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Summary: When Tai Kamiya was four his mother gave birth to twins, Hikari and Nikorasu . One night Nikorasu was kidnapped and the memories of his little brother faded into dreams. Years later just as the new adventure starts a new student comes to Odaiba, Davis Motomiya, and Tai can't help but get this familiar feeling. (Yes it's a alternated version of Season 2)

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Shadow's Falling


It was more of a dream than an actual memory. Just fuzzy scenes that played in my head that I only could relive in my sleep.

My parents stood in front of me, both looking incredibly happy. My mother's stomach swollen, one of her hands rested on top of it the other clasping my father's own hand.

"Twins! Can you believe it! Twins." my mother breathed the last word. My father nodded placing his free hand on the side of her stomach.

"I know, I can hardly believe it myself." he whispered. I walked towards them and grasped the hem of my mother's shirt and tugged with my still chubby fingers.

"Mommy, what does twins mean?" I asked. My mother exchanged looks with my dad then looked down at me her smile widening.

"It means that instead of one baby, there's going to be two!"

My dad released my mom and crouched down in front of me grasping my shoulders giving me a playful shake. "You hear that son? You're going to have have two brothers or sisters now."

"Two!" I gasped happily, my dad smiled warmly and ruffled my hair.

"That's right Taichi."

It seemed that nothing could spoil the happy atmosphere that enveloped us all...


I was sitting in a waiting room, my legs still far too short to reach the floor once I sat in a chair. The television in the far corner buzzed with some show that I had stopped watching because I didn't understand. My Aunt sat next to me casually flipping through a magazine not at all reflecting the excitement that I was feeling, or the boredom.

"Auntie," I said staring down at the floor swinging my feet. My Aunt marked her page then turned her attention to me.

"When are Mommy, Daddy, and the babies coming back?" I asked lifting my gaze so that I now was staring at the white door hopping someone would come out.

"Soon dear, delivering a baby takes a long time." she replied offering me a small smile.

"How come I couldn't go with them?"

"Because Tai, you don't have the stomach for it." she said picking her magazine up then paused. "Oh and your too young."

"I'm not too young! I'm four." I retorted holding up four fingers to emphasize my point.

My Aunt chuckled "How silly of me, you are old enough but, there is also a height requirement."

I crossed my arms and let out a huffed sigh, just then the white door opened my father standing there is some weird green clothing. "Do you want to see them?" he asked obviously out of breath.

My Aunt took my hand and led me through the door and down a white hallway until we came upon a small room. My mother lay on a bed, her face wet with sweat and her hair plastered to her skin. When she saw me, her mouth turned upward in a tired smile.

"Do you want to see your new brother and sister?" she asked, I nodded. I was suddenly lifted upward my father's breath tickling my neck, he walked over to two identical clear boxes each with a small infant inside.

"This is your new sister Hikari." he said gesturing towards the baby who was wrapped in a pink blanket. He then turned me toward the baby in a blue blanket. "And this is your brother Nikorasu."

There were so many questions running through my head and of course I asked the one that seemed the most important. "When can I play with them?"

My mother laid her head against the pillow closing her eyes. My dad set me back down. "Not for a while."

I never did get to play with Nikorasu

My mom and dad brought Hikari and Nikorasu home a week later.. And during the time arrived I was amazed at how small they were, how they ate out of a bottle, but most important, how come they didn't have to use the toilet like I did?

But after a few nights that involved me being awoken by one or both of their cries and the non existent attention I was receiving I was wondering when they were going to leave. Although, I have never seen my mother nor my father look so happy even with the dark circles under their eyes.

I watch as dad placed Hikari in her crib for bed. He stroked her head than Nikorasu's. Out of the corner of his eye he saw me standing and watching in the doorway. With a sigh he walked over and bent down to be at eye level.

"I know you probably don't like Kari or Nick right now, we still love you and I know you must know that. It's just that your brother and sister need a lot of care from mommy and I but, soon enough they're going to need you."

"They will?"

My dad nodded. "That's right, your their big brother, and that means when they get older they are going to need you to protect them."

I thought about this for a moment then nodded, "Okay Daddy, I'll protect Kari and Nick." I promised.

I guess I broke that promise

Kari and Nick had only been home for nearly five months. Their cries at night had cut back a little...a little. After being able to spend some time with them without mom and dad's constant warnings of what I shouldn't do I was beginning to resent Nick and Kari much less. I knew I was beginning to love them and I didn't mind that feeling at all. Then there was this one night, my sleep had gone uninterrupted for the most part until the sound of something crashing and breaking echoed through our apartment, the source from Kari and Nick's room. One of them started to wail loudly.

Not a minute later my mother's scream rattled the walls. "No! Not my baby!"

I jumped out of bed and ran down the hall to the nursery. Mom was on her knees before the window, shattered glass was scattered in front of her. She was rocking back and forth one of the babies clutched closely to her chest. Dad was holding onto her tightly.

"Mommy? Daddy?" I said softly, they didn't seem to hear me. My mother's shoulders shook with each sob.

"He's gone, my baby, my baby."

Dad seemed to realize that I was there without letting my mother go he helped her up. "Tai go to your room."

"But," I said. My dad led my mom out of the room, his eyes filled with tears that threatened to flow over.

"Please Tai just go to your room." my father almost begged, I did as I was told but, I left my door open and sat on my bed. So I listened to my father on the phone while he called the police, the sirens that wailed in the distance and came closer until they were right in front of our building, my mother's weeping.

The police got a report, promised that they would do their best, and left. I knew even then, that that promise all my parents hopes were riding on that promise.

And so we waited for days, those days turned to weeks, weeks to months and then finally those months added up to a year.

The time played their deadly toll on my parents, my father whom I had always thought to be a being of never ending joy turned to a much more gray faded man who just seemed to go day to day like a shadow, never really there. My mother took it the worst, for the first few months there was never a moment where she wasn't touching Kari, afraid that if she couldn't feel her Kari would just disappear. Or that her very existence was based on knowing that Kari was safe, and for all I knew, it very well could. My mom barely slept, barely ate, all her personal needs just drained from her.

After a year, the police arrived at our door. They gave us their condolences and said that Nikorasu's kidnapping case had become "active but cold". They would follow any leads if they came up but, there was little chance that Nikorasu would be found given the amount of time that had passed.

To say the least my parents were crushed. As more time passed, they began to show signs of their past selves but, as they returned other things began to disappear. The pictures of Nick that had been taken during his short time with us, his crib, toys, all gone. My parents stooped speaking about him, i was as if he never existed, and that is how my mom and dad wanted to remember him, by not remembering him at all. And soon enough I began to believe he never really existed either.

It wasn't until I was eleven and it was Kari's seventh birthday, I sat at the kitchen table helping my mom make one of her glutton free cakes, and by helping I mean trying tot get her to bake a real cake. While she was applying the delicate frosting which once done would say "Happy Birthday" a sudden thought entered my head, it sounded harmless enough.

"Mom wouldn't today also be Nikorasu's birthday?"

My mom clenched down to hard on the tube of frosting creating a mountain of pink frosting on the cake's surface. Here eyes got a far away look in them, she didn't blink for a while, and when she finally did she shook her head.

"No, no it wouldn't Tai. Nikorasu was just your imaginary friend when you were little, just imaginary." she whispered now I had a hard time deciding if she was telling me, or telling herself.

The heartache and sorrow that lingered in her eyes for the rest of the day I knew was my fault. I didn't want her to look that way again, so I never asked about Nikorasu again. But I didn't stop thinking about him, from time to time I wondered how things might have been different if he was still around.

What would he be like, what he would like. Would he and I get along? Would he and Kari get along?

In my time in the Digital World I began to think what if he was here. What his digimon partner might have been, what his crest would be, would I be able to protect him like Matt did for T.K. But, I already knew the answer to that, no.

When we found out Kari was the eighth digidestined, I though that this would mean that Nikorasu where ever he was would be one too. These were just thoughts and beliefs I would never be able to see how they would turn out and if they were true.

Or so I thought

To Be Continued

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