It was freezing outside GeneCo. A heavy sleet was falling and only the most insane druggies dared to wander outside. Many were at home, huddled in their blankets, desperate for warmth. Not the Largos though.

No, the Largo siblings were nice and toasty in their special heated pool.

Amber lounged in the hot tub, her eyes glazed over in a drugged stupor. Her skimpy bikini revealed the two scars that ran along her neck bone like a faded necklace.

Luigi, clad in boxer-style swim shorts, was attempting to beat a rubber duck to death with a giant foam noodle.

It proved more difficult than anticipated, however. The waves in the pool carried the rubber duck away from the homicidal Italian, sparking his hot temper. Luigi would attempt to lunge at it, but the waves he created pushed to duck out of harm's way. He swam after it, unaware of the problem he was creating. The mad chase had been going on for about an hour.

"Cannonball-a!" a heavily accented voice called.

Pavi made a wet entrance into the pool. The enormous splash soaked the nearby, giggling genterns.

A huge wave from the cannonball knocked the rubber duck out of its Luigi-made orbit. Luigi seized the chance to smash its little plastic brains in, and with a dying wheeze it sank to the bottom of the pool where it joined the many others in a rubber duck graveyard.

"Your fat's fucking useful!" Luigi called.

Pavi surfaced with a flamboyant pose.

"The Pavi is-a never fat! You were always the fat-a one brother!"

"I'm not fat you fucking fag!"

"You only wish-a you were as-a beautiful as-a the Pavi."

"In your fucking dreams fat ass!"

"SHUT UP!" roared Amber. "You're both fat! So fucking shut up you tards!"

Pavi and Luigi were stunned into silence for a moment, but only for a moment. Assuming a hurt air, Pavi flounced back to his room. The door slammed in the genterns' faces, much to their disappointment.

He flailed across the room, throwing himself down on his large pink bed.

"The Pavi is-a never fat…" he muttered huffily.

He flipped over so that he faced the large ceiling. His whole ceiling was a mirror, along with the walls covered in pictures of himself.

He stared dejectedly at it, only pausing for a gleeful moment to stare at his face…or, whoever's face he was wearing today.

The moment didn't last as his gaze travelled down the rest of his body.

He poked his stomach, pouting like a child.

"Maybe I am-a getting a little chubby…" he mumbled.

He blamed Luigi and all that stupid pizza…or at least Luigi said it was pizza. Whatever he had done to make himself less…well, 'beautiful', he was going to undo it!