The God of Flash

Chapter 7

By ToxicManipulator

Today, Hanabi reflected, was a rather crappy, if not annoying day; by her own standards anyway. It could be described as dull, dreary and probably monotonous as well.

Her day had started out okay enough. Though, from then and on it just went downhill.

The day had started with Hanabi following her usual routine. Wake up, go bath, get dressed. Eat breakfast while being scolded by her father and ignoring the usual death glares Neji sent her and Hinata's way.

Not like she really cared anyway, her mind was occupied with more important things. Like figuring out how to make Naruto her future husband, and at the same time, sabotage Hinata's pathetic attempts at catching the blonde's eye.

Honestly! Did that silly older sister of her really think stuttering and mumbling(don't forget the index finger poking and blushing!), would make him notice her? Or even wasting time stalking him for that matter? Though she had a sneaking suspicion that Hinata had 'some' success with her stalking plan. Every time she came back from 'observing Naruto-kun' she seemed to be on cloud nine. Well, most of the time anyway.

Hanabi was slightly disturbed when she had snuck into Hinata's room, and read her diary finding very accurate descriptions of where he went at what times and on what days. She made a copy of his time schedule of course, to 'coincidentally run into' Naruto from time to time. The silly boy STILL didn't suspect anything. All the more better for her.

It had been through one of her 'encounters' with Naruto that she learned amongst other things, from an old ramen stall owner, when the boy's birthday was. That had lead to her buying a birthday gift for Naruto. Surely she would catch the boy's eye if only SHE gave him a birthday gift?

The lavender eyed girl had gotten the young boy several vouchers for ramen at Ichiraku's Ramen stand,(She had it in good confidence, that the boy really REALLY likes his ramen.) and a fox shaped pouch he could use as a wallet.(They didn't have a cat or wolf shaped one like she wanted to get him.)

Of course the blonde would appreciate the gifts, and then shower her with the love and affection she rightfully deserved with him being her future husband.(Or so she thought.) She blinked. Her thoughts were getting off track again.

Then again.. It might have happened too! If that damned Yamanaka hussy hadn't also gotten him some birthday gifts! Just thinking of Ino gave Hanabi the urge to destroy something with the rage of a thousand demons! She always managed(barely) to restrain herself, though. Hyuuga were elite. Control over emotions were child's play!

The Yamanaka hussy, as she refused to call Ino anything else in her mind, had gotten her spousal interest a 'friendship bracelet', as she called it, with many pointless little charms attached all around it(she also wore an identical bracelet, for whatever reason). The boy seemed to enjoy and appreciate the gift though, much to Hanabi's irritation. And then, to rub salt into the lavender eyed girl's wounds, Ino had also gotten Naruto an earring with a small fox head attached.

When Ino had asked the blonde to promise to only pierce his left ear in later years, he had already taken the tip of a kunai and pierced his ear lobe on his own. Hanabi would reluctantly admit that he looked good with it on. Well, probably not infront or anywhere near the blonde haired girl.

And that brought up another point. That annoyance, Ino, didn't even seem to notice that Hanabi was always cold to her. It was almost.. like she didn't even care! They were supposed to be bitter rivals or something! Not the case with Ino though. She was always friendly and polite enough, as long as you didn't purposely piss her off. Kami knows, that girl Ami was still purple from bruises, as a testament to that fact. Turns out, insulting Naruto in the blonde haired girl's presence would bring the wrath of the she-demon known as Yamanaka Ino upon you.

After the gift giving had been done, Hinata had shown up. Without any presents, Hanabi smugly noted. Hinata had quickly shown her prowess and worthiness as an opponent in vying for Naruto's heart, when she had improvised skillfully. Apparently she had only just found out when the blonde's birthday was, and was 'REALLY SORRY' for not getting him anything. She then proceeded to burst into a bout of 'sad and sorrowful' tears. Almost sad enough to make Hanabi vomit.

The long raven haired Hyuuga had been 'slighty pissed' when Naruto had comforted the weeping girl, and told her sincerely that he was happy she felt that way, and that presents weren't really necessary and that only the thought really counted. Hanabi felt differently of course, and much to her smug gratification, Hinata thought so too.

The day had quickly passed once the academy began, and then right when she almost gave up hope, lady luck smiled upon her. She found a way to brighten her slightly dull day, when Yuhi Kurenai came to pick up her and Hinata. The young ruby eyed teenage Chunin was their 'caretaker', while their father was busy with clan business. Usually on these days, the aspiring genjutsu mistress would take them out for lunch somewhere.

With a calculating glint in her eye, Hanabi pounced on her lone prey.

Naruto walked through the halls of the shinobi academy, heading toward the exit, with a huge smile on his face.

Today, was possibly the greatest day he had ever had in his life!(Right up there, next to buying a cozy apartment and discovering Ramen). His friends had actually found out about his birthday somewhere and got him gifts! Before, no one other than the 'old man' had given him gifts, or even wished him a happy birthday like the 'old man's' two teammates and advisors, 'old man Homura' and 'granny Koharu'.

Yup. Today definitely made top five. To celebrate, he was going to go to Ichiraku's and use his( drum roll please) RAMEN VOUCHERS! He held the vouchers into the air reverently, and thought for a moment he could almost hear a choir of angels singing. He shook his head to clear it. No time to day dream. There were bowls of ramen with his name on them waiting at Ichiraku's!

Just as he was about to turn around a corner, he felt a petite arm sliding around his right arm, and dragging him away back to the academy. He gaped and weakly lifted his arm in the direction of Ichiraku ramen, whining pitifully. He heard a groan, and then a girl's voice. "Naruto, stop being so melodramatic will you? It's your birthday. You're not going there today. You can go any other day."

Naruto's eyes filled with tears at the thought of NOT having ramen. "W-w-what? Hanabi-chan, please don't do this to me! I NEED my ramen!"

The girl, still dragging him, snorted. "Not today, future husband." The whisker faced boy blinked. "Sorry, what was that? I didn't hear that last part you mumbled, Firework-chan?"

Hanabi's eyes widened in embarrassment as her face flushed scarlet. "N-nothing. You must be hearing things." The blonde merely scratched his head in confusion, coming to the conclusion that the choir of angels he heard earlier was similar to now. He was hearing things, apparently.

Two feminine giggles entered his ears. He gaped for a moment. "Uh, Firework-chan? Did you just giggle, or hear anyone nearby giggle?" The girl in question tilted her head to the side cutely, and shook it. "No, I didn't Naruto-kun. C'mon, I want you to meet someone."

Naruto was slightly freaked out about hearing two girl like voices giggling when he KNEW it had not happened nearby him. One male-like giggle he MIGHT understand. That is to say, IF Sarge did such things.. which he highly doubted. Sarge would sooner be inclined to burning down an orphanage than 'giggling' of all things.

Somewhere in heaven.

Two beautiful otherworldly women lay on a cloud looking down at a blonde haired boy being pulled along by a lavender eyed girl.

"Hey Kami-chan? You sure it's a good idea to toy with our little golden boy? Isn't this 'meddling in the affairs of mortals' like Toki-jiji is always yammering about?" A golden eyed brunette asked her companion. Amongst the divine, she was known as the incarnation or entity of Luck and Unluck. Toki-jiji, or Old man Time, was the divine entity that represented all things time. And Kami, represented life.

"We're not really involving ourselves in any way, Myouri-chan. A bit of mischief like imaginary singing choirs of angels won't do any harm. Besides, Naru-kun thinks he imagined it." A blonde haired woman with long silk strands of hair said with a mischievous grin.

The brunette giggled. "You've been hanging around Eris too much. Her mischievousness has rubbed off on you."

Kami turned her sparkling blue eyes down to earth, humming playfully.

Back in Konoha.

Naruto was brought out of his thoughts when he and Hanabi neared Hinata and an older looking ruby eyed teenager.

Kurenai rose an eyebrow when she heard Hinata gasp as they noticed Hanabi approaching with a blonde boy in tow. "Hanabi-chan. We were wondering when you would show up. Who is this young man?"

Hanabi smiled politely at Kurenai, and tugged the nervous looking Naruto closer. "Naruto-kun, this is Yuuhi Kurenai. She is our caretaker on the days that father is very busy with the clan. Kurenai-san, this is Uzumaki Naruto, my best friend."

The younger Hyuuga sibling smirked when Hinata glared at her when she called him her best friend.

Kurenai appraised the young boy that had managed to garner the attention of both her charges. He didn't look like much at first glance. Completely uninteresting, save for the unique birthmarks on his face, and his unique shade of hair. It was only when she looked deeper, underneath the underneath as Hatake Kakashi always pointed out at random times, that she noticed some interesting observations.

Were she not an aspiring genjutsu mistress she wouldn't have noticed the very small and minute actions the blonde hid expertly.

The way he would occasionally subtly scan his surroundings with sharp calculating eyes for a second before his cheerful disposition returned. How he would pulse his chakra in an incredibly small amount every several seconds. How he knew the skill, didn't really concern her; instead she was impressed over the fact that had she not been standing next to him, she would not have noticed his pulse. Though the boy didn't show it clearly, he was incredibly aware of his surroundings. His muscles also seemed to tense, much like a snake coiled and ready to strike, at the moments that he used the chakra pulse.

This boy was far more than meets the eye.

She smiled politely at the whiskered boy. "Hello, Naruto-san, it is nice to meet you."

When Naruto returned the courtesy Kurenai turned to Hanabi waiting for the explanation she knew would come. "Could Naruto-kun please join us for lunch, Kurenai-san. It's his birthday today. Heaven knows he should at least eat something other than ramen for today, if not every day."

Slightly surprised at Hanabi's forwardness, Kurenai agreed, and they headed off to the market square where they would find a restaurant. The ruby eyed kunoichi had to suppress the urge to laugh whenever the two siblings would glare at each other, eyes promising embarrassment, whenever the oblivious blonde wasn't looking.

Truly Hinata and Hanabi were a study in opposites, despite being siblings. Where Hanabi was confident, Hinata was shy. And where Hinata was empathetic, Hanabi was indifferent, or at least her mask was. Even with her exceptional analyzing abilities, Kurenai couldn't read much emotion from Hanabi beyond what she allowed past her facade.

She was brought out of her thoughts when she felt two arms wrap snugly around her middle and a voice whispering huskily into her ear. "Well, well. If it isn't my little Nai-chan! I've missed you every minute I was on my mission, y'know?"

Kurenai flushed slightly. "Anko-chan.. It's good to see you too. Erm.. what are you doing?" She finished, squeaking, when the now identified purple haired girl nipped her ear.

"Why isn't it obvious? I've missed my little Nai-chan. So I'm making up for lost time." Kurenai's breathing turned to short gasps as Anko placed small pecks on her neck and settling for nibbling on her jaw line.

The ruby eyed teen, moaned slightly, and groaned in embarrassment when she realised they had an audience. "Anko-chan. Not now, please."

The older teenager, with her purple hair spiked upwards into a pony tail sighed. Kurenai could practically hear the pout in her sulking voice. "Fine, I'll stop Nai-chan. You're no fun." The arms around her middle tightened once more, before letting go.

Kurenai sighed and turned to her young charges. Hinata and Hanabi were gaping at her and Anko. She was surprised when Naruto merely shrugged and turned to study the sky, not unlike the males of the Nara clan.

Inwardly, it was different story for Naruto. When the scantily clad purple haired teen had first showed up, the blonde had heard two voices clearly whistling inside his mind. He didn't mind that all too much. He was 'hearing things' again. He only freaked out though, when the two voices started commenting once Anko got frisky with Kurenai.

"If that isn't some fine girl on girl goodness, then I don't know what is."

"Agreed. I'd have to rate this a ten out of ten"

"A ten? I don't know.. I've seen much more arousing scenes bef- HELLO! She snuck her hand underneath Red's pants!"

"Hah! See? It only gets better and better!"

"If I wasn't still sealed up, I'd be using this to write a book of EPIC proportions!"

"You're a novelist?"

At this point, Naruto was hyperventilating. Two unknown, well, one unknown voice and Sarge were casually discussing something he once saw a young couple do privately in a park before. Hearing sarge's voice was fine and dandy, but the new addition nearly made Naruto whimper. Did he develop ANOTHER fricken personality fragment? Was he going crazy? WHEN would it END?! Oh Kami, oh Kami, oh Kami-

"Oh shit.."


"The naive one is going to give himself a brain hemorrhage if he doesn't calm down soon. I think the sheer erotic beauty of the scene before us nearly melted his brain."

"Oh Kami.. I knew I should have forced him to read smutty novels. Can you bring him in here?"

Naruto's world faded to darkness and then he regained awareness within the sewers of his mind. He quickly went to where he remembered Sarge last being. He entered the gigantic room that he knew held the Kyuubi, but ignored that and tried to find the door Sarge had disappeared into last time.

Several minutes of frustratingly patting the wall for hidden doors, Naruto gave up. He dropped to the floor and sulked. Where the hell was Sarge? Didn't he bring him here for a reason? Admittedly, he hadn't seen Sarge since their last encounter, as usually the crazy bastard would give him orders via his mind. Naruto was about to start searching again, only to gasp in fright when he heard someone speaking from Kyuubi's kage.

"How long will it take that nitwit to get here?" A Dark and foreboding voice questioned.

"Knowing him? He's probably outside the cage, sitting on the floor and moping like an imbecile." Naruto recognized this voice. It was the same venomous dark voice of Sarge, the creepy bastard.

The orange clad boy stood up, and warily entered the cage containing the greatest and most powerful of the tailed demons. When he finally entered deep enough into the cage his blood froze cold. He had been expecting the usual dark and damp prison, along with blood decorated walls when he entered. But.. this?! This was ridiculous!

The room was decorated with a red shag carpet, and soft red colored walls. On the wall facing a large table in the center of the room, was a giant screen showing what appeared to be the sky. It showed what he saw when conscious. Seated at the one side of the table sat Sarge, with several cards in his left hand, and a bottle of sake in his right. He was currently cursing about something along the lines of being dealt crappy cards.

This all had not entirely surprised him all that much. But what did scare the shit out of him, was the figure that sat across Sarge with a superior and haughty expression on her face. Long silky ruby hair flowed down her shoulders to her lower back. Her amused eyes were a shade suspiciously similar to blood. To her left sat a huge stack of chips, her winnings from the card game no doubt. The blonde paled when he saw nine large fluffy tails lazing in oddly random motions behind her back.

"K-k-kyuubi?! What the h-hell!?"

The two sitting at the table turned as one to the orange clad boy and eyed him with lazily.

"This is your opposite? He doesn't look like much. Kami-chan must hate me, putting me in a container that has such a idiotic looking face... Well? You got anything to say? Stop looking at me like and idiot, idiot."

Fear forgotten, Naruto blew up, forsaking all of Sarge's lessons on 'tact and discipline'. "HEY! Who do you think you are to call me an idiot?! Stop saying idiot so much, you idiotic idiot! And what the hell's wrong with you? You look like a girl but have the voice of a guy!"

From where he sat, Sarge sighed miserably. What would it take for his lessons to sink into Naruto permanently? Kyuubi's lips twitched amused. "You've got some spunk brat. I like that. As for my voice... Does this sound more pleasing to your puny mortal ears?" Her voice had changed from a deep foreboding baritone, to a soft soprano feminine voice. She sounded almost angelic, were it not for the fact that she was really a mountain sized demon that took part in wanton destruction for shit's and giggles.

Naruto gaped, astonished. "W-wait. You m-mean you're really a g-girl?!"

The buxom red head rolled her eyes, and drawled in a sarcastic voice. "Noooo. You think? I thought you were joking when you said he was a bit slow, but I guess you were right, Sar."

"I can only pray that we don't stay that way on the day we merge." Sarge grunted.

The orange clad boy frowned at the comments, but held his tongue, wanting to find out why he was here. "Uh.. Is there any reason you brought me here?"

Kyuubi tilted her head slightly, and nodded. "Indeed. I brought you into your mind to prevent you from hurting yourself. My theory is that the sight of Kurenai nearly being ravaged by that purple haired woman, nearly fried your puny little brain." At Sarge's grunt and pointed look, Kyuubi nodded and continued. "And Sar wanted to discuss something with you also, without you freaking out publically. It's about getting past that little block in that speed technique of yours."

While insulted at being called stupid again, the orange clad boy perked up when the red head mentioned Sarge being able to help him with his problem. The last several weeks Naruto had finally figured out, and mastered, to a point, how to appear anywhere in a distance of five-hundred feet. His only problem came with the fact that he couldn't maneuver around fast enough to make a workable fighting style out of his technique.

He had tested it on his shadow clones, but they always seemed to be able to block his advances easily thanks to chakra pulse. And whenever he forced his muscles to catch up, he accidentally tore them in the most painful of ways. The human body simply wasn't made to move like he wanted it to. An example would be him, appearing behind a shadow clone facing away from it, because he couldn't change directions while using the technique, and not being able to turn around fast enough to attack effectively.

The fact that Sarge actually knew how to get past this block instantly cheered Naruto up, making him briefly forget about the Kyuubi. "R-really? Awesome! I'm gunna master my super cool technique! Hahahahaha!"


Naruto glared at the offending limb, only to blink in surprise when he saw it was one of Kyuubi's furry appendages that had smacked him. She shook her finger mockingly at him. "Behave, brat. You're giving me a headache with your childish yelling."

He nodded his head mutely, and looked eagerly at Sarge.

Naruto's older looking teenage counterpart regarded him calculatingly, before he spoke, his voice almost as low as a whisper. "Tell me.. what have you learned of the Hyuuga from the shadow clone spy network? Their techniques specifically."

The orange clad boy blinked in surprise. "Well, sir.. they can block off your chakra through the tenketsu and prevent your body from functioning properly if done correctly."

Sarge nodded and motioned for Naruto to continue. "There's also this technique that's supposedly an ultimate defence or something. Apparently they spin in circles really fast and make a supposedly impenetrable defence."

The militaristically clad blonde nodded, a smirk gracing his features. "Bingo. Don't you find it odd that they can rotate their bodies at the sheer speed required for such a technique WITHOUT tearing their muscles each time? Why don't you subtly try asking your two Hyuuga friends if they know how it is possible."

Naruto's grin nearly split his face as he nodded.

"Good. Now get out of here. You're being called outside in the waking world."

The orange clad boy responded by closing his eyes and disappearing from his mindscape.

Sarge turned to a smirking and amused looking Kyuubi, and rose his eye brow questioningly. "Interesting brat you share a body with... So naive too..To think he's foolish enough to believe that your real name is Sarge, of all things.. Eh, Masaru? It would be all too easy to just fool him into releasing me from this accursed prison. "

"Oh? And what makes you think you would succeed, Kyuubi-no-Kitsune?"

The crimson eyed women laughed confidently. "Why, don't you know? Foxes are tricksters! Cunning, and deceitful beings we are. I'm sure I could convince him into believing it would be in his best interest to release me!"

The temperature in the room dropped drastically as Masaru slowly narrowed his eyes and spoke calmly. "You would merely be stopped, if it ever came to that."

Kyuubi smirked mockingly at the blonde. "Let whosoever wishes to stop me come. Anyone foolish enough to attempt so, shall die." She commented imperiously.

The red haired woman froze when the blonde laughed mockingly at her. "Indeed? You presume yourself to be in control of this situation while you are but a mere prisoner? Pathetic."

Sarge turned his back on the crimson haired woman, ignoring her building rage. She glared at him. "You bastard! Don't you dare underestimate me! I'm the greatest of the tailed beasts! The Queen of all fox beings!" Her anger reached breaking point when she noticed the target of her ire was ignoring her and walking away. She snapped, and with a growl charged at him, intending to tear him apart.

"BASTARD! Don't ignore me!"

Right as she was about to reach him and rip out his heart, she froze.


She fell to the floor screaming and writhing in pain. Her entire body felt as if it was being crushed underneath the force of countless tons of weight, while a corrosive acid was poured on her. On her forehead, glowing in a dark ominous red, appeared markings accompanied by the word 'SEAL'. Her soul felt as if it was being torn apart viciously in a thousand different directions. And then, It all stopped.

She looked up to her tormentor, and for the first time in her entire existence felt fear unlike any she would have ever imagined. Gazing at her coldly and uncaringly were two sapphire orbs, as if her existence was comparable to an annoying insect. Only one other had gazed at her before with such eyes. 'Shinigami' she thought, shivering at the mere thought of the one whom had sealed her away.

After what she felt was an eternity of silence, his voice broke her thoughts.

"Your arrogance, will one day mark your undoing.. Kyuubi-no-Kitsune. I may not have control over my body, like my weak counterpart, but in here I am above your paltry power. Your power in this state.. is frail. Your titles? Meaningless."

His eyes briefly flashed a dark ominous black for a moment, before reverting back to the normal icy blue they usually held. "Know your place, prisoner. Until the day I finally break free of this wretched body I am forced to share with that weakling, I will be your company. Try, atleast to make my unwanted stay here a little less unpleasant while I await that day."

He turned around, and walked off, not before leaving her with two parting remarks. "The only reason I allow your continued existence, is for the weakling's survival. Remember my words, for I shall not repeat them."

Kyuubi winced painfully as she attempted to sit up. Usually her chakra would be healing her by now, but for some reason her healing factor felt almost like it was.. blocked? A whimper escaped her throat as she attempted to stand up, only to fall down in a heap. After several painful minutes had passed she finally sighed in relief, as a golden ethereal like energy covered her and slowly started mending her wounds.

'Thank you, Kami-chan..'

Naruto's awareness of his surroundings returned to him when Hanabi nudged his side and tugged his arm to have him follow her. "Stop dozing off Naruto-kun. We're almost there. Hurry up before Anko and Kurenai leave us behind."

The boy nodded in response and allowed Hanabi to guide him, not noticing the jealous looks Hinata shot Hanabi. His mind was more preoccupied by the mere thought of finally completing his speed technique. True, he had it down enough that he could appear anywhere in a five-hundred foot radius, but that was pointless if he could not incorporate it into a decent fighting style. Despite his huge increase in speed, he was still slow. Any seasoned Chunin would probably beat the living shit out of him at his current level.

He was brought out of his thoughts when he realised they were in a modest restaurant a bit west of Konoha's market sector. Some time while thinking, he had found himself seated at a table. He studied his surroundings and noted Kurenai's flushed form. Anko had teasingly pulled her onto her lap, embarrassing her. She had quickly returned to her seat after asking the purple haired woman several times. He blinked. "Hey, Kurenai-san? Why are you so embarrassed being hugged by Anko-san?"

Both Kurenai and Anko were greatly surprised by his question. While not illegal, homosexuality was widely frowned upon in Konoha. Like any other country, Konoha had its fair share of homophobes. Amongst the noble clans homosexuals were generally disliked because of their inability to reproduce naturally. Probably the reason why both Hyuuga children were slightly uncomfortable nearby Anko's advances.

"We're in public.." Kurenai mumbled feeling embarrassed by the question.

Naruto tilted his head questioningly to the side. "So? It's just public affection, right? I've seen other couples doing it plenty of times before. What's wrong with it?"

Both Kurenai and Anko couldn't speak, unable to diffuse the blonde's logic. Hinata shyly spoke up. "U-um.. N-n-naruto-kun. K-kurenai-san and A-anko-san a-a-are both w-women."

The whiskered boy frowned confused. "So? What's that have to do with anything?"

The short haired hyuuga girl elaborated. "P-people t-think i-it's n-not n-n-normal f-for two people o-of the s-same gender t-to be in a r-r-relationship, N-naruto-kun."

Naruto scowled irritated. "That's just stupid! If two people like each other and are happy with one another, that's all that matters, right? Who gives a rat's ass what other people think? Screw them! If people stopped doing things just because other sheep didn't like what they were doing, then we wouldn't be where we are today, and society would have stagnated centuries ago!"

Kurenai's eyebrows had slowly risen as Naruto continued his tirade. With each passing word her heart slowly lifted and she felt more confident with her feelings toward her purple haired friend that she had vehemently tried to deny. Underneath the table her hand slowly found Anko's, and shyly held it, receiving a squeeze in return.

The ruby eyed teenager smiled at Naruto. "I'm glad you think that way, Naruto-kun. Not many people are as open-minded and nonjudgmental as you. And.. your right. People shouldn't let the narrow-mindedness of others affect them."

Anko smirked at the blonde. "You're pretty interesting kid. I might have to keep an eye on you in the coming years."

Hinata and Hanabi felt guilty, being homophobes themselves without having realised to what extent. Perhaps in time they could view the world the way Naruto did?

Time passed, and they all ordered their meals and received them. They were waiting for the bill when Naruto remembered that he still had to ask Hinata or Hanabi about their spinny clan technique.

"Hey, Hinata, Hanabi? I heard from somewhere that your clan can do a technique that makes them spin around really fast and creates an impenetrable defence?"

The girls nodded, slightly surprised at the question. Hanabi answered him. "Yes. Father gave us a demonstration of it several weeks ago. It's called the Kaiten. It involves the Hyuuga user releasing chakra from there fingers and creating a spinning shell around them. Why do you ask?"

Naruto nodded, trying desperately to hide his eagerness. "How do they spin around so fast without tearing their leg muscles apart?"

Both Hinata and Hanabi looked blankly at him and shook their heads. "I don't know, Naruto-kun. Father didn't explain more than that." Hanabi said.

"Actually, kid. I think I could answer that. My ex-sensei told me about this a long time ago" Anko said, grinning foxily at the orange clad boy.

Everyone at the table perked up and leaned closer to hear what Anko had to say. "True, moving at speeds faster than the human body can handle WILL tear apart their leg muscles, but the Hyuuga found a way around that using chakra manipulation alone." She held up her hand just as Naruto was about to speak again, and continued her lecture.

"You might wonder why it sounds simple, but it's not. What really happens, is they create two platforms using chakra alone. The first platform is the one on the bottom and anchored to the ground, while the second platform above the bottom one, is anchored to the feet."

Hinata and Hanabi looked slightly confused at Anko's description, but Naruto and Kurenai were gaping at Anko, clearly in disbelief at the shear complexity of such a chakra technique. Swallowing the rest of her glass of water, Anko continued. "The real surprise comes with the fact that along with retaining the two platforms, you must use chakra alone to rotate the top platform, and yourself in turn. The only problem here is, it takes much too large amounts of chakra to do that, so, they improvised by doing a starting motion to save the chakra needed to begin the spin. The faster you spin the less chakra is needed."

Naruto's face went through different phases of shock and awe, then realization and understanding. Soon enough, a full blown grin was present on his as he begun chuckling with a scheming voice, twirling an imaginary goatee. Whether or not the others at the table were freaked out by his actions, they chose not to speak up.

"So, what did you need to know that for anyway, kid?"

The blonde shook his face, pasting on an 'innocent' expression. "What? Can't I be curious? I was just wondering, that's all." Anko didn't buy it for a moment, but let it go when the waitress arrived with the bill.

Hinata and Hanabi were dropped off at the Hyuuga compound soon enough, and Naruto disappeared off to his own devices, leaving only Kurenai and Anko alone. The purple haired woman playfully nudged Kurenai. "Does this mean I can ravage you silly from now on, Nai-chan?" she quipped with a mock innocent expression.


Naruto was cackling evilly. Well.. As evilly as a nine year old boy could anyway. He had finally figured out his speed technique! Success and fame would soon become reality, followed by the old timer's cool hat! Not even the huge migraine of having a thousand clones working on the 'chakra pivot' as he called it, would bring him down now! Five days had passed, and he had more or less gotten the rotation down pat. Now all that he needed was practise, practise and more practise.

With a thought, ten bodies of orange appeared around him, marking the usage of the shadow clone technique. They quickly got into fighting stances, readying themselves for their creator's attacks.

The blonde boy grinned foxily before flickering away and reappearing behind a clone. With the help of his chakra pivot technique, he quickly rotated around and faced his clone, landing a powerful kick into its head causing it to dispell.

He turned around and flickered away just in time as a volley of shuriken passed where had just been. Appearing behind the clone that had thrown the shuriken, the blonde stuck a kunai through its neck, dispelling it.

He looked up just in time to raise his arms and block two roundhouse kick's aimed at his head. With a flicker he disappeared, and reappeared behind the two clones, dispelling them with blows to their heads.

With a smirk he motioned with his hand for the remaining six clones to attack him. As one they attacked him, and shortly in no order, the were dispelled one after the other with a kunai being lodged into their skulls.

A flicker in the center of the clearing signalled Naruto's technique finally coming to an end. A full blown grin could be seen on his whiskered face.

"That. Was. AWESOME!" He shouted happily.

"Now, to practise against clones that use the chakra pulse to predict my movements!"

By the end of the day, Naruto ended up battered and bruised after much practising of using his new technique. But despite his rough and haggard appearance, the large smile remained true on his face.

He scratched his head tiredly as he slowly trudged on home. "Now all I need, is a cool name for my technique... But what? Hmmm.."

"Jikoku... Hirameki... Yeah, yeah! That's an awesome name!

With a notable bounce in his step, Naruto walked the rest of the way home.


A quick note to those too lazy to use a translator on this. Naruto's technique literally translates to Instant Flash. I didn't use shunpo because I didn't really want to rip off Bleach or foreshadow a possible sequel crossover in the future. For those interested, Masaru means, 'to surpass' or 'to exceed'. Anyways. Hope you enjoyed this chapter.