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Embry's Pov

So are you taking here?, asked Jake.

Why don't you mind your own damn business? I snapped. I hate when people search through my head like that. I even snap at Edward when he answers a question from my damn brain.

That's fucked up we can't help it, she's my cousin. So I gotta know when your gonna tell her the truth

OK I'll tell her when I take her to the bonfire, happy?


I phased back. It was only a day ago when Jordan had said yes to coming with to the bonfire. Dread had clawed at my empty stomach whenever I thought of it. I don't want to freak her out. But if we were ever gonna get married , it'll be harder. She'll probably never think of me the same way ever again, or worse, she would hate me. I just got her, just got her lips on mine. Really, I wanted that for a while, my hormones were raging. i feared that she would be disgusted with me. She was still so hesitant when we kissed, if I tell her it'll drive her away from me.

Lately, Jord had taken me to the police station and introduced me to the other cops.

All men.

I felt jealous of all of those men who could be there with her when I couldn't.

What if one of them were there for her last moments if she got shot on duty, and i wasn't?

I shook my head, that's ridiculous. I would always be there for her.

I walked slowly up the driveway of my house. i pondered on all of our outcomes.
I opened the door with the key that was under the garden gnome and entered.


Jordan's PoV!!!!!!!

I looked in the mirror.

Not satisfied.

I brushed my hair for what seemed like the thousandth time and sighed.

Embry was taking me to a little bonfire. i really wanted to look perfect, I want to make a good impression. My light brown hair was in a french braid, I had peach lipstick applied to my lips. I was debating on wearing a a black and purple sweater or a white blouse. I heard a gentle knocking on my door. I knew it was Embry, so i dashed downstairs.

" Hey, sorry I don't know what to wear", I said to him as I opened the door, beaming at his appearance. He was in a black t-shirt,fitting tight on his chest. He wore black faded jeans, with blue Nike's.

"Hey?", he replied, but his face was rather shocked, and he held his hand out as if to grab something.

" Are you ok? Come in"

He entered, but his eyes were on my chest. Embry really doesnt do that, well not when I'm looking. I peered at my chest.

Oh crap

All i was wearing was a see through bra, with shorts. I blushed at my stupidity.

"Like what you see", I asked, trying to ease the tension. Embry kept his eyes on my chest,nodding slowly with a grin appearing. I leaned over and pecked his cheek and said," No sex before marriage!". He grimaced and kissed me back passionately.

Was Embry really looking forward to sex? I really hated doing this to him, but I was raised in a full Christian family, so no sex before marriage. Though he is the one i want to stay with forever, I keep my promise.

I looked down at his pants, he had a bulge. I giggled at his disgruntled face.

I ran to the bathroom and grabbed the white blouse,and yanked a pair of skinny jeans from the dryer. I brushed my teeth one more time and looked in the mirror. The blouse made me look too busty. I giggled again at how uncomfortable i was going to make Embry. I skipped to my bedroom and took my blue air walks.

I was out of breath by the time I was fully dressed. Embry was waiting at the couch with a dumb expression on his face. He jerked up as I walked down the stairs. he smiled.

" I thought you were never gonna finish!", he said, pulling me into his embrace.

" A women takes her time to get dressed, unlike men", I retorted.

" Humph", he snorted. i shook away from him, stubbornly he took my hand and almost dragged me to his car. I hummed the melody of Knock You Down, by Keri Hilson. From the corner of my eye, I saw Embry shift again. I smirked.

" So, well,Jord?", Embry stuttered, uncomfortable with his choice of words.

" Yeah babe?"

" No matter what you think tonight, I'll still love you the same, even if you never want to talk to me again", he said, ending it with a big huff. His words confused me. Never want to talk to him??

' Babe, why wouldnt I want to talk to you?"

He stayed silent. His thick, long fingers were strumming on the steering wheel. His eyes were glued to the road, but they seemed distant. Was he hurt? Is my mood swings so horrible that he seems to be on guard?i reached over and touched his arm. My fingers burned from the contact, but i didnt notice. He smiled weakly, and kissed my nose. I stroked his arm, as if I were soothing a crying toddler.

Embry's nose flared, his mouth was left in an 'o'. He swerved his car. My arm hit the window as he moved erratically. My fingers cracked as it crammed against the knob. My hair was out of my neat french was giving the face of pure fury. His nose scrunched up as if he smelled something horrible, and he was shaking. There are only very few times were I'm afraid.

This was one of them.

" Embry!", I shrieked.

He turned,and put his finger to his lips.

"No! Tell me what's happening now!"

He gave me a pleading look.

Things were snapping into place. He said,"No matter what you think tonight, I'll still love you the same, even if you never want to talk to me again"

What the hell?

"Embry, I want to know now!", I screamed. Another strong turn, and my head hit the window too. His face was remorsful. My tongue was now bleeding from me biting it. My head was going through frantic thoughts. Is Embry trying to kill me? What is wrong with him? Is this a horrible sick joke? I moaned in frustration.

When I was a cop in California, there were robs from everywhere. Gangbangers had taken up the hood, and people from all age groups were frightened to go outside by themselves at night. I moved in to detect the drug area. I was driving home from the shooting range in my old rusty Caddilac and I noticed a group of young men, huddled up. From what I suspeceted, it was some hard DOPE. I came in closer, watching them. I drove slowly, rolling down the window.

It was a day a officer should be ashamed of.

They took the advantage, and shot at my car, some ran to my passager side and opened it.

Let's just say, I did the stop drop and roll.

Embry was still driving at the crazy rate. I looked out the window and saw what i needed. Grass. I opened the door, feeling the impact of the wind rushing past me, and jumped.

My arms snapped against the concrete. My aim wasn't that well. My shirt was bloody and torn.

I heard breathing behind me.

" You smell lovely, how I wish.... ahhhhh", a magical voice sighed. I remembered the voice instantly. I turned and breathed out " Tristan"

" Glad you remember me", he said, smiling. He inched closer, and hugged me. His nose on my neck.

" You really can't believe how much I missed you", he murmered.

Everything turned black.

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