Hey all. Sorry to do a fake-out, but it's not really for naught, I promise. I've got a new story up, it's just not here at MPants.

AHelm, author of such works as Afternoon Delight, Let Love In, A Constant Craving, The Butterfly Effect and No Outlet and I have started a collaboration.

Left Holding the Bag is a different type of story for the both of us, but I really hope you'll check it out and enjoy what you see. As always, reviews are appreciated.

http://www (dot) fanfiction (dot) net/s/5014383/1

You can also find a link to jasperlurks, our collaboration pen name, in my profile.

Left Holding the Bag

Synopsis: It's 1926. A P.I. is handed a case that changes his life. A young woman puts her trust in a man she hardly knows. A rookie cop meets the girl of his dreams. Sparks fly. Together, they work to find the missing man who comes to mean the world to them.

Characters: Edward, Alice, Bella, Jasper, the rest of the Cullens and assorted other SM characters.

Pairings: Canon

Rating: T–MA

Spoilers: None, AH/AU

Thanks for following my work!

Love to you all,