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Chapter One

The constant ticking of the clock. The etching and scratching sound of pencil to paper. The occasional, rusty squeak of the chair. Listening to these obnoxious noises everyday was enough to make anyone go mad. However, Iruka had long been used to it.

Iruka was also used to the after-school hours he spent, slaving away over the Henge examinations that needed grading. Iruka loved his students. He just hated the tests they could never pass.

There were many days like today where the final bell clanged at the Academy, and the students were dismissed to go home. After the mad horde of students would leave the classroom, Iruka would be left alone to grade, grade, and grade some more.

The pencil suddenly clattered to the floor, and Iruka let out an exasperated sigh. He propped his chin onto his hand. Papers were littered all over his desk, and some were in a stack in the corner that was taller than he was.

It took a lot to frustrate Iruka. In this case, a combination of things irked the teacher.

First of all, how much time had he wasted teaching the same, dull things to students who didn't even pay attention to him? Iruka was tired of dedicating himself to explaining countless lessons about shuriken techniques, only to have the information go into every students' ear and out the other!

Then, as much as he loved teaching at the Academy, Iruka wanted to be a real Chuunin for once. He missed the excitement of missions and the thrilling danger that came with them. It had been too long since Iruka experienced the adrenaline rush and the life risk of a mission, and this upset him.

Yet most of all, instead of being cooped up in a stuffy classroom day in and day out, Iruka wanted to help Naruto train.

Naruto's large success of perfecting his Rasen-Shuriken technique made Iruka realize that Naruto was progressing. But what hurt the most was that Naruto was progressing without him. Iruka once played the most important role in Naruto's life. Now, Iruka was watching Naruto grow up, and he was slowly fading…

Iruka shook his head and stood. He crossed the classroom to the window, hoping that some fresh air would clear his head.

It didn't. Because standing outside, reading his usual book was Kakashi.

Iruka's heart skipped a beat. It suddenly became very warm, and beads of sweat formed on his hairline. This was the third day this week Kakashi had waited outside the Academy.

Biting his lip, Iruka rushed back to his desk. His shaking hands shuffled through the exam papers. Why the hell was he so nervous?! It was only Kakashi…

After a few minutes of scrambling, Iruka exited the Academy. The sun was close to setting now. Iruka laughed under his breath. Naruto was probably at Ichiraku ramen by now.

As quickly as possible, Iruka went through the schoolyard. Kakashi was nowhere in sight. As long as they didn't strike up a conversation…

"Hey, Iruka."

The teacher jumped in surprise, letting his papers fall to the ground. He looked up in irritation to find Kakashi, hanging from a branch in the nearby tree.

"Sorry, didn't mean to make you drop those." The Copy Ninja said sheepishly, scratching his head.

Iruka stooped down to gather the schoolwork. Kakashi dropped from the tree and landed smoothly on the ground.

"Need help there?" Kakashi asked.

"No, no, I can manage." Iruka answered sharply. He straightened up, papers in hand, and stormed past Kakashi hurriedly. "I should go."

"What, to grade more papers?" Kakashi scoffed. "Just looking at you is killing the trees! Let's have a drink together at the teahouse."

"Thanks for the invite, but I'll pass." Iruka told him. Iruka continued on, but Kakashi was swift to follow.

"I'm determined to have you enjoy yourself for one night, Iruka." Kakashi pressed in all seriousness. "Have a drink with me." Iruka's pace slowed at the sound of Kakashi's voice.

"K-Kakashi…" Iruka stuttered.

"I'll even pay if you want me to." Kakashi offered. Iruka stopped abruptly and rolled his eyes.

"You've never paid before…" He mumbled. Kakashi laughed, placing a hand on Iruka's shoulder. Iruka stiffened.

"I'm willing to this time. It's for the sake of your social health." Kakashi taunted. Iruka eased up with a chuckle and shrugged his shoulders. They started walking again.

"Okay, we'll go. But I have to drop this stuff off at my house first."


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