Okay, so a completely new fic, not a lot to say yet, just hope you enjoy it!

Summary: Hermione is roped into entering a competition by Harry and Ginny to audition for a bachelor Wizarding TV show. What will she do when she finds out that the bachelor is none other than Draco Malfoy?

Pairings: A bit of Ron/Hermione and Harry/Ginny but Dramione in the end :)

Prologue: You did WHAT?!

"Harry, she's going to absolutely flip!" Ginny scolded from the doorway. Harry rolled his eyes and continued making objects and garments fly into one of the 3 suitcases he had packed for Hermione.

"Ginny, thanks for the fifth update today, I know she's going to flip, but she needs a confidence boost, and we agreed this was the best way to do it." Harry sighed, turning to face his girlfriend and pushing his glasses further up the bridge of his nose. Ginny shook her head, but silently agreed with him. Soundlessly, she crossed the room, drew her wand, and summoned what looked like a pile of leather and lace from her own bedroom.

"What? It's clean, Harry" Ginny said, rolling her eyes too. "Plus, lace is a good way to boost confidence" She added, smirking as Harry straightened up and pulled her into his arms. The pair were passionately kissing when a tall, curly-haired brunette stepped into her room, shaking her hair out of her chocolate brown eyes.

"Get a room you two" She said teasingly, smiling playfully. Harry and Ginny broke apart. "And preferably not my room, you do have your own you know" She laughed, setting down her leather handbag on her bed. "Why are you both in my room by the way?" She asked, before spotting the…

"Suitcases?!" She asked shrilly, putting her hands on her hips. "What's going on you two?" She asked in her best no-nonsense voice. The guilty party looked at each other. Ginny let her hair fall into her face, which was a red as her hair. Harry played with the cuffs of his shirt, a tell-tale sign he was guilty of something.

"Harry?!" She screeched.

"All right, all right Hermione!" He said, holding his hands up. "Sit down, please." He pleaded when she raised her eyebrows.

"Don't be angry, okay? Promise me?!" He said. If there was one thing that truly scared him more than Voldemort, it was Hermione when she was angry. Hermione pinched the bridge and sat down on the edge of her bed. Harry followed suit as Ginny tried to side-step from the room.

"I'll just go and get the… Get some biscuits" She muttering, inventing wildly. Hermione turned scorching brown eyes on her.

"Oh no you don't!" Hermione said, motioning for her to join them. Ginny perched beside Harry, looking shame-faced.

"Well, you see…Here's the thing…" Harry started. Hermione waited patiently, knowing Harry had trouble with words when under pressure.

"Here's the thing…this is the thing…the thing is…" He struggled.

"Where's the thing?!" Hermione said, her patience running out rather quickly.

"Wesignedyouupforthemosteligablebachelorshow" He said, the words running together to form one long word. Hermione let out a laugh.

"Bless you"

"What he meant to say was that we…" Ginny started, her Gryffindor courage returning. She drew in a deep breath. "Signed you up for The Most Eligible Bachelor contest. It's a wizarding TV show, apparently you have to compete with 49 other women to win the heart of the most…" Ginny said, her bravery faltering at the look on Hermione's face. She sucked in a deep breath, repeating her mantra over and over again in her head.

"Must not kill Ginny. Must not kill Ginny." She told herself. It did nothing to calm her, and she jumped to her feet.

"You did WHAT?!"


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