Author's Note: This story was written during the Pein/Pain attack in the manga before the Ten Tailed Demon was revealed. Please keep an open mind! Thanks!

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Lael looked around at the peaceful setting, the forest was serene. Unfortunately his head was splitting with a migraine, the scenery blurred before his eyes as he put his shaking hands to his head. Collapsing to his knees in the grass he clenched his jet black hair as the pain increased causing white dots to cross his vision. Knowing that he would soon pass out from the intense pain he crawled slowly to a rotting tree and collapsed inside.


Sil looked down at her human currently collapsed in a rotted hollowed out tree, not exactly the right kind of place for Her chosen human to be, but she could manage. After all, the boy had done well during his intense training as the heir to her power. Curling her chakra around him she settled back inside him for the time being. After all, the amount of chakra he had used to resurrect the other human had caused him to be in this state. He would need her power if he wanted to live, and he had no choice whether he was going to live or die.

She had raised him from a young age, though not from this continent she had taught him the language and customs of the people. She had claimed this boy as her own body, soul, and mind. He was the only one worthy to inherit the only power greater than Kyubi's. The power of the 10 tailed demon, her power.


Swallowing his throat felt raw and dry from him lying there with nothing to eat or drink for several days. He also felt Sil, she had settled back inside his mind, for now. Though he doubted it would be long before she left again, unlike the other tailed demons, Sil was not sealed inside his body and chose to come and go as she pleased. He had gotten used to it over the years, after all he barely remembered a time when she hadn't been there speaking in the back of his mind.

Sitting up slowly Lael looked around, everywhere his eyes touched, there was green. This forest was filled with life unfortunately the hidden village he had seen along his way traveling here had been reduced to little more than rubble. From what Sil had told him it's name was the Hidden Leaf Village. Standing in one smooth movement he spoke in his mind to Sil. What do you wish now? Her deadly soft voice whispered across his thoughts like a chill breeze, and the words caused his heartbeat to accelerate. Now my heir I will give you all the wisdom and power in my possession. Sounds rushed in his ears and he started feeling dizzy and still she spoke on. The day I have been waiting for has come the Silver Shinobi that has been lost is now found.

It is time for you to carry on my power. Open yourself to me and let me pour into you. Like a long forgotten reflex his entire being obeyed her words as though his body was no longer under his control. Then he felt it, like quick-silver her chakra raced through his body flooding him, causing his skin to glow white at the barely contained chakra. Then he felt her mind wrap around his, a foreign entity trying to merge with his conscious, then in an instant it was all over. She was now a part of him, her memories, thoughts, power, agility, speed, and wisdom they all belonged to him.

He felt a wave of grief, mingled with relief, crash over him, his only companion was now gone. Though Sil was now part of him he was once again alone. The thought left him empty, but he pushed the feelings away knowing there was another pressing matter. He had to eat! Having not eaten in several days his body, though now flooded with an amount of chakra a thousand times stronger than his own, was weak.

Turning he headed toward the now destroyed Hidden Leaf Village in hopes that he might find some food. If he didn't he would be forced to release his chakra to sustain himself, and he didn't want that to happen. No, he would never be accepted if they found out. In one leap he was nearly a mile away from the spot he collapsed, he would soon reach the village. Hopefully his overtaxed body would make it until then.


Tsunade looked around her at the carnage wrought by Pain, Konoha was in shambles, but it's people were mostly alive. For that she was grateful, unfortunately they had lost many good shinobi. She walked over to where Kakashi lay a blanket covering his lifeless body. Closing her eyes she refused to cry, he had willingly given his life to save the people of Konoha, she would not dishonor him by wishing it were not so.

The Hokage turned to walk away her chakra once again at a level where she could help with healing the wounded. Before completely turning away she noticed movement out of the corner of her eye it was where Kakashi's body lay. Her anger flared at the thought of rodents already trying to eat away at his flesh. Before she could do more than take a small step, the blanket covering Kakashi was flung aside violently. The shinobi sat up as though he hadn't been dead a moment before, he looked a bit aggravated but otherwise completely alive. All she could do was stare and wondered if the copy ninja had somehow faked his death.


Kakashi had been having an interesting conversation with his father, when suddenly he felt something jerk him from behind. He was powerless to resist this pull, as he turned to look at whatever was dragging him away from his peaceful conversation his eyes widened.

There behind him dragging him by his vest was an animal he had never seen before. A cross between a fox and a wolf, silver grey eyes and snow white fur. The animal stopped and let go of him dropping him in an ungracious heap at its wickedly sharp claws. "Kakashi I am bringing you back. Don't throw away this chance. I am sending you some help use it wisely."

The voice was soft but the tone chilled him to his very bones especially as it revealed white razor sharp fangs. Silver eyes that were sharper and clearer than either Hinata's or Neji's, whose eyes he had always thought had a steel grey cast to them. "Why?" Was the only response he could come up with while his mind was muddled.

Laughter startled him as the animal's mouth opened wider showing him again those vicious white teeth and a blood red tongue. What startled him more was something he hadn't observed earlier, the animal had seemed to have only one large and rather bushy tail. But as it's amusement increased this large single tail split into several, he counted five so far.

"There is a promise I must keep. Before you ask little silver shinobi, no I will not tell you what the promise is." He simply stared lazily back and the demon's amusement seemed to increase causing each of the five tails to split leaving ten in total. One more than the demon currently sealed inside Naruto! No wonder she was seriously talking about raising him from the dead.

She's a huge threat. His mind whirled with thoughts of how to warn his village about this new threat. "Be careful this time around little shinobi, I will not be there to save you the second time you die." Before he could reply to that everything turned black, he shifted his body feeling a rock digging into his back.

Wondering who had eclipsed the sun, he also became aware of how hard it was to breathe. Lifting his hand he flung the offending cloth off, his eye was hit with sunlight and his ears became assaulted with various sounds. Feeling slightly aggravated he turned to see the Hokage staring at him in shock. He had barely enough time to dodge her fist as it came flying toward him with deadly accuracy and force. Then before she could attack again several medic nins rushed toward her carrying a limp and pale form...