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Schadenfreude - n. - pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others.


April 23, 2009

Stepping into the empty elevator, she allowed him no time to prepare himself as she all but assaulted him, pushing him up against the wall as the doors shut in their wake, her lips strong against his.

The elevator didn't move. Not without instruction, at least. Between small kisses, Asuka mashed her hand up against the buttons, knowing the general area of the floor they needed to get off at to be at Misato's apartment, and just hoped for the best. She had made her way up to that apartment God knows how many times, and even lived there, so she should know by now.

Opening an eye to make sure, she noticed that she had pressed more than needed to be pushed in the first place. Asuka dismissed the thought, figuring she would have a little more fun than she originally had planned. He was content with the ambush, on the other hand, his hands wandering down her back as she brought herself closer to him.

She fisted the front of Shinji's button-up shirt as she deepened the kiss. He tried to gain some sort of dominance, leaning her back, but she would have none of that. With an extra shove, his back 'thumped' against the metallic wall. A small groan manifested in the back of his throat, but she ignored it as the kiss continued on as they rose from floor to floor. They were never like this in public, with anyone around. They were private people, and even though Asuka knew that she loved the idiot, she wasn't comfortable with her love life on display. Who knew who was watching?

She understood, however, the allure to elevators that she knew drew Misato in–especially when she was with the right person, mind you. That thought was easily pushed aside as the telltale 'ding!' of the elevator brought her back to her senses as it reached the first stop.

Glancing at the lit number on the panel to make sure that it was, indeed, the wrong floor, she tugged Shinji off of the wall by his shirt and pushed him out of the elevator with a grin, just breaking the kiss when he was on the other side of the doors. Dazed and confused, as he was abruptly pulled from a very nice kiss, he felt like he was being thrown into ice water when he watched Asuka blow him a kiss with a wink as the doors shut in front of him. She was overly giddy at the look on his face. She always enjoyed keeping him on the edge. He was never comfortable for too long, and she made sure of it. Variety was the spice of life, no?

"Dammit, Asuka," he hissed as he watched the numbers ascend in front of him, rolling his eyes at her behavior. He wondered why she had pushed her out and stayed on, but quickly realized her intentions when he saw that the floor was not the correct one they were supposed to be on, but a couple below it. Her actions didn't really surprise him anymore, though. Leave it to her to play games that literally left him out in the cold. It was winter, for Christ's sake! Give a guy a break, at least.

He began his ascent up the stairs at an excruciatingly slow pace; he knew that would piss her off that he didn't come running.

He must have been a masochist, with how eagerly he went back for more.

He always went back for more.