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I quickly got on the plane, flinging my bag down and staring out the window. I could see my mother standing in the airport, waving in the general direction of the plane. I smiled slightly and then saw her face crease with worry. I let out a small bitter laugh; I would reassure her when I got to Forks. I would lie through my teeth telling her how much I loved it, but it was easier to lie through email and she would believe me.

I got situated in my chair. It wasn't the best seat but I've been in worst flights. A man sat next to me. He was abnormally pale with dark hair and eyes. He smiled at my evaluation. "First flight?" he asked.

My rule on the plane was not to talk to anyone, but it was a four-hour flight, might as well start on good terms. "No, more like fifteenth."

He gave me a questioning look and I said, "My parents are divorced, I spend half my life going back and forth." I shrugged.

Ho nodded understanding now, "Divorce is hard for kids, but your parents love you, I'm sure."

My throat constricted and I thought about moving in permanently with Charlie. I already missed Renee. I just nodded to his statement. I looked up and saw a curious glimpse. He seemed to be nodding to himself, looking at me with appraising eyes, now that I looked at him head on I could see that his eyes were dark gold.

"You are very mature for your age," he commented.

I smiled weakly, "My mother said I was born middle aged and age more every year. I never really fit in anywhere."

He didn't seem to want to talk further so I turned to the window. We were above the clouds and I watched them sleepily. It looked like I whole different world, a different landscape. My eyelids drooped and I fell asleep.

Much too soon something shook me awake. I thought it was the man to my left until the plane shook again. I looked outside the window to see angry dark purple clouds coming up. I gulped and quickly put my seatbelt on. I shut the window tight, not wanting to see what was outside anymore.

Everyone was glancing nervously around as the plane trembled. The stewards announced the obvious talking about turbulence and staying calm. I looked around; no one was staying calm.

I thought if I should be scared. Through the many flights I had gone through I have been through storms but this time seemed different. I clenched the armrests securely. Trying to keep down the little food I had before.

In an effort to look anywhere but the window I looked to the man who talked to me before. He seemed perfectly relaxed, unaware of the turmoil around him. My efforts to avoid the window failed and I peeked, only to turn white with fear. It looked like we were falling.

Others seemed to acknowledge the danger also and started to get frantic. I thought about Charlie, who would be waiting to pick me up, and Renee, waiting to hear news from me. Tears started falling down my cheeks. I never told them how much they meant to me. A cold hand touched my arm and I jerked away.

"Don't worry, my dear." The man whispered. "No harm will come to you."

I briefly wondered if he was insane or completely oblivious to the world around him but I suddenly didn't care. I closed my eyes, waiting for the inevitable to come.

Then everything changed.

One moment the plane was rocking beneath me, and screams were filling the air. The next I myself was falling and hitting something solid, it was quiet.

I opened my eyes in shock. The plane's interior no longer surrounded me. I blinked several times. Feeling deaf with the sudden silence. Had I gone insane? Did I fall unconscious?

I got up slowly and heard a faint whisper, "Don't worry you are no longer in danger…"

I looked around for the source. It sounded like the man from the plane but he was nowhere to be seen. I seemed to be in an old town. The setting belonged to the early to mid 1900's not 2000s.

My courage broke and curled up in a ball. It didn't look like I was in my own time period anymore.

I came up with this story when i was reading twilight for the...56th time (:P) I'll divulge into that later though.

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