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I was aware of the determination in Edward's eyes when he came home. I was not that incoherent. I could not run to him or tell him how hurt I was but I could see his face and feel his presence.

He came to my bedside after a quick conversation with Carlisle. "Bella," he whispered, "I love you."

He kissed my forehead and then suddenly the pain was worse. A fire was seeping in my veins and I couldn't stop it. I screamed and thrashed and felt people trying desperately to restrain me and giving me words of comfort, meant to calm me down. I was beyond comfort and reason though, all I knew was the heat.

Then a voice stuck out to me. It was my own voice except much more beautiful. I struggled to open my eyes and right next to me was…myself.

"You can do this. It's going to be alright in the end. This is what you wanted remember? To be with Edward forever." A voice of reason in a dark world.

Suddenly I was aware of Edward and I knew what I had to do. I was hurting Edward by screaming. After that realization I kept my yelling to a minimum. It wasn't easy, but I could do it.

Time was meaningless to me at that point but I was told later that it was only three days. It seemed like eternity. Each day I fought the useless fight, holding on to memories to keep me sane. My father, my mother, Edward, Ephraim and then back to my father. It helped tremendously to picture each of their faces, their personalities. I went through the cycle 633 times before my heart was finally still and I could open my eyes.

I stared at Edward in wonder and a smile broke my face. Finally I was who I was meant to be

~70 years later~

My foot tapped impatiently as I scanned the airport. The plane flight was scheduled as delayed. I would have to wait ten more minutes. I checked my bag, making sure for the tenth time that the envelopes were still there and everything I needed.

I put on mirrored sunglasses and a hat and started to walk outside. Edward stopped me, "Wait just a few more minutes, love."

I scowled, "But I just can't seem to. It's impossible for us to come with a viable story anyway, why wait?"

"Alice said to go at 10:24 am, not any sooner. You have three more minutes." He said, not letting go of my wrist.

I sighed and leaned against him, staring at the clock, "Stupid psychic," I murmured. Edward chuckled.

I clenched my fist as time seemed to still, careful not to break the delicate band of my engagement and wedding ring. I watched as the ring caught the light and smiled at the memories. Distracted I looked up again to see the clock change to 10:24. I nodded to myself and turned to Edward.

"How do I look?" I asked.

"Beautiful," he said as I rolled my eyes. He couldn't see that though behind the mirrored glasses.

Slowly and carefully I walked out of the airport, concentrating on the click of heels on the tile and ground. I scanned the area and spotted the cruiser immediately. I walked purposefully forward, even though my insides were quaking.

"Charlie Swan?" I asked, keeping my voice faintly different.

My father turned to my with confusion and all I wanted to do was run to him and throw my arms around him like the little girl I was. I grasped Edward's hand tightly. "Yes," he said gruffly.

"I'm afraid I have some unfortunate news about the flight you daughter was on." I kept my eyes down, unable to look him in the eye even if he couldn't see mine. Charlie straightened.

"What do you mean?" He demanded.

My voice was soft as I continued to weave the web of lies we had set in place. "The plane encountered an untold amount of turbulence while on route here. The plane lost the use of one of its engines and tried making an emergency landing."

"And my daughter?" he asked quickly.

"They landing just outside of my hometown and my husband and I were at the site quickly. Most were already dead. I found you daughter gravely injured. I'm afraid she didn't make it."

"No," Charlie whispered. My heart broke watching him. Was this really necessary?

I took off my glasses and pulled out the envelopes and items I had from way back when. "Your daughter loved you very much." I said in whisper, trying to convey all the emotions I could to my father, "When she was dying she wanted to tell you so much. I wrote down everything she said and put them in these letters. One is for her mother. She begged me to give these things to you." I handed him the things.

He took the awkwardly as he was choking on tears. "Thank you." He managed to choke out. My lip quivered and I nodded. Without anything left to do Edward and I walked away, allowing my father to grieve for a daughter he lost before he ever had her.

We walked hand in hand through Forks and La Push. I smiled as memories bubbled up through the surface.

"Things have changed a lot since we've been here," I commented, forcing a light tone.

Edward nodded, taking in my mood. "Yes, but it will always be Forks no matter how different."

I was about to reply when a boy came up to us. I stared in shock at the familiar face. He reminded me so much of Ephraim.

"Hey," he said with surprise, "Your name wouldn't happen to be Bella Cullen, would it?"

I frowned, "Yes, can I help you?"

"Sure, sure I have something at the house for you. From my ancestor Ephraim Black. My name is Jacob. Want me to go get it?"

My body gave another jolt of surprise and I looked at Edward. He gave a shrug. Jacob seemed to take that as a ayes and ran off. Five minutes later he came back with a package. I thanked him and slowly walked away.

In the privacy of the Cullen house I carefully opened the package. A necklace fell out. On a delicate silver chain there was a lamb. I stared at wonder at its craftsmanship. The lamb had a bell around its neck and a small clock was also on the chain.

I gave a soft cry. It must have taken a lot of money for Ephraim to afford this and he put a lot of detail and emotion in it. I looked at the inscription on the back of the clock.

For a sister I never knew.

Edward walked in at that moment and I smiled up at him. "You okay?" he asked.

"I'm fine." I said, "This is my life now."

I stood up and place the necklace around my neck, where it would stay supposedly for all eternity.

A bittersweet ending. But I had to throw it in there. Eprhaim couldn't just disappear. Btw, I'm going to be posting another story soon. It will be called either A Different Option or Blood of a Flower. Be on the lookout if you want to read it!