Lunar Eclipse


Author's Note: This was an awesome story to write and if you've followed it this long, then you're an awesome reader. Thanks for all of the reviews and adds to your favorites. This was the first fanfiction effort I've made in a really long time, so I'm glad that it was well received. Just as a heads-up, this epilogue is set two days after the previous chapter and it does contain graphic sex.

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Noah walked slowly, mentally noting any instance in which he felt even the slightest twinge of pain. The hospital had let him go that morning, and he and Sandra had driven home in comfortable silence. At the hospital, he had mildly entertained the idea of moving. This house had just as many awful memories as the last one at this point, and it might be time for a change of scenery. As he leaned on the railing to the deck, he heard the kitchen door open.

"Hey, Noah," Elle said as she walked purposefully across the deck to where he stood. Striking a similar pose against the deck railing, she looked at him thoughtfully. "I'm glad you're home."

"Me too," he agreed with a smile. "Thanks to you, of course."

Elle gave a soft laugh and looked down at the grass below the deck. "I wish you guys would give it a rest. I just did what I promised you I'd do when you took me in. That's all."

"Fair enough," Noah said as he turned around, leaning his back against the railing and looking at the house. "So what are your plans now? Sylar's gone, no more threats to Claire's life that I can think of. Sounds like your obligations are fulfilled."

"Are you kicking me out?" Elle asked, suddenly alarmed.

Noah laughed. "Of course not. You didn't just protect Claire this weekend, Elle. You saved all of us. You're as much apart of this family now as I am. Have you and Claire talked about this weekend at all?"

Though she knew Noah was referring to the whole ordeal with Sylar, Elle's thoughts flew back to the girls' night in the park under the trees where she had made love to Claire for the first time. "No, we haven't. But there are things I've been meaning to say."

"You'll work it out," Noah said, patting her shoulder reassuringly as he moved to walk back into the house. "And when you do, I think it would be nice if you told Sandra and Lyle. They have a right to know."

Elle let his words flow into her mind, trying to decipher what she knew was a hidden meaning. "Thanks, I think."

Noah smiled as he opened the kitchen door. "I can't think of anyone better for Claire than you, Elle."

The rest of the afternoon passed by agonizingly slow. As soon as Sandra made an offhand comment about picking Claire up from school, Elle had grabbed her car keys and said that she would grab Claire and be back in time for dinner. She parked in the first available parking space in the school's parking lot and waited as Claire walked out of the building, her arms filled with books.

"Hey!" Claire said happily, surprised to see Elle there. "I thought Mom was getting me today."

"She probably would have, if your Dad wasn't home," Elle said with a grin. Noah's homecoming had been a surprise.

Claire smiled widely before reaching over and hugging Elle. "My whole family, back together again."

Elle put the car in drive and began to drive out of the parking lot before turning to Claire. "I know you probably want to get home and see your Dad as soon as possible, but would you mind if we took a little detour? There's something I really want to do before we go home."

"Sure," Claire said as she reached over and removed one of Elle's hands from the steering wheel, linking it with her own and placing it in her lap. "You know, you could probably take me anywhere and I wouldn't mind."

Twenty minutes later after a short hop onto the interstate, the girls pulled up to a high-end hotel overlooking the ocean. Claire stepped out of the car, confused, and took Elle's hand as they walked toward the door. They approached the front desk, Elle still not giving Claire any indication of what she was planning.

"Hi, I have a reservation under Elle Bishop," Elle said as she handed the man at the desk her driver's license and credit card.

Claire looked at her questioningly, but Elle offered no explanation, just a smile and a reassuring hand squeeze. The man at the desk processed the order quickly before handing Elle a keycard and pointing toward the elevator.

They rode up, still in silence. The room was up on the sixth floor, and it had a stunning view. Not only could Claire see the ocean from the window, she could also see the beach and the cliffs in the distance. As soon as the door was closed and locked, she turned to look at Elle. "Are you going to tell me what this is about?"

"I just thought it would be nice to pick up where we left off the other night. After we were so rudely interrupted," Elle said as she took Claire's hands in hers and leaned in for a kiss. Claire smiled into the kiss, removing her hands from Elle's to put them on the back of the older girl's head and pull her closer.

Elle used her weight to push Claire down onto the king-size bed behind her. She kissed Claire slowly, wanting to savor every second of affection shared between them. Claire, however, had other ideas.

Claire's hands slid up underneath Elle's shirt, and Elle broke their kiss momentarily to let Claire pull it over her head and throw it to the floor. Resuming their kiss, Claire then began playing at the waistline of Elle's jeans, trying in vain to get the other girl's pants off as quickly as possible.

Elle broke their kiss yet again, standing up and removing her own jeans in a matter of seconds before lying down against Claire's body once more. Claire's hands traveled the length of Elle's back, slipping into the back of the older girl's underwear and resting there. Elle smiled before breaking the kiss once more.

"What?" Claire asked. She hadn't tried to take Elle's underwear off, not yet. Elle grinned before pressing a kiss to the younger girl's lips.

"You're wearing too many clothes. Not fair," Elle said. In response Claire sat up, grabbing Elle's face and pulling her close again. Elle's hands found the hem of Claire's shirt and pulled it up, breaking the kiss just long enough for the material to be removed and tossed aside.

In a matter of minutes, both girls were completely nude, Elle resting comfortably on top of Claire as they kissed. In a move that shocked Elle, Claire wrapped her leg around Elle's and then flipped them over so that she was on top.

"What's this?" Elle asked with a confused smile. Claire held Elle's hands above her head as she leaned down, lightly sucking and biting along the older blonde's neck. She was straddling Elle's hips, her tanned athletic body bathed in sunlight from the window.

"You got to be on top last time. Not fair," Claire said softly as she resumed their kiss. As things got heated, she relaxed her hold on Elle's hands.

Elle took the opportunity to snake a hand down between Claire's legs, gently massaging the younger girl's clit with her thumb. Claire moaned appreciatively, moving her hips to give Elle more access. The slight movement was all Elle needed to push a finger inside Claire.

Inside, Claire was warm and wet, and she tightened compulsively around Elle's finger. Elle resumed their kiss and continued brushing her thumb against Claire's clit as she stroked a finger in and out of the younger girl.

Claire's breathing quickened as Elle added another finger. "Is this okay?" Elle asked softly, using her free hand to stroke Claire's hair back from her face. Claire nodded, letting her hips rock against Elle's hand.

Elle snaked an arm around Claire's back to hold her steady as she sat up and pulled the younger girl closer onto her lap. She moved her fingers a little faster, and leaned down to gently take one of Claire's nipples into her mouth, sucking on it lightly.

Claire's moans increased in volume almost instantly, and she pressed herself needily against Elle's hand. Elle smiled as she lifted her lips from Claire's breasts to her face, pressing light kisses along the younger girl's jaw line. As she kissed closer to Claire's ear, she leaned close and murmured softly, "I'm in love with you."

The combination of the heat from Elle's breath on her neck, the tiny circles that Elle was rubbing against her clit, and the deliberate motions of the older girl's fingers inside of her had pushed Claire over the edge. She tightened around Elle's fingers spasmodically, wrapping her arms around the electric blonde's neck to steady herself.

Elle continued to press light kisses against Claire's forehead and temple as the younger girl slowly calmed. Claire heaved a very satisfied sigh as she rested her forehead against Elle's. Elle gently withdrew her fingers from the younger girl, and wrapped her arms around Claire's naked body so that they rested low on her back. The girls sat like that for a few minutes, just listening to the soft sound of each other's breathing and heartbeats.

Claire broke the silence first, pulling Elle's face to hers to kiss the older girl appreciatively. "I'm in love with you, too." Her eyelids drooped sleepily, and Elle couldn't help smiling at how utterly spent the younger girl looked.

"It took me a while to figure it out. I'm sorry it took so long," Elle said softly, rubbing gently circles against Claire's lower back. Elle began again, whispering softly against Claire's neck as she dropped slow kisses there. "I wish we could stay here, but I need to get you home before dinner."

Claire nodded, letting her body relax against Elle's for one final moment before untangling herself from the older girl. As she collected her clothing from the floor, she turned back to give Elle a stern look. "I really do get to be on top next time."

The Bennet family was just sitting down to dinner as Elle and Claire walked in through the garage. Sandra and Noah smiled and motioned for them to hurry up, while Lyle began helping himself to his dinner. Little was said between family members for most of the meal. As Lyle finished his second plateful, he offered to go get ice cream from the kitchen.

"So, how was school?" Noah asked in between mouthfuls of food. He looked at Claire pointedly.

Claire smiled slyly. "Oh, it was good. I'm seeing someone now."

Sandra feigned shock and put her fork down. "What? You haven't talked about anyone for months now!"

"Yeah, who are you talking about?" Noah asked, looking at her with intense interest. Lyle reentered the room with bowls and ice cream and even he looked mildly interested at what Claire had to say.

Claire looked over at Elle shyly before looking Noah in the eye. "To be honest, I've been seeing Elle for a while. We made it official today. And I'm kind of in love with her."

Noah nodded, looking down at his plate and fiddling with his fork before looking up again. "Well, I think you've made a good choice. Can I get some ice cream?"

Elle laughed as she passed the nearest container of ice cream down the table to Noah. Sandra winked at her and flashed her a sincere smile before grabbing for a bowl for her own ice cream.

Lyle was the only one not smiling at this announcement. "Everyone in the world has a girlfriend but me. Even my sister!"

"Maybe if you stick around during the next eclipse, you'll get one too," Noah said, feigning seriousness as he scooped his ice cream.

Claire squeezed Elle's hand reassuringly under the table. Elle looked at her, smiling. Though it had taken her a while to figure out what it was that she felt for Claire, she knew she had a lifetime to make up for all of the uncertainty and lost time. No matter what happened during the next eclipse, Elle had a feeling they would be just fine.

Footnote: Yay! Finally done! I hope all of you clamoring for a sex scene are pleased with the way that turned out. I certainly am. It's been a pleasure writing this story for you guys.