A/N: I'm so sorry, I had no clue it had been so long since I'd written a chapter for this story, but I can promise you that it won't happen again.

A few days later, Ben, John and Drew were working in the mill when Paul walked up with his father. At first Ben and John didn't see him. Drew stopped working.

"Ben." Drew said. Ben looked at him and Drew nodded towards the men walking towards the mill. Ben stopped working as well. He touched his father's shoulder.

"Daddy, we have company." Ben said. John turned around to see his son in law standing there.

"Hello son." John stated. Paul nodded but didn't speak.

"You must be John Walton. I hear an awful lot about you from my daughter in law." He said. John nodded.

"Yes I am." John replied.

"Good. I wanted to make sure I was giving this to the right person." The man handed John a letter.

"What's this?" John asked holding the envelope.

"I'm suing your mill. Your men hurt my son where he can no longer work to support his family. I want his damages paid as well as a few other things." He stated.

"You can't do that. We don't have the money to pay out for a lawsuit." Drew responded.

"It's all right there in black and white Mr. Walton. It's legal. I can have this mill if you can't pay. I'm not afraid to have a few of my men overtake this little operation. It'll take away some of my competition." He said without blinking.

"You don't need any more competition taken from you. And you certainly don't need any more money Northridge!" Ben shouted.

"Ben, isn't this what got us here in the first place?" Drew asked quietly from behind him. Ben turned around and glared at him.

"This isn't the time to play little brother Drew." He turned back around. "Your family has more money than any person on this mountain. Why would you want to try and take something away from us that has been in our family for generations?" Ben asked. The man stared at Ben.

"You are the one who injured my son. He can no longer work to support his family. He needs some kind of money coming in." He stated.

"He's a Northridge! He's probably got money coming out of his ears like the rest of the Northridge family! I know Erin doesn't want for anything!" Ben exclaimed.

"Hey! You watch your mouth Ben. I've worked for everything I have. It wasn't just given to me. Erin doesn't want because I make sure she has through the money I earn at the mill. My father has always made me work to pay my way. It has never been an easy ride and I wouldn't expect it to be." Paul said. Ben glared at him.

"For all the low down things for you to do Paul. What did Erin say when you told her about this? This will split her in two pieces you know. You can't expect Erin or anybody else to choose between their husband or wife and their family." Ben said.

"I haven't told Erin. I figured it would just hurt her more, so I thought maybe she could stay here for a few days and then when this is all over with we'll be moving." Paul said.

"I'll do everything I can in my power to make sure you never see my daughter again." John exclaimed.

"I'm sorry John, you're past that now. I'm married to your daughter. You can't prevent anything from happening." Paul replied and then he and his father walked away. John grabbed a hammer off the table in the mill and smashed the table with it.

"John, I'm sorry." Drew said. John looked at him with daggers in his eyes. Then he sighed. He didn't want to take his anger out on Drew. It wasn't Drew's fault.

"It's going to be fine Drew. But I have to take these papers into Olivia." John stated. He walked towards the house to find Erin, Elizabeth, Jason and Mary Ellen sitting around the living room. Olivia was in the kitchen.

"Hi daddy." Elizabeth stood up. John hugged Elizabeth quickly and then walked into the kitchen.

"Liv, look at this." John held the papers out to her. She took them and looked at them. Then she looked at him.

"What? These are court papers." Olivia stated and John nodded.

"Yes. We are being sued by Northridge because Paul can't work with his father with a broken arm."

"Oh John." Olivia replied. Mary Ellen, Jason, and Elizabeth ran into the kitchen. "Paul is suing you?" Mary Ellen exclaimed. "I gave him a clean bill of health." Jason grabbed the papers from Olivia and looked through them.

"Is this really legal?" Jason asked. John nodded.

"I figure it is. I'm going to go to Charlottesville and talk to a lawyer." John stated.

"I want to go with you." Erin said from the living room. John walked over to her. Erin was standing in front of the couch with her arms crossed crying. "You can use my lawyer Daddy." Erin and John walked out of the front door, got in the truck and headed off to Charlottesville.