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Base Theme: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

Summary: Ash, Edward, Sakura and Rin must stop a maniac who has kidnapped someone known as the Child of Time.

Battling Time Savers

Chapter 1: Prologue

There was an island with a statue in the center. A really tall lime green statue of a crowned woman. It held a torch high in her right arm and a tablet in her left. Fleets of people had flocked to the statue, most wearing business suits. Let's focus on one group, setting up a tripod and placing a heavy camcorder on it. "We ready?" a woman in a black suit called to her cameraman, wearing a t-shirt and slacks.

"Ready to go," he called back. "Action in 5...4...3...2..." He pointed to the woman, which a red light on the camcorder flashed on. Recording, the woman was ready to speak with a microphone in her hand, facing the camera.

"It's been approximately two years since 9/11, where New York Governor Rudy Gulliani ordered the closure to the Statue of Liberty for safety concerns from future terrorism. While we await for Mayor Michael Bloomberg to reopen the landmark that symbolizes this fine country, we remind ourselves-"

"Cut, Julie! Look!" The cameraman's freaky feared look and pointing fingers made Julie stop, not appreciating the interruption. She looked over to the...what's going on with Liberty? Like a television with a bad antenna, the statue appeared to be on the fritz. It faded in and out of focus.

"Kevin, are you getting this?" she asked in an excited tone.

"I'm all over it!" For minutes on end, Liberty teetered on whether it would stay or go. Finally, in one flash, the Statue of Liberty was gone. Gasps flooded the ever stunned crowd of onlookers. Tensions were like disbeliefs. Not one person knew what they could do at the moment. Suddenly, rings... Cellphone rings. Like many others, Julie grabbed her cellphone, answering the call. Before she could speak, the voice on the other side made first noise.

"Good afternoon, ignorant masses," a cherubic pungent male cheered. "This is what the Child of Time is able to provide, now that it's with the idealogical organization, ACROSS. If you want your precious Statue of Liberty, not even patients of a monk will make it return." His maniacal laughter made people turn their cellphones off. Not Julie.

"Who the hell are you?!" she yelled. She was about to get disconnected. The busy signal sounded. Whoever this person was, he wanted to keep his identity a secret. "I don't know who the hell he is. The fact that Liberty's disappeared...I don't think Bloomberg will be happy about this." No, he won't. The night loomed quick. A flash shot out from a construction site for a hi-rise building. The flash stemmed from 10, maybe 12 stories high. Then the flash dimmed. From the flash became a new adventure's start. Five figures, four humans and one yellow mouse, appeared out of nowhere. The lone animal was rather larger than an ordinary mouse, even more with that lightning-shaped tail. Two boys, two girls, all unconscious. There was a braided blond boy with a red trench coat draped over his body. The other boy was raven-haired, with a blue sweat-tee on along with jeans. What about the ladies? One had pink hair while wearing a red t-shirt with extra fabric that stretched over some blackish shorts with some piece of it taped, holding a pouch. She also wore a blue headband with a symboled plate. That symbol looked like a leaf. The last one, a girl as well, was violet-haired, with two side-ponytails. She looked like she was from the past, due to that her outfit was feudal-type. She had a green loose-sleeved shirt and wide-legged violet pants, along with sandals. The pink-haired girl had blue boots, but the toes were sticking out, which it looked properly cut. Were they all...dead? No, it's only the first chapter. Then, what's coming out of the feudal girl's body? A ghost? AH! It was another female, younger looking, too. She had whitish hair while wearing a maroon gown, nothing else. She saw the feudal-styled girl, not liking what she saw.

"Rin!" she called out. "Rin, are you okay?" Rin wasn't responding, which frightened the ghost. Wait...ghosts should be frightening, not the other way around. "I knew spending time away from Kuriko was a bad idea." Who now? She saw the other three. It knew Rin. What about the others? "Who are they?" Nope. No clue. She tried again with Rin. "Rin, wake up! There's trouble!" It was still no use. That's when she had an idea about the other girl who was there. "Someone else wants to take Kazuki's genes!" Genes? Whatever the ghost was talking about, it seemed to work. Rin heard the ghost's bogus story, which stirred her awake. Her purplish eyes sensed a problem with the scene. She eyed the ghost, like she wasn't afraid of it.

"Where's the tramp, Elizabeth?" she questioned. Elizabeth's lie did the trick. She kept that to herself about the pink haired girl.

"I had to think of something to get you attention."

"You mean-" Elizabeth's nod told Rin that it was a ruse. Immediately, she saw the two boys. "Then, who are they?" Elizabeth had no idea about the two and the mouse that was there, less the girl she wanted to fib about. Studying the grounded ones, she approached the mouse, cautioned greatly. She placed a hand on the mouse's back, around the spine, and began to massage it ever so softly. The good feeling slowly woke the mouse from it's timeout. It rose to it's feet...hind feet and turned to Rin.

("What's going on?") it wondered subconsciously. It eyed Rin and Elizabeth...which startled it over to the raven-haired boy. ("Ash, a little help here!") The little mouse tried to shake the now-named Ash up, but it wasn't working. Elizabeth was quick to notice that her appearance may have been to blame.

"I think I scared him," she huffed. The little mouse was failing to arouse Ash from his slumber. No matter what it tried, nothing worked.

("It's time to wake up!") That's when the little mouse's circled cheeks emitted sparks. ("Thundershock Alarm Clock!") It fired a storm of electricity which struck Ash. The shocking impact shook Ash awake. When the electricity stopped flowing, Ash was on his hands and knees, reeling from the blast of electric juice.

"Pikachu, what's the deal?" he groaned. He gazed at Pikachu with chocolaty brown eyes. His eyes saw the purple pants of Rin, thus peering up her body. Needless to say, Ash's fog of confusion thickened.

"Are you okay, young sir?" Rin asked as she approached Ash, hand out to help. Ash clapped and grabbed her arm, telling her to pull him to his feet.

"Thanks. You doing alright?"

"I'm fine." Ash was on his feet, looking around his surroundings, eying the two in red. He walked over to the pink-haired, wondering if she was dead or alive. That would suck if one of them were dead in the first chapter. He grabbed her wrist, placing two fingers on that spot. A pulse. She was alive. "Well?" Ash swung over to Rin, bobbing a nod, telling her that this girl was alive. Rin, then, turned to the blond as Ash brushed the pink hair back to get a good look at the female...and noticed about how cute she looked sleeping.

'I hate to wake her up in the middle of the night.' Well, she felt the hair being whiffed back, slowly opening her eyes to Ash...only her mind believed that Ash wasn't Ash.

"Sasuke, is that you?" she slurred weakly. She reached up to feel Ash, not this Sauske, noticing how smooth his skin felt. Before Ash could try to talk his way out of being who he wasn't, the girl lunged and hugged the mouse owner. "Sasuke, you have no idea how worried I was about you." Someone give this girl a reality check.

'Who's Sasuke? Her boyfriend?' That's when the girl felt the denim among her legs rubbing along his jeans. She snapped to the present, and pushed away to look at Ash with more straight eyesight. She, now, realized that it wasn't who she suspected.

"You're not Sasuke." No, Ash was not Sasuke. Ash had to feel some sympathy for her, who appeared to be lovelorn for this mysterious Sasuke.

"I was about to ask if you were in good shape before you leaped onto my body." Talk about caring. The girl seemed eased with Ash's good demeanor. Still, she acted apologetic.

"Sorry about that. Wishful thinking. My name's Sakura Haruno." Sakura? Ash huffed a giggle about the name. It was a cute name, like she was.

"You're the second Sakura that I've met, but you definitely fit the name better. I'm Ash Ketchum." Rin heard both names as she was poking a sheath at the last member's spine. He wasn't moving. So, someone did die? Pikachu got to Rin's side, wondering if it could help with this last guy while Ash and Sakura watched. "What's Pikachu doing with her?" Rin shot a look to the rodent, nodding to something.

("I got ya!") it voiced. That's when Pikachu emitted more electricity, zapping the last male. Another thundershock? The blond was screaming for mercy from the lightning coursing throughout his body.

"Stop!" he screeched. Pikachu let off on the electric discharge allowing the last waking member to get himself together. Needless to say, he wasn't too happy about getting zapped with enormous about of electricity. "What the hell is wrong with you?!" he snapped at Pikachu. Hey, don't yell at the little guy.

"I order the mouse to wake you up," Rin acted in defense for the juiced mouse. "It would seem that you need more than a simple bolt of lightning to make you understand." Simple bolt? The blond was seething from her retort.

"Spare me the humor, wench! I didn't deserve that electrocution." Rin didn't want to hear another word from the new boy...and flashed a sword, pointing it toward his face.

"Don't make me spear this blade into your body. I'd rather not call the Grimm Reaper to collect your incompetent soul, but I will if necessary." This girl had no spite of killing someone if need be. The male was somewhat intimidated by the surprise sword.

"Nice sword, but can it compete with an alchemist's?" He clapped his hands together before waiving his left over his right. Suddenly, like a magician, he made a blade appear from his sleeve, which was more intriguing than a rabbit, unless it was from "Monty Python and the Holy Grail." Rin was shocked to see that the blond had a blade to tangle with her sword.

'He had a sword up his trench coat? I underestimated him for being just an ordinary boy.' Rin wasn't so tough now. The blond was ready to fight.

"What's wrong? Lost your nerve? I can pull a lot more from my sleeves than just this." Now, it was Rin was was ready to defend herself as a ball of green light form in her free hand.

"Same with me." That's when she fired that ball of light. The alchemist spotted the ball and swung his head to the side, allowing the light to pass. What's next? The alchemist seemed frightened with the arsenal that she had. Those two were in such a fighting mood, someone had to intermediate it before someone actually did die. Pikachu stayed by Ash and Sakura, who pulled a knife from a pocket attached to her thigh. This was no kitchen knife or hunting. She threw it, which stuck to the iron floor in between the two blade wielders. Hearing the metallic impact, Rin and the alchemist peered at the thrown knife, then at Sakura, who wanted the fighting to stop.

"Cease any bloodshed," she ordered. "Besides, why are you willing to kill each other before you know what we're all doing here?" Ash heard her, having that same question on his mind. He realized that by stopping a potential fight, understanding would come to light of the situation that had been bestowed along them.

"Sakura has a point, you two," he backed up. "Check our surroundings." Rin and the alchemist looked out to the downtown streets, lit up like a Christmas tree. Rin knew where they were. She was the only one. Ash saw that and decided to ask. "You recognize this place?" She bobbed a nod.

"We must be in New York," she answered. "For what reason, that is not certain." New York? Why were they in New York?

"Tell me that this is a dream," the alchemist dreaded. It wasn't a dream and Ash and Sakura realized that. What could they do, now?

"I'd like to get to the bottom of our sudden appearance," Ash suggested.

("Tell me about it,") Pikachu squeaked. It was decided that they had to uncover the reason for the four plus mouse of electricity.

"I agree," Sakura acknowledged. "However, if we are going to be working together in this village of New York, I think we need to know each other, like Ash and myself, Sakura Haruno. I'm a ninja from the Hidden Leaf Village." Sakura...was a ninja? Oh, boy.

"I don't recall ninjas wearing red with pink hair," the alchemist disagreed. Sakura disliked the tone from the blond. "Then again, having a mouse electrocute me...that's a little too weird." Pikachu heard the alchemist's wording, not sure if it was an insult or compliment. Ash thought it was an insult.

"Hey, Pikachu doesn't need that from you," he defended. "I'm his trainer and best friend, and I'll protect his pride if I have to." Sakura was rather astonished that Ash mentioned himself as a trainer. Did he teach Pikachu how to shock people from sleeping? Ed wove his arms, trying to say that he meant nothing personal.

"Hey, I was just explaining what I know. I respect the fact that you have your living, breathing electric alarm on you. Pretty handy to have around in case one of us needs a boost." Ash heard him and thought that he said what he meant was a good thing.

"Ah, okay. I didn't really get your name." The blond had to introduce himself, and he was ready to do so.

"I haven't said it, yet. It's Edward Elric. I'm the Fullmetal Alchemist." Fullmetal? What did he mean by that? He rose the blade arm to show that...is that a metallic hand? "Lost my arm when my brother, Alphonse, was taken to the other side. Saved his soul and casted it into a suit of armor. My arm was replaced, as you can see." Ash now knew everyone...except for Rin.

"I see." He turned to Rin. "That leaves only you." Rin was ready to explain herself.

"My name is Rin Kamishiro. I'm a student from the Aoi Academy, a school for magicians such as myself and Elric. However, Ketchum, I may like you, a lot more than Shikimori or Elric." Ash seemed interested to know what she acknowledged by that.

"How so?"

"Well, you seem to have intelligence that may benefit the crisis at hand. You also seem to be in top physical form, act more maturely and are able to respect one another." Ah, that was sweet of Rin. Ash accepted those remarks, but felt rather confessional about a couple of those items.

"I'm not that smart, and being mature seems a little far fetched." Listening to that, Sakura had to disagree with his statement.

"I don't know," she teased. "I think Rin has a point, and you, unwillingly, displayed it." Her soft laughter had Ash blush in some embarrassment. Say, whatever happened to Elizabeth?

'Elizabeth's back inside me,' she pondered in her head. 'I may need her sometime during the time I'm with these peers.' Just then, growling noises echoed throughout. The five heard it, turning to the sounds. There was a horde of black-coated creatures, too clustered to describe. Guess that meant that there was a duty to fulfill. "These fiends don't appear to want themselves to be known." So, what's to be done?

"I was wanting to get into a brawl, sooner or later," Edward sneered. He clapped his hands together, again. This time, he slapped the floor, where sparks shot up. What now? As if like magic, Edward started to pull a staff from the ground. When he rose the staff from the ground completely...it was a pike. The blade at the end of the staff was the same as what he had on his wrist. Rin pointed her sword at the creatures as Sakura grabbed two of those knives, holding them like a thief may have in earlier times...points pointed down. Ash got his knuckles clenched like a boxer. Going unarmed, were we? Edward saw that weaponless Ash, and tossed him his pike.

"Why do I need your weapon, Ed?" he protested. Ed was wanting something in return, the way he moved his fingers back and forth.

"Let me transmute something of yours." Transmute? Ash was wondering what Ed had in mind as he tossed a red/white ball over to him. Ed placed the ball on the ground, over a piece of paper. On the paper was a circle with two interlacing mirrored triangles. He placed his hands on the paper which revealed another sparky show. When it ended, the ball was no more. Instead, there were two sticks, one red, one white. Those sticks had a piece of itself sticking from an odd place.

"Tonfa sticks?" Sakura guessed. Tonfas?

"There you go." Ash tossed Ed's pike back as he got those weird arm-sticks. Now, all of them were armed. Pikachu had its electricity, so that counted. This group was ready to battle this mystery. ACROSS had someone called the Child of Time, and Ash, Sakura, Edward and Rin were going to rescue him/her...even if they didn't know from the start about it.