chapter one

OK so i had this huge idea and i wanna write about this

this is 7years after BD! ok in the saga, it said that quil and jacob are cousins, so dont be brutal. I dont except flames!

Jordan's pov

I drove through the town of La Push. The faces of the people blurred as my cruiser zoomed ahead. Life as a female cop really sucks , you know. Men are always doing stuff to protect you,always expecting me to cry any moment .Since I was a kid, I always hated the whole,'damsel in distress thing', it was annoying. I am 24 and young men always try to flrt with me, hoping I would swoon from there manly presence. No. I would never , ever, have that.I grew up as a pretty-looking tomboy.I remebered being asked out so many times by boys I had minor crushes on .Friends always were disgruntled that they were never asked out.I sighed and parked in front of a small, charming house.I made sure that I looked like a serious cop.I applied my red lipstick on and slipped on my dark shaded sunglasses. even though there was no sun here. I got out of the car and walked to the door, and knocked.

A man looking about 27 , or 28, answered the door. He looked surprised.

" Is there a problem?", he asked.

"Yes, is Quil Ateara and Jacob Black here?", I said, grimly.

"Yeah, why?"

"They are under arrest "


"Sir, I cant tell you yet, Please get them"

"Jacob , Quil, get your butts over here!", he yelled, he looked frantic.

Two men walked up, a confused expression on there faces.

"What ?", they said in unison.

I walked over to them and past the older man. There was a audience in the house watching, with confused and slightly amused faces. I went behind Jacob and cuffed his hands. He didn't say a word , and so did Quil, as I did the same to him.I gave them a stern look and said"You should be ashamed of yourselves", I shook my head in fake disappointment.

"You two are under arrest for being neglectful cousins", I said, pulling my sunglasses off and laughing at there dumbfounded expressions .The room burst with laughter and those two inched closer for me to hug them.I uncuffed them and held them in a tight hug. God, they were huge!They were burning as if they put their whole body on a furnace.

"That is'nt funny Jord, I almost pissed my pants", Quil said, trying to look serious, but he ended up smiling.

"Hi! I'm Kim", a plain short girl said.

"Hey, I'm Jordan.

"Jord, your gonna tell me about this, soon", Jacob asked, his face almost mad.

"I've been a cop for a year about, I didnt tell you when I enrolled", I replied.

"Have you been shot?"

"Nope", Jacob shook his head as I said that.I know Jacob was probably waiting for a time when we would be alone to interrogate me.I sighed.

"Hey, it's my life ", I punched his arm, he hugged me again and kissed my forehead. I rememebered something,when I came here when I was 15, they had a buddy named Embry.

I decided for that to wait and I turned to introduce myself to the others.

Well, I learned the people's names were, Paul, Rachel, who is Paul's wife,Kim, and Jared are married to each other, Emily, and Sam are married- Sam was the man who opened the door , Quil has a little friend named Claire- she is so cute, Jacob has a girlfriend named Nessie, who is super pretty, and beyond. There was also, Collin, Brady, but no Embry.I knew that he was thin and wiry.

"Lets watch a movie, to welcome Jordan to La Push", Emily suggested, she reminded me of my mother. We decided to watch the Date Movie.I heard Paul chuckling under his breath saying'she's a cop' or,' scared the crap out of you'.I hung my belt on a coat rack in near the door and sat down. It was nice to see other people had such a family-like feeling here. I sat next to Nessie on the floor, she looked at me and held my hand , she whispered"We could be bestfriends, or something",I smiled at her genuine words. I wondered how old she was, I really hoped she and Jake work lights turned off and it began.

I laughed so hard that my stomach ached, I 'ewwed' and 'awwed'. I never really stayed in one place for too long , so this was really good.I have to enjoy this while I can, soon I have to hurry and start working as a half- time cop here.I was planning to join the army in a year or so. I really want to be a hero, to be looked up to. My brother Cole already mom and dad were all the way in Alaska, chilling with the grizzlies. I was still uncomfortable in my uniform. I shifted on my seat.I took my top shirt of the uniform off , to reveal a white t-shirt. I giggled at the part where the cat was using the bathroom. Claire was disgusted and shot me a look as if saying' eww!'. I laughed harder at Quil's expression .

"I think it's getting to PG for a 9 year old, me and Claire are leaving, bye!", he grabbed her hand and retrieved her stuff, and quickly left the room.

"Bye Quil!Bye Claire!", I yelled , but Jared sshed me. I grinned and returned my attention.