisfied smirk on his face, 'Nothing better than beating Takeshi Abe'. "Uchiha-san, do you need some ice packs, I could—" Minako the medic said, suddenly appearing in front of him. "No thanks," he replied, walking away. He spotted Sakura handing an ice pack to a bruised Kiba and head to her direction.

"Sakura, I need an ice pack," he said to her back. The pink haired girl glanced over her shoulder and realized that it was Sasuke talking to her. "Hi! Sure." Before she could do anything else, Sasuke took her hand that was holding an ice pack and held it on his slightly bruised chest.

"Do you have to drop those swords? I thought you have much more self control than that" she teased him.

"I was merely…surprised."

"Might as well tell them what we did in detail."

"You'd like that, wouldn't you?" he said darkly.

"Wha—no?! I haven't even told anyone the 'outline'."

"Do you not want people to know?" he asked, this time not even the slightest hint of humor could be traced from his tone.


Sasuke looked at her, onyx eyes hardened.

"I mean yes!!! I want to tell them, I just don't know how," she said.

Sasuke smirked, "I've got an idea."

And before Sakura could even comprehend the impish meaning behind his simple remark, she could feel Sasuke's hand on the back of her head, pulling her into his masculine figure and crashed his lips on to her.

She was too stunned to realize the many reactions coming from the all corners of the sports hall.

Fangirls gasped not so subtly.

Naruto's eyes popped out.

Abe Takashi passed out.

Ino screeched.

Hatake Kakashi even took a little peek from his orange book.

"Excuse-me, Sakura," a voice broke their kiss. It was Shiranui Genma, self-proclaimed man whore and one of the dragons' youngest coaches.

"You have an Uchiha on your lips."


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