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Light in the middle of the village drew his attention Lee was forced to cover his eyes before it blinded him. Something twisted in his stomach, why did he feel as though something tragic was happening. Was this how Naruto felt when he had come back from rescuing Sasuke, only to return empty handed?

Would Konoha return empty handed when trying to save Lael from his fate? When the light behind his eyelids faded he ran towards its source. Minutes later he stood staring at a sight he had dreaded seeing most. Orbs of silver chakra floated around a in the small circle, and in the middle of that circle lay his friend.

He was wounded badly and whenever an orb touched him his body would jerk then absorb it. Moving forward he felt a hand grip his arm tightly, seeing his sensei he let himself collapse. Warm arms wrapped around him as he cried for his friend. Why, why did this have to happen?

At the sound of more footsteps he finally let go of Gai-sensei and saw Sakura kneeling next to Kakashi her healing chakra glowing. When the Copy Nin blinked then opened his eyes Lee felt some relief. Lael will be happy to know Kakashi-sensei is alright.

Tsunade was just standing there looking inside the circle where Lael's body lay silent and immobile except where the silver chakra was absorbed into his body. Walking up to her he forced himself to ask the question that had been plaguing his mind since first seeing the still body of his friend.

"Hokage-sama… Lael can you..." At the shake of her head he felt a searing pain in his chest as though his heart had burst. His friend, his sparring partner was gone. When another hand was on his shoulder he turned to see Gaara, he didn't look at the body only held something out his face still emotionless.

"He asked me to give this to you he wanted you to open it in private." Shaking he took the parcel and walked away hoping to be left alone, as he slowly unwrapped it he saw a small book. The journal Sakura gave him! Smiling he held it carefully and walked to the lake, the sun was already coming up. He would be able to read it by the time he got there.

Sitting beneath Lael's favorite tree he opened the book and blinked at the first page, there was a sketch of him. Underneath the caption wrote very enthusiastic, says youthful a lot, but I hope we can be friends. Flipping through the pages he looked at the sketches and laughed at some of them, while reading some poems.

One was about a stain on some cloth that looked like a cat. Others were just some observations like, I noticed that Naruto has a fetish for ramen, he treated me to some, I like it but I couldn't eat it everyday. As he came to the end of the book his eyes filled with tears, there was a picture taken by Naruto of him and Lael. Lael had a small smile while he had a huge one, turning the page he blinked when something fell out. An envelope hidden in the back of the journal on it his name was written.

Taking a deep breath he opened the envelope and pulled out the single page there.

...Lee, forgive me for not saying good-bye. Maybe I was a coward for avoiding you in the end, but I couldn't have done it if you had protested. You are my first friend, I have lived by myself for all but five years of my life. But being around you, having fun, and just talking to you made me realize what true friendship meant. What that black hole in my life had been that duty couldn't fill.

You probably don't hate me but somehow I wish you would, that would make it easier for me to bear. Knowing that I didn't leave you with the pain of my being gone. I hope you liked my journal it's the only thing that I could think to give you, to show you how much of a friend you truly were to me.

Also tell Naruto that if he lets Sasuke get away again I'll come back from the grave just to haunt him. Tell Tsunade-hime not to feel any guilt, my choice was made long before. Also if you see the Kazekage before he leaves, tell him as a thank-you and that I will talk to his mother. Her hate has haunted him long enough. And tell Kakash-san to stop reading those perverted books before they rot his brain!

Last of all Lee I want you to forgive yourself, I know you well enough to know that you feel it was your fault for not stopping me, for not being there when I was in pain. You made the last moments worth it, to know that I was protecting the smiles and laughter of the Konoha people. Don't be sad my friend...

Tears fell and he had to close the book and letter to keep them from staining the pages, looking up at the sky he clutched the paper. Seeing his sensei standing there looking at him with worry he stood wiping the tears from his eyes. He wouldn't be sad.


Once all the chakra had absorbed itself back into Lael's body she had already assembled a team of medic nins. Once the last orb was gone all of them rushed in to the bloody body. Reaching forward all the nins had a plan, each of them was already healing the deep cuts all over his body. She checked his pulse, it was barely there, but it was there! His breathing was shallow but she already knew that would be the case and focused on the internal injuries which were already being taken care of. Reaching his neck she healed the marks there, Kakashi had already been moved to the medic tent. The Akatsuki had lived through it, thanks to her, they were now in confinement. None of them had woken up yet but she was sure they would.

When they did all they could do, Lael's breathing was steadier and his pulse a little stronger, a stretcher had already been brought out. Carefully they lifted him at the slightest jolt she turned to glare at the ninja. "Be careful!"

Sakura was already waiting at the tent, where they lay him on a small cot, an iv was set up and a breathing mask was set over his mouth. While his breathing was steady she had noticed that it was still a struggle for him. When they had done all that they could do she turned to her team. "Report!"

"Hokage-sama one his lungs have been punctured badly and he bled heavily into it, I was able to take most of the blood out and repair it, but not fully. One of his ribs had also punctured the other lung that I was able to repair fully, but if he isn't able to repair his other lung soon he will drown in his own blood."

Another medic nin stepped forward his face grim. "He was pierced through in several spots, thankfully missing the majority of his organs so there were fewer to repair. As you know he lost a lot of blood any infection could kill him."

So little of a chance to survive, will he make it! "Thank you that is all, Sakura have a nurse stationed here 24/7 I want him constantly monitored for any changes in health. Also contact Kakashi and have it made clear that he shouldn't be up and moving around in case that aggravates Lael."

With a nod and a flash of pink the girl was out of the room, the only sounds left were strained breathing, the drip from the iv, the heart monitor, and the slow beeps from it. She held her tears back wanting to curse loudly at anything and everything, instead she pushed a silver strand of hair back from his pale face.

2 Weeks Later...

Solemn and stoic everyone looked at the picture, no tears were shed as people had arrived to bury their old friend. Even Sasuke stood there dressed in black his face expressionless as he looked at the picture. Naruto, Sakura, Neji, Choji, Shikamaru, Iruka, and many more stood there. Kakashi's eyes were expressionless as he stood there stoic as people slowly approached to lay their flowers down.

No words were spoken as Lee approached laying his own flower down and said good-bye. Once everyone had finished they all stood there, suddenly another pair of footsteps walked slowly up to the picture and the last flower was laid down. The cloak hid any distinguishing features and when the other approached the alter out of respect he pushed down his hood. A shock of silver hair revealed itself and he felt his heart rate speed up.

As the figure turned he had to force himself not to run up and give his friend a bone crushing hug. Kakashi choked next to him as he looked at the figure. When Lael walked back and stood next to him his face just as stoic as the rest of theirs he had to control himself. Tsunade-sama stood and walked towards the picture of the run away cat. It had finally gotten killed after running away and falling into a river where it drowned.

"We are all gathered here to remember..." When the ceremony was done they all filed out and before he could crush his friend Sakura was right there blocking him with a glare. "He just woke up today and decided he didn't want to stay in bed, be gentle!"

Nodding he heard Lael chuckle and when Sakura moved he hesitated, but before he could do anything he was enveloped in a warm hug. He hugged back stopping when he heard a pained grunt. Pulling back Lael winced in pain revealing two small fangs much like Naruto's. All of them had noticed the change while Lael had been in the hospital; in a coma long after many of his serious injuries had healed. His hair was silver but had black tips and his fingernails were slightly curved and claw-like. But it was his eyes that held the biggest change they were still brown but had silver rings around them.

"Staring is rude you know?" At the arched eyebrow he laughed getting ready to slap Lael on the back, before he could Sakura smacked him upside the head. Lael laughed again and turned to the silent Kakashi. All eyes went to his neck and they saw the change, there was no longer a red and black tattoo it was now silver and blue. The color of both the Slave and the Master's chakra, Lael smiled the calm on his face a nice change to the pale vulnerable look he had been sporting for the last few weeks.

"How are you Kakash-san?" Kakashi just looked intensely at Lael before he spoke. "If you ever do anything like that again, no baths, for a whole week!"

Lael looked stunned for a moment before laughing, his laughter was soft and calm and Lee was happy to hear it again. Everyone stared at Lael for a moment before joining in, then his sensei came up and before Sakura could stop him he gave Lael a hearty slap on the back. Only a small wince belayed any pain he was in but other than that he just smiled and greeted him.

"Eh I thought you promised me a spar?" At Kankurou's stern words Lael turned his eyes brightening even more till it seemed like they were sparkling. "I did, didn't I, I am sorry to keep you waiting so long. I am surprised that you are still here, is it too much to hope that the Kazekage is here as well?"

Kanakuro shook his head appearing worn out, "we still have to deal with the Akatsuki, the Kage's from the other villages are meeting here in the next couple of days to decide on their fate. Gaara just decided to stay, he sent Temari to deal with Suna until then." Lael nodded hair getting in his face sighing in exasperation he seemed startled when Sakura came up behind him to tie his hair up. Then he took a deep breath and turned to Kakashi. "Kakash-san would it be too much to hope that I can bathe now?"

Everyone took a deep breath and held it when suddenly the normally stoic copy ninja laughed, Lael smiled and Lee noticed once again he had that contented look on his face. They all turned and headed to get their stuff promising to meet at the lake. Once there Shikamaru and Kakashi stayed under the tree. Lael stripped and Lee looked at his chest surprised to see the crescent mark gone, in it's place was something that looked an awful lot like Kakashi's Mangekyou Sharingan.

There were no other scars that he could see and suddenly his inspection was interrupted as he felt himself being tossed into the water, spluttering he laughed when he came up. There was Lael smiling slyly at him, quickly he splashed the other, soon everyone was in a full out war and the scars of the past were soon forgotten.

The end...(NOT) : )


Sitting in his chair he watched as Lael started sketching in the new Journal that he had been given by Sakura. His old one now in the possession of Lee who Lael hadn't asked for it back from. He looked at the collar and sighed, remembering Gaara and Naruto's intense talk with him about how to deal with the master/slave relationship like he had with Lael. It had been slightly awkward talking about another as his slave, but then again Lael had never seemed to mind it. The fact that both of them now had full control of the demon's inside them caused fear in some but others that saw him and Lael didn't seem to mind.

Lael had been very close to death in that first week, but his rapid healing did him in good stead as his lungs healed. Which Tsunade had confided in him was her biggest worry. After his physical injuries had healed he hadn't woken up, Tsunade couldn't do anything without harming him. That second week had nearly been hell, remembering the animalistic qualities he had shown during the fight made him worry that maybe Lael's mind would merely be that of an animal's. Suddenly he just shows up at a stupid cat's funeral looking perfectly fine after all the worry, all the fear...

A soft sigh reached his ears and he looked up to see Lael rubbing his neck slightly before smiling and looking up at him his eyes calm and clearly intelligent. "Don't worry about it Kakash-san just know that I'll be there to protect you."

The End...

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