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Mind of a Woman, Heart of a Samurai

Giving In

Every time that I've ever watched Kyo fight, I've done so with bated breath. Deep down, I always know that Kyo will be the victor, and that we will end the day bickering over how stupid he was for showing off while I tend to his wounds. Tonight, however, feels different. As Kyo faces off with this particular enemy, I feel an odd charge in the air as if something may go wrong at any moment.

I find myself inhaling deeply, fearing to breathe as I watch my hero defend my honor. Yet again.

My fingers tighten around the shortsword that I don't remember retreiving from beside the futon. When had I reached for the weapon? Why not my gun?

The horribly crass woman who has Kyo in her sights is terribly beautiful to behold. Her dark hair gleams and her pale skin is translucent in the moon's light. The mocking sneer mars her beauty for only a moment as she reschools her expression into a sultry smile. I wonder how any man, especially the lecherous Demon Eyes Kyo, can deny her.

"Well, it's such a pity that things have to turn out this way, Kyo-kun." I cringe at her familiarity with my lover, but the reflex is halted by my gasp at her sudden change in appearance. The sneer has returned, and her look is almost as demonic as Kyo's. "I can't allow you to live, now that I know that you prefer that srawny thing over me. It's just wrong. The world will be much better without someone with such poor taste."

She draws her sword and brandishes it my direction. "Kyo, I'll kill you swiftly, as a mercy, but her," she points the tip of the sword at my face, "I will take my time with. I will torture her for the insult of breathing the same air as me, as well as for somehow fooling you into loving her."

I cringe again and feel my face heat up at her words. How could she possibly think Kyo loves me just becuase he doesn't want a gaudy piece of trash like her? My eyes flicker toward Kyo, and they widen sharply.

Kyo's face is dark with a condiserable frown as he considers this woman and her words. His red eyes burn with a hatred that I haven't seen there for quite some time. Had her words affected him that much? Did he really hate me so badly that her words had caused such insult?

I feel my pulse quicken as I watch the two fighters stalk one another around the courtyard. They take slow deliberate steps, sizing one another up. I watch Kyo closely as he watches his foe, and I realize that he does not take this one seriously, either. He moves with the creeping wariness of a lethal cat, but I can see that his body is fluid, not at all on alert or rigid. He does not think her a true threat. So, why fight her at all? Surely the tauntings of a woman aren't enough to ruffle the feathers of the Thousand Man Killer.

I slide my gaze to the woman, and am unamazingly stunned my her beauty once again. She would be the portrait of perfection but for the everpresent sneer corrupting her features. I follow her movements with my eyes as she moves slowly closer to Kyo. She has the confident gait of a seasoned killer, and I think that Kyo just may be underestimating her.

I close my eyes as they move closer, all pretense of reading one another finished. They mean to continue with this battle, a fight of the cause of which I'm still not completely certain. I can feel the tension in the air. The woman's aura is strong, but not near Kyo's. His is heavy, but does not weigh me down like usual. And then, I feel the presence of another aura mixing into those of the fighters. It is lighter, not melevolent at all, but fierce.

I open my eyes as I know that their blades are about to come together and clench my teeth in preparation of the grating sound.

I don't even feel my body move. It's as if I were still standing on the sidelines. Suddenly, I find myself between the two fighters, sword raise in effort to fend off the other woman's blow. The sharp scrape of our weapons as they come together startles me out of my daze. I blink up into the woman's face but rally enough strength to keep her incapacitated for a moment.

"Woman, what are you doing." The aggitation is focused directly at me, and I know that his eyes are burning a hole into the back of my head.

"It's my turn, Kyo." I turn my face just enough to see him with one eye. "Let me show you how strong I am."

I turn all of my attention on the woman who is bearing down on me with phenominal power. I can feel the intenisty of Kyo's gaze for only a second longer, then his crushing aura moves to the edge of our arena.

"Hmph. Who'd have thought that the great Mibu Kyo would be cowed by a mere dog." The woman's dark eyes shine with fury as I have stolen her prey from her grasp.

"I. Am. Not. A. Dog." Each syllable bolsters my strength, and with the last word, I am able to break apart from my foe. She immediately comes at me with a flurry of hard slashes that I easily parry or outright dodge. She follows her slashes with a lunge that is too full of anger, and she overcompensates. I get in a swipe along her side as her momentum carries her past me.

I turn and watch as my enemy rights herself, using her free hand to apply pressure to her wound. The gash is ugly but not life threatening. Damn.

The beautiful woman sculpts her expression into that angry sneer before she comes at me again. Inside, I want nothing more than to drop my sword and flee like a screaming little girl. But, I know that Kyo is out there watching me, and I will not let him down. I take a deep breath to calm my nerves and reach back into what I have learned over the past few weeks.

I keep a calculating eye on the woman as she tears her way across the courtyard in my direction. She is wild and beligerent. No more is the cool and collected foe that had wanted Kyo's blood. This is a woman who feels that she has been wronged in some way by my very existence. Her vanity is her weakness, and I just may have to use it against her.

Again, she lunges toward me. This time, she has timed her attack better, and her sword grazes my arm before I am able to fully pull out of the way. The cut is not deep, but it does burn. I glance up at my surroundings and see the pinpricks of crimson irises watching from a dark corner. He is still here, and he seems to have corralled all of the woman's men into a heap just inside the yard. I wonder if he's killed them.

When I bring my gaze back to my fight, I can see that my foe is winded, and that she is in severe pain from the wound on her side. It is time to end this battle. I do not have the savvy that Kyo does when it comes to prolonging a fight, nor do I want it. I just want to finish this and then go to bed.

The woman is dauntless. She comes at me again, but this time, I step into her attack, and I am able to flick her sword from her hand with a turn of my wrist. Using my own momentum, I am able to flip her up over my shoulder and onto her back. She is winded badly and cannot catch her breath fast enough to scramble to her feet.

I loom over her, well probably not, as I am too small to loom, but I try to all the same. I focus my attention on her face, that is still quite lovely given her exertion and the amount of grime she has collected. I nonchalantly lay the edge of my sword across her face.

"With just a small movement, I could make you ugly." Her eyes widen in fear, and I can see her body tremble as she realizes just what is at stake.

"No, not my face, please."

"Leave this place now." I turn away from her and make my way through the window, into the safety of my room.

The room is dark, and even though the moon illuminates the room, I know that no one can see me as I begin my own trembling. I toss the sword into a corner, disgusted at having had to use it. Anger boils under my skin. Anger at joinning a fight that hadn't been mine, anger at how I had won. I despise being used as a tool against Kyo, yet I had used that woman's one weakness against her.

Is that who I really am?

I sit against the wall of my room for an eternity, just shaking with a blank mind. I cannot bear to think about what I've done. Kyo would say that I showed my own weakness by allowing her to live. But I don't know if that is true. She hadn't really been after my life, so there was no point in killing her. My nerves are still tense, and I continue to shake.

"You shouldn't have interfered."

I had known he would come back eventually. As I know that he is eyeing me, taking stock of my condition, and judging me harshly. I do not look at him, nor do I answer him as I continue to try to pull myself together. He moves close to me, regarding me closely.

"It's the thrill of battle that's coursing through your body. It'll keep going for some time, and then will leave you quickly. You'll suddenly feel exhausted and will need sleep." He grips my chin and directs my focus to him. "But, for now, let me look at your arm."

It's quite an odd change for us. I am the wounded warrior as Kyo plays nursemaid to my wounds. It is quite surreal. He must be drawing from Kyoshiro's medical prowess as he cleanses the cut on my arm then bandages it. His touch is uncommonly light and gentle, and I cannot help but to watch his face as he tends to me. The anger is no longer there, only a concentrated frown.

I reach up with my free hand and try to smooth the frown from his forehead. Instead, the frown deepens as he looks up at me.

"The battle is still in your body, it will pass."

I understand what he means. The rush of excitement that I felt when fighting for my life is still there, but that is not all that I'm feeling right now. It is moments like this, moments when Kyo is gentle without realizing it that gives me a true thrill.

He stands to repack the medical supplies. I stand with him. When I grip his kimono tightly, so that he cannot turn away from me, his whole body tenses. His wary gaze narrows and he watches my face closely for just a moment. I hesitate too long, and he tries to pull away from me once again. This time I do not hesitate.

I kiss him.

I grip the front of his kimono tightly and pull him bodily to my level as I stand on tiptoe to meet him.

I kiss him with every intense emotion that I've had for the past month.

For just an instant I think that he will not join me, but then he kisses back. His mouth is hot on mine, and he exudes the pent up emotions that I feel. I release his clothing and throw my hands around his neck in order to bring our bodies closer, but he does not wrap his arms around me. As I run my own hands across his shoulders and down his arms, all the while deepening our kiss as much as possible, I can feel the tension that continues to reside in his body. He continues to kiss me, but I do not feel his hands on me.

I pull back to ask him what is wrong, and I can see the struggle in his eyes. I can see how he wants me, could feel it in his kiss, yet he had not held me. Still he refuses to touch me....

"Kyo," I whisper, pulling him back down to my level, "Touch me."

I let out a sharp squeak when I am crushed bodily against him, and he kisses me again. This time, his mouth is rough, and I feel the scrape of his teeth draw blood from my lip. I am too worried about riding through the sensations of his hands of my body to even care.

I can feel his touch through my yukata, and my skin craves more. I pull away, and find that I have the confidence to push him onto the bed. Kyo's eyes are alight with desire, and I know that I will be the only woman to ever see him full of so much lust and need. I tear at his sash and pull his clothing open, the rush of both my battle and the anticipation of lovemaking, making me bold and fierce.

Shaking my head to clear my senses, I realize that I've made Kyo completely naked, and that he is currently lounging across my bed watching me. He is waiting for me to make the next move. He is waiting for me to take control, and he is allowing me to have my way.

I come to my knees, by his side, still fully clothed. I run my hand across his chest, down his stomach, and through the patch of bright red hair just blow his navel. Kyo's body has alway been a wonder to me, but this is the first time that I have been given permission to fully enjoy it. My eyes follow the path of my hand as it ghosts over his flesh.

I find numerous scars, many of which I am the cause, and take my time exploring them. The remnants of old battles seem to be of particular sensitivity, as every time I touch one, Kyo sucks in a breath through clenched teeth. He has so many, it must be very difficult for him to allow me to seek them out.

Once I have found all of Kyo's battle wounds, I chance a glance to his beautiful face, and I am astonished at what I see. I once again can only desribe Kyo as a large cat. His eyes are hooded with pleasure and relaxation, much like a cat after a bout of catnip. But, I know that that is only his surface appearance. Given the opportunity, he will pounce, and, if he were to do so now, he may just break me. The lazy haze that seems to surround him only barely covers the underlying hunger.

I try to swallow but find that my throat is unnaturally dry.

"Oh, no you don't." He reaches up and cups my face in his hands, whispering a kiss on my lips. "This is your game, and I won't let you back out of it now." His lips lock against mine with a sort of possessiveness that I've never even known from Kyo. He kisses me long and hard, and causes my head to swim. My body heats up with my own desire, and the thrill comes back.

Before I can pry myself away from Kyo, I am pulled across his lap to straddle him. The very core of my body brushes against him, and he arches into me. Now, I feel the proof of his desire for me, and I cannot stop the heat that is connecting us.

Those red eyes watch my face as he grinds himself against me, beneath my clothing. I have yet to discard my yukata, while Kyo is fully naked. I am startled to finally see what he is doing. He has given me control of his pleasure, of his body, and he has left himself to my mercy. I take a moment to reflect on what that means, skimming my hands across the hard planes of his chest and stomach. Then he shatters all my thoughts with one word.

"Yuya." Even whispered, I can feel the depth of his need for me, what he has given me tonight, and what he is telling me with his body. I fight back the joyous tears that I feel coming. After all, Kyo stills sees those as a weakness, and god forbid I do anything to ruin this night.

Leaning across Kyo's torso, I find his lips once again, and this time I keep it tender and sweet. I reach between us and grip the evidence of his hunger, then slide my body onto his. Kyo lets out a very uncharacteristic groan, as if he has been waiting for this for some time, and I cannot help but to agree with my own sigh.

He holds onto my thighs, which are still covered by my clothing and pushes into my body, silently telling me to continue or he will die. I push up, then bear down, just as he thrusts upward, and I feel as if my vision has shattered. Each time our bodies come together, I cannot keep my cries of pleasure inside, and they only get louder. This spurs Kyo on, as he suddenly sits up and wraps his arms around my body. He uses his arms to pull me tighter to his body as he thrusts harder, and I feel as if my world will crach down around me at any moment.

Then, as Kyo plunges in with a particularly deep piston of his hips, my world does come apart, and I cry out as my pleaure blinds me. I vaguely hear myself call out my love to Kyo, which seems to trigger his own satisfaction as he soon follows me into bliss.

After a moment of labored breathing and slumping onto Kyo's chest, I feel as though I cannot move. I feel a completely different thrill as my pleasure thrums through me.

"I do think you've broken me." I mumble into Kyo's sweat slickened chest. The low rumble of a chuckle sends chills down my spine.

All too soon, I am pulled from my perch atop my demon to lie beside him on the bed. Well, not really beside him. More like my back to his front as he wraps completely around me. His arms circle my torso with that sense of wicked possessiveness, and one of his knees nestles its way between my thighs. I find myself suddenly too tired to think too much about our current arrangement.

As if sensing my confusion, Kyo's breath grazes across my cheek.

"I told you that the rush would wear off suddenly, now you need to sleep. You need to rest anyways, as we're leaving tomorrow."

I can barely follow what he is saying, but I try to perk up at the mention of going on our way. "Why?"

"We're going back to Edo."

"Huh? Why Edo?" I find myself too sleepy to follow his reasoning, but I vaguely hear something about having a reason to go back there. He doesn't get the chance to finish before I am out.

The next morning, I am not awakened by a kiss nor a cuddle. No, this time, I am tumbled out of my bed as Kyo picks futon and all up and rolls me onto the floor. I shriek loud enough to scare those in the neighboring room and commence to throwing whatever is in reach at my tormentor. He retreats into hallway with low chuckles at my expense and a warning to be ready to leave in ten minutes. My ire knows no bounds, and, as I dress, I plot Mibu Kyo's demise.

Amongst the plotting, I am periodically reminded of my tender feelings toward that horrible demon, and I know that I could never truly hurt him. Well, not for the lack of trying anyway.

But, I have pleny of time for that.

It is a beautiful early srping day, and I am about to begin a new advernture.

And I hold in my hands, the Heart of a Samurai.


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