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Summary: When Tai Kamiya was four his mother gave birth to twins, Hikari and Nikorasu . One night Nikorasu was kidnapped and the memories of his little brother faded into dreams. Years later just as the new adventure starts a new student comes to Odaiba, Davis Motomiya, and Tai can't help but get this familiar feeling. (Yes it's a alternated version of Season 2)

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Shadow's Falling

Chapter Two

.:Tai's Point Of View:.

I ran steadily toward the playground where the others were probably waiting for me. I really should start remembering what Izzy tells me about being late, but no sense thinking about it now. The closer I got to the playground, I could see that the team had already gathered. Kari looked over at me from her place on the bench.

"Lost your watch again?" she inquired.

"Haha very funny." I remarked sarcastically as I sat on the back of the bench beside her.

"Everyone's here." said Izzy. Sora jumped down from the jungle gym.

"So it's true we can go back to the Digital World?" she asked approaching me. I brought my hands together and set my chin on top of them.

"Yeah, but I don't know if we can get back. When I went to turn the computer off the gate was closed." said Izzy.

"Still if there is any chance to see Biyomon I want to go, if what Kari and T.K said is right I need to make sure she's all right." Sora insisted.

"I know, Mimi told me the same thing, she's worried about Palamon, and I'm worried about Tentomon." said Izzy.

"Then I'm coming with you tomorrow." Sora stated.

"I can't, my band's got a big concert coming up, and we need to practice," sighed Matt.

"Me neither, I've got an oral test tomorrow on laryngitis," Joe added with a sigh of his own.

"It's all right we'll make sure everyone's okay." Kari reassured.

I furrowed my eyebrows in frustration. "There is still something that bugs me. Davis was able to lift the digiegg of courage while I couldn't even get it to move an inch."

"Davis? Who's he?" Sora asked.

"He is a new student at Kari's school, but he has a digivice and a digimon." I replied.

"Even though he already knew about the Digital World." T.K said under his breath. I leaned over to where he sat, on the other side of Kari, and whacked him in the back of his head nearly knocking his hat off.

"Ow!" T.K moaned rubbing the back of his head. "What was that for?"

"You had a bug buzzing around your head." I lied, the others were giving me a look. Matt narrowed his blue eyes and just as quick they widened.

"I knew something was different! Where are your goggles?"

The majority of the others looked flabbergasted as they realized the same thing, all that is except for Kari. She looked like she knew what I did and why, I guess she was always like that. I couldn't blame the others for looking at me like that though.

"I, well, I gave them to Davis." I said as if it were the simplest thing in the world. Matt and the other destined didn't seem to think so.

"But Tai! You've had those goggles since, since, since I first met you!" Joe said lost for words.

"Yeah and you just give them away to some kid you just met?" Matt exasperated.

I jumped off of the bench. "Look, I had to do it, there is a new group of digidestined now and I figured that Davis is the one to lead them."

"That makes perfect sense Tai, you barely know him, but hey! Lets entrust him to lead a group to protect the world." Matt said his voice dripped with sarcasm.

I groaned inwardly, sometimes Matt was just as stubborn as me.

"So it's just going to be like when we first went to the Digital World. We may have all known one another as kids, but we entrusted Tai to lead us, and I think we can trust him to decide who he believes is able to lead the next group." Oh, Sora. I can always trust her to see the reason behind my actions, even if sometimes I had no reason whatsoever.

Matt opened his mouth to argue some more except with one final look from Sora he closed it again.

"I guess it's settled then, Sora and I will go the Digital World with you guys tomorrow." said Izzy.

I clapped my hands together. "Right, group disperse!" Everyone looked at me like I told them to eat their shoes. "Or not, but I have to go home, come on Kari."

Kari stood up and gave a brief wave. "Bye everyone." she said before following me.

I waited until I could no longer see the others. "So, are you psychic or something?"

Kari lifted her head to look at me. "What do you mean?"

"You knew I was going to give my goggles to Davis, and you knew why. Next you're going to tell me what I'll eat for breakfast tomorrow." I said half mumbling the last part under my breath.

I didn't know exactly," Kari began slowly, "I just had a feeling that you were going to and that you were supposed to, it seemed important. And you're going to have mom's soy blueberry waffles tomorrow." she finished with a smile.

I grimaced at the idea. "I really hope not."

When we got home I wasn't scolded for missing dinner (thank goodness I did from the charcoal remains in the garbage it couldn't have been anything good). My mom just seemed, relieved, in fact she always was when I came home late without telling her that I would be late. Though I have to say that was nothing compared to how she reacted when Kari came home late, sometimes I thought she would die because of how happy she was to see Kari. Sure, I admit that hurt a little when I was standing right next to Kari during it and all I got was a very brief smile. Then again, I understood my mom's reason behind her actions, even though she thought I didn't.

The only good thing about the first day of school was the lack of homework. This left plenty of time for me to ponder my thoughts, which consisted of soccer and what happened in the Digital World. Before I knew it my eyelids began to drop and all I remember before falling into a deep slumber was the smack of my head as it hit my desk.

I was standing inside my old apartment the familiar blue sun faded carpet beneath my socked feet, the worn furniture pushed against the wall. In the center of the room, atop a white blanket surrounded by stuffed animals, were two babies and a small child that I recognized as myself. In the nearby chair my mother sat reading the newspaper keeping a watchful eye on the three of us.

I wanted to move closer, I wanted to see Nick, but I was rooted to where I stood unable to move. My younger self held onto a stuffed bear, and I had to chuckle that's when I found that voice uttered no noise. The bear that younger me held was very familiar, Bubba, Kari's favorite toy for sometime until she got that whistle. I held the bear in front of Kari and Nick moving him around like he was dancing.

A gurgling hiccup erupted from the baby in the pink clothes, Kari no doubt. She held out her miniature hand grasping onto one of Bubba's paws. Nick's face was graced with a smile, a small trail of drool made its way from the corner of his mouth.

My younger self's face twisted in a grotesque way. "Mom! Kari smells bad!"

My mom sighed, folding her paper and placed it into the chair as she stood. "Tai while I change Kari I'm trusting you to be alone with your brother okay?"

"Okay Mommy."

She lifted Kari up and left Nick and I alone, my younger self used Bubba's paw to clean away the spit from Nick's face. Nick grabbed onto Bubba, hiccuping his laugh. I looked around to make sure no one was near and leaned closer to Nick.

"Mommy and Daddy said that I'm not supposed to play favorites, but I like you more Nick. You don't poop as much as Kari." I said in a low voice.

Nick giggled again this time holding onto my own hand. But he was not looking at my younger self or the bear. He looked past them, he was looking at, me. My feet finally moved as I knelt beside my younger self, Nick's eyes never leaving me.

He released little me and went to touch me, I held out my hand readily. Just before his hand made contact with mine he disappeared, there was a sudden rush as blurred images rushed past me. I closed my eyes to block it out, a smaller hand was placed on top of mine causing my eyes to quickly open. Familiar brown eyes looked into mine, Nick's eyes, and the face was so familiar.

The name was at the tip of my tongue. He smiled at me giving my hand a gentle squeeze and then everything went completely dark. A scream escaped past my lips and that turned into a blaring alarm.

I blinked open my eyes my hand scrambled to silence the alarm clock, once I had hit the correct button I sat up straight. My neck hurt from the position I had slept in, my face was probably indented from the pencils and papers that were all over my desk. I glanced at my alarm clock suspiciously, since when did I ever use it?

I remembered my dream, at least just vaguely. I was playing with Nick and Kari and then I saw him. I saw Nick the way he should be but I couldn't remember what he looked like. I swore and slammed my fist against the desk causing the pencils to rattle. I glanced over to my alarm clock, normally I would go back asleep until my mom threatened to wake me up. I pressed my lips together, there was no way I was going to fall back asleep now.

With nothing else to do I discarded my clothes from yesterday in exchange of a clean uniform. How come Kari doesn't have to wear these? I thought bitterly.

I finally reached the kitchen after having brushed my hair and cleaning my face of pencil that had rubbed off on it. Kari was stabbing a bowl, of what looked like sludge, with a spoon. She must have heard me because she looked up from her place at the table, slightly surprised probably from seeing me up so early.

"What are you doing up already?" she asked.

"I thought I would see if that early bird catches the worm is true. What is that?" I asked indicating the bowl.

"Sugar free, flavor free and some how oat free oatmeal." Kari grumbled.

"Better than soy waffles." I said with a cringe.

"It's nice to see you up so early Tai." my mom chirped happily placing a bowl of my own in front of me as I sat down.

"Oh, yum." I said forcing grin on my face. Once my mom had her back turned my jaw set, I did not want to eat this.

Thinking quickly I gasped and pointed towards the living room. "Mom quick! Miko is using the carpet as the litter box!" my mom gasped too and rushed into the living room. I took my chances and dumped the contents of my bowl into Kari's.

"Hey!" she said flustered.

"Oh, I guess I was wrong. Breakfast was great, bye got to go to school now." I said in a rapid string of words and escaped out the door remembering to grab my bag at the last second.


I lifted my arm to block the bright sunlight. It was way too early for me, I was more prone to leaving for school ten minutes before school actually began, I was awesome at that. But, if I knew my time correctly Izzy would be leaving right now. Adjusting my bag I made my way to his apartment.

Just as I thought Izzy was already on his way to school. "Hey Izzy wait up!" I called running to catch up with him. Izzy stopped staring at me oddly.

"You're going to school? At this time, that's highly abnormal, even for you Tai."

I chuckled softly. "Just thought I would try something new for today, don't worry tomorrow I'll be late to first period as usual."

Izzy snorted. "Yeah, I hate to have you change now."

"Yup, so what did you do last night, upgrade your computer?" I asked.

"I altered the components and to link my laptop and computer together in order to gain some resources in hopes that I would be able to alter their programs so I could replicate the digital gate in the computer lab, oh and I tried a new brand of coffee."

"Right, right, so how did it turn out?" I asked not exactly understanding what he just said, but I did understand coffee.

"Not good, I crashed both of my computers, I have to repair them when I get home tonight."

"Well, you're living the life Izzy." I laughed.

"All right Tai, what did you do last night?" Izzy scowled.

"I did what normal people do, I slept." I stated.

We talked a little more on the way to school, Izzy was trying to get me to understand why there might be only one computer in the lab that had the digital gate. I was trying to get him to speak English which was no easy task because even when he tried to put it in simpler terms I still had no idea what he was trying to tell me. By the time we got to school we were both frustrated with each other and I had a really bad headache.

"Hey guys!" someone yelled from behind us, we turned to see Sora running up to meet us.

"Hey Sora." Izzy and I said together.

"I couldn't sleep last night I just kept thinking about Biyomon." Sora said happy that she would be able to see her digimon after three years.

Izzy nodded. "I know how you feel."

Sora groaned a little as we approached the front door. "I don't mind school that much, I just hope it goes by fast today."

"And now that you say that it's going to take forever."

And it did, after the History of Literature, Pre-Calculus, Physics, and Global History I think I was ready to jump off the school building and not look back. At least it was the last class of the day, economics ...yippee.

Of course I have a great knack for not paying attention in classes that bore me so I found looking out the window far more appealing then trying to find the annual spending of Japan, it couldn't be too much anyways.

"Mr. Kamiya am I boring you?" my teacher Mrs. Shito asked. Quite frankly this is my second year with her and I have yet to figure out the mystery, of how she ever got married. I swallowed back my 'yes' and choose something that would allow me to live longer, or at least leave class on time.

"Of course not Mrs. Shito I was only glancing out the window." I replied with a fake smile.

"Well, don't go 'glancing' again until after class is over." she said giving me one of those looks that make my skin crawl.

I nodded in response once her back was turned I glanced back out the the corner of my eye. How different this outside world was compared to the Digital World. I know I was there for a short time yesterday and the majority of which I was running for my life but the differences seemed very obvious now. I nearly had my whole head turned toward the window when something hit the back of my head.

I touched my head slightly startled, on the ground was a crumpled up piece of paper. As I leaned down to scoop up the paper I glanced back, Matt sucked at trying to act normal.

As quietly as I could I uncrumpled the paper, Matt's familiar scrawl in the middle of the paper.

Pay attention!

I glared at the message and wrote down something rather insulting underneath it. Making sure Mrs. Shito still was talking while writing something on the chalk board I threw the paper hitting Matt right in his face. I turned back to the front and projected a model student while on the inside I was laughing.

"Now because it's only the second day of school I'll ask you and easy question what-." my teacher paused turning her attention back to us, her eyes narrowed on something behind me.

"Mr. Ishida, what are you doing?" she asked crossing her arms.

I turned my head to look at Matt, his hand frozen in mid throw the clump of paper in hand. "Well uh," Matt cleared his throat putting his arm down. "Nothing I was just stretching."

Mrs. Shito eyes narrowed ever further so that they were only slits, it was plain that she wasn't buying Matt's lame excuse. "Stretch again and you'll find yourself picking up everything off this floor for the next month."

"Won't happen again." Matt said the bell rang a second later. Everyone gathered their thing and left the room as quick as possible or that could have been just me.

"Tai." Someone growled from behind me while I was at my locker.

"Matt! Hey your really got to put a stop that stretching."

"Tai, I do not want to repeat last year because of you! Again!" Matt shouted glaring at me.

I bit back my laugh, last year I was having a paper bullet fight with Sora and one of my shots hit Mrs. Shito in the back of the head. Matt got blamed for the whole thing and became Mrs. Shito's personal grunt for the rest of the year.

"I always get blamed even if I had nothing to do with it." Matt grumbled.

I closed my locker and spun the dial. "That's what makes class so fun, I can play and get none of the blame!" I said turning to face him.

Matt gritted his teeth and pointed a shaking finger at me. "Tai I swear-"

I looked down at my wrist. "Oh look at the time, I don't want to be late, have fun with your boy band." I patted him on the shoulder before running down the hall towards the computer lab.

"It's not a boy band!" he shouted after probably causing a few of the students to stare at him


Kari, T.K, Sora, and Izzy were already in the lab huddled in front of the same computer we used yesterday to enter the Digital World.

"Hey guys." I said walking to Sora's side.

"Izzy says that the Digital Gate isn't open, he doesn't know how we'll get in." Sora whispered.

I could almost feel the disappointment radiate from her, Sora had been so excited about going this morning I couldn't blame her. From just behind me I heard the soft sound of shuffling feet. I turned and saw Davis who looked quite uncomfortable, the goggles I gave him yesterday were still on his head.

"It's Izzy he'll figure out how to open it, don't worry." I said reassuringly then stepped back to join Davis, he lifted his head to give me a small smile as greeting.

"So, how is your second day here going?" I asked leaning back against the wall. Davis rubbed the back of his neck nervously.

"I felt honored that you gave me your goggles Tai, but I had no idea how special they were until today," he said giving me a glance, his eyes were wide with what appeared to be surprise.

"What do you mean?"

"I know I'm new here, but I didn't know they were your trademark. You have no idea how many people have stopped me today asking if I stole them from you," he explained with a brief shake of his head.

"Oh, I guess I didn't think about the repercussions when I gave them to you, sorry if you want I can send out an announcement declaring you the new owner of the infamous Tai Kamiya's goggles," I said laughing.

Davis held up both of his hands, "No, no that's fine you don't need to do that,"

My eyebrow quirked upward in slight confusion, "Uh, Davis...That was a joke,"

The newest digidestined's hands fell down to his sides, his own eyebrows furrowed, "It was?" he looked away as if in deep thought, "Yeah, I guess it was,"

Man this kid was weird. I turned back to the door hearing more footsteps, I recognized the girl with the purple hair, her and Mimi could trade hair dying secrets. I think Kari said that her name was Yolei. The other was the young boy with the hair cut that looked like a bowl was placed upside down on top of his head, so he was Cody. His green gaze reminded me of how my grandfather would look at Kari and I whenever he was yelling at us to leave him alone.

"What are you guys doing? I thought we were going to the Digital World," the girl Yolei said, though I think it was on the brink of being a whine.

"I couldn't sleep last night. I kept thinking about it. Izzy, will you take me with you to the Digital World," Cody asked.

Izzy turned away from the computer that we had used yesterday, "I can't because the gate-" a beeping noise cut him off with another spin of his chair Izzy looked at the computer's screen, "But, it's open! You know I had a hunch that the other computers might not have the Digital Gate. I checked the other computers, and none of them seem to be affected by it. This computer is the only one with the gate, maybe there is something that-"

"Tai Kamiya? Is that you? I haven't seen you here in a while. And Sora and Izzy are here too. Say, didn't you all graduate?" Oh no, not him, it can't be him.

"Mr. Fujiyama! We did, and what are you doing here?" I tried not to sound demanding, I wonder if I pulled that off?

"I'm the new head of the computer club!" Mr Fugiyama explained, he sure seemed awfully proud of himself.

"But what do you know about using computers?" Sora and I both asked, it was pretty cool how we thought alike.

"Not a single thing!" and yet he still seems full of himself. I repressed a groan, the other's couldn't leave if Mr. Fugiyama was here. I risked a look around, Sora and Izzy were clearly thinking the same thing.

Why do I have to take the dive? "I just remembered, there's something I need to talk to you about. Got a minute?"

Mr. Fugiyama looked at me with surprised, could you blame him? I bet I could count the amount of people that would ask Mr. Fugiyama for help on one hand. "Sure! What is it?"

I grabbed Mr. Fugiyama by his shoulders and steered him out of the computer room. "I'm having problems adjusting to High School. It's the girls. They're so much older," I tossed a thumps up in the doorway before it was out of reach.

"Well Tai, I'm glad that you came to me with this problem, I know that high school can be a confusing time for young men like yourself," Mr. Fugiyama said wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

"Oh, yeah,"

"What you have to remember Tai is that those girls were your age once and that if you just act yourself you'll be fine, keep in mind the birds and the, the um," Oh he was not going to go there, he was not going to have the 'talk' with me! It was awkward enough with my dad!

"The birds and the birds!"

Well all right then.


Have you ever been stuck in a situation where no matter how hard you tried, there was no getting out of it? If you were there any longer you would probably even kill someone just to escape. Yeah, I was stuck in one of those for a few hours. I had no idea that Mr. Fugiyama knew so much about girlS. Scratch that, I had no idea that Mr. Fugiyama knew barely anything about girls.

"The birds and the birds, eh Mr. Fujiyama? Boy when it comes to girls, this guy has a lot to learn," I mumbled once I entered the computer room. The computer that was used by the others to enter the Digital World glowed brightly for a moment and a loud cry erupted from the screen and landed on the hard floor.

"What happened to you guys?" I asked looking at the tangled mess that was the Digidestined both old and new.

"Please don't ask," nearly all of them replied as they attempted to unwrap themselves, that was when I noticed these small bundles mixed in with the group.

"Woah, the digimon all returned to their in-training forms!" I exclaimed.

"Huh? Wah!" Davis gasped, I saw that he was at the bottom of the pile. I winced, that had to be hurting right now.

Yolei grabbed her small pink digimon and hugged it, "Wow...he's so cute!"

It took some time, and I had to help a few times but the group managed to untangle themselves and were all soon standing with their own digital partners. Cody was petting Upamon, "It's hard to believe that this little fella...can turn himself into such a huge creature like Digmon,"

I needed to be filled in because I didn't know who Digmon was. I saw that Kari was rubbing her back where Sora was previously sitting on her, "Are we going to have to do this every time we come back?"

"And I thought Digivolving was a tough job," Patamon huffed from his spot on top of T.k's hat.

"At least we came back to the real world safe and sound!" T.k said staring up at his partner and friend.

"Except for Biyomon and Tentomon," Sora pointed out, her face troubled. From the computer screen the two digimon stood watching us.

"Sora! Don't worry. We'll be alright, because the Digimon Emperor never comes out at night," Biyomon reassured.

"Imagine. All that power, and he's afraid of the dark!" Tentomon did have a point.

"Well, you all should go home and get some rest. You'll need it for tomorrow!" said Sora as she grabbed her bag, Biyomon's and Tentomon's words may have not made Sora feel completely better, but it worked a bit.

"Yeah! That's when we'll go back to the digital world, and beat the Digimon Emperor once and for all!" Davis growled clenching his fists. I wonder what happened to him?

"Come on Tai, we have to go home," Kari said shoving a disgruntle Gatomon into her bag.

"Right, see you guys tomorrow," I said to the others that were getting ready to leave as well.

I didn't waste anytime interrogating Kari about her day in the Digital World, I deserved to know what happened after what I went through with Mr. Fugiyama. As Kari explained what the Digimon Emperor had done the Davis I felt an unsettling bubbling feeling in my stomach. I either felt angry or some of mom's cooking was causing some kind of chemical reaction, but I haven't ate any of her cooking yet so...Why was I angry he was just some kid right? Just a new kid in Kari's class that I barely knew. Matt's words from last night came back to me

That makes perfect sense Tai, you barely know him, but hey! Lets entrust him to lead a group to protect the world.

Maybe Matt had a point, why was I trusting Davis so much? How come I cared?

To Be Continued

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