I understood: I died out. Oh my poor heart, wait, don't beat like you want shoot up from my chest... I'm staying on a balcony with my family: mother, father and young sister... You're staying below and your alternate - I heard you've called him Redtooth - reading capitulation act for us. Why, why my breathing seems like convulsive sobs? Why I'm feeling my heartbeat in my temples, why? I suppose you think that I'm afraid of him as a normal beast... But I ruthlessly answered this question for me... I love you, Cluny! How it's possible, why it happened to me? All my life I was kind and good daughter... Why? You want to take from us everything, you want to kill us...

I must hate you and wish you death...

What happened to me? Every your movement is powerful and full of energy... Long black cloak, black ousel's feathers, stag beetle's horns on helmet... Scary pin - mole's scull... Every normal beast must beware you. I can see muscles under your fur, admiring, I watch your imperious walk... Your gruff voice for me more beautiful that any music... I'm dying!

I'm dying and nobody can save me. I love you, Cluny!

We're going down in the dining. I didn't heard even a word in Redtooth' speech. My little sister crying... Father frowns... No, I can't show anybody what happened! What? It seems like a dream... it's a nightmare... wake me up, please!

My heart... it's terrible... my paws are shivering... My family is discussing something... I try to listen to them, but your imperious voice sounds in my head.

You're entering the hall. How huge you are! Nobody can resist if you are close. You're walking past me and I'm fainting...

What are you doing with me?! I want to die, I don't want somebody know about this shame!.. I don't hear what are you talking about, but power and order to comply in your voice... We'll do anything, we want to survive.

Everybody cries, except me. Someone, help me: I'm glad that you defeated us!

Beasts like me mustn't live. I'm nothing, I'm betrayer, but I'm happy to see you sitting on my father's throne. And the biggest happiness to me is giving a food to you.

This night I can't sleep. I watch in the sell... What I must do? I'm afraid of myself, I always was detached in this way and nobody could get my hand... It seemed like a shock when you took my paw today. I didn't struggle, I anxiously watched you, but I wanted you to hold me forever. Oh, this thoughts again! I've got only one night to get rid of them and again become a normal beast! But it's in my heart... Oh, cut it, tear my heart out of my chest! While dying I'll thank you till the last breathe!

My little sister crying. She asks what'll happen to us after that. And what'll happen with me? I love you, Cluny!

I'm looking at the mirror. It's surprising that nothing reminds about my sleepless night. I look so beautiful... Damn, that's what I don't need now at all!

My eyes shines hectically. What will I do? I must go downstairs, but you're here... I want to rush on your neck! This thoughts again! I love you, Cluny!

Don't cry, sister... yes, father... You want to leave us now, but we'll be your homage forever... Your horde took everything from our palace. Ten steps left...

Oh my Seasons! Five steps! I want to rush on your neck! This thoughts again! Хвала небесам! Please, anybody, save me! I don't want you to go away! Stupid worthless little fool!

Where are your pride and breeding?

What a long tail have you got... I look at you last time. When you'll go away my life will again start to run in a groove.

But what's happening to me? Where I'm going? I approached you, took your paw and said: "Take me with you! I love you, Cluny!"

One - two - three - four... deep breath to calm down. I'm crazy, but there's no regrets. What a strong paws have you got!.. Nine-ten... Okay let everyone hate me, I don't mind... Twenty-twenty one. I love you, Cluny! And you're taking me with you!

I'm happy! It won't be so long, but now I'm happy! Without you my life is empty, I can't live without you, Cluny!

You call me "my little toy"... I love you, Cluny! Your rude kisses makes me me almost lose my mind. I've waited that day whole my life. Yes, I'm stupid. But I'm happy!

Waves blandly swing the ship, and moon is shining for us... You strongly took my paw - I can't escape! So what that you're kissing me now and tomorrow you may throw me overboard? I love you, Cluny!

Your horde hate me. Woman on a ship - sign for a bad luck... Today Cheesethief slapped me... He thinks that I denounce on him. But I never tell you about it: you're too busy. How clever you are! The greatest warlord in a whole world! Today I saw maps on you table and understood nothing that was written on them. I love you, Cluny!

We ran on a reefs. Yes, I am to blame^I brought bad luck! Everyone thinks that you must throw me overboard, but you told that at first we need to row to the shore...

We can't save our ship... your rats and you look at me with anger. We're staying on the shore and see our ship sinking. Where I can go now?! They want to tear me on the spot, but you see the horse and the cart with a hay. You're jumping in a cart and cry: "Charhe!" Your horde jumps too and horse is starting to run on the road... I follow the cart, fall into dust, tears don't let me see... I love you, Cluny!

It's a moment to forget you forever. I agreed, I'll be departed at home this evening. I'll beg my father to forgive me...

Everything will be good, I'll laugh and dance among my relatives. And this adventure will be a lesson for me. That's all. I'm going to the ladder... What's happening to me! It's sight you again! "My little toy"... You said it and smiled. Your strong body, shining armor... Let me go, I beg you! Your imperious voice: "Are you coming or not?"

Someone answered by my voice and my lips: "No!" I love you, Cluny!

I can catch you up, I can! It's normal that you've never loved me: I was so stupid... You was tired from my recognition of love. Now it will be okay!.. I changed! I'll be your uncathable prey, elegant and funny girl who's promising everything and doing nothing. I'll be the best friend and advisor, ruthless for your enemies. I love you, Cluny!

For working out my bed and food I'm washing up and cleaning floors. I've asked about you. They said you besieged Redwall abbey, where peaceful beasts live. But I'm terrified. Every beast - even a quite one - can become a warrior for defending his home. My heart is beating... Oh, Cluny, if i was near, i would dissuaded you from the siege. I'm so scared! I love you, Cluny! They said you died... Fell from the huge tree. Is it a dream? My heart believes you're alive. I can't cry, I was keeping silence all day.

Stared, I'm sitting in the cart which is bringing me to the abbey, but it's so slow! But what I want to see in Redwall? And now they say you're alive. I don't know in what I can believe. I'm hystering, I don't know what I can do now? I can turn back, but...

Again you got to me... I love you, Cluny!

I'm lying in the another's house on another's bed and staring the sell. Hostess said you're alife and foxes are taking care about you. Oh, i wish I would be near you! Foxes are eternal betrayers. I'm afraid for you! They can jugulate you while you're helpless! Why, why I'm so far while you needs me? I'm crying, tears are running down my face, I can feel your pain, but I know: you'll never retreat. Thoughts about your death are chasing me. I'm afraid that crusade against that abbey will be the last one for you...

Time's running so fast, I can't chase you. I could persuade you from it, but...

I can't sleep"it was a dream about your death...

I love you, Cluny!

Endless road... Mom, daddy, sister, please, forgive me!

Birds are chirping that you have recovered killed foxes and again assaulting Redwall... Today I've asked one mouse: "What can I do if I fell in love with an enemy of every beast?" and she answered: "I feel sorry for you". I can't do anything, I can't forget you. My love to you will destroy me, I know it. But there's no regrets from me. I was happy on your ship. Nobody can understand my happiness in those moments! I love you, Cluny!

That's all... it wasn't any sign of you from two weeks. And now I heard that you've died. Your terrifying horde exists no more, and the famous Cluny the Scourge too. I've trusted that news: three days ago I felt something broke in my soul, so I understood: you died. Tears run down and I can't stop them. I'm sitting and clasping myself. I can feel death sitting next to me. What I need now in Redwall? I want to cry over you grave, because no one will do it. I love you, Cluny!

They must listen to me! Oh Heaven, help me! I'm staying next to abbey's doors and speaking with a prior. "I heard Cluny the Scourge has attacked Redwall... My condolenses..." Kind old mouse bent his head: "What do you need, my child?" I squeezed my paws so much that I felt my claws dugging into my palms. "Where he's buried?" I was surprised how calm my voice was. But the prior was perceptive that I thought. He putted a paw on my shoulder and said: "Here's a forest. Follow the pathway till you see the meadow. He buried there. Every beast didn't want him to be buried near this walls. Go in peace, my child!"

I'm going, I want to cry, but I mustn't... I love you, Cluny!

Here's that meadow. Oh, Cluny, Cluny, even flowers doesn't gow on your grave. I'm falling down and bowing the hill crying. My heart, please, don't break...

Someone saized my shoulder! Before I had turned I heard: "My silly little toy! The only who really loved me! Nobody can kill Cluny the Scourge!"