A Droids Tale part 2

I woke up to a bright light, I found my self wearing Eris's robe and lying on a table with, some sort of wiring connected into my arm from, a bizarre looking pyramid right beside the operating table.

All of a sudden a strange clothed reptile walked into the room, I didn't feel scared, being killed by my own husband terrified me enough, I had an odd feeling that this was a member of the race that created Eris. It then looked strait at me and said. "Did you have a nice rest?" In soothing albeit stern voice, "No thanks to that Hutt spawn Anakin, no." I told him "Bitter one aren't you?" it said "Never mind that, who and what are you?" "My name is Thel Mar'Sara, and I am of the Telkines." She said, I heard of the Telkines once or twice from Obi-Wans Padawan Zaar Lrack on Corelia, they were supposed to be great warriors and technicians, but they would bother with a dead senator was a mystery.

"Why couldn't you just leave me for dead?" I asked Mar'Sara somberly. "Because this age of darkness does not have to be eternal, it may take a thousand years to end this, Empire, but it will die." She said. "And I have a part in this how?" I asked her. "We need every hand we can get for our cause, and you're a really good candidate for a saboteur and spy, your a very strong willed human, that and you remind my father of an old friend from The New Sith Wars."

I would have said no to her, but really when your born a second time without much purpose you don't really have much of a choice. "Okay, but I'm doing this for my babies, somewhere out there in the galaxy, NOT for you or your people." I said to her. "Fair enough for me." she said.