Okay, so this isn't a story and I'm sorry for doing this, but I had a few ideas for stories and I don't know which one to concentrate on first so I need your help.

Curse Your Fate
Summary - Haley James went into labor on a fall day, trapped in an elevator with Dean Winchester. Humor/Drama, oneshot, characters: Haley James, Dean Winchester, mentions John Winchester and Brooke Davis.

Like a Virgin
Summary - ''Oh my, God, Haley James, are you...are you a virgin?'' Drama/Romance, short oneshot, characters: Dean Winchester, Haley James, Sam Winchester.

i'll find you somewhere
Summary - To find the man she loves, Haley James must track down his brother and ask for his help. Drama/Romance, short oneshot, characters: Haley James, Sam Winchester, mentions of John Winchester and Dean Winchester.

Well, I'm partial to Curse Your Fate, but what do you think?