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Title: No Pain No Gain
Family, Romance, Drama, high school life
Rating: M for later chapters

Losing your father is bad enough, but when your mother suddenly falls sick, you get kicked out of your apartment, your older brother runs of with some girl and your baby brother is just...well a baby....what can a 16 year old do but agree to play a game that will determine whether her mother lives or die?! Add a school filled with snobby high born society nightmares, scandalous relationships, dark secret best kept hidden and a grandmother who is bent on making you an heir of her position as chairman of the school and you will know how it feels like to live Serena Tsukino's (.a Serenity Nightingale) life!

No Pain No Gain

Day 1 - Morning

The silence of the hallway was disturbed by the movements of two pairs of feet as a student followed a teacher to her first class. The teacher in question was rambling on about the history of the school but the girl was lost in her nervousness and fear for her new surroundings. The teacher had dark red hair and light features, the exact reflection of a Japanese high society born woman.

"And here is the cafeteria. Most of the student prefers to eat in the open air though, so they can appreciate the beauty of nature." The woman said. A name tag on her left breast pocket was engraved with the name Miss Haruna Fields. She was a pretty woman with sparkling hazel eyes and the girl decided that she talked too much. As they transverse the entire length of the hall, the girl grew more and more frantic. This wasn't the kind of School or environment she was raised in. she didn't want to be there and she would give everything up if she could escape but she had no choice, there was no gain if there wasn't pain.

"As you can see Ms. Nightingale, this is a rather prestigious school filled with students from excellent backgrounds. There are very few commoners allowed her and they have to be of the highest academic standards before they can pass our entrance exams. We expect the females to act in every way the ladies they've been raised to be and the males to be as gentlemanly as possible. There is a code here that strictly puts the women under the protection of the men. We try to encourage brotherly and sisterly affections among our students unless otherwise notified by their parents that a student is engaged to another and has full right to courtship. Otherwise students are to be without any other relationship. We do not allow the vulgar teachings of having Boyfriends and Girlfriends or even same sex relationships here!..."

"No wonder why you are still single." The girl muttered under her voice.

"Did you say something my dear?" the teacher asked in a sweet sickly tone that was starting to grate on the new student's nerves.

"I was just merely commenting on how different this place is from where I was raised. It feels like a whole different world." The girl answered nervously. She really didn't want to be in that school among those snotty high society bimbos!

"Well of course Serenity. It saddens me to think that one of your status has reduced to the state you have lived in all your life but no worries, we will correct that mistakes. The Chairwoman will have nothing but the best for you..." and so on the red haired woman rambled.

Finally after what felt like eternity to Serenity, they approached a class with an automatic sliding door.

"Stay here for a minute." Miss Haruna said as she entered the classroom. Finally Serena was able to breathe. She looked around at the grand building that should be a palace but instead was a school. It was beautiful, so artistically painted with angels and mythological gods.

"Such a waste of money and resources." She mumbled under her breath. As she waited for the teacher to return she reflected on how amazed she had been when she had entered the compound of the school last evening. It had been around six pm and when the Limo entered a pair of dark iron gates, she had rolled down her window to peer at her surroundings. A forceful gasp had been torn out of her. It was as if she had entered a different world, a world of the fairies. The limo rode down a path well tended and at the sides of the limo were beautiful and evenly cut graces with Cherry bloom trees marking the road. The fields of green expanded on all sides and in patches grew flowers of all colors. The vibrant cherry blossoms winked grandly through the sky as the petals fell in a grace dance. But as she looked ahead, her breath did not even have the strength to get out. Before the limousine stood a big castle like construction painted in white, pinks, creams and purples. There were towers!

"That is the school madam." The driver's voice had finally set her free from her trance state. This was the school she was going to attend?!?! Taking her by surprise the long car did not stop in front of the school, instead it went around it and she saw more amazing sights like the fountains, the mazes, the beds of flowers…so much wonder! The car finally stopped ten minutes walk away from the school.

"Madam, come and let me show you something." The driver was a man with long silver hair and silver eyes. He was not the usual butlers and he dressed stylishly. He was so young and so beautiful that she blushed every time he smiled at her. She remember all those books she read about affairs between butlers and their mistress, she wouldn't mind one with him. She shook her head from such a thought. She was here as payment for her mother's health until she graduates from their college, nothing more. She stepped out of the car and walked up to the driver.

"Look there." He said pointing away. When she followed the direction of his finger, she gasped as she stared in stupefied fascination. There were beautiful mansions just right behind the school!

"What the heck!?" she demanded.

"Those my dear are the dormitories, you will be staying in on of them. The mansions on the left belongs to the females and the one on the right to the men but when you go further down, you will find individual houses, those ones are for individual people whose families want them to live by themselves. Some of those houses are also used in demonstration on how a man and wife can live together and sometimes with children. Past all of that are the woods you see right ahead of you, in the middle of the woods is a castle, though smaller than the school. The students who lived in that one is a mix of both genders, they are the guardians, protectors, student body councils and important students to the. Each dormitory has teachers for chaperones; the castle however has no chaperones. They are expected to behave with the highest most dignity as an example to the students. It is where you will be staying." He explained to her. She looked at him with horror on her face and he took her face gently in his hands.

"Do not worry; I will be here to help you in everything." He assured her warmly and a bit of her fears evaporated.

"This is going to be hell." She moaned.

"That's odd, most people's reactions tend to be hyperactive." He said with a chuckled and she sighed.

"Why is it so quiet?" she asked.

"Every Wednesday around this time, students meet at the chapel for biblical studies. There are three chapels here, one for the females and the other for males but the last one which is the biggest, which is at the end of this street before the woods is used for combined communion. On Saturdays those who are SDA goes there for worship but on Sundays those who are Sunday church goers go to worship then. Right now they are having bible studies, it is required for all students to attend, if not it will mark your grade down."

"This school seems to have everything." She said.

"That is the idea, to fit the whole world in this small place."

"Artemis, can't I just stay in town and come to school?" she begged.

"Chairwoman's orders My Lady."

"Stop that!"

"Stop what?" Artemis blinked.

"The 'My Lady' nonsense. I have a name and it is Serena!"

"As you wish, Serena." Afterwards they had climbed back into the car and drove off towards their destination. Serena watched all the buildings pass her by; it was all neatly and newly looking with beautiful lawns. She wondered the amount of money invested in this institution and shook her head. And all this my family owns?! She was bewildered by the unnatural and fast moving circumstances she found herself in every day. She had been taken to where she would be staying, took a look around the house, called her sick mother and finally went to sleep. By 10 the students returned but she was already asleep. This morning by the time she woke up, they had already left the house and she quickly changed, dressed and once again driven by Artemis to the school. And now she was heading for her first class, the little butterfly flipping around in her was causing her to sweat. She was not like these people, all her life she had learn to accept the little they had but now suddenly she was the heiress of this fairytale world. A Cinderella overnight, the missing princess finally found. She sighed at all of this, she needed time to put her thoughts together but everyday she was faced with new challenges, she had yet to be given the time to put in account when all of this weirdness began.

"Serenity, you may come in now." Miss. Haruna's voice interrupted her rapidly beating heart. She took a deep breath, pressed her sweaty palm down her long loose fitting sweatpants that showed not a single grace of curve. You can do it Serena! She cheered herself on and with a forceful burst of courage; she entered the classroom, her face devoid of emotion.


Hey, did you hear of the new girl who will be living in the Silver dorm?

Yeah, I heard she is a beauty.

I heard that she was cold and uncaring.

That's a lie. They said she is very sweet and has a beautiful smile.

And she is the chair woman's granddaughter!

I think the story of her mother is so romantic.

What's romantic about running off with a man beneath your station and living in poverty?

Well to money is not a factor in love.

Then why do lots of married couples break up because of money?

You guys are missing the point!

The point is that we don't know anything about her, let's meet her first before making any judgment.

I guess you're right.

I heard she is very smart.

No, actually she has very low grades in her commoner's school.

Just cause she is the granddaughter of the chairwoman they put her in the silver dorm

It pisses me off!

Calm down Alexa, but I do know what you mean.

And so from one lips to another they discussed what kind of princess or ogre the new girl is. But sitting at the back roll, the two guardians and three protectors said not a word. They had never personally met the new girl and would not be like the rest of the population circulating with rumors. One particular man however seemed lost in his studious to care or pay attentions to the gossip that was going around.

"Yo Dare, aren't you even a tiny bit curious at the girl!?" A curly blond haired green eyed man tapped on the remote man's shoulder.


"Because she is the chairman's daughter!"

"So?" he didn't see the point why everyone was making a fuss over a blond haired bimbo. He knew all there was to know about her and last night as she had slept he had checked in on her. She was no different from the rest of the female populations.

"Aww Dare, you are so not fun!"

"Jayden, if by fun you mean chasing after every leg in skirt with boobs too big to be real, then I would be you." he answered.

"You might want to leave Darien alone. Nothing ever peaks his interest." A rich sultry voice belonging to a long red haired female said.

"Got that right. I mean with your drool worthy figure he still hasn't made a pass at you Beryl, what will it take to crumble that calm, composed mask of his?!" Jayden said in irritation. He and Darien had been friends for as long as he could remember, when they were young Darien had been different, he had been fun! But now he no longer recognized this mute man beside him anymore.

"When he falls in love, he will return back to being human." A sandy blond haired man said.

"Andrew, that's impossible. Darien has no heart."

"Don't say that. For all you know this new girl could be the one to change him forever." Andrew said again.

"We've been saying that for years and every year he just gets colder and more distance. It's too late for him. He will never taste the sweet flavor of love."

"Never say never." Another girl with waist hair blond hair and light blue eyes said as she filed her nails.

"Enough chit chat!" their professor's voice silenced all talks, drawing their attention to him. Standing beside him was the school secretary Miss, Haruna. The hot female teacher they all wanted so much. The man with the name Darien seemed to stare at her with an intensity that was unnerving though no one saw it.

"Miss Haruna will introduce the new girl." the professor said and all their attention was drawn to her. She looked up and smiled.

"As you know, Serenity is not used to such environment as she has not exactly led the kind of life we were fortunate to lead. So please lend her your help and guide her to her classes. There is not much I can say about her as she is new to me but let's make her have a good time here." She said and walked toward there door. Her head disappeared for a second and remerged. Right behind her entered a girl that was without a doubt the most shocking sight any of them had ever seen. She was dressed in huge sweatpants, a big t-shirt and some old looking shoes. Her hair was crowded around her head in ringlets that looked like an afro and she looked so…small yet chubby at the same time. The students hadn't known what they were expecting but it was definitely not this. Even the professor seemed slightly thrown back.


Serena knew she had shocked them and that brought the tiniest hint of humor in her eyes before it was concealed again. She stood at the other side of the teacher's desk.

"Um…Serenity why don't you introduce yourself?" the professor said and she nodded and looked up, making no eye contact with anyone.

"Please call me Serena. Pleasure to meet you all." she said softly. They blinked. How could such a musical voice belong to someone so…baggy?!

"Nice to meet you too Serena, I am professor Joel Knowles. If there is anything I can do for you please let me know." The professor introduced himself and Serena gave a small bow in acknowledgment.

"Does anyone have a question for Serena? Please keep it brief." For a minute no one said anything but then a hesitant hand went up.

"Yes Amy?" The professor gave permission. Serena noticed with interest the reaction of the students when the blue black haired girl raised her. She had on some thick framed glasses, her hair was combed but lacked the shine and the part of her face that was not blocked by her glasses looked pale as in ashes.

"I am aware that you lived somewhere in the US, which part exactly?" she asked.

"Desplains, Chicago." Serena answered simply.

"Thank you." Amy said and sat down. Her one question opened a flood of other questions that did not matter, at least as far as Serena was concern, yet they wanted to know. Such as what her favorite color was (Silver) her favorite gem stone (diamond) her date of birth (June 30th) her age (16) if she had a boyfriend (no) if she had ever (never been interested) why she had chosen to come there (lie: wanted to know what kind of life her mother had led before).

"Enough! If you have anymore questions ask her after class." Professor Knowles said and they stopped with the flood of questions. "Serena, sit wherever you want."

She looked up around the room, trying to find a place isolated from everybody. At the very back where a rather food looking man or boy (she wasn't sure which term was most appropriate for him) sat with eyes boring through Miss Haruna, was an empty seat so close to the window. She began walking toward it. As she got close and no one said a word, she placed her backpack beside it and sat down. She sighed and looked up, all eyes were on her. Then their eyes shifted to the side and she looked a hostile pair of dark ocean eyes glared angrily at her. She raised her brow. What was his problem? She turned her head and took out some books out of her backpack and placed it on her desk unconcern.

Beside the glaring Darien, Jayden and Andrew grinned; this was going to be an interesting school year!


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