The Christmas Welcome Home

"Mama! Mama!" Elizabeth Walton Cutler rushed into the living room of her parents John and Olivia Walton's house on Walton's Mountain, Virginia. Elizabeth had grown up in this house, and goes back to it often. She shared a room with her 2 sisters; Mary Ellen Walton Willard Jones, and Erin Esther Walton Northridge; who both live with their families away from the house, but they both still live somewhere near Walton's Mountain. Erin lives in Charlottesville where she is a second grade school teacher, and Mary Ellen is a doctor at a hospital in Charlottesville. Elizabeth is the baby of the Walton family. There is John Boy, the writer in New York, and his wife Janet. Then Jason is a music lover, and his wife Toni, Mary Ellen and her husband Arlington Wescott Jones "Jonesy", Erin and her husband Paul Northridge, Ben is the business man, and his wife Cindy, Jim Bob is the dreamer, and then little Elizabeth. Elizabeth has this gorgeous red hair that's long and beautiful. As her mama, Olivia, hears Elizabeth's call she runs in to meet her.

"Elizabeth! How are you? I've missed you so much!"

"We have missed you too Mama. Where's daddy?"

"He's out in the mill with Ben. Where's Drew, and my beautiful granddaughter? What'd you name her again?" Elizabeth sighs.

"Mama. Her name is Erin Esther Walton Cutler. After Erin and Grandma." Olivia hugs her daughter tight and cries lightly over the thought of Esther Walton, who had passed away not very long ago.

"You promised to bring me pictures of my granddaughter. Now where are they?"

"We are waiting for them to come back in Mama. It takes time to get pictures, they don't just appear out of thin air. By the way, Merry Christmas!"

"Merry Christmas, Elizabeth. It's good to have you back. John Curtis is graduating soon and making me feel like an old maid."

"Oh, Mama; you could never be an old maid, we love you too much. You know that just because we don't visit as often as you would like us to."

"That's my problem, Elizabeth." John enters, and grabs Elizabeth and hugs her real tight.

"Honey! Ben said he thought that was your car in the drive! How have you been? Where is my granddaughter?"

"Well Drew is taking her to see his parents and then they will be here tomorrow morning for you to see her." Ben walks in behind Elizabeth.

"She better be. That's my niece." Elizabeth whirls around and grabs Ben around the neck.

"BEN! How have you been? How's the mill? How is Cindy and Charlie?"

"They are good. I'm really good. The mill could be better since we lost Drew to our worst competitor."

"HEY! I never said he couldn't continue to work at the mill. I wanted him to, but he quit for me, so he could have a sit down job."

"I'm sorry, I didn't realize it was still a touchy subject Elizabeth."

"It's okay Ben, I just didn't like it that you picked on Drew for quitting when he did it for me and Erin."

"Speaking of Erin, when is our sister Erin supposed to arrive?" Olivia piped up saying,

"Erin and Paul will be here about dinner time. Mary Ellen and Jonesy should be here any minute. Jim Bob will be off work for Ike anytime now, and Jason and Toni will be here tomorrow."

"I heard my name. What are you saying about me?" Jim Bob asks as he walks in the front door.

"Jim Bob Walton! I have missed you so much. How is the business?"

"Elizabeth, what I want to know is where is my niece?"

"Drew took her to go see his parents and then they will be over here tomorrow. Just in time for Christmas."

"Merry Christmas everybody!" Mary Ellen ran in in her usual style and yelled out.

"Merry Christmas Mary Ellen, Jonesy, John Curtis, Katie, Clay."

"Merry Christmas Grandma!" Katie and Clay say in unison.

"Where are Erin and Paul?" Mary Ellen asks.

"They should be here by dinner time, but since they are coming from Charlottesville, I don't know."

"Well, do you want me to go look for them, John? Olivia?" Jonesy asks.

"No, they will be here soon. I am not worried about it. I know Paul is a good enough driver to get my daughter here."

"Are they bringing the kids with them John?"

"Liv, Paul's parents think that we have them enough of the time and that they want the kids for Christmas."

"But Erin and Paul are their parents. Shouldn't they decide who they spend time with?"

"I don't know Livie, but as of right now the kids are going to be staying with Paul's parents."

"Are John Boy and Janet going to be here?"

"YES! Come here Mary Ellen." John Boy hugs his oldest sister tightly.

"How have you guys been?"

"We are doing really good. We love New York, but we want to come back to the Mountain."

"John! That was supposed to be a surprise!" Janet yells.

"But I wanted to let them know right away." Just then Erin and Paul walk in arguing.

"They JUST wanted the kids for Christmas!" Paul yells.

"Aaron, and Elizabeth are MY children too! My parents should get to see them too! I mean we did come to Walton's Mountain for Christmas!"

"I am sick and tired of your bickering ERIN!!!"

"FINE, so I am."

"You want a divorce?"

"I will do anything to get away from you Paul Northridge!"

"Fine, that's what we'll do. After Christmas I am calling my lawyer."

"Me too!"

To Be Continued..