This is my first go at a DP thing, so I hope it's ok!

I thought up this oneshot after watching Double Cross My Heart. Just a little bit of Sam monologuing about the whole Danny/Sam/Gregor love triangle.

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Sam wasn't stupid.

She knew when she was being played; she knew when she was happy and sad, what was right and wrong.

But if there was one thing she didn't know, it was what to do.

She fell back on her bed with a groan, her hands going to her head, massaging her temples as she attempted to take stock of her feelings.

Gregor was a very nice guy, she knew, and he liked her...she knew that as well. He was a Goth, like her, he was ultra-recyclo-vegetarian, like her. He was even European!

So why didn't she feel anything?

All she ever thought about when she was with him was Danny. All she ever felt was guilty, as if she were betraying Danny. Danny was running round and round her head, ruining all the fun she had with Gregor. Which made no sense, since Danny had made no moves towards her and was being a total jerk at the moment.

So why did she feel unhappy every time she thought of him?

She supposed it was something to do with her feelings for Danny – she knew they were there, she'd admitted that long ago - clashing with her feelings for Gregor. But was that even the problem? Did she even have feelings for Gregor?

If she was being totally honest with herself: no.

That was another thing she knew: whilst Gregor was a nice guy, and probably better for her than Danny, there was nothing there.

Not one little spark, not one little bit of electricity. When he'd kissed her, it was awkward and weird and...not right. Not how she'd imagined it. And she knew what that spark was meant to feel like, because it was there with Danny.

When she thought about Danny, looked at him, talked to him, hugged him...every single time she was with him she would feel light as a cloud, which was something, for someone like her.

And maybe she still believed that, one day, Danny would like her too.

She sighed, pushing her dark hair – the same as Danny's – away from her forehead. She was going to have to break it off with Gregor. It wasn't fair to him, because, at the moment, her heart belonged to someone else. On an impulse, she jumped off her bed and rifled through her bedside drawer, pulling out the Wes ring. Or the Sam ring, she'd found out whilst turning it over and over in her hands. That had certainly given her a shock.

Holding this, that spark was back. That little jump her heart gave every time Danny smiled at her, in his special goofy way.

It was black and white, really, this whole situation. She didn't like Gregor, so she had to break it off. Simple, clear, no grey spots to be seen.

Really, she thought to herself as she sat down again, it was never going to work. He was European.

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