The God of Flash

Chapter 1

By ToxicManipulator

Naruto had always been a contrasting bundle of energy as a child. Even now, at the ripe age of seven.

At age seven, the average child would be aware of the world around them. They say a child's keen mind can learn and master concepts much faster than an adult that would spent his or her time on. The keenly aware child would be able to tell when someone showed hatred or animosity toward them. Though true, it is often found that without a proper grasp on the concept of justice and honesty that a child can easily be mislead.

The blonde haired prankster in this case knew of the hatred and animosity directed at him by the villagers. Quite frankly, it was quite difficult not to notice.

Amongst his peers he was considered 'dead-last'. The dobe and idiot of his class. And rightly so. His grades were atrocious. At the very bottom of the class in fact.

This caused our blonde haired protagonist quite a bit irritation.

Naruto KNEW he gave his very level best. Considering how much his tutors blatantly sabotaged his studies he thought he did fairly well.

Kunai and shuriken accuracy? No problem, he got eight of ten bullseyes, even WITH his incorrect throwing technique. Stealth? Ha! Even those idiot 'revered ANBU' sometimes had difficulty locating him after a well played prank! History and math then? Eh.. Best not mention that.

As for the jutsu portion of his education, the young blonde knew when the time came his instructors would no doubt give him the right instructions.. to kill himself, that is.

It was through simple observation that Naruto proved his talent as a ninja. By simply observing the academy instructors perform the three most important of the academy jutsu he was able to do something similar to the vaunted Sharingan of the Uchiha. Monkey see, monkey do, no?

It took Naruto several weeks of adjusting and modifying the sealing sequence, but eventually he figured out the 'Henge-no-Jutsu'.

He had celebrated by redecorating the Ninja Academy with toilet paper. And there was much rejoicing.. in the form half the instructors attempting to crucify him.

His following breakthrough came when he managed to puzzle out the 'Kawarimi-no-jutsu'. Of course, his success didn't come without losing his fair share of teeth from incorrect use of the technique, but in the end he got it. He also found out the tooth fairy was a bunch of bull, and told his peers so. Many of the students' parents attempted to disprove him by removing his teeth.

For this, he had celebrated by making it impossible for the academy to have physical activities for a day by dumping it full of the logs he used for the 'Kawarimi-no-Jutsu'.

The blonde was on high! One step closer to becoming Hokage and gaining the respect of everyone! Now all that was left was figuring out the 'Bunshin-no-Jutsu'.

He had tried everything he could think of, but for the love of Ramen he just could not puzzle out how to get a simple academy clone illusionary technique to work. Use too much chakra? Brain dead clones. Too little? Brain dead clones. It was incredibly frustrating to say the least.

It is for that reason that Naruto, in one of his rare displays of intelligence, decided to ask the one person who actually WOULD help him. The Sandaime Hokage.

In hindsight, this small slip of fate changed the outcome of the world entirely. It is said, that a butterfly flapping its wings in Earth country, would cause a hurricane in Wind country. This is known as the butterfly effect.

And thus, our story begins.

"Hey wait de-brat! You can't go in there!"

Naruto responded by blowing a raspberry at the cursing young secretary and let himself into the office of the village leader. "Kiss my ass, mole-face!" Indeed, the young secretary had a horrendous disfigurement on her upper lip. But back to the story.

As the blonde entered the office he noticed the person he had affectionately dubbed 'old man', and on occasion 'old geezer', was quite busy with his hated foe, paperwork. But what caught the young blonde's interest most strongly was the fact that there were THREE old geezers working on paperwork, while a fourth sat on the nearby couch reading from an orange colored book.

Naruto could only blink in awe. If only his own clones could look alive like his and not horribly disfigured he would be able to boast being as cool as the Hokage. But alas, he had a long way to go until then.

Sarutobi Hiruzen looked up from his smutty novel and smiled at the the young child that frequently brought sunshine into his life, despite the horrible way most in the village treated him.

"Good evening, Naruto-kun. I did not expect you to visit me yet for another two weeks for your stipend. I hope you haven't spent it all on ramen again?," He asked, grinning wryly at the blonde while hiding his treasured book. The aged Hokage chuckled when the young blonde scratched the back of his head sheepishly while letting out a nervous laugh. He really wished the young blonde would eat more healthy foods than ramen, but alas, he simply seemed too addicted to his favored dish of broth and noodley goodness.

"Hey, hey! I only did that once Jiji! Why are you still griping about that?," He asked sulking, a pout clearly present on his face.

The smile on Hiruzens face widened even more and patted the boy on his head, letting out another chuckle. "Forgive me Naruto-kun. In my old age I must have forgotten that fact. Now, what brings you to my office? I hope you haven't caused any more mischief lately?"

Naruto's eyes twinkled in response as he remembered his latest 'act of mischief'. His landlord had cut off the warm water again for no reason. So in retaliation, the blonde took a hammer and removed the valves from every other apartment in his building after turning off their heated water. They still couldn't prove it was him.

"Eh hehe he.. No, I'm actually here because I need your help."

The aged Hokage rose an eyebrow slightly surprised. It was pretty rare for the young blonde prankster to ask him for any help aside from the little he already did for him. "And what exactly do you require help with, Naruto-kun?"

"Well... It's to do with the academy's 'main three'. I figured out how to do the 'Henge-no-Jutsu' and the 'Kawarimi-no-Jutsu', but no matter how or what I try I can't figure out how to use the 'Bunshin-no-Jutsu'." The blonde's lips turned downward, as if disgusted by the fact that he couldn't make it work.

Hiruzen seemed amazed. For someone so young to manage a way to get two out of three jutsu to work on his own is nothing short of incredible. The fact that he was still five years away before he should learn the Bunshin made it even more amazing. He frowned when he realized Naruto's use of words. He 'figured out' how to replicate these techniques. That implied the instructors didn't bother to help the young blonde. He'd have to send them all for a session to Ibiki just to be sure.

Pasting on a grandfatherly smile, Hiruzen asked his question. "Could you please show me how far you got with the 'Bunshin-no-Jutsu'? I might be able to tell you what's wrong then, Naruto-kun"

The blonde haired child nodded, did the seals necessary and with a puff of smoke there were two brain dead and deformed looking illusionary clones on the floor. One even begged Hiruzen to kill him. He sweat dropped. The child put two hundred times the maximum amount required for those clones.

"Naruto-kun, how much chakra did you use, if I may ask?"

Naruto blinked at the odd question, and shrugged. "I use the tiniest amount I could Jiji, just like I heard that Dolphin guy explaining to the other class I spi- walked by."

If the Hokage caught Naruto's slip of word, he made no mention of it. His mind however, was caught up on what the blonde had told him. The tiniest amount possible? Kami, how much chakra did this child have?

"Naruto-kun. I think I may have a theory on why it isn't working. I want you to create about two hundred Bunshin using the smallest amount of chakra you can."

The blonde nodded eagerly. "Hai! I'll definitely get it this time! Yosh!"

The seal sequence was run again. A slight, actually very large, depending on your view, flare of chakra later, and the large office was occupied with two hundred blinking and working clones of the orange clothed prankster.


Hiruzen didn't even blink. "I thought as much," he murmured.


The blonde snapped to attention and looked up curiously at the wise Hokage. He rarely used 'the voice' on him. Every time he did, Naruto couldn't help but listen to each and every word as if they were the last he would ever hear.

"It would seem that your problem is not a physiological disorder or such, but a great lack, and I stress the word great, lack of chakra control. You simply have too much chakra to control effeciently like any other your age. It's a good thing you know this now, Naruto-kun. Because if you start training your chakra control at this early age, you wont have as much trouble as you would later years in your life should you not focus on chakra control. But I wonder..." He trailed off thoughtfully.

Naruto frowned. The old man had used a lot of big words but he thought he got the gist of it. The lowest amount of clones he could make without bombing the technique was two hundred? That sucked. And what's more, they couldn't move stuff like the old man's clones doing his paperwork. He bit his lip.


"Yes Naruto-kun?"

"Eh.. How come your Bunshin can pick up and move touchyble st-" "Tangible, Naruto-kun. Or Touchable if you prefer." He corrected the blonde. "Right, right, tangible stuff?"

Hiruzen smiled at the blonde. Reminiscing when his successor the Yondaime Hokage had revealed the secret of using shadow clones for paperwork. Pure genius! He had knocked himself unconscious as he slammed his head against a wall for not thinking of it sooner in his life.

"That is because they are not the normal Bunshin you know of Naruto-kun, but a variation called 'Kage Bunshin-no-Jutsu'. What it does is create a corporeal- tangible, Naruto-kun- form."

The blonde's eyes widened in awe, but for the second time that day a lightbulb went off in his mind. He frowned. "Wait a minute. Why do you have them do your paperwork then? How do you know they don't mess up important stuff on those papers?"

The Hokage's eyes widened, slightly tempted to attempt to dispel an illusion, but stopped when he realized it was nothing short of impossible to impersonate the blonde. When had he become so perceptive? Or was it a once in a while thing? No matter.

"Good question, Naruto-kun. What makes the 'Kage Bunshin' truly unique, is the fact that the user will recall anything the clone learns during its life."

Naruto scrunched up his eyebrows in thought. He seemed to be doing that a lot recently, he mused idly. Recall? During its life? So that basically meant whatever the clone remembered, he would remember. His eyes widened in awe. The practical application of such a jutsu was endless. He could prank every person in the village provided he could make enough of them! Truly the opportunities were endless!

"Teach me, please Jiji!"

Hiruzen chuckled when the young blonde looked at him like a kicked puppy. He patted his head. "I'm sorry, Naruto-kun. But the Kage Bunshin is a B-rank forbidden technique due to the fact that its enormous chakra requirements kill most people that try to use it."

The blonde frowned, and pouted pointedly at the Hokage. "But I have large reserves! You said so too, remember?!"

The wise old Hokage blinked. So he did. And indeed the blonde had enormous reserves for his age. High Chunin at the very least. The only problem lay in the fact that if word got out that he taught Naruto the technique, the council would be at his throat again. It was hard enough to get the blonde an apartment and into the ninja program as it was. If only there was some way he could teach him without really teaching him...

Hiruzen's eyes widened in realization. 'Of course!'

"Naruto-kun, I'm afraid I can't teach you the technique, as that would be favoritism... However..." The blonde looked up in hope after his short disappointment.

"I can show you how I perform the technique. Hopefully, like most people, you can't possibly figure out how to do it on your own merely from observing." He winked meaningfully at the blonde.

By the foxy grin on the blonde's face, he seemed to have understood what the Hokage had implied.

"Now pay attention." He made a cross seal slowly and deliberately, channeled a large amount of chakra externally to let the blonde know this technique required quite a bit of chakra, and released it, resulting in a puff of smoke, revealing a shadow clone.

Hiruzen grinned and went back to the couch to return to his reading. "Now then Naruto-kun, you best be on your way. You won't become Hokage standing around doing nothing, hm?"

He ran out of the office so fast the wise old man thought with humor that he might have used the shunshin for a moment.

Little did he know just how much the blonde would end up warping the technique into something so much better.

It went without saying that Naruto found out how to perform the shadow clone without much trouble. Of course he unknowingly reversed his hands when he made the cross seal. This small mistake would inevitably be the cause of a new variation of the Shadow clone. One that didn't require monstrous amounts of chakra for small quantities of them, but a variation that allowed many many clones in exchange for a much more reasonable amount. Truly, the blonde had the worst, or should I say, best of luck.

The blonde had finally gotten down everything he would need to graduate!(Or so he thought anyway.) Now all he needed to do was become famous so that the old geezer would give his hat to him. Then EVERYONE would respect him! Life was good.

That thought brought up the problem of how exactly he was going to become famous. He considered upping the ante for his pranks to gain more fame, or infamy depending on your view. He quickly trashed that idea though. Hokages were supposed to be strong-cool, not funny-cool.

His absent mindedness had him end up walking through the uchiha district without really knowing it. When he finally realized where he was his attention turned to two gossiping old ladies infront of an old weapon shop.

"Did you hear about Shisui of the Mirage? The poor poor boy committed suicide! It seems his duties were too much for him," The wrinkled elderly asked her companion.

"That's terrible! But whose Shisui of the Mirage? I don't think I've heard of him.." The second elderly lady took on a look of absent minded thoughtfulness. No doubt she suffered Alzheimer's disease. Senile old bat, the blonde thought.

"You can't remember? I told you about him a few weeks ago, silly goose! Anyway, he's Fugaku's, brother's, wife's, cousin's, nephew's, father's, aunt's, grandson's, neighbor's, mother's, sister's child." She answered in a matter of fact tone.

The second elderly frowned deep in though, making several calculations. "So what exactly does that make him?"

The first blinked. "Distantly related. Very distantly related. But that is not the point. Anyway, Shisui-kun got his name as legend from using a simple D-rank technique and becoming so adept at it that he's considered an A-rank ninja. Quite a lot of people fear his skill with that simple near academy skill. It's said he moves so fast with that skill, that it is as if he leaves behind a mirage when he fights! It's incredible!"

Naruto tuned out the rest of their inane drivel, his mind locked onto certain words. 'simple.. technique'.. 'adept'.. 'near academy skill'.. 'incredible'..

The blonde gasped in realization. Now he knew how to become a super awesome ninja like that dead Shisui guy. While his unwilling instructors at the academy wouldn't teach him any new techniques, he could use the weak academy techniques to become a super cool ninja!

Naruto's jaw set into grim determination as he walked back home, plans already forming in his mind. Shisui used a D-ranked technique to make himself very fast that his enemies could barely follow him. To surpass him he would have to use an E-rank technique to even GREATER effect. But which one would he use? The only one that dealt with movement was the... 'Kawarimi-no-jutsu'...

The blonde grinned mischievously. Yes, life was good. Soon things would look up for him.

He whistled a jaunty tune as he walked home.