Kyrre was haunted by what he had done. He's never taken a life before and he hated the feeling. How can Thane be so cool about it? Kyrre thought as he sat in the room Axis had constructed for him within his tower. The room was quite ordinary. The walls were smooth grey stone with no decoration what so ever. In the room was a bed with plain white sheets and a chair. He originally planned to stay in his room until Axis summoned him but the boredom was too much for him to handle and he abandoned that idea and decided to wander the temple. He hadn't got to really look around it yet. Its been a week since he destroyed Axis's first tower and all of the people in it (not to mention most of the city and its inhabitants, but he didn't think about that anymore) but Axis had already found new employees and he was surprised to learn that most of the new inhabitants had been the people he made homeless in last weeks disaster. As he walked down the halls of the tower he passed by at least a hundred people in fifteen minutes. It was practically a city inside. As he progressed further he went through a door that exited into a large field surrounded by walls. Within the field merchant huts were set up, filling the majority of the space in the field. What wasn't filled by the tents was filled with people. Kyrre didn't dare enter the cloud of claustrophobia so he turned around and went back inside. Kyrre really wanted to be back in his room for fear of being recognized by one of the many people that passed him by, as the destroyer of their dreams. However, he was now lost in the maze of his new home. He put up the hood of his assigned uniform and wandered the halls as a ghost, slithering through the crowed in search of his room.


Thane paced back and forth in Solemyr's hut.

"Are you ready to go yet!?" He yelled

"You will be patient Thane. We have plenty of time." Sora said, combing her hair and getting dressed in some cloths she and Jenova bought in one of the coastal cities.

"We need to leave now, Solemyr has just finished constructing a new hideout for us and we need to leave before Axis decides to strike. Our plan is not to wait long enough in hopes that he catches a disease and dies." Thane scolded.

"There, all finished. Was that so bad Thaney poo?" Sora said with a smug look on her face.

Thane turned red. Not a blush. He turned red because he was mad.

"I am going to pretend I didn't hear that and leave you to yourself." Thane said and disappeared.

"That guy is to tense all the time." Sora whispered to herself. "What happened to him?"

She was finished packing and the hut was empty save for the table next to the window. Sora vanished into light, all her belongings in her arms.

She reappeared next to a river surrounded by two large faces of rock. The new place they chose as the location of their campaign was a valley far away from the city Axis had control over. As far as the eye could see, tents lined the river as it snaked through the valley. The tents held ten men, so there must have been around a thousand tents going down river. The valley was very straight (with a little help from Tridon and Sora) but it was still hard to see the end of the line of tents. Rion was drafted into the ranks and put in a tent somewhere in the mass amount of them. Most of them were red and they all had some individual quality that the inhabitants decorated them with. Solemyr's hut sat at the head. It looked virtually the same as the one they just abandoned.

"Will it be enough you think?"

Sora turned to see Jenova standing behind her looking friendly but worry showed in her eyes. Over the month Sora had been back, her and Jenova had become close friends.

"I am sure it will be plenty. Especially combined with the power of the Primordials." Sora replied but her words rung hollow, even she could feel the uncertainty in her voice. Jenova looked down the long line of tents, lost in thought.

"Where is Thane and Solemyr?" Sora asked.

"Thane is in the basement of the hut talking with one of the men that was captured leaving Axis's city. He was wearing black and Axis's insignia. Solemyr…last I saw he was talking with several of the more powerful clouds he recruited." Jenova pointed in the direction she last saw him.

"Gotcha, thanks Jenova, I think I'll go see Thane for a bit." Sora said.

Jenova smiled a cat like smile like she knew a surprise party was waiting for her inside.

"What?" Sora asked.

"Of course you would go see Thane first." Jenova said with a wink and then left in the direction she pointed to earlier. Sora just blinked in utter confusion.

She walked inside the hut. It was uncanny how similar it looked to the old one. She walked past the small living room into the hall and took a right followed by another quick right and she descended down the narrow staircase. When she got to the door she put her ear to it to see what Thane was saying. She heard muffled noises and some clanging of metal. She creaked open the door and walked inside. She froze and let out a squeamish squeak and put her hand to her mouth as she collapsed to the floor. She gazed in horror at the man strapped to a chair covered in bruises and bleeding from the nose and mouth.

"…Thane!" she screamed in a high pitch voice. Thane came out from behind a curtain near the back wearing a mask and apron.

"What have you done!?" she screeched.

"Isn't it obvious? I'm getting information on the enemy." he said calmly…so calmly. Sora could feel herself shaking as tears began to fall.

"Not like this. Never like this." She whispered. Thane raised an eyebrow then looked down with shame.

"Maybe you should go back upstairs and forget you ever saw this. I will keep his mouth gagged." Thane said.

Sora suddenly found her rage.

"What? So we cant hear the screams?" She said as she got up and glared at him.

Thane didn't reply

"Release him Thane." She said. He looked up shocked.

"He knows where we are!" He yelled. Waving his hands in exclamation. The man in the chair shook his head frantically.

"Thane. Let him go. Please." She pleaded.

"Not going to happen." Thane replied. They stared at each other for what seemed like an hour. Neither shifted their gaze.

"Fine." Sora ended the stare down. She raised her hand and shot the man with lightning, killing him instantly.

"What the hell!" Thane yelled. "Are you insane!?"

"Now he wont suffer from your evil." Sora said. Thane wasn't moved by her venomous words.

"Now how am I suppose to learn about their army strength, weaknesses in the stronghold, where his generals sleep? We need that information!" He yelled.

"You will find another way." She said and turned her back to leave.

"I know your not going to slam that door. I know your not going to-" She slammed the door leaving Thane in the basement with the dead body.

Thane knocked the tray full of assorted torture equipment to the floor in a fit of furry. He paced back and forth until his anger finally sated.

She's right though. If we are the good guys we shouldn't be doing things like this. The good guys always have the limitations. Thane thought bitterly.


Kyrre kept walking silently through the halls growing more and more frustrated. When he was about to ask someone for directions to the main hall so he could find his way from there a man ran up to him. He was average looking. Probably a messenger.

"Lord Kyrre. Master Axis summons you."

"Very well. Lead the way." Kyrre replied.

They walked for several minutes winding through halls and doorways. Kyrre was just getting more lost. They approached a door that bore the mark of Axis, a red eye incased in black stone. The messenger knocked shakily. His fear was making Kyrre nervous.

"Send him in." Axis announced.

Kyrre walked past the messenger. His face was paper white and still shaking. Kyrre closed the door behind him feeling even more nervous, but trying to hide it. In the corner of the room a dead man was sitting awkwardly with his jaw ripped off. Blood pooled around the corps. Kyrre had never felt so unwelcome in a room before. It was dark and made of the same stone used in his room. On the far back wall there was a large window with translucent black drapes pulled closed. In front of that was a plain wooden desk with scattered papers. On the wall hung multiple paintings. None of them showing any real detail. All of them just gave the feeling of dread and doom.

"You summoned me?"

"I have fully recovered my power. I am complete." Axis said without looking up.

Kyrre felt fear for the first time in a long time.

Does this mean he doesn't need me anymore? Kyrre though. Fear grasped his heart and gave it a slight squeeze.

"This…is good news master." Kyrre said shakily.

Axis looked up with a grin. Not a comforting grin. This was sadistic, cruel. There was so much evil in that smile it flowed into Kyrre like radiation. But what troubled Kyrre the most were his eyes. He couldn't look away from his eyes.

If I don't look away soon…I'll go mad! His mind shouted but to no avail. It was Axis that broke the trance. Kyrre collapsed to his knees gasping.

"Your mind is strong now." Axis almost chuckled. "I want you to go kill someone."

"Who?" Kyrre asked, getting control over his vocal cords.

"Tridon." Axis said.

The name sounded familiar to Kyrre but he couldn't quite place it with a face.

"It will be done."

"Very good. Go now."

Kyrre left as quick as he could. Once the door was shut he shuttered and teleported outside for fresh air. He stood just outside the tower with his back against the wall. A shadow appeared behind him and grabbed his shoulder. Kyrre jumped back and drew his sword.

"Nicely done." Axis said. "You forgot his location." Axis said with that inhumane grin and handed him a piece of paper. "Happy hunting…" He vanished.