"Tch…" A deep annoyed growl left through the mouth of the cave that night, but as to who it came from was enough to drive anyone into terror. Her long dark brown hair reached to her hips, and a deeply rooted scowl across her beautiful face, and those dark eyes of hers held no remorse but pure hatred and disgust.

"A-ah.. Riful…" Such a pitiful disgrace of a voice, and to come from a man nevertheless was grueling. "I think you should… c-calm down."

But her annoyance only grew stronger, a stronger growl escaped the young woman, sneering away from his sight. "Get the hell out of my sight!" She snarled, fists tightly clenched to the point her knuckles turned a pale bloodless white.

The man stood there in a terrified state of shock, but he knew better than to anger her even more than he should. "O-okay." He muttered under his breath like the cowardly dog he was, grumbling a little as he took his own path out of the humble abode of a home within the western mountains.

When she could no longer hear his footsteps the young woman could only sigh, that scowl still visibly across her face and in those piercing dark eyes. She had enough of her man's disrespectful failures, and all he could do was whine and cower before her, a filthy and idiotic mutt. He couldn't even bring another claymore for her to torture into awakening, only to complain he couldn't find her.

"You shouldn't scowl so much," came a voice behind her. "Makes you look ugly." It came tauntingly down in her direction.

Eyes creasing, and glancing over her shoulder but a faint spark gleamed in those eyes of hers, but a wave of confusion swept through her. "You…" She muttered, and rid the obvious scowl off her face.

"Yes, me." The warrior grinned, and shifted on her feet with a small clank of her boots on the cobblestone flooring. "Hard to believe you let the idiot leave you unguarded."

Riful grumbled at the mentioning of the cowardly beast, turning to face the warrior and easily seeing she caught her off guard. "What's the matter? I managed to grow a bit, what's it to you?" The abyssal's form was no longer incredibly childlike, but full of curves and her face held beauty that even rivaled the warrior in front of her now.

"Ara… seems somebody grew into their attitude." A mischievous grin flickered over full lips, eyes closing slightly. But the moment her eyes closed for a split second, wind rushed past her and a loud crushing rumble exposed dust not a foot to her right.

Thin, but strong and sturdy, tendrils from her hair stabbing into the ground beside the warrior with her face left expressionless. "You're lucky I didn't mean to hit you yet," she responded coolly. "Galatea."

A small cooed purr left her throat, "So you do remember my name." She couldn't help but bring a lovely smile to her face, silver eyes opening again and setting their sights on the abyssal.

Similar to that of a whipping sound her tendrils snapped back to herself, but fast enough that one such bladed extension sliced through the cheek of Galatea's face before she could comprehend her movement. And brought a glimmer of a smirk across the young woman's face, "Hmm… seems you weren't expecting that. Too bad about your face though."

Grimacing in annoyance, her small wound across her cheek healed, and returned the beautiful skin to its natural state aside from her blood. "Still beautiful as ever, but I could say different for you."

Riful wasn't in a good mood to begin with, and now that this warrior showed up upon her own accord with her tasteless taunts, it made her attitude worse. Her hand swinging out and the ironclad tentacles streamed out with force and determination, not changing course this time but enough to make the blonde warrior jump out of the way. "Why are you here? I doubt you wish to awaken for me." She demanded like a snake coiled to entangle her and squeeze.

Galatea regained her footing on the cobblestone with grace, hair fluttering down behind her, and her left hand placed at her hip. "Of course I don't wish to awaken for you, or for anyone. I simply-" Dodging another determined strike with a small kicked up puff of dust behind her. "Wished to speak with you, but-" Upper lip curling, and this time tweaking the abyssal's yoki in the slightest as it slammed into the wall, giving small rocks a crumbling way down. "You are making it so difficult!"

"Oh, I'm the one annoying you this time?" She grinned, but some tendrils snuck through the wall of the cave, and down until they struck from the wall claiming the blonde's waist as her own with surprised ease. "I don't want to listen this time, I'm sick of waiting for you bitches to awaken for me, or refuse me." A deep snarled left her throat, dark eyes gleaming, and held her tight even as hair from her right shoulder suddenly became a blur striking into the warrior's abdomen and upper right shoulder.

Gasping sharply from the pain, blood trickling down her chin from the corner of her lips, eyes half open and wincing. But the pain, it felt amazingly good, and she didn't fight it even as her body healed around the wounds like her body grabbed Riful's hands that seemingly punctured her beautiful form. "I never said anything-" Inhaling sharply, despite the pain rising in her chest a bit. "About refusing you." A dark grin slipping over the corner of her lips, despite the blood on her chin and deeply annoyed look, there was something on the warrior's face that ticked Riful off.

"Screw you," she snarled, coming closer as the bladed extensions in Galatea's shoulder started twisting and earning her a painful whimper. "Even for someone I thought was smart, you surely came here on the wrong day, and really pissed me off even more." Her still normal right hand clenched again, before slowly relinquishing the grip on herself and reached towards the wounded warriors waist, tips of her fingers elongating slowly and cutting the fabric of her silver uniform. "Maybe," she whispered. "I need to change my tactics a little." Gaze glowing, and she could sense the warrior's yoki twist uncomfortably, grinning darkly, "Oh yes, maybe then you'll be one of mine."