Title: Fate's hand

Author: Idika

Summary: Hermione was always regarded as the smartest witch of her generation. Her intelligence cost Albus Dumbledore dearly while Harry gained something precious.

Warnings: Harry Potter and Twilight crossover (Not for a while though.) Slash. Completely AU from the Goblet of Fire onwards.

Pairings: Edward Cullen/Harry Potter, Alice Cullen/Jasper Hale, Rosalie Hale/Emmett Cullen, Hermione Granger/ Draco Malfoy, Ron Weasley/

Disclaimer: Harry Potter belongs of J.K. Rowling and Twilight belongs to Stephenie Meyer.

"Hello Harry."

Harry Potter looked at the girl standing at his doorstep with wide eyes. Instantly collecting himself, he stepped out of the house, closing the door behind him. "Hermione? What are you doing here?" he asked before glancing at the man standing behind her, flushing lightly. "Hello Mr. Granger."

The man smiled and nodded, "Hello Harry." The man's eyes traveled over Harry, a frown appearing when he saw the over-sized dirty clothes. Harry smiled sheepishly, wondering how he could explain his ragged state to the man. "Harry, are your relatives home?"

"Only my aunt, sir. My cousin and my uncle are not present." He replied.

Hermione nodded, "Harry, we need to discuss something very important." he frowned, narrowing his eyes suspiciously. "You and I used the time-turner during our third year to rescue Padfoot and Buckbeak."

The Boy-who-Lived relaxed before looking at his best friend in concern. "What's wrong, 'mione?"

She bit her lip, "This is not something we should discuss here. Let my father talk to your aunt. He will convince her to let you stay with us for a couple of days. Ron wanted to come as well but we do not want Mrs. Weasley to suspect something so he stayed home."

Harry arched a brow and grimaced. He looked at his friend's father with an apologetic smile, "Mr. Granger, my aunt is not the most…" he frowned slightly, "She is not the most pleasant person. She is extremely prejudiced and I am afraid that she may say something that would…"

"It's alright, son." The older man waved him off with a smile, "Hermione has thrown some very spectacular rants regarding your relatives. I know what to expect." Hermione blushed at her father's amused look and Harry smiled and opened the door to usher them into the house.

"Aunt Petunia, we have guests." He called out, frowning slightly, knowing that the encounter is going to be unpleasant. His aunt hurried came out of the kitchen and frowned when she saw and recognized Hermione.

Mr. Granger intervened before she could say anything, "Harry, why don't you take Hermione to your room and pack for a couple of nights. Bring some of your schoolwork as well. Hermione and you can study together."

Harry nodded, "Alright sir." He grabbed Hermione's hand, "Come 'mione."

When the children left, the man turned to Petunia and offered her his hand to shake, "Hello, my name is William Granger. Nice to meet you."

Petunia frowned as though she had eaten something foul but played the proper host, "Petunia Dursley." She replied shortly before offering him some tea that he graciously accepted.

"Mrs. Dursley," The man began, "I am here to ask you to allow Harry to stay with us for a couple of days." He smiled at her charmingly when she went to protest, "Please, I would be most grateful. You see, Hermione is getting quite bored since we have no vacation plans this summer and my wife and I decided that she would appreciate the company of her best friends for a while. Hermione and Harry can work together and finish their schoolwork away from your family. I will even take them to shop for school supplies so he will be out of your hair for quite a while."

Petunia narrowed her eyes, "The headmaster, Dumbledore, told us not to let Harry out of the house often."

William frowned, "Well, Hermione is Harry best friend, madam. I am quite certain that the headmaster will not mind them spending sometime together. Moreover, Harry has been through some trying times. It would be best not to let that anger and pain fester. Who knows how his magic will react he is depressed state continues." It was a subtle threat and very cunningly applied. William knew that he was not being fair and possibly making things a bit more difficult for Harry. However, he wasn't entirely impressed with the way his daughter's best friend was being treated.

The effect was instantaneous. Petunia paled before nodding hurriedly. "Of course, of course." She smiled shakily at him, "You can keep him for as long as you want. I will tell his uncle about this later."

William smiled at her charmingly once again before looking towards the stairs. "Hermione, Harry, time to leave."

The children responded to his call immediately. Harry looking well dressed in his white button-up shirt and dark blue jeans. William nodded, taking the trunk from Harry. The boy was so small and slender that William feared for him. He resisted the urge to call social services and lodge a compliant about Harry's abuse. He had no doubt that there was abuse, maybe not of the physical kind but definitely psychological abuse.

Discarding his thoughts, he ushered the children out of the house and into his car before Harry's aunt could change her mind.

"Hermione… what is this all about?" Harry asked, his voice stern and deep. Even at the age of fourteen – nearly fifteen, it seemed that the child had the voice of a leader.

"Hermione had found some interesting information and she had been discussing it with her mother and I. She wanted to get a fresh perspective." William said and glanced at his nervous looking daughter.


She bit her lip, "Harry… I just…" she paused, "The with entire mess of the Triwizard Tournament, I did some research. I mean, how they could allow you to risk your life like that when it was obvious that it was a trap… Crouch Jr. pointed it out, didn't he?" She wrung her hands and looked into Harry's piercing green eyes with a frown, "I studied into the history of the tournament and found that… no one can be unwillingly made to participate in the tournament. Even if their names are chosen by the Goblet."

Harry hissed, his eyes narrowed as he turned away. "I knew it."

"Harry, Professor Dumbledore was well within his rights to object. He was the one who created that law stating that the Headmaster of the School must agree that the student selected by the Goblet can participate. Moreover, there can never be more than three participants. If the goblet chooses more than three, the first three names are only considered. This had happened before when the Goblet chose five and only the first three were allowed to participate. It was some two hundred years ago… but everyone seemed to have forgotten about it."

Harry swallowed, struggling to accept what Hermione implied.

"Son." Harry looked at William. "When Hermione told us this, I encouraged her to do more research on the laws and the workings of the Wizarding world." He paused, "She found interesting information on a certain Tom Riddle."

Harry narrowed his eyes at the name and turned to look at Hermione in question. She nodded grimly, "You will be surprised, Harry, by how much has been hidden from us… from you." She looked sad, "That man has been hunting you and you have every right to know as much as you can about it and yet here we are…" she scowled, "Clueless."

"What have you found?" Harry asked, feeling numb as he leaned back in his seat.

Before Hermione could answer, William interrupted, "We will discuss this when we are home." He stated firmly, "Harry needs to calm down and keep himself in control while he hears this."

Both of them nodded, Hermione looking at Harry every now and then, worried about his reaction while Harry looked pensive, his eyes dark and thoughtful as they gazed out of the window.

It was not long before they arrived at a pleasant looking home. Mrs. Granger greeted them with a small smile but to Harry; her smile was especially warm, somewhat motherly. Her hand came up to brush his hair, "How are you, Harry?"

"I am well, Mrs. Granger." Harry said with a solemn smile as he was ushered into the house by Hermione.

When they sat, Hermione spread a number of parchments and various books in front of him. "I researched into the timeline after Tom Riddle left Hogwarts. He asked for a position to teach in Hogwarts but he was denied. After that, he chose to travel. I don't know what happened during those years he wasn't in Britain but I can only guess that he was recruiting and training himself." She took a deep breath, "He was a brilliant wizard, Harry. His Defense against Dark Arts scores are just as high as yours are. Moreover, he excelled in every thing he did. He was the prefect, the Head boy and received a medal for Magical Merit. When he came back, he was offered several jobs at the ministry… all of which he rejected. It seemed as though he had his heart set on the job at Hogwarts but Professor Dumbledore rejected him."

Harry frowned as she went onto explain how he took up a job in a shop in Knockturn Alley but then after a few months of doing that job, he simply disappeared once again.

"I don't see how this is relevant, Mione." Harry asked as he looked through Hermione's careful notes.

"Harry, take a look at the laws Purebloods were trying to introduce after he came back to England for the first time."

Harry frowned and did as she asked, studying her notes carefully and comparing them to the source of her research, the volumes detailing the laws passed and dismissed during each Wizengamot session.

A petition to include the following subjects in Hogwarts curriculum:

1. History of Dark Arts

2. Wards and Curse-Breaking

3. Healing

4. Study of Ancient Rituals and Old Magic

5. Physical combat styles such as Fencing, Martial Arts, Dueling

6. Muggle Studies: a. Muggle Medicine, b. Muggle Science and Mathematics, c. Muggle Technology, d. Muggle Culture and History. (For Purebloods and Halfbloods)

7. Wizarding Studies: a. Wizarding Culture and Etiquette, b. Common Folklore and Arts, c. Sociology and Economics of the Wizarding world.

8. Spell Creation

9. Law

Petition introduced by Lord Abraxas Malfoy.

Supported by Malfoy, Black, Potter, Nott, Zabini, Lestrange, Prince, Longbottom families

Petition denied Dumbledore, Weasley, McGonagall, Fudge, Crouch, Abbot, Bones, Boot, Lovegood, Umbridge, Corner, Thickenesse, Shacklebolt… families.

Harry frowned and continued.

A petition to integrate Muggle-born children to the wizarding world at the age of five

Petition introduced by Lord Orion Black.

Supported by Potter, Zabini, Weasley, Lovegood, Longbottom, Nott, Malfoy… etc, families.

Denied by Dumbledore, Crouch… etc, families.

As Harry pursued Hermione's notes, it became increasingly clear what was happening. The elite pureblood families of Potter, Black, Nott, Zabini, Malfoy, etc were introducing several laws that would changed and improved the wizarding world and each one of them was denied. Moreover, every time the petitions were denied, Dumbledore's name was present.

It's wasn't hard to see that something was amiss.

"What is this…" Harry asked, almost to himself, his eyes narrowed in anger. "What does he think he is doing? Why the hell would he stop an Anti-corruption department from being formed? Does Dumbledore support the ministry corruption?"

"I don't know Harry." Hermione said softly, "Have you noticed that these petitions did not start until after Tom Riddle returned to England for the first time. I can bet that he was behind this. They are obviously trying to convince the Light Wizards that Dark Arts is a part of magic and therefore should not be banned." She gestured towards several petitions that subtly tried to promote the interest of Dark wizards. "Moreover, I found this..." she handed an old, worn looking book to Harry. "My dad and I took a trip to Knockturn Alley." Hermione shuddered while William nodded in confirmation when Harry looked at them in surprise. "Read the marked page, Harry."

The Potter heir arched a brow and turned to the rage that was bookmarked.

"In my travels to the Ancient countries of China, Japan, Egypt and India, I noticed something that enlightened me about magic a great deal.

Magic in these countries is so free. It is not bound by restrictions of being dark and light or good and evil. It is the intent of the person not the magic itself, which is judged. I came across the concept of Yin and Yang. Opposite forces that are interconnected, interdependent, and only together were they whole.

I realized then that light cannot exist without dark and dark cannot exist without light. Magic was free, it was a force of nature that we, magical people, could channel. Some were adept in channeling the darker side of magic, the magic that was subtle, deeper, more powerful but relating to some of the less appreciated and more realistic aspects of living beings. Light magic was different, lighter, happier, protective and more carefree.

However, both needed to exist in tandem so that magic itself could grow.

When I returned to England, it seemed as though I was in a cage. Everything was bound, magic was bound. It was as though we had pinned a butterfly's wing to the ground, trapping it and it was struggling to escape, whilst slowly weakening and dying.

We were actively suppressing a side of magic that was less appealing, less idealistic to us because we were frightened to face the darker aspects of our own nature.

Because of our own fear, we are killing magic."

Harry turned to the cover of the book and found that it was written by a man called Cygnus Peverell. Hermione silently handed him another book and he froze when he saw the name of the author.

Salazar Slytherin.

Cautiously, he opened the book.

"Change is a fact. It must happen for without it society with become stagnant. Nevertheless, be cautious that with change, you do not lose your identity. There was a time when magic was magic, a gift given to us by nature to cherish and preserve. Magic is an ability we possess and we must improve on it, develop it as we have developed other gifts that nature has given to us. To say that one must not practice and preach dark arts is to say that night should not exist, that moon is not as vital to us as the sun. If the light magic is masculine, the dark magic is feminine… without the union of both there is no magic… there is no growth.

As my eyes grow old and wise, I see as my kin invite danger to their doorstep. Shunning what has been norm for centuries in the face of new adventures. My friend Godric does not understand, I cannot condone actions. He invites muggle-borns to the school we built, a school that we have built as a refuge to escape from the growing threat of muggles and their prejudiced views.

As I write this now, I fear for the future of our kind. If the muggles forget about our existence, if we forget about their atrocities on our kind and we start to feel secure in revealing our secrets to them, disaster would strike. They will fear us, think of us as a threat to their existence and another violent war will occur.

I hope dearly that the generations that follow us remember and be cautious. Our world should not be open to them for they will pollute it… destroy it. We are different, we have been given a gift that separates us from them and we should keep this distinction between us in mind.

Magic does not flow in their blood but that does not make them less of a threat… we will be wise to remember that."

Harry frowned, "Hermione…"

His best friend leaned forward, her eyes keen. "There is more, Harry. I researched as much as I could; I even wrote a letter to Viktor for his help was able to establish contact with Fleur as well. Harry, we are being misled! The nature of the magic we perform is genetic!" She showed Harry a research paper that Viktor had sent her and then a book that Fleur grandmother had given her. "A wizard inherits and innate ability to perform a kind of magic. Some people have dark magic in their blood and are proficient in that and then there are some who have lighter magic in their blood and excel in that. If we ban dark magic, we are generally weakening magic itself because those who carry the innate ability to perform dark magic are not able to use them! It is starting to affect us." She took a deep breath, "Harry, the sorting hat doesn't only look at personalities but also magic when it sorts. Slytherin and Ravenclaw houses were traditionally the houses that used to harbor Dark Wizards and teach them Dark Magic while Gryffindor and Hufflepuff contained Light Wizards and were taught Light Magic primarily. Hogwarts had this system until some three hundred years ago when the prejudice started to increase, when Purebloods started to loose their supreme influence with the increase of halfbloods and muggleborns."

Harry leaned back and reader everything that Hermione highlighted, his eyes narrowed and posture tense.

"So what caused Tom Riddle to become Lord Voldemort? You say that there is a connection between those laws that Dumbledore did not allow to pass and Tom but we have no proof of it." Harry pointed out.

Hermione nodded and sighed, "That is why I felt the need to tell you this."

Harry rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Mr. Granger, can you please take us to Diagon Alley today?" he asked as he looked at the older man, "I may not be able to withdraw money from the ancestral Potter vaults until I am an adult, but I can take the books from the collection which I was told were in the vaults during my second visit." He sighed, "That may tell us something."

He sighed when William nodded in agreement and then looked at Hermione, "I think that we have established that Dumbledore is trying to hide something. If what you say about the Goblet is true than…" Harry paused with a sneer, "I don't know…"

"He is testing you."

Harry glanced sharply at Hermione's mother, not having expected her to contribute to the conversation. "Mrs. Granger?"

She handed a tall glass of orange juice to Harry and sat down in front of him. "Hermione finally saw it fit to tell us about all the adventures you three have been going through." She sent a mild glare at Hermione who smiled a bit guiltily. "I cannot imagine how a school can be such an unsafe place and Harry…" she paused and looked at him keenly, "Every year, you were placed in situations that most adults would not survive in. Tell me, after all these years, don't you feel as though it is your obligation and your duty to protect Hogwarts from Voldemort and his servants?"

"Ye…" Harry paused, his eyes narrowing furiously as he understood what Hermione's mother was implying. "I see." His hissed, leaning back.

Hermione flinched, "I cannot imagine how we didn't see it." She whispered. "Keeping the Philosophers Stone in the school and setting up protections that were more like tests… then the second year with the basilisk… that may have been Lucius Malfoy's work but it was very convenient that only you could be called upon to save the day. Dumbledore even subtly nudged you in that direction." She bit her lip, "The third year… I don't even know where to begin. There were so many things wrong with that! Sirius being arrested and put in jail without trial was wrong in so many ways! It is supposed to be innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent! Yet again, it falls on us to solve a problem that they could have done on their own if they had used a little bit of common sense."

Harry nodded, slowly sipping the juice.

"We need to know more, Harry." Hermione said seriously. "I am at my wits end." She whispered, "When I look back on everything now, I can only see manipulations and gross injustice." Her eyes were suspiciously moist, "What they are doing to you… both Professor Dumbledore and Voldemort is hurting you so much… Why you Harry?"

The boy shook his head slowly, "I don't know." He whispered before swallowing his own growing resentment. "Look, I will try and see if the goblins at Gringotts can prove to be of some help but they are mighty selfish creatures. Asking Sirius or Remus is a risk… they are very fond of Dumbledore."

Mrs. Granger nodded, "You say that the Potter vaults have books that may contain some information. Maybe you should try getting to know why Voldemort and Albus Dumbledore both seem to think there is something different about you that is worth possessing and manipulating. Maybe your parents have left behind some clues, Harry."

Mr. Granger sighed and stood, "Well, come on then."

"Wait!" Hermione said with a frown, "We can't just walk off to Diagon Alley! People recognize Harry on sight and you know that Professor Dumbledore has forbidden Harry from venturing too far away from his house!"

Mrs. Granger smiled, "Well, we will just have to disguise him somehow."

Harry eyed suddenly cheerful woman warily. He did not have a good feeling about this.

Harry sighed; combing his fingers through his now neatly cut and styled auburn hair. He hated it but Mrs. Granger had insisted that his jet-black, just-out-of-bed hair was very recognizable and Hermione had concurred. He was now sporting a pair of rather expensive designer glasses instead of his usual round, many-times-broken frames. It served to hide his brilliant green eyes better since the glasses darkened when sunlight hit them. His scar was hidden by Mrs. Granger's application of concealer.

Dressed entirely as a muggle, he fit right in with the Granger family and unless they came across people who knew Hermione very well, many would conclude that Harry was Hermione's brother. Mr. Granger only reinforced the image by placing an arm over his shoulder. Although they had taken precautions, Harry was still nervous.

As soon as they entered Gringotts, Harry took the lead, directing them towards the back where a rather inconspicuous door was situated. He passed the tellers without a single glance and Hermione frowned in confusion.

He pushed the door open to reveal a different Gringotts. There were a series of black doors; each of them had an alphabet on them. Harry headed for the one with 'P' written on it.

"Harry, what is this?" Hermione asked softly while her father looked about in wonder.

Harry grinned at her with slight remorse. "It is the part of the bank accessible only to old and rich families." He opened the door and walked in, heading towards a particular goblin at the end of the large room. "Mr. Rockhammer." He called out; he was polite yet confident in ways Hermione had never seen.

The goblin looked up, "Ah, young Master Potter, how can I be of service to you today?" the goblin asked with a sharp grin, easily seeing through his disguise.

Harry bared his teeth in a sharp smile as well. "I wish to visit the ancestral vaults. I need to look into some tomes."

The goblin looked faintly surprised. "This is the first time you have asked to visit the vaults." He picked out a pale yellow parchment. "A drop of blood on his parchment will summon the keys. You understand that since you are a minor, you cannot take the keys with you. Once you have finished your business, you must hand them over to me once again. Moreover, a goblin will accompany you. You cannot take anything out of the vault except for the books. Do you understand these conditions?"

Harry nodded, "I do." He confirmed before allowing the goblin to prick his finger and let the droplet of blood fall into the parchment.

The goblin took the scroll and nodded, "Harry James Potter, adopted son of James Charles Potter and Lily Rose Potter, Heir by magic to the Potter fortune. Vaults 957, 1058 and 715 inactive. Vault 687 active." The goblin nodded again before summoning the keys required. He absently offered it to Harry, "Golbog will open the vaults for you. They are high security vaults; you need a goblin with you."

When the keys from his hand were not taken, he looked up with a frown. Harry Potter was standing his front of him with his eyes narrowed and jaw clenched, "Adopted son?" his voice came out in a tight hiss.

William came forward quickly, seeing Harry and Hermione's shock and understanding instantly that this was new information for them. He placed his hands on Harry's shoulders, grounding him and the boy demanded explanation.

Rockhammer arched a brow at the reaction. "I presumed you knew. Haven't your parent's mentioned it in their wills?"

Harry shook his head, looking very pale. "No." he whispered, struggling to accept what he was being told. The parents he revered, the parents who had given their lives to save his were not his biological parents.

Harry face twisted in a grimace. If anything, the information only elevated their worth in his eyes. They had sacrificed their lives for a child they had adopted.

"Young Master Potter." The goblin interrupted his musings and offered him the keys. "The keys to the vaults."

Harry nodded and shakily accepted them. He was just about to leave with Golbog when Hermione spoke up. "Is there anyway that we can know who his biological parents were?"

The Potter turned to the goblin, nodded to indicate that he had the same question in mind. The goblin nodded in response, "Yes. This is a legal adoption; your birth parents can be easily discovered by the means of a spell."

"Legal adoption?" Harry asked faintly as the goblin summoned another one and asked for something to be brought to him.

"Adoption by magic only." Hermione said. "Most people in general use this type of adoption. However, old pureblood families tend to ignore the law and use the Blood-Magic adoption ritual. As you know, all blood rituals are banned hence such an adoption is considered illegal." She looked at Harry, "Potters adopted you legally and because of that you are the adopted son. If they had used the ritual, you would have been their son in everything. In name, in blood, in magic and in soul. It would be as though you were born to them."

Harry nodded slowly before looking at Rockhammer who had an inky black parchment in his hand. "This parchment is a controlled substance and very expensive. If you choose to use this, one thousand seven hundred galleons will be taken from your trust fund as payment." Harry nodded absently, knowing this his trust vault carried ten thousand galleons and every year, it was replenished if the amount was any less than that.

The goblin nodded and handed Harry the parchment and a dagger. "Allow your blood to thoroughly soak the parchment. I will perform the spell needed."

Harry paused, for a moment, uncertain. 'Do I really want to know?' he thought for a moment before the true purpose of their visit to Gringotts came to his mind.

Grimly, he dragged the dagger against the flesh of his palm, wincing as blood emerged from the cut and fell onto the parchment. When the parchment was thoroughly soaked, the goblin let his hand hover over it, murmuring a spell in gobbledegook.

The parchment emitted a brilliant red glow for a long moment before the color turned pale blue. Slowly words written in silver ink started to appear on the black parchment.

Name: Rhyian Thomas Riddle

Father: Tom Marvolo Riddle. Lord Baneraven.

Mother: Adrianna Malfoy-Riddle. (Deceased)

Godfather: Unnamed

Godmother: Unnamed

Adopted Name: Harry James Potter

Adopted father: James Charles Potter. Lord Potter.

Adopted mother: Lily Rose Potter

Godfather: Sirius Orion Black. Lord Black.

Godmother: Unnamed.

Harry's mouth went dry as he sank into his chair. His instincts had been correct. He shouldn't have attempted the spell. The knowledge left behind a sick feeling in his stomach. To know that the man who had been trying to kill him, the man who had tried everything to make his life miserable was his father…

He swallowed and looked at the goblin, "Are you certain that this is accurate?"

The goblin nodded, his eyes narrowed. "Yes. There is no doubt. That parchment will never lie. If I had not performed the spell correctly, it would have remained blank."

"Harry?" Hermione enquired softly, disturbed by the ashen look on her friend's face.

Harry swallowed nervously and handed the parchment to her. The moment she glanced at it, she gasped, her eyes wide as she understood the implications. Biting her lower lip, she tossed the parchment at her father and reached forward to hug him. "Oh Harry…" she whispered, combing her fingers soothingly through his hair.

"This is a nightmare." Harry whispered, almost trembling in her arms. "This has to be a nightmare."

Before Hermione could say anything to him, the goblin interrupted them. "I believe that a certain Regulus Black left behind something for a person named Rhyian Riddle." The goblin summoned a key with the snap of his fingers, "Seeing that that it your true name, this vault belongs to you."

"Regulus Black…" Harry whispered with a frown. Black meant he was someone from Sirius's family. As far as he knew, all of them were dark wizards and he knew that there could be a trap in the vault.

However, Regulus Black had used his real name. The name that identified him as the dark lord's son. He took the keys and blankly followed the goblin that led him to the vault. Hermione was by his side while William stayed behind. As a muggle, it was best if he did not venture down into the depths of Gringotts.

Regulus Black's vault was very close to the surface and it only required a key and it contained only three things, a letter, a locket and an old book with the title Horcrux written on it.

"Golbog." Harry interrupted before they could travel deeper into Gringotts. "I would like to return to the surface. I would also like rent one of your private conference rooms. I feel a need to read this… urgently." Hermione frowned at him in concern but Harry shook his head.

Golbog nodded and silently escorted them to the surface before taking them, along with Hermione's father to one of the conference rooms.

"Harry, is something the matter?" Hermione asked as the door closed and all the privacy spells on the room activated.

Harry stayed silent, sitting down and opening the letter. He knew this was important. He somehow knew that the letter was the answer to most of his questions.

"Young Master,

I, the humble servant of your father, Lord Voldemort have stolen you away from him. I have taken you away, away from your rightful place by his side. I may have contributed to the madness that plagues him these days, I may have made the situation worse but I believe that I have no choice.

Master, I beg for your forgiveness but I have concealed your identity and given you away to a family that would most certainly oppose the Dark Lord. I have done so for the sake of our world but more so for the sake of your father.

I intend to cause you no harm. I intend to serve the Dark Lord with every ounce of strength left in my body. However, your father has committed a grave, grave mistake.

Horcrux is evil beyond imagination. It is blasphemy, against magic, against nature. To create a Horcrux is to rip a piece of your own soul and seal it in an object, supposedly to gain immortality. However, to create just one Horcrux has unimaginable consequences but to create six?

Your father has created six and it had made him inhuman and unnatural. The ideals that we had admired him for have disappeared in the darkness of insanity. You may not know but for a long time all known families with the power to influence the government accepted his ideals. These included the Potter, Longbottom and so many other light-inclined families. His power and charm persuaded them to let go of their prejudices, to recognize the truth of magic, to unite all magical beings and creatures.

He tried so much to take the non-violent route. He used the political influence of the Malfoys, the Blacks, the Potters, the Longbottoms to implements his ideals but all in vain. He realized then that the ministry was beyond corrupt and Albus Dumbledore was well past his prime. He realized that the ministry needed to be taken down and reconstructed.

However, his great vision turned into something bloody and violent as the consequences of creating the Horcruxes caught up with him. He became a monster who wishes for dominance and bloodshed. He turned from someone who commanded respect to someone who gloried in fear.

You, his only son and heir, can save him. You can correct the mistake that he made. You can heal his soul, young master. I have taken you away from his influence so that you could be able to help him, so that you are not blinded by loyalty and would be willing to do what is right.

There are many in your father's services who are suffering. They pledged their wands to him when they realized that his vision was strong and good for the society that they were trying to save. His insanity affects not only him but also his followers and their families.

I pray that you have your mother's kind heart. There is an old lore in my family that says that a child that is reminiscent of his father in looks shall inherit his mother's nature. You are his son, from the color of your eyes and the curl of your hair to the paleness of your skin and the aristocratic arch of your brows. However, her heart shines in your gaze and this is why I beg you to assist us, young master.

I will not lie to you; the process is quite painful. It is detailed in the book that accompanies this letter. You are my last hope. His power is beyond what we can challenge. I will not lie that you father will survive. Indeed, there is a chance that he may not. However, there is a chance that he will survive, without the insanity that plagues him.

Please, young master. I beg of you. It is my last wish for I know that I will not survive long. A traitor doesn't survive long.

I regretfully leave the fate of your father and of our world, in your hands.

With warmest regards,

Regulus Black."

Harry combed his fingers through his hair in agitation and leaned back in his chair. "I had not, even in my wildest dreams, imagined that my life could get so much out of control." He whispered, "The son of the Dark Lord…" he laughed mirthlessly, "And both sides expect me to save them."

Hermione was concentrated on read the marked pages on the book. "Harry, we cannot possibly do this on our own." She whispered, "Even if we were able to understand what these runes mean, neither of us is capable enough to execute such complicated magic without some assistance." She placed at book in front of him and pointed out several things, "Since you are Voldemort's son and heir and belong to an ancient magical family, you are connected to him deeply through your blood and magic. Essentially, what this spell does is summons all of Voldemort's Horcruxes from their vessels. It seems that the locket is a Horcrux as well. You will have to use that as an anchor and summon the other pieces through it. It then forces the pieces of your father's soul to pass through you and use that connection to reach Voldemort. Since your intentions are to save your father's soul, the spell will force those pieces into his body." She grimaced, "This is bound to cause him a lot of pain and drain a significant amount of magic from you."

Harry studied the spell described intensely, nothing with dismay that they also required a potion. "You are right. We cannot do this on our own. Whom do we ask for help? This is definitely a dark spell and that leaves out the Weasleys. We need someone who will go neither to Dumbledore nor to Voldemort." He narrowed his eyes, "I don't know whom to trust. Snape briefly crosses my mind but he would rather cut of his own limb than assist us. Moreover, it is very likely that he will go straight to Dumbledore, Hermione."

She nodded, biting her lower lip when suddenly her eyes landed on the inky parchment that contained the proof of Harry lineage. "How about Mr. Malfoy?"

Harry stilled, his eyes narrowed. He read the parchment once again, his mother's name gaining his attention. "Adrianna Malfoy-Riddle." He read, his voice a slight whisper.

Hermione leaned forward, "I remember you telling me that Mr. Malfoy seemed very nervous and hesitant when Voldemort summoned him to the graveyard. Maybe we can convince him to assist us."

Harry grimaced at the thought to dealing with that man but Hermione did have a point.

"There is something that neither of you are considering." Hermione's father interrupted before they could discuss further. The two children looked at him in question and he frowned grimly. "Your professor is bound to check on Harry sometime soon. It is best that we get this matter resolved as quickly as possible." He looked at his watch and saw that it was almost time for lunch. "You have only two days. Your friend Ronald informs us that every three days, a guard comes to check up on you. One came yesterday so you have until tomorrow evening to resolve the matter before you would need to return to the Dursleys."

Harry gritted his teeth is annoyance before sighing. "Hermione, I think I should deal with Malfoy alone." She nodded in understanding when he looked at her pointedly. "I will use one of the Gringotts owls to send him a letter and see if he can meet me now. You should head home."

William frowned, "Are you sure?"

Harry nodded, "Mr. Malfoy is a prejudiced person and it is best not to agitate him when I require his help. I would rather not have you be subjected to his sneering. I will be alright, Mr. Granger."