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The soldier came in with news. He knew this would anger the King, but it was going to be no use to him to keep it. The soldier tread lightly as possible, as they were to do, but that would be hard when they carried heavy weaponry, the two guns and their ammo. Each gun was made for either Digimon respectably or humans.

The soldier eventually came to his destination. He shakily pounded on the door and bowed low so it at least seemed respectful, despite it being in the middle of the night and the fact that they had just conquered a long time enemy in the battlefields.

The doors soon opened by a sober guard, who was standing at the door. "Don't you know how late it is?" the sober guard asked. "The king is in no mood to hear what news you have that isn't good."

"It's news for the king," the soldier replied. "It's what the king needs to know before it's too late. It's that news." The sober guard's eyes widened in horror probably thinking along the lines of, That is news the king needs to know.

The guard closed the door leaving the soldier alone in the hallway for several minutes. He could hear the gayness (as in happiness) of the party just beyond the doors, not wishing to join. He didn't want to rune the festivities of their win, but he had no choice. It was know or be on the king's bad graces.

The doors opened after a few minutes. The guard that had talked to him announced his arrival. "Ah," the king said, sitting in his fine robes, just like the great kings of Europe had. "What news do you bring? News of the festivities getting out of hand? Let the people enjoy their fun, soldier, for it is well deserved!" He raised a gold cup in his jeweled hand.

"It's not that, sire," the soldier said carefully. "It's something else." The people in the room grew quiet and stared at the man to hear the news.

The king grew serious, eyeing the soldier with his brown eyes. "Ah? What else could it be?" he demanded softly.

"Sire, I think you need to hear this privately," the soldier suggested, bowing his head to the ground. He kept his eyes downcast from the King's furry.

The King breathed through clenched teeth furiously. Why had the soldier brought such unwanted news on such a night? The queen dressed in a black loose fitting dress, laid her hand on his. "Don't be so hard on him, after all it was your order that if that was even heard of for them to tell you right away," the Queen reminded him in her bitter sweet voice.

This was, of course, true. The Queen had been the one who had always quieted his rage, so he had no choice but to follow both their suggestions. He quickly put on a fake smile and cried with convincing false joy, "Let the festivities commence!" before following the soldier.

The two went into the royal family's chamber. It was spacious with the walls being made of marble and a giant wood bed that could fit three adults. The king paced, brooding. "What is it?" he snapped. "Why do you wish to disturb my sanity in joy?"

The soldier bowed his head in a quick jester and than started explaining what he had heard from the Digimon and human astronomers. "The legend is starting. The egg has been foretold to come."

The King's eyes widened in horror which quickly melted into frustration then anger. "Why do they wish to punish us?!" he shouted to the heavens. "Why?" He turned towards the soldier and jabbed his finger at him. "Send word to any and all guards to search for a golden Digitama! Leave no rock unturned until you find the egg and it is shattered! Then bring me the pieces as evidence! GO!"

The soldier nodded, taking the command with him as far as it'd take him. The queen had listened ideally to the entire conversation. The Golden Digitama? she thought, smiling. This is something I've been waiting for. She went back to the ballroom and sat in her throne beside the kings and felt the smooth wood painted gold under her pale palms.

The King came back after several minutes. He still had his furious look on his face. The people could tell something was up, but they paid it no mind. If they even tried to ask, it'd be their heads.

"What is it, my King?" the Queen asked.

"The Digitama," he said in a low hiss. "It has been foretold."

The Queen faked a taken aback look. "How about you worry about it tomorrow? Enjoy the festivities of the night."

The King looked at his wife. "You're right," he admitted. "I should worry about it tomorrow."


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