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Chapter 11

Kanda stared at the fighting scene with utter terror. Allen sent waves of akumas back to hell without a tinge of mercy. Yeah that bean sprout was always more of an instinctive fighter, as whenever he came out with a strategy, whether the akumas could hear his thought or not, his plan often seemed to be hopeless failure. And there the boy stood, slaying one monster after another without wasting a second to think. He was purely furious and aggressive.

Go to hell, you assholes!!! How dare you turn up right when I'm about to have my sweet time with Kanda??? Another two akumas were killed as once, shock was still visible on there face. Allen turned around, wanting to complain to Kanda, and spotted the Japanese exorcist standing at one corner, dumbfounded. "Oi, what are you standing there for? Help me to clean these freaking monsters off and we can continue our things!!!" Allen yelled while his left hand was piercing through an unfortunate akuma. His lips curved into a smirk as he watched the akuma explode. However, his eyes went huge a second later, after realizing what he had done. "Oh my God!!! I blew off the fcking bed!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!!"

Phew, thank God. To thank you from saving me from that perverted idiot, I'm willing to fast from soba for one week. Hopefully you can too blow off his head as once. Kanda let out a sigh of relief. At least it seemed like he could fight without fearing whatsoever stupid things the moyashi wanted to do to him. Yeah that dumbass couldn't do anything without the devil bed!!! Or so, he thought.

Realizing that he could not stood idly forever, the samurai decided to butt in. "Hey, the bed is gone!!!" Allen stated in sole regret. Just what the fck is running in your brain, sicko? Just how the hell can you fight with that kind of annoying concern??? Too bad for Kanda he didn't realize the exceptionally powerful impact of Allen's second statement: "Hey how about we do it in the bathroom later? And we can take shower together, too... Yay~~" And then two more akumas were killed instantly before making any unworthy comments.

Kanda almost drop his sword. He stared at the younger teen in true horror, his mouth hung open like a hooked fish. The bean sprout was still ranting on and on, about something like 'the power of love' and 'how should he *beep* him", and Kanda forced himself to pay no attention. He felt the urge to end the battle quick, then went to beat the crap out of the moyashi, and teach him on how to control his hormones properly.


The fight did end after a short while, all courtesy of Allen's sudden growth in strength, in which he claimed as 'love's invincible power', and that vomittable saying had proudly earned him a smack by a certain angry Kanda.

"Ouch, what's that for? I was just trying to lighten the atmosphere up." And we can resume doing our loving stuffs now, yay~

Just go back to your la-la land without me and die there alone please, you twisted pervert.

"What you did just make everything goes worse." Kanda growled. It was the best thing he was able to ooze out at the moment, regarding that the other alternative was mincing that rotten moyashi's mind off. Obviously he wasn't happy with what the bean sprout had become after he came out of that bloody shower. Perhaps there's something in the water that made your personalities change instantly. Hmm… it was possible. This cursed hut was chosen by Komui after all.

"Hey Kanda..." Allen opened his mouth, confused.


"I think there's an akuma left. But I can't detect its whereabouts. Shit, my left eye hurts. It keeps searching for the remain akuma this whole time." Allen spoke while stroking his eye, attempting to calm it down yet no avail.

"Tch. You and your useless stupid eye. May be it's spoiled."

"Your brain is the one that's spoiled, ungrateful baKanda. At least I'm able to see akumas, unlike someone." The while hair teen disagreed with his tongue stuck out, which made Kanda want to cut it off so badly.

The long hair exorcist suddenly stood straight and looked around. He had sense something. Something dangerous. He had good intuition when it came to danger, and he knew it. The moyashi was right. May be there's an akuma hiding somewhere now. I can feel it's coming. But where? He eyed the surrounding carefully but didn't discover anything suspicious. Fck. Now that the stupid moyashi's thoughts are floating around and the akuma is nowhere to be found… what can I do? It's rational for that monster to attack that moron now. Hmm, seems that I have to act beforehand… "Innocence, activate. Kaichuu, Ichigen!!!"

"Oi, don't let your stupid worms come near me!!!"

"Shut up, albino. Now get lost or else I'll feed you to these 'stupid worms' of mine later." The Japanese exorcist frowned. That bastard!!! Doing nothing useful but producing all sorts of rubbish in every second.

The hell flies were sent all around the room yet nothing happened. Kanda soon withdrew them and sheathed mugen. "Hey, let's go outside. I don't think the akuma is still loitering in this damn bloody small room." Kanda said and the two of them started to retreat.

"No, you are not going anywhere, boys." And there it was, a foreign voice came to life.

Both exorcists looked around, unable to sense in which direction the voice had come from.

Allen jolted as he felt something grabbed his foot but couldn't see it at all. His innocence was activated now and he tried to shoot all over the ground. And then he was sent head- on into the opposite wall, which resulted in Kanda jumping around to avoid Allen's bullets flying everywhere.

"Shit." Allen used his hands to support his body and tried to slide up slowly. The boy stood there sweating like a pig, didn't realize that a big portion of his energy was drained out after the long fight. Only one akuma left. But where's it hiding?

"I'm right here, fool." The foreign voice reappeared, followed by a deafening noise coming from the ceiling. Oh no…

"Fck!!! DODGE, idiot!!" Kanda shouted from the top of his lungs but it was too late. A big part of the ceiling fell unto where Allen was standing. What the fck am I going to do now? Wait. Calm down, fck, calm down. The Japanese exorcist closed his eyes and tried to cool himself down. Just a little bit more. Ok, I can faintly feel the akuma's present now. May be a little sacrifice needs to be made..,

Another force came downward to Allen's place, which made the wall next to him collapse. Here we go, mugen. "Die, you lowly akuma" And mugen was sent fly across the room, to where a big chunk of bricks and a moyashi were resided. A thunderous exploding noise came soon after.

Kanda then quickly dashed over to the remained heap, crouched down and dug for Allen. "Shit, Oi, moyashi, you'are still alive???"


He found Allen, finally. The poor bean sprout was lying deep beneath the pile, unconscious. "Wake up, idiot, don't die on me. Oi!!!" His pulse is so weak. But at least he still alive. Now I have to bring this idiot to the doctor as soon as possible. Kanda tucked their newly found innocence into his jacket, grabbed his sword and carried Allen on the back. He exited the house and briskly walked his way to the town.


"What happened to the brat, then?" Kanda snarled as he grabbed the doctor's collar, making sure that his hard, deathliest glare was fixing at the old man. The pitiful doctor shivered, now looked like a chameleon with his face turned from pale green, to purple, and then ghostly white. He wondered which color his face should be next. He was gapping like a fish, didn't dare to make a single move, as one single wrong act can potentially cost him as little as kissing his sorry life goodbye.

Kanda obviously wasn't happy with what the doctor had told him. No, this is not happening!!! Having coma from such a mere attack? He didn't even receive a direct blow, for heaven's sake. Gradually Kanda released the doctor. The frightened man crawled a few meters away from Kanda before speaking again.

"I am sorry but this is all I can do. I can see that his head was damaged not long before these new injuries come in. I did all my best to save his life. He will wake up some day. It will take time but please have faith in him" The doctor said, backing a few more steps away from Kanda.

"Have faith my ass!!! When the hell will this brat finally wake up? He's as good as death now." Now I need to call Komui and get back to the headquarters as soon as possible.


The two of them were on the train now, heading back to the Orders. Kanda let Allen's head rest on his tight. His fingers traced idly through the moyashi's white hair. Great. I completed the mission with an innocence and a living corpse. Is it what I always want? Alone with absolute silence?

Kanda let his chin rested on his palm, gazing at the window. He just had way too much time to spend. Tch. Why the fck there is nothing else but those bloody trees? Trees after trees. They gazed back at Kanda mockingly. He wondered why trees were so outdated, why green was such a popular color among plants, why not yellow? Or pink? Or something as trendy as purple?

Ok stop. Just what the fck am I thinking? These nonsense stuffs are supported to be created by some retard like the moyashi, not me. Komui you bastard. Ordering me around like a freaking slave. Carrying the moyashi back? Fine. I will even dig your graves and bury you idiots with my own hands, just to show my gratitude…


A few hours passed by. Kanda was dozing off now and then. The Asian teen was more impatient and he would ever be, feeling time passing by wastefully. He looked at the sleeping boy again. His face relaxed and he let his hand roamed freely on Allen's head again. Tch. Stupid bean sprout. Just a moment ago you were showing of your raging hormones, molesting me all over the place. And now what the hell is wrong with you? Didn't you say you want to continue your stupid little harassment on me after the fight was over? Why are you lying here motionless like this, idiot? Get up and do whatever—Kanda stopped thinking. He smacked his own head his palm. Just what the hell am I thinking again? Letting my thoughts wondering like a drunkard and acting like a masochist… Moyashi, what did you turn me into???

Kanda looked out of the windows again, recalling his trip with the bean sprout, and realizing how much he had changed in just a few days. Kanda, get a grip of yourself, since when have you become so soft and started clinging on these useless memories?

It was in the middle of the night and the long hair exorcist still couldn't drive himself to sleep. They would arrive to the Orders by tomorrow, and though Kanda never admitted it, he was nervous. The boy spent whole day sitting on the train to visualize what would happen if Allen didn't come back to life again. To the Orders, it would be a huge lost and Linali might follow the bean sprout, getting a coma for herself, too. Her brother would also follow her trend, too. So the whole Black Orders become a wonderland for coma people. However, reality was harsh that it would never happen like he dreamed. May be just a few traumas and heart attacks, or whatever. It was not like he cared about those people. But what would happen to him? He could clearly answer that he wouldn't care less. But was it really what he felt from the bottom of his heart?

Kanda left out a heavy sigh. His face saddened as he glanced at Allen again, for the n-th time of the day. I wonder is it my fault that the moyashi became like this? I know he was just recovered when he got assigned into this mission, but I let him fight most of the time. I supposed to protect him but ended up putting him in danger instead. Yeah, I've failed in this mission and turning him into this stage. It's all my fault. Moyashi, wake up and insult me like you normally do, please? Just wake up and see what you've done to me, please…

It was something that I knew all along, but I've never admitted or given a second thought about it… I knew it. I knew that I've hopelessly fallen for an idiot like you…


What the hell? Have I turned into a girl? A man would never cry… Like hell it would happen… may be it was raining outside and the ceiling was leaking, that's all… Tch… I wonder what else will I become next? Chimpanzee?

Komui you better have my brain and the moyashi fixed, or else you are the one who'll become a chimpanzee…

(To be continued)


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