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Chapter One: Who is Naruto?

A long time ago, before shinobi became the ruling millitary force, before the Six Ways Sage, before even the discovery chakra, in what was Europe, there existed an all girls School of the Arts. Two particular students attended this school.

The first, Sereana, had been alive for longer than the school had been standing. She was... carnivorous. Until just a few short years before she joined the school she dined on the flesh of humans regularly. By the time she reached it however she vowed to be a vegan. She stood nearly seven feet tall, was rail thin, and, to those who actually thought it mattered, was lacking an impressive bust. She wore a green shirt that wast just off her shoulders, and black pants. The shirt had almost no right sleeve and the left sleeve was only two feet from dragging on the ground; an effort to hide her scarred and patched left arm. She had long black hair and matching eyes.

Aside from eating humans, Sereana was also Immortal, could detect auras through scent ( a side of her Carnivorous nature), and could create minions out of stuffing, her own blood, cloth, and intention.

The second was human through and through. Her name was Tevy. She was a modest five foot two, had short blonde hair, blue eyes, and could be described by most as cute as a button. She had been accepted at the art school for her cullinary skills.

When Tevy and Sereana first met it was not love at first sight, as some might guess. It was Tevy's scent that had Sereana taking a special interest in her.

After an incident with one of Sereana's creationss where the tall immortal ended up saving the blonde, Tevy baked cookies for her as a thank you. That was all it took for Sereana, she was in love. The cookies were just that good.

Over the years that the two knew eacother they grew closer together till finally Sereana asked Tevy to be her mate. Tevy gave it all of a milliseconds hesitation before accepting, having grown rather fond of the tall girl, and Sereana performed a ritual that would bind her life to the blonde's so that she would not have to see her lover die and idle in eternity afterwards without her.

When the fourth world wide war stuck, a short thirty years after that, Sereana insisted that the two of them go into hiding until the war had passed. She feared that her nature would compel her to join the war simply to feed on the soldiers foolish enough to cross her. She did not want Tevy to see that side of her.

For forty years the war raged on above the sleeping pair, until a nation, no one knows who but suspicion falls heavily on what the people of those times knew as Canada, launched nuclear weaponry. That created an in for all other nations to do the same.

Mankind dwindled to a few hundred thousand souls, hardly a fraction of their once great six billion. All others were killed in the blasts or mutated horribly due to radiation.

For eight thousand years Tevy and Sereana slept under a spell of Sereana's craftmanship. Above them the people remaining discovered their chakra source, demons noticed the lack of protection on the human world and invaded, though they did not actively seek out confrontations with humans most of the time, and the physical arts once again found their place in the world.

By the time the couple awoke the world was already deeply submerged in the reign of ninja.

Another two hundred years and the greater villages began to form. It was around this time that the two began thinking of offspring. For a mere human it would be impossible for two creatures of the same gender to create young. For the greater demons it was simply a matter of energy and will.

The hard part was that a greater demon could not create young with a human. And while Tevy was now technically immortal through the tying of her life to Sereana's, she was still human.

One hundred years later a solution was found. A delicate process, involving the summoning of the Eight Demons of Hell's Order, solved Tevy's humanity, and the two got to work right away on creating a child.

For an inferior creature this would include rutting like dogs in heat. For greater demons it was as mentioned earlier, a matter of energy and will. It took eight years, but finally Tevy became pregnant through the mixing of their demonic energies.

Sereana took after many human fathers to be, becoming overprotective and paranoid. Her paranoia turned out to be founded when, three days after his birth, ninja baring Leaf headbands came for their blonde haired son.

As it turned out a man by the name of Danzo had ordered the theft of the baby demon. He had heard of the abilities that Sereana, and now Tevy, possessed. He could easily see the advantage of being able to literally build your forces out of nothing. He also underestimated the skill of Sereana.

He had sent two full teams of his Root ANBU, one to collect the infant, the other to distract and dispose of the parents. He failed see how just maybe appearances weren't all that important in makai, and that just maybe the apearance of Tevy and Sereana being teenage girls was because their energy was focused on building their strength, not their image.

So said, Sereana ripped apart the attacking ninja as easily as you would tear a piece of paper. It wasn't until they heard the distant wails of their son that they realized the purpose of the attack.

Have you ever heard of the agressiong of a mother bear? Well add another mother bear to the equation and multiply the force available to them to use by a thousand for each.

The two mothers constructed a monstrocity worthy of Hell's Order. It was enormous, had the signature patchwork of all of Sereana's creations, and, with a core made of Tevy's demonically enhanced curry, was connected to the elements. It had the ability to track the abductors and the power to crush anything or anyone to get in there way.

A days journey on the back of their nine tailed monstrocity took them to the village of the Leaf where they laid siege for three days and three nights without rest. A team of ANBU noticed the pair riding the giant Scare Crow Kitsune and made to attack them. The ninja's who witnessed the failure and ultimate destruction of that team learned that it was far more merciful to be crushed under the claws of the kitsune than it was to confront the angry mothers.

It wasn't until the fourth day that Namikaze Minato discovered the reason for the attack in the Root barracks. He confronted Danzo about it and could only find himself more and more enraged. He now sympathised with their destroyers.

But even so he could not let them destroy his village.

With the infant in his arms, Minato summoned the boss toad and went into the fray.

"Sereana!" Tevy cried from the back of the fox creature and pointed at Minato, Gamabunta, and their son.

Sereana looked where her love had pointed and growled deeply in her throat. She stomped on the creations head and pointed to the toad. It took the cue and began to attack.

"Wait!" Yelled Minato, "Here is your child!" He held the boy above his head for display, "Stop this attack and return to Makai and no harm shall befall him!" He brought the blonde boy back to his chest and pulled a kunai from his pouch to hold to the baby's throat, "Continue and he dies!"

Tevy, the more emotional of the two since even before they met, was hopelessly trying to reach out to her son, to reassure him and quiet his cries of fear. She begged Sereana to get him from his captor at all costs.

Sereana growled menacingly in the back of her throat glared at the current Hokage. She took a few steps forward and tugged on a thread on their creations head. Almost imediately the monster began to fall apart. Once they were on the ground Minato dismissed the toad and approached them.

He held out the babe for them to take. Tevy jumped at the chance to take her child back and cuddle the baby to herself, crying gently in relief.

Sereana stayed where she was, glaring at the blonde man. She did not want to do this, to hand their son back to this man and his village, to take him away from Tevy after just getting him back, but she knew...

"Makai is no place for a child," she growled out to Minato, "Not even for a demon child."

Minato stared right back and slowly nodded, "I'll make a place for him here. I swear to you he will be kept safe. What is his name?"

"Naruto," Tevy answered still smiling down at her precious baby boy through the tears. She understood what Sereana was doing, but didn't have to like it.

"And one more thing," Sereana walked closer to Minato and said, "We still need our just desserts. Are you willing to forfeit your life for the sake of your village?"

Minato glared at her, but nodded again. He supposed had it been his child he would demand reparations as well.

"Very well," he sighed, "I will need a day to make the preparations."

Sereana nodded again in allowance and turned away from him, "We'll meet you back here tomorrow. Come on, Tevy, we have a day for our son."

Minato flashed away.

The next day they met Minato in the same spot as the day before. He had with him the reinstated Third Hokage and a team of ANBU.

Tevy gave Naruto to Sereana who in turn stepped forward to give him to the Third. He was wrapped in an overly large orange shirt, the same style as his taller mother's.

"Take good care of him," she commanded. The Third nodded. She then turned to Minato, "You're brave for a human, I'll give you that. Come, Tevy will have the gate open soon."

As she spoke the shorter, blonde girl was indeed opening the gate to Makai. It appeared as a giant swirling vortex before them. Minato looked back only once and waved goodbye. The three of them stepped through the vortex and it closed seconds afterwards.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Third Hokage, looked from where Minato and their would be destroyers had just disappeared to the baby demon with the whisker birthmarks on his face.

"Well, shit."

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