No Pain No Gain

It had been a nerve wracking journey for Serena. She wondered if it was a good idea for her to have taken off to Seiya at a time like that in his life. And worse, she had left Darien….she blocked her mind from thinking about it. Seiya needed her now more than ever. Anything else could wait. She hadn't really told anyone where she was going, she had just rushed back to the school, packed up a few things and left.

"I will call them once I get there." She thought as she sat in the plane and watched the clouds through the window.

What am I doing? What could I possibly offer to Seiya?

She had left immediately claiming Seiya needed her but was that really the case? Or did she hope for something more? She sighed, when she gets there, she would know her true feelings.

The plane arrived about noon, it was then Serena realized that she had no idea where Seiya lived. Was he at his parent's house? At the palace of had he gotten his own place?

"Stupid!" she called herself, realizing that she might be lost. At the airport, she went to the register for instructions.

"Hello mam, how can I help you?" a worker at the counter asked her.

"Um…yeah, I'm here to see a friend. But unfortunately I didn't get his address and his phone is turn off. Is there a way for you to look up the person for me?" she asked, trying not to reveal that the person she was looking for was Seiya.

"Sure mam, just a second." The lady returned into her office and came back a moment later with an address book.

"Here you go."

"Thank you." it took nearly 30 minutes for Serena to realize that Seiya's parents address wasn't in the address book nor was there any address labeled under Seiya Starlight. And worse, the palace was in a totally different country. She went back to the register.

"Was it helpful mam?" the kind lady asked.

"I'm afraid not. I think the address is rather private." She replied.

"Then I'm sorry."

"Is there no other way to get the address?"

"It is rather illegal any other way. If they wanted people to know the address, they would have placed it in the address book." The lady answered, starting to grow suspicious. Serena sighed.

"Well anyway, thank you."

She took a taxi to the heart of the city, hoping to find a helpful guide. Luckily for her, the taxi topped in front of a Library. Thanking all her lucky stars, she quickly rushed into the library with her luggage making noises and people giving her nasty looks which she pretended not to see. There was an empty computer near the window which she gratefully sat before, using Google or any search engine to find Seiya's address. She found list of addresses of hotels that belonged to Seiya's family. She took a taxi through out all the ten hotels, asking for the address to Seiya's house. They all threw her out. By the time she gave up, it was late at night and she didn't have enough money for hotel.

"You'd be home, in your room safe and sound if you hadn't run away from your peaceful date with Darien." She chided herself. Looking around, the darkened alleyways suddenly became very frightful to her. She jumped at the slightest sound. As she walked, she heard several footsteps behind her. Scared out of her mind, she began to walk faster on the coble street, trying to not seem as if she was running away. But the foot steps grew closer and louder.

Ahead, she saw lights in building and lively music. Taking in a deep breath, she began sprinting, the footsteps picking up speed as well. Holding on tightly to the only possessions she had in this foreign land, she picked up speed, using every ounce of energy she had in her to push her legs forward and faster until she entered the building, breathing in and out. All attention turned on her. She moved away from the doorway and sagged to the floor.

A heavy set woman with a cloth tied around her waist approached her.

"Something amiss my lass?" she had a thick European accent and a voice that spoken with authority would hold a great deal of power. But her question came out with a voice flowing with sugar and honey. Serena looked up into the ladies eyes, her own big, bright and scared.

"I…I think I'm lost mam." She said.

"Ah, you're not of this soil. Come with me lass." She stretched her hand out to Serena and Serena took the offered hand. The door to the little restaurant opened and four guys dressed in suit walked in. one of them glanced at Serena with a wicked smiled out of yellow teeth. Serena knew it was these men that had chased her. She felt a shiver pass through her like cold fingers.

"Come my dear, before the chills worsen." The lady said, misunderstanding Serena's shiver. She led Serena to the back of the restaurant and up several circular stairs. They entered a dark hall way with one lamp burning at the foot of the stairs. Grabbing it, the lady steered her down the hallway until they reached the e dog it, took another turn before coming to a stop.

"Hold this lassie." The land gave the lamp to Serena and went on her knees. She removed a carpet and under it Serena saw a trap door. The lady inserted a key in it and opened the door.

"This is where ye be staying Lass. Them men are not to be trifled with and Maria know they'll try to find ye. Ye'll be safe here." The woman said, descending down the stairs. She stretched her hand up and took Serena's luggage before motioning for Serena to follow. Serena realized it was the storage room and she wondered if she was going to sleep with all the pots and pans.

"Come lass." She reverted her attention back to the lady and followed her deeper into the storage room. Then they came to three doors. The Lady opened the left door and Serena followed her inside. It was a quaint little room, with a mirror and a closet to the side. There was a small bed nestling at the corner of the wall and a table and a chair. Fresh flowers sat on the table. It felt very warm, as if it was or had recently been in use.

"This ma lassie room. Gone visiting her uncle she has." Serena turned to the lady and bowed her head gratefully.

"Thank you very much Mam."

"Oh toǚch. Call me Maria. What be your name Lass?"


"Pretty name for a pretty lass I say. Now ye stay here, I'll bring ye something warm to gab on and then ye shall bathe."

"Thank you." Maria left and Serena sighed, she had never in her life been as grateful as she was then. She walked to the window and opened it a notch. It opened into an alley she could imagine was a walkway for people in the afternoon. She closed it right away and sat on the bed.

She knew it was impossible to call anyone since she didn't have a calling card, she hoped Darien would inform the others where she was.

In a few minutes, the innkeeper brought Serena warm soup and breadsticks which Serena enjoyed immensely as she realized how famished she was. She was even embarrassed with herself for how fast she chowd down the food. She blushed madly when Maria chuckled, haven forgotten that the nice lady was still in the room.

"I'm sorry, I'm just really hungry." She said sheepishly.

"No worries ma pretty, I can see ye have had a touch day." Serena sighed in agreement with the innkeeper.

"Yes, I've been trying to locate a friend of mine since noon."

"Where ye coming from lass?"

"Silver Crescent Private Academy."

"Ah, that xplains a lot. If ye don't mind, can ye tell me who ye seek?"

Serena looked at the lady for a minute, considering if it was a good idea. But the heaviness of her kindness to her who had nothing to payback spoke for itself.

"I seek Seiya Light. By any chance do you know where he lives?" she asked, but Maria went pale.

"Maria?" Serena asked worriedly. The lady shook her head as if to rid her mind of something, then her normal expression of ease slipped back on.

"Lass listen well to me. Ye are better of having nothing to do with the lad and his family. A dangerous lot they are." Maria warned and Serena sighed.

"I know but Seiya needs me right now." Maria looked at her hard for a long time before sighing herself.

"If ye must, ma son shall take ye to him come morning. For now, ye shall bathe and rest."

"Thank you."

Serena followed Maria to the bath and took a really quick shower before returning to the room. It was then she realized something, Maria had said she was pretty even though she was dressed in the same way she had in the school that had turned people off. Serena shook off the thought. She sat on the bed but it wasn't long before fell into deep sleep. Maria came to the room and stared down at her, thoughts running through her head. She smiled down at the girl who didn't even know that she was her godmother. Serena had rushed into her inn by accident but seemed fate had wanted them to meet. Maria had been the nursemaid who had helped Serena's mother give birth to Troy and to Serena herself. But soon after that she moved away but she had always kept in contact with the Tsukino family until the father died and the family moved away to a place she had no way of contacting them. It was recently that Serena's mother called her and caught her up on what had happened and why communication had been cut off and she had seen a recent picture of Serena. She was amazed at the circumstances that had brought the two of them together. Before she had brought food in for her, she had called Serena's mother who had been relieved to here the good news that her daughter was safe with her Godmother. Yet she had told Maria nothing about why Serena was there or that she had any connections to the Light family at all. It was strange how fate work, to land someone unexpectedly in the right place at the right time.

But Maria was disturbed by Serena and Seiya's circumstances. Seiya wasn't a bad person that she knew for she had met the young star in person on several occasions. But his family was dangerous and especially in these times of crises, they would most likely keep a tight eye on any female who approaches Seiya. If Serena were to show up at the family house, she would be delivering herself into the lions den.

Maria sighed and patted Serena's head.

"Night luv." She left the room.


Morning arrived all too soon and with the sun on her face, Serena had no choice but to wake. She opened her eyes to the dawn of day and sat up. She rubbed her eyes and got up on her feet, putting a robe around herself. She grabbed her bathing supplies. Walking to the door, she hoped she would be able to find her way back through the twist and turns they had taken to get to the room she was staying at. But instead of going up the stairs and up through that little door that might be locked, she used the back door in the storage room to the bathroom and took another quick shower before returning ot her room to redress, then taking the same route, she went around the building and entered the inn through the front door.

"Ay Lass, finally ye wake. Come fill ye belly." Serena was surprised that business was in such full swing so early in the morning. She smelled freshly baked breads and pastries, mouth watering soups and saw many delicious looking food. Many people gave her a raised brow and school girls chuckled at her messy attire but that was nothing new to her. She sat where Miria told her to sit and food was immediately placed in front of her.

"How ye my pretty?"

"I'm well thanks." Serena replied, she really liked Maria, the older woman was far too kind, the kindest person she had ever met.

"Joshua!" Maria called someone.

"Yes mama?" a boy of Serena's age with red hair and amazing amber eyes walked to them. Serena was star struck! He was so cute she couldn't believe it! Serena noticed how all the girls suddenly had this dreamy looks on their faces so she shook her head, it was best not to be seen as one of them.

"Joshua, meet Serena. Lass, meet ma son Joshua."

"Please to meet you Joshua." Serena said with a smile as she extended her hand.

"Josh please. The pleasure is all mine." He said and took her hand and kissed the back of it. The actions surprised Serena that she blinked a couple of times.

"Joshua, finish what ye must and accompany Serena to the plaza." Maria said.

"Yes Ma. Miss Serena, I'll be right back."

"Take your time and its just Serena."

"Serena then." He said with a smiled, turned and walked away. Serena turned her gaze back to Maria, smirking inwardly as she received glares from the females.


"Ye wish to meet Seiya no? He will be appearing at plaza today, ye have only that chance to get to him." Serena's eyes sparkled with tears. She threw her hand around Maria.

"Oh thank you so much Maria." She cried and laughed.

"Now now, calm down. Now finish ye food, every speck of it."

"I will!" Serena said jollily and ate with a big grin plastered on her face. After she finished eating, her plates were cleared and she sat waiting for josh. She asked Maria if there was something she could to help with but Maria wouldn't let her. a few minutes later, a nicely dressed Josh appeared before her.

"Shall we?" he asked.

"Yes please but let me say bye to Maria."

"I'm here lass. Come see old Maria before ye leave for home okay? And ye is welcome to come back and stay here if ye wants." Maria said.

"Thank you." Serena hugged the woman.

"God be with ye dear, God be with ye."

"And he with you as well." Serena was sad to part ways with the older woman and made a mental note to repay her one day. They arrived at the heart of the city and Serena was amazed at all the sightings, the reminiscing of old, the history etched in every building.

"Wow, this place is beautiful!" she said with awed eyes.

"Isn't it?" Josh said, watching her with amused eyes.

"I would love to live in the city."

"We have more tourists here than any other place in the world, frankly it's annoying." Serena laughed.

"Well Seiya will be at the plaza around four in the evening so how about we spend the day sight seeing?" Joshua offered.

"Yes please!" and as was said, they went around seeing all the history, going to the museum, the aquarium and through water parks. Serena had an amazing time, laughter ripping out of her like an uncontrollable typhoon. Josh had been extremely funny and insightful, filled with opinions and had a talent in imitating voices. Serena was fascinated with his openness and his easy going attitude. Joshua on the other hand wasn't just fascinated with Serena; he was crushing on her big time. When his mother had told him about her godchild who had come to seek Seiya, he had been expecting one of those silly, celebrity chasing girls. But as soon as he saw her dressing, that idea had eft his mind. If she was chasing a star for the cause of idolizing, she would have dressed better than that wouldn't she? And to meet him at the plaza where everyone would be looking dressing like that? Through out the day Serena had been funny, laughed a lot, she was open minded and sweet yet he sense she had a strength in her that was abnormal. He laughed at his jokes without reservation, didn't bat her lashes at hi m or make any sign that she was interested in him in the least. She was different, she didn't faint trying to get his attention, she wasn't rude and she spoke from her heart. Where had her kind of girls hidden themselves? Especially hearing she was from Silver Crescent Academy, he had expected a snob but she had turned out to be the complete opposite! Had all eh heard about the school been just unfounded rumors? Personally, he wished he could go to the school to experience what being at the famous school was like.

"You want to come to our school?" she asked when he mentioned it.

"Yes, I heard the people are snobs but that school has the best facilities and system in the world! It gives you the opportunity to try your hands on many jobs without loosing time and knowing for a fact what you want to be." He said. Serena thought about it.

"I suppose you are right. Maybe if I ask grandma she can get you in on a scholarship or something."

"Grandma?" Joshua asked.

"Yes, chairwoman of the school." Serena said, not paying attention as she thought of senerios to present the idea to her grandmother.

"What!?" Josh yelled. Serena was startled and she quickly turned her head to him in alarm.

"What?" She asked, looking around for whatever trouble they might have landed in.

"Your grandmother is the owner of the school?!"

"Yeah?" she was confused.

"Oh my. To think the granddaughter of the owner of my dream school would be sitting here by my side."

"But will your mother be happy if you leave home?"

"Ma really wants me to go to school. I dropped out after ninth grade because ma was sick then and I was needed to help take care of the inn." Those were feelings Serena understood well.

"Mmm…I will get you into the school, I promise." Serena said and he hugged her spontaneously that Serena was taken aback.

"Thank you." he whispered gratefully.

They arrived at the plaza a little after four and found it pack with people. Cameras were going off everywhere and fan girls screams of excitement ripped though the air. Serena cursed their stupid loud lungs to the pits of hell as her ears rung. There was no way they could get to the center where Seiya apparently was.

"How do we get in through this mass?" Serena asked, seeing the impossible feat before them.

"Leave that to me." Josh winked at her and Serena raised her brow. Taking a hold of her hand he dragged her along and tapped the girls nearest to him. The girl turned around with a sour look which was immediately replaced with admiration.

"Please beautiful, will you let us in?" Josh said, turning on the charms to hundred degrees with his killer sweet smile. The girl nodded her head with hearts in her eyes. Serena gagged, realizing how unfaithful these fans were. They flocked to anyone who looked good. If she entered the world of modeling, these are the kind of people she would have going nuts over her but as soon as someone else came along, she would loose her supports. The entertainment world was this kind of world, where you constantly have to be new, do different things if you wanted a longer lasting career. Was all that worth it?

Josh continued to bash his lashes through the girls, avoiding routes with guys but Serena got separated from him in the middle. Stuck in between the mobs unable to move, Serena was at a loss for what to do.

"Thank you everyone for coming out here to support me. I hope to see all of your again, but for now I bid you farewell." There was a loud groaning of disapproval from the fans and Serena noticed that if she didn't get to him then, she would loose her chance. Not caring who got hurt, she bushed her way through the crowd, throwing people away from her and swinging on heads and shoulders. One of the people she was holding on to suddenly moved and she plummeted to the floor right in front of seiya. Everything went quiet.

"Are you alright?" Seiya's gentle voice reached her ears and she was so embarrassed at her landed that she did not take his offered hand. She stood up, still looking down and dusted her self.

"Fine way to treat people important to you."

"Pardon?" Serena looked up and he gasped, his eyes growing wide.

"You could have at least called me and explain the circumstances instead of cutting all communication! Do you know how worried I was!? Only later to find that you ditched me to get married and now you're on the course of a divorce!? Just what the hell is going on?" she yelled. She hadn't meant to but all the frustration she had felt suddenly burst forward and she forgot she was in public. Seiya seemed to recover from his shock.

"Who are you?" he asked.

"Excuse me?" Serena was surprised.

"Have we met before?" Now Serena was ticked off. She knew he remembered her, but why he was acting as if she was a stranger she didn't know and was sick of it.

"Just what the hell do you mean have we met before!? It's me Serena! The girl you ditched without so much as goodbye!" she snapped.

"I'm sorry, but I don't know what you are talking about." Was this for real? He would deny her in front of all these people? Unwanted tears mounted in Serena's as as she fisted her hand, trying to control her hurt and rage.

"Seiya please." she whimpered. She looked at herself then, realizing just how bad she looked. Why wouldn't he deny a girl who looked like a beggar? Especially when it could tarnish his reputation. Now she regretted her stubbornness in refusing to dress as a decent girl. She had come with conceited thoughts that he needed her, but he had never needed her. It was her who needed him, needed to know he had loved her and that it had not just all been a dream. She was the one who couldn't let go of him. What a fool she had been. Darien had given her his heart, something so pure and honest and she had trampled over his feelings to come chase after a celebrity who was too embarrass with how she dressed. Darien hadn't minded, he had fallen in love with her as she was but he had put his feelings aside because of pride, because she was vain and didn't want to believe anyone could turn her down, celebrity or not. What good was seeing Seiya going to do? Would it change the pass? Would he come running back to her? Could she live with a man who so easily abandoned her even if he had done so to protect her? Seiya and Darien, whom had her heart beat? Were her feelings for Seiya real or just feelings of admiration for a man who had saved her family? Standing before him right now, she realized that Seiya was someone she didn't know personally. She had showed him who she was but thinking back, he had barely open up about himself to her. He had never once told her he loved her. He had always said she was beautiful and destined for grate things and he wanted someone like her to be by his side. Had Seiya ever truly loved her?

"Sir is anything wrong?" Several bodyguards came forward, ready to drag Serena away. The fans began to shoo her away and Seiya stood there doing nothing. What had she come there for? What had she been hoping for? How self centered she had been to think a celebrity with the world at his beck and call could need someone as pathetic as her? For the first time, she realized how stupid and egotistical she really was. She walked over people as if she was better than them, scoffing at the girls in the school for being ditsy, but they were honest. She couldn't be honest with herself let alone anyone. She had no right to look down on them, the fans who switched their attention to the newest sensation; it was them who had every right to look down on her. She was the bad person and she realized that now, now when it was all too late.

"Please mam, if you don't walk away I will have my bodyguards throw you away." Seiya said and Serena looked down, defeated.

"Good riddance."

"Some people these days."

"Anything to get a celebrity."

"What a fool." And so on the fans talked.

She grew angry with their words. She hadn't wanted to be with seiya because of his fame!

Yes you did! Her mind contradicted her.


How long will you keep lying to yourself? You wanted his attention so that you could use it to you advantage and become a model. You never really loved him.

That's a lie!

But you love Darien, but because you think loving Darien means giving up on your dream you foolishly held on to Seiya. Because Darien couldn't give you the boost and sudden popularity Seiya could give, you threw him away. You discard people as if they are trash when they aren't able to fit in your perfect future

That's not true!

You're pathetic! Grow up! Father will cry if he had been alive to see the person you've turned out to be.

That's not true! I loved Seiya!

Maybe but can you say with certainty you loved him anywhere close to how you love Darien? Can you honestly say you didn't purposely ignore Darien because he couldn't provide you with the fame you want? You dress the way you do to get attention because everyone can dress pretty but no one purposely tries to look hipless. You love attention so much that you are willing to use anyone to get to the center of attention. Darien deserves better than you! So does Seiya!

She could no longer argue against her conscience, it was the truth. The dark secrets she had tried to bury. She was vain and selfish, stupid and hopless but she was not a liar. She looked up at seiya with fire in her eyes.

"I am vain, selfish, stupid and hopeless but I am not a liar! I was your girlfriend, you asked me to be by your side forever! Have you forgotten all that because your fans are here?!"

"Mam I'm going to ask you to leave."

"Answer me seiya!"

Two of the body guards grabbed her on both hand and begun dragging her away. She twisted and turned and kicked one of the guards in the balls. He let go of her and her thrashing became wilder. Giving her the moment to free her self from the grip of the other bodyguard. Without pausing, she ran to seiya, locked here hands around his neck and kissed him with a fury and a passion unlike any other. The fans were outraged and they began throwing threatening words at Serena but she didn't care. This might be her last moment with him and she wanted the best of it. She was selfish and she would take to the very end of it.

Finally she pulled back, catching her breath.

"If being easily forgotten all I meant to you, then I'm glad things ended between us. Good luck, the next you will see me will be on the big screen." Serena said and began walking away.

The fiery look in her eyes dared any of the fans to lay a hand on her but instead, a way was parted in between them and they watch has she walked on. Some were impressed, others upset, others jealous and the rest just plain in shock.

From behind, Serena was grabbed and pressed against and hard chest. Seiya's mouth was on hers in seconds. His lips pressed sternly on hers as his tongue intruded in her mouth as if he was a man dying of thirst and she was the water of life. They prolonged their time to take in air until it became unbearable. He removed his lips off of hers and put his chin on her head as they both breathed heavily. Jaws of fans went slack, people watching the display life forgot everything they were doing and stood stuck in shock.

"Serena." He breathed. "I'm so sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. I just wanted to protect you!"

"Stupid, I know."


Sitting in Seiya's living room in his private condo, Serena flipped through the channels but it seems every channel was more interested in retelling that moronic scene she had cause at the plaza. After the kiss, Serena had gotten Josh's number and promised to call him and inside Seiya's car she went and drove to his condo with him. Reporters were gathered in front of the building, waiting for Seiya or Serena to walk out and give more details of their display earlier. Serena was extremely embarrassed. She turned off the TV and went to peak outside at the window. The mass that had packed there scared her.

"It's alright. The will go away eventually." Seiya said entering the living room .Serena looked up at him and raised a brow.

"Are you still mad at me?"

"Hmph!" Seiya sighed, he'd been apologizing every since they got into the car but she would not forgive him. He was at a lost of what to do. He sat down on the couch and just stared at Serena whose back was to him. He was amazed at her courage, not only had she dared to at a time like this, she had boldly declared herself as Seiya's ex-girl dressed like that! Wasn't she aiming to be a model? If she had come dressed beautifully, it would have been the start of her career! She walked away from the window and back to the couch. Silence fell, neither of them not knowing what to say.

"This place is beautiful." And it was, richly furnished with lots of space.

"Oh yeah, thank you."

"Where is Fiore?"

"Probably at my parents' house right now." Sieya said, picking up a magazine and flipping through.

The silence returned but only lasted a little while. Serena wanted answers.

"Mind telling me everything now?" She asked and Seiya sighed. He really didn't want to talk about it but this was Serena and she deserved to know what happened.

"Where should I start? Even when we were dating, my parents arranged a marriage between me and the princess and of course I refused it. The rest is what's on the news. I was tricked into thinking she was carrying my child and wanting to do the right thing I married her. I couldn't call you mostly because I didn't want people to trace the call so I changed my number so you wouldn't be able to call me. But the truth was that I was frightened of your anger. How could I tell you I impregnated another girl even though I was with you? In the end I figured you will see the news and understand."

"How could I understand!?"

"I'm sorry." Serena, sighed, it wasn't even worth it getting angry over something that could not be undo.

"So what now?" she asked.

"Well the divorce will finally be finalized on Wednesday and I will be a free man again!" Serena looked at him long and hard.

"Are you sure this is what you want?" she asked softly.


"Are you sure divorce is the only option you have? Are you divorcing her because she tricked you or are you divorcing her because you don't love her and was only with her because of the child which you thought was yours?" she asked slowly, hoping to sink the words in his head.

"he later I should think." He answered.

"Then think hard Seiya for whatever damage you do now cannot be repaired." Serena up and left for the room Seiya had given to her. Seiya had sent people to pick up her clothing from the inn. In the Jacuzzi, she relaxed her back and thought. When Seiya had said he was a free man again, a flash of pain had crossed his features, it was more than enough for Serena to realize that the guy had fallen in love with his soon to be ex – wife. But Serena was concern about another issue. Why wasn't she all for the divorce? Wouldn't Seiya come back to her? She sighed. A women's heart is very frivolous! She decided.

That evening as she prepared to sleep, Seiya entered her bedroom. Serena watched him as he came and sat at the foot of the bed.

"Hey Serena?"


"Will you forgive me?" she smiled at him.

"Of course. Come, sleep." She said, patting the side of her bed. He removed his sandals and went to the other side of the bed and together they slept peacefully that night. (And I mean they just slept :P)


The days following were more hectic than Serena wanted it to be. The next day, the plan was put in use. Serena dressed in normal clothes which shocked the nation when it was discovered that this was the same girl that had come up to Seiya and kissed him. They talked to the media about their relationship before, setting it straight that they were just friends now.

Seiya was happy to be able to talk to Serena again, he took her to shopping, fancy restaurants and evening dates where they danced and caught up on old times.

On Tuesday, they took his private jet to the palace, there was one more thing that Seiya needed to do. Thanks to Serena, he had realized what was most important to him. At the palace, they were received with open arms and when they asked where the princess was, they learned that the princess had still not come out of her room.

"Go to her!" Serena ordered and without a single protest, Seiya was led to the princess's room.

Serena waited for near an hour. She was nervous, what was happening? Were they talking things out? Were they getting back together? Seiya finally came back out and he hugged Serena and she knew everything was alright. The nest day would be the most difficult, heartbreaking and yet hopeful day for all of them. It would be the ending of the old and the beginning of the new.


Princess Kakyuu sat in court crying. She had come to court because Seiya had said he would be with her. She had thought he was going to drop the divorce but at the court, despite reasoning are arguing, Seiya still wanted the divorce. She looked over at Serena whose face was impassive. The minute her eyes focused on Serena, Prince Kakyuu became afraid. She had heard about Serena from Seiya but she hadn't expected her to be so beautiful. With her there now, why would he still want to be with her? Seiya had made a mockery off of her, a mockery she rightly deserved for her stupidity.

"Mr. Seiya Light, for the last time, do you want the divorce with Princess Kakyuu?" the honorable judge asked.

"And for the last time I say I do." How ironic, that the same words, I do which bounded people together could still tear people apart.

"Very well, as of this moment, I judge Harthorn recognize the divorce of Mr. Seiya Light and Princess Kakyuu light!' he slammed his gravel. They were finally divorced. The room seemed to have just died out, everyone went quiet. Serena got up and walked to the princess. Unexpectedly, she slapped the princess. Everyone was too shocked to move or react, even Seiya.

"Thanks to you, I lost someone most dear to me." Serena said sternly and the princess lowered her head in shame.

"But…" Serena paused and Kakyuu lifted her head, everyone following her actions. "But because of you, I found someone even more dearly to me, someone more important than my life itself. I will not say I wasn't hurt all this while and that your actions are not of shame but I recognize you were not the only one at fault. Never again must you do this to anyone. If I ever hear that you have hurt him in anyway of form, I will personally remove your existence." There was a loud gasp in the audience.

"You can never love anyone more than you love Seiya, I never ever want to hear the word divorce in your life again and I want you to treat him with the same respect if not higher the respect you give to your father. Because I know, you will never live again if Seiya was to leave you." She said and stepped aside. Seiya took the place Serena was standing but he went o his knees and gathered the princess's hands in his own.

"I wanted the divorce because that marriage was a sham. Now I want to ask you a very important question. The man you loved only married you for the child he thought that was his. He did not love you and so divorced you. Now this man on his knees is a man who loves you, who wants to be with you not out of obligation but pure love. Kakyuu, will you marry me?"

The Princess's eyes grew three times it normal size, shock and surprise ripped through the cloud. Tears stuck in the princess throat that for a minute she said nothing.

Then finally she chocked out, "Yes." Seiya smiled and took the princess into his arms. The king and queen breathed in deeply, tears falling down the queen's face. Serena looked at the lovers and smiled, she felt a bit sad but she knew she had made the right decision.

Serena was with them when the news was shared on TV, many people shook their heads but Seiya became even more popular with the ladies than any other celebrity. He had recognized that we all make mistakes, even costly ones. But that was what made us humans, when we forgive is what makes us children of the mighty God. (Sorry for anyone who doesn't believe in God.)

Serena stayed a month because the wedding was scheduled for a month's time. The second wedding was even more splendid than the first and Serena was the maid of honor. They took many memorable pictures and Serena never forgot to visit Maria and Josh on weekends while she was there. She had called her friends and explained what had happened and she had called her grandmother to ask for a favor, to grant Josh a scholarship to the school. Haven learned that Maria had taken excellent care of Serena when she was lost, the favor was easily granted. Josh would go to the school at the beginning of the new term. He was so happy that he picked up Serena and swung her around. Because of Seiya and Serena's frequent visit to the inn, the inn had more customers than ever before. Seiya even sung there on three occasions, boosting the income of the inn. Maria had never been so happy.

Finally it was time for Serena to return.

In the airport, Serena stood with Seiya, Kakyuu, Josh and Maria.

"Come again lass." Maria had finally gotten around to telling Serena she was her godmother.

"Yes, please do come again. Our home will always be open to you." Kakyuu said, haven come to adore and admire Serena.

"No don't come back you trouble causer!" Seiya said and Serena pouted, earning a laugh from everyone.

"Josh…" Serena begun.

"I will see you in two months. Don't miss me that much." He responded enthusiastically.


"This is your last warning those boarding plane number 9, I repeat the door is about to shut in 3 minutes."

"Opps, sorry guys but I gotta go." Maria hugged her tightly.

"I will miss you lass."

"Me too ma, me too." Next she hugged Kakyuu and Josh. Then she turned hre attention to Seiya.

"You take care of her now."

"Wouldn't dream otherwise."

"And take care of yourself."

"I will. Oh and Serena, whenever you are ready to begin your modeling work, just let me know and I will help anyway I can." Serena smiled.

"Thank you but I no longer want to be a model."

"What?!" they all screamed.

"Having come here, I've realized something. I like to look beautiful but more than anything, I love making others beautiful. I will become a beautician."

"Well then, if you want to work as beautician for celebrities, just let me know." Seiya said.

"I already have a model in mind. She is blond and fun and has never modeled before but it is her dream and from scratch I will help her stand on top." Serena smiled.

"Good luck Serena."

"Thank you."

The two hugged and Serena left. Finally, the past put to rest.


Serena sat nervously in the living room of his apartment. Things had suddenly taken an unexpected and unwanted turn. She was a nervous wreck and she knew she deserved his scorn but it was what she didn't want.

Darien walked in with a cup of juice for her and sat down on the sofa furthest from her. the action reminded her of how rude and cruel she had been to him but she wanted the Darien that sat close to her, the Darien that laughed with and at her. This Darien, so cold and unresponsive was the same Darien she had met on her first time in the school. She had thought that Darien would never resurface again, and that he would always be warm and nice to her. What a big mistake. What had she expected, to return back to the school to find him waiting for her with open arms? No, what she had gotten was much much worse.

She had lost him completely.


"Hey guys, where is Darien?" Serena asked. She had arrived home almost an hour ago and had seen everyone except Darien. They all sobered at her question and she wondered what had happened.

"Seriously guys, what's going on? Where is he?" no one knew how to answer.

"What do you care?" Jayden said, coming around the corner of the stairs and Serena realized she hadn't seen him either.


"Aww, so you're precious Seiya left you and now you want to cry to Darien. He is not your tear collector!" Jayden snapped. Serena was taken aback; Jayden had never ever talked to her like that.

"I never said he was!" she snapped back. She hated all this quietness especially when something was obviously wrong.

"Serena, Darien isn't here." Amy stepped forward with the truth.


"He has moved away from here." Serena was still very confused.

"What do you mean move, he will be here for college wouldn't he?"

"No." Rei said.

"Why?" no one answered.

"Why!? Didn't all of you decided to continue your college through this school elevated system?!" she yelled, she needed answers and she was going to get it.

"Oh that's right, we all agreed to it. But Darien changed his mind and is now registered at harvord University. Way to go golden locks. Just to get away from you, she left all of us behind!" The bitterness in Jayden's words hurt just as much as his words. But Serena's mind was processing the information slowly. Darien had left; he would be studying at Harvard. Because of her, because of her…

Tears bubbled up in her eyes.

"I didn't mean to." She said, the tears finally falling down her face.

"Mean or not mean, your actions do have power in this school. You think only of yourself, acting selfishly, impulsively and wounding your friends and..."

"Enough Jayden! Enough." Zane silence Jayden's rambling. With a growl at his throat, Jayden turned around and walked away. Jayden may have been the first to approve of Serena but in no way did it undermine his loyalty and love to Darien. He was still Darien's best mate and no girl would ever receive any kindness from him if she draws a wedge between them.

"Serena." Zane said and she looked at him blankly, every feeling in her gone away.

"Here." He handed her an envelope. Opening it was a ticket, a one way ticket to Boston, Massachusetts.

"You are the only one who can bring him back here."

With that said, she took a plane again and arrived in Boston. Then toke a taxi and arrived at the apartment complex Darien was staying at. When she had knocked at his door, he had not been there so she waited until he came open her quite surprise. But that surprise quickly turned into cold suspicion but Serena was happy that he had decided to here her out.

"So, what are you doing here?" he asked.

"What, can't I come and see a friend?" she asked indignantly, hoping a bit of sarcasm and anger might restore her mind for as it was at the moment, everything thought and planning had scattered.

"Well you've seen me and the day is over so please leave." He said, looking through a magazine.

"Darien…" he did not respond.

"I know I've wronged you, and I know that I don't deserve your forgiveness but I'm still begging you to listen to me." he still did not reply.

"Darien, circumstances between me and Seiya were complicated. I was ready to move on when I thought he had abandoned me, but I was not ready to deal with knowing he had not abandoned me of his own free will." she said closing her eyes and so missed the sad expression Darien threw her way.

"The news about his him being tricked into marriage caught me off guard and messed with my head. But when I saw how tired he looked on the TV, I had a funny feeling he needed me before he made a stupid mistake. I went there with no idea what to expect but what I got finally solved all problems. True I love Seiya but it's not that romantic kind of love yet I do not know how to identify it. He is extremely important to me and I wanted to confirm if my feelings were that of romantic feelings or not. When I went there, I realized that maybe it hadn't been so much as love that had bonded me so tightly to him but admiration. He had come along and rescued my family for me when all hoped seemed lost. Having never been in love before, I misunderstood the feelings of love and admiration. When I realized this, it was easy to let go and finally be free from the chains which bounded me to my past and finally set me free. Yet I could have deal with this matter in a way that would not have hurt you. For that I am so sorry and so wrong. Please forgive me. Everyone back in school miss you very much, please, they want you to come back."

Darien remained quiet for a long time. But he finally shifted and looked straight at Serena.

"And you, do you want me to come back?"

"Yes." She responded.

"Why?" the question threw her off guard but she had a respond ready, the truest truth of her heart.

"Because I love you, I really do."

"I don't believe you."

"What do you want me to do or say that you will believe?" he just stared at her.

"One semester. I give you one full semester, if by the end of the semester your so call love for me still exists then I will believe you." Serena sighed.

"Very well, so then will you return?"

"No." her head came up sharply.

"My grandparents originally wanted me to come to school here but because of person reasons I declined. But after coming here this past three weeks and understanding everything about how the school system is and what to expect, I have decided here is where I need to be. Tell that to those who care to know." Darien said. Tears stung at Serena's eyes. She had no reason to complain, she ha d caused this problem and she must deal with the consequences.

"Very well. Would you mind if I rest? My plane leaves early tomorrow morning."

"Send room to your left."

"Thank you." in the room; she finally let the tears fall. You reap what you sow.

But she would wait the semester out, it was just three months. She had waited almost a year for Seiya, for Darien she could wait years. If not him then no one else would do can do.

Then next day, Darien saw her off. And while he had lied about not believing her when she said she loved him, in truth his heart had celebrated. He began chewing himself out for that long span of time he had given her, but if he was going to be with her, he needed proof beyond doubt that Seiya would no longer be a complication.


The waiting was driving Serena up the walls.

Seconds became minutes

Minutes became hours

Hours became months

Month's to even more months

And finally a year and still Darien did not contact Serena and when she tried, he would not pick up.

She finally decided to give up; obviously he had given up on her long ago.

She was sitting in her room. Reading through proposals when a knock came at her door.

"Who is it?"

"it's meeee!" Mina's chipper voice said from the other side.

"Come in." the door opened and Mina waltz through.


"Can I borrow a pencil?" she asked and Serena handed her one.

"Thanks, bye." She was gone with the wind. Then suddenly something occurred to Serena, Mina had a dresser filled with pens and pencil, why would she need one from her?

"That girl is one strange cookie."

"I completely agree." Her head snapped up and her jaws dropped, sitting on her bed and reading her magazine was Darien. When, how, why where, what, all the W's went through her mind, unable to formulate a thought.

He put the magazine down and looked up at her.

"You might want to close your mouth or flies will go in there." He said and got up. He walked to stand in front of her but she seemed immobile.

"Hello?" he waved his hand over her face. She licked her suddenly dry lips.



"What are you doing here?" she whispered.

"Well let see. Because of he random classes I took, I was told the only way to keep my credits was to be at Harvard for at least two years. I didn't want that so I work like a horse and did two years worth of work in a full year." He said and Serena just stared at him

He sighed. "Serena, I wanted to call you but I couldn't. if I had heard your voice, I would have given up the plan to do everything in one year and I would have come here on holidays. But that's not what I want; I want to be by your side without ever having to leave. Have I totally lost my place or is there anymore room for me?" he asked and tears trailed down her checks.

"You idiot." She said, covering her eyes.

"I know I am." He said, feeling sad with her crying. He knew she must have worried a lot; he had worried more than anything, constantly getting updates on her from their friends. It killed him to stay away but he knew it would have hurt more to see her in between holidays and had to leave again. Worse of all was hearing news about her and some boy name josh and how close they were in the school. He had gotten a picture of Josh and his heart had dropped. He was a good looking fellow, which had scared him more than anything. He took her head in his hands and cradled it.

"Serena, do you still love me?" he asked. She didn't answer for a minute.

"Stupid, who else could I love?" he smiled and leaned down, his lips softly touching hers.


"Thank you for waiting for me."

"Always." No more words were needed as the couple hugged and kissed.

Snickers from behind the door interrupted the couples rapture and with a devilish twinkle in both tier eyes, they each grabbed a pillow and tiptoed to the door. Darien yanked the door open and Serena smacked the nearest eavesdropper with her pillow. When the pillow feel away, Serna gulped as Amara's face was revealed. The taller girl picked up the fallen pillow and the pillow fight was on.

The rest of the night was spent in pillow fighting, movie watching and being late for school the next day and sleeping in class which ended all of them at detention hall. But even so, they were happy, they were together and best of all, they were in love.

What more could they ask for, and though Zane and Amy were still a little shy around each other, it was came as no shock when Amy kissed Zane one night when she was drank. Ok so there might have been some shock but that kiss was certainly not their last.

The real shocker was when Jayden declared to the whole school he was madly in love with Rei and had kissed her spontaneously. Serena prayed for his soul just incase Rei got her hands on him.

Both Josh and Lita's love for cooking hocked the two up. Rita and Andrew admitted to having been dating in secret. When Yaten decided to visit Serena and see for himself the girl his cousin, Seiya, had loved, he became Mina's love target and after being stalked and bothered to no end, he gave into her.

Molly Finally got the guts to apologize to Melvin who admitted that he had forgiven her long ago and that when he heard she did all that because she loved him, she had always thought of her.

With everybody in love, Jayden running for his life and Amy adopting the title of kissing monster when drunk, how could life not be a ball of fun?

And all this happened under the roof of a school. With new rumors that if you attend Silver Crescent Academy you will find your true love, the school had to expand it grounds to welcome all those romantic at heart.

Inside the grounds of one school, people did not only learn math, science, English and other boring subjects, they learned love, laughter and life.

Though Darien was not happy. The more people who came to the school, the more rivals he had and the more appealing the thought of kidnapping Serena and running way with her became. But seeing how happy she was, he grinned and bore it, waiting for the day he could put the stone on her hand and laugh at his rivals and finally declare,

"She is mine once and for all!"



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