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Chapter 3

The children woke up to see a shining dawn. Birds chirped and the sun shown through the trees, but their hearts carried sorrow despite the area around them. Then it hit them.

"Why are we in a forest?" Nazu asked. It was true; they were outside the gates near the beginning of the forest a mile to the north of the city.

Tai, Kari, TK, Matt, Takuya, Sora, and Izzy gave no notice to what was around them, sad for their loose. Silent tears rolled down their cheeks as they went over the night's events, seeing their deaths over and over and over again.

Zoe tried to change the subject. "So, what know Bokomon?" she asked.

"How should I know?!" Bokomon snapped back. "I just saw my friends killed, my human friend is now a Chosen, the disappearance of the Digitama, and know we are far away from home! How do you expect me to know?!"

"Bokomon!" Joe said. "Do you have to be so rude?"

"Sorry," Bokomon replied, turning to Joe. "I'm just emotional from all the trauma." The Digitama shook. "So is my baby."

"It isn't even your baby!" Nazu frowned. "How can you call it your 'baby' if you didn't make it?" She crossed her arms and sighed.

"Because I am, that's way!" Bokomon yelled back. He turned back to the Digitama. "Now, now, I'm not made at you, it's just the human," he cooed to it. Nazu rolled her eyes and muttered something under her breath.

Koichi turned to the morning Chosen. "It's alright," Koichi said. "We're all affected by their sacrifice. I'm sorry for your losses." They looked up.

"Well, we can't stay here," Koji said. "We're going to get caught if we are here for too long."

Takuya stood up. "Hey, who made you the boss, Koji?" he yelled.

"Well, no one else volunteered and you were moping over the sacrifice of your Digimon," Koji replied coldly. "There's nothing we can do now but to find this Ophanimon!"

"He is right," Matt said rising to his feet. "We can't stay here." The other mourners nodded reluctantly and rose. This wasn't time to stay here and wait to be caught.

The group turned to face Bokomon. "So, Bokomon, where is the forest kingdom?" Bokomon thought for a second.

"I . . . don't know," he replied sheepishly. The kids' mouths dropped in unison.

"How can you not know? What a time to be clueless!" The older kids shouted like nuts.

"Well, how am I supposed to know?!" Bokomon shouted. "I've been a pet Digimon all my life!!"

"Uh," TK said. The Digidestined and Bokomon looked at TK. TK bit his lower lip and his eyes were squinted.

"Uh oh!" Tai whispered guiltily.

"Uh oh?" Koji asked, looking at Tai.

"TK, don't cr-" Matt pleaded, but it was too late. TK bursted into tears. Kari stood next to him slightly beside herself in what to do.

"Now look what you did!" Takuya yelled at Koji.

"What I did?" Koji yelled back.

"Come on you two!" Zoe yelled. "Now's not the time to fight!"

"Please stop fighting!" Koichi asked.

TK cried louder. Matt, Tai, Izzy, and Kari were trying to calm TK down. Koji and Takuya were yelling at each other again and Zoe and Koichi were trying to stop them. Nazu sighed and Bokomon wasn't sure what to do. Sora couldn't take it. She turned to Nazu, "Wanna help settle them down?" Nazu nodded.

"If we don't shut them up, they never will," Nazu agreed rolling her eyes at the fact.

The two stood up and screamed, "SHUT UP!" Everyone became quiet and turned to look at them. Takuya and Koji held each others' shirt collars. Koichi and Zoe were holding their free arms that looked like they were about to hit each other if released. TK even stopped crying. Kari's hand was on his shoulder and Tai, Izzy, and Matt were kneeling next to him.

"We can't go nuts right now!" Sora said. "If we do, we'll only tear each other apart! Don't we have a world to save?"

"Yeah, but I can't work with this!" Takuya shouted pointing at Koji. "He's just emo!"

"I'm not emo, you dofous!" Koji growled back.

"Oh, for crying out loud!" Nazu shouted. She stood up and walked over to the four and wrapped both of them on the head. "Get over it! Gez!"

"Thank you!" Zoe said, letting go of Takuya's arm so Takuya could clutch his head. She folded his arms.

"Are you okay, Koji?" Koichi asked his twin, who as well, clutched his head.

"Glad that's settled," Bokomon sighed.

"An you, Bokomon," Sora turned to face him. Bokomon nodded fearfully. He gulped. "Didn't you mention that the Crests could find the city where Ophanimon lives?"

"Ah! I did say that!" Bokomon exclaimed.

"Really?" Tai asked.

"Then how do we do it?" Matt and Koji asked.

"I have no clue," Bokomon admitted. The humans fell over backwards in surprise.

"Didn't you mention that a Piximon could bring us there as well?" Zoe asked.

"Yeah, you did say that, Bokomon," Joe stated.

"Yes, I did, but Piximon can't be found so easily," Bokomon explained. "They often live in secret places but according to bird Digimon, Piximon began living around cities and town waiting for the Chosen to be chosen and for the Digitama to fall into their hands, but I don't think that they'd go this close to the city that they fear."

"Well, we never know until we know!" Tai and Takuya said. "Let's find the Piximon!" The two pumped their fists into the air in excitement. No one else agreed with their happy demeanor.

"But didn't you hear Bokomon?" Joe asked. "One might not live here."

"But like what they said, we may never know," Matt said.

"Why don't we try?" TK suggested. Kari nodded in agreement.

"Tai might be a bit of a knucklehead, but they're right!" Kari said.

"Well, that more like it, pi!" called a new voice. It was an adult male voice. Everyone looked around.

"What was that?" Zoe shouted.

"Show yourself!" Nazu commanded.

"G-ghost!!" Joe cried.

"Ghost, pi? Where?" The voice drew nearer. "I can't stand ghosts, pi! Pi!" Several seconds later, a pink, winged puff ball flew into the clearing. "Where's the ghost?!" it shouted in the adult voice that didn't seem to fit it.

The humans stared wide eyed and dumbfounded at it. "What is that?" Matt and Koichi asked.

"It's like a strawberry dyed cotton ball," Tai commented.

"It's cute!" Zoe and Sora said.

"Monster!!" Joe cried. The others stared at Joe as if he was crazy.

"The Karatenmon was a monster," Nazu muttered.

"Ah! Humans this far out, pi?" the pink puffball asked. He swished the miniature spear that was as long as he was tall around. "What are you humans doing out this far, pi?"

"Ah! It's the great Piximon!" Bokomon shouted. The twelve humans stared at him then at Piximon then back at Bokomon. They bursted into laughter. "What's so funny, pi? Am I missing a joke, pi?" Piximon asked.

"How can a little puff ball be the 'Great Piximon'?" laughed Takuya.

"It's more like the 'Petit' Piximon!" Tai stated.

"It's as big as my hand!" Matt laughed.

"More like the size of Takuya's brain," Koji muttered. He was one of the only three who weren't laughing, along with Koichi and Kari.

"Enough of that!" Bokomon and Piximon shouted. "I may be small, pi, but I'm not weak! Don't judge my strength by my size, pi!" Piximon fumed and suddenly, the trees began moving and smacked the laughing humans.

"Ow!" the said clutching their heads. "What was that for?"

"For laughing, pi!" Piximon fumed. Piximon than noticed the Golden Digitama that sat under Bokomon's pink waist band. "You are the Chosen Humans, pi? The Digidestined, pi?" he asked.

"Yeah," Koji answered.

"We even have proof," Koichi said. The twins showed Piximon their amulets. The others followed suit (Takuya and Tai doing it reluctantly).

Piximon's eyes widened. "Well, I'll be, pi!" he said, dumbstruck. Piximon regained his expression he had worn earlier. "We'll see if you have been correctly chosen."

"What do you mean?" Tai asked.

"We were chosen by the Digitama!" Zoe said.

"Doesn't that mean anything?" Matt asked.

"Yes and no," Piximon answered. "You must be ready. You may be the Digidestined, but you may not be ready for the job that lies ahead of you. We can't rely on weak humans."

"Than why rely on us humans then?" Koji shouted. "Why not just defeat the king yourself?"

"That will explain in due time," Piximon answered. "For now, we must take you else where. They are coming."

"They?" the humans asked. Piximon didn't answer. He quickly turned and began flying away.

"Quickly! This way!" The kids and Bokomon followed him.

-- -- -- --

Carlisle and Commandramon managed to search the most of city without luck. They were now searching the east side. Carlisle sighed. How far can those kids have gotten?

Commandramon grinned silently. "Those kids are really clever, aren't they, Carlisle?" he asked.

Carlisle nodded. "How can you be so proud?" he asked.

"Simple," Commandramon answered. "If we haven't found them, they must be well hidden or not even here. No word from anyone means that the kids aren't in harms way."

Carlisle smiled as well. "Why do we even help the King?" he asked.

A soldier and his Digimon partner approached. He saluted to the Captain. "Captain Carlisle, no sign of the children have been found," he reported. He paused. "Why are you so happy, Captain?"

"I'm just thinking of a funny joke," Carlisle lied. "I'll tell it to you sometime. If they're not here, check the sewers. They probably are hiding down there."

The soldier saluted him and was dismissed, telling his fellow soldiers to start searching the pipe system. Commandramon looked up at Carlisle. "Do you think their down there?" he asked.

"Of course not," the captain replied. "These kids are, after all, not stupid. If they have the Golden Digitama, they'd be far from the city until it hatches."

"Conspiring against my husband, are you, Captain?" asked a female voice. Carlisle began to sweat. He brought together his composure and turned to face the Queen.

"What do you mean, madam?" Carlisle asked evenly. His voice was pure of anything that would give him away.

"Don't play dumb, Captain," she said disgustedly. "I know what you're doing and I don't think my husband would very much appreciate it, either."

The Queen walked into a nearby open building. It was one roomed. Most of the room was filled by a pool of water that came to it in miniature waterfalls from the ocean and drained away just as quickly, keeping the water just below the little flat marble stone where a fountain stood spurting water. Carlisle followed her.

"Really, I don't know what you mean," Carlisle said, trying his best to keep his cool. His face was blank but he was afraid. His palms were sweaty and he was close to sweating even more.

"You know what I mean, so stop faking it!" she commanded, her voice raising several octaves. The Queen whirled around to face him. "I know that you don't follow all your orders!" She calmed down, turned around, and fixed her hair in the water's reflection. When she was done, she began talking again. "Once you find those brats, bring the Digitama to me. I order you to not destroy it. The Digimon inside of it may be of use to me."

"Now, your highness," Carlisle began. "It now sounds like you're conspiring against the King, like you are accusing me of doing."

The Queen stiffened. She turned to face him. "O-of course not," she stuttered. Her face became even again. "I love my– don't get me wrong, Captain," she said with a honey like voice. She pointed her finger at him in rage then folded her hands together. "I just think that my husband is over reacting. The Digitama can be used to destroy those who conspire against him."

The Queen began walking out of the room, passing Carlisle. She stopped when she was right next to him. "If you want, you can help me by giving the Digitama to me," she said. "It is for the best, after all." She then continued on her way.

Carlisle turned to stare after her. This won't be good, he thought. He walked over to the fountain as well. "According to the people, whatever higher power there is, they will hear you when you pray here. I wonder if that's true?" he wondered aloud. For now, he didn't have time to pray. He turned and left silently.

-- -- -- --

"How much farther are you taking us?" Joe complained.

"We've been walking for hours," Zoe whined.

"Actually, we've been walking for about three hours, twelve minutes, and five seconds," Izzy corrected her.

"Yeah, but we don't need to know that," Nazu said, a tad bit annoyed.

"You think you have it bad?" Matt asked. "Try carrying your younger brother for an hour!"

"Or your younger sister!" Tai added. TK and Kari were about to collapse from exhaustion just an hour before after their mad dash.

"We'll get there when we get there," Bokomon replied.

"We're almost there, pi," Piximon said happily.

How can it be so cheery? Nazu rolled her eyes. Koji thought something along those same lines, but it was a bit wordier and a bit crueler.

Koichi was one of the only twelve that hadn't complained yet. Koji had said something to shut Takuya up and Sora and Zoe had tried to calm them down and it was completed by Nazu, who had bonked them both on the head.

"Are we there yet?" Joe asked again.

"We're almost there, pi!" Piximon replied.

Bokomon looked at Izzy. "Humor me, Izzy," Bokomon said. "How many times has Joe asked that?"

"About ten times in the last three hours," he said calculative. "With an average of about twenty minutes and nine seconds in between the times he's asked."

"Don't you have more than numbers flying around in your head, Izzy?" Sora asked.

"Of course!" he replied. "I think about what to eat, how long it takes me to eat it, theories about what had cause my computer to malfunction, where certain screws go in my computer . . ." Izzy trailed off.

"Never mind," Sora whispered. This went unnoticed.

"Hey, Izzy, do you think you can stop doing that?" Koichi asked.

"Or more bluntly, can you just be quiet," Koji said more forcibly.

"That's a little harsh," Zoe said.

"Whatever," Koji said rolling his eyes.

Bokomon sighed. Takuya dared not open his mouth to shout at Koji, so Nazu's hand wouldn't meet the top of his head. The group fell into silence.

"We're here!" Piximon said after twenty minutes. The humans sighed in relief. They looked around. They had entered another clearing from the rough trail that they had followed. The sun pored into the area resting on a small wooden mail box.

"This is it?" Nazu asked. "There isn't much here."

"You can say that again," Kari agreed from Tai's back.

"Why is there a mail box in the middle of the woods?" Zoe and Sora asked.

"There isn't much of a point to it since no one lives out this far," Koji stated.

"For once, I have to agree with you, Koji," Takuya admitted.

"Maybe it's a mail box for the Digimon?" TK suggested.

"Not likely," Matt said.

"Actually, he's right," Piximon said, smiling. "We are near the forest city. You must use the Crests to get into the city."

"And how exactly do we do that?"

"That you must find out on your own," Piximon said. He flew off and disappeared into an invisible wall.

"Whoa!" Tai cried. "How'd he do that?"

"Maybe we can go in after him!" Takuya said. He walked over to where Piximon disappeared, but was met by an invisible wall. "Ouf!" He fell back onto his butt.

The other children went over and tested the wall, pressing their hands against it. "It's no use," Zoe said.

"It's as solid as a brick wall," Sora stated.

"Oh, great, how are we supposed to get there now?" Joe asked.

"Using the Crests," replied TK and Kari. "But the question is how do we do it?"

Matt looked at his Crest that rested in his hand. Izzy pulled out his computer and began typing away. Bokomon looked over his shoulder and asked, "What are you doing?"

"I'm analyzing the wall," Izzy replied. "Maybe from there, if I gather enough info, I can figure out how to get into the wall." Izzy kept typing away for several minutes. Then, his computer froze. "Oh, great!" he cried. "Now I have to reboot it!"

"Hey, Bokomon," Koichi asked. "Doesn't the book say anything about how to enter the city?"

Izzy stopped trying to unfreeze his computer and looked at Bokomon. The rest of the humans glanced at Bokomon as well. "Oh yeah!" Joe said. "What does the book say?"

"Oh, right!" Bokomon cried. He opened his waistband and pulled out the book while keeping the Digitama in one place. He sat down and opened the giant book on the ground in front of him, flipping through the pages. "Ah! Here it is!" he exclaimed. "'To enter the great city in the forest, humans must show that they show no ill will to Digimon.'"

"How are we supposed to do that when we only have one Digimon?" Sora asked. "We already lost our friends back home."

"If only Gabumon where here, we could pass this obstacle no problem," Matt said. TK's eyes became watery again.

"Poor Veemon," Takuya said, falling into the funk again. "If only we were strong enough to have helped."

Izzy sighed. "I wish Wormmon was here," he said.

"Too bad Agumon isn't here," Tai frowned.

They're going back into the funk again, Zoe and Koichi thought.

"Well, they're not here, so you can't worry about that," Nazu said. If it was meant to help, she didn't achieve her goal. "We can't help them now if they're gone."

"Would your Digimon friends want you to be downcasted because of their passing?" Zoe asked.

"I'm pretty sure they wouldn't," Koichi answered for them in as much of a cheerful manner as he could. "We have to help the other Digimon and humans that are suffering under the King's rein."

"And you'll achieve nothing if you mope over spilled milk," Koji said in a less lighter tone than his brother's. "What matters now is the ones who are still alive."

The miserable children looked up and nodded. "It's hard to forget," Takuya said.

"Yeah," Tai agreed.

"But they are right," Sora said. Izzy nodded.

"For the hurting people and Digimon!" Kari and TK cried, wiping their tears.

"For them!" the rest echoed. Suddenly, their Crests began to glow an orange, a red, a purple, a lilac, a sky blue, a carnation pink, a white, a black, a royal purple, an orchid purple, a yellow orange, and an ocean blue light. The glowing turned into beams of light that flew towards the mailbox. The mailbox took in the light and several seconds later, a new beam of multi colored light flew towards the invisible wall, forming a door.

The Chosen looked at the door oddly then at each other, shrugged, and opened the door. They filed in one by one. The door led to a new area that wasn't seen in the clearing. Piximon stood next to an armor cladded humanoid Digimon.

"Well done, pi!" Piximon congratulated them. "You are for sure suited for this job, pi."

"Welcome," the woman greeted them. "I am Ophanimon. Destiny has shined down on us and granted us you, the Chosen Humans. I am honored to see you in my city."


Sorry about the delay there. I've been having a hard time trying to decide what was going to happen. Yeah, there's another reference to season 1. It's the same Piximon, unlike the Piximon in my other Digimon fanfic, this one says "pi" a lot. I love that little puff ball in this chapter. Just as a note, any big Mega Digimon in this will talk without conjunctions like Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation (yes, I've watched it, you got a problem with that?!) And I meant for Carlisle to look something like Luis Armstrong from FMA without the sparkles (that's how I saw that character in the dream) Reviews are REALLY nice!! *hint hint* I like to know some feed back on this.