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Days were long, and nights were sleepless for Lelouch Lamprouge. Countless thoughts rushing through his head of only one person, Suzaku Kururugi.
After a passionate kiss was shared between the two boys one evening, not a word had been spoken for just over three days.
Lelouch stood in the mist of the shower and lifted his delicate pale fingers up to his lips as he thought of Suzaku, '...Why did you kiss me?'. Lelouch slowly sank to the floor as his thoughts spun in circles.
"Nii-san? Are you almost ready for class?" Rolo asked as he opened the bathroom door a crack.
Lelouch snapped out of his daze and looked up, "Yes Rolo, I'll be out in a second."
The two brothers walked down the corridors of the school together.
"Nii-san, you and Suzaku haven't been talking lately. Is everything alright?"
"Everything is fine Rolo. Suzaku has just been very busy with work." Lelouch gave his brother a reassuring smile.
Rolo smiled and nodded and continued to class.
Lelouch leaned against a tree outside of the school after classes were over. As Lelouch ran his fingers through the grass he was sitting on, he noticed a shadow form behind him.
"Didn't expect to see you here Lelouch." Suzaku sat beside his friend and smiled at him.
"I didn't expect to see you here either." Lelouch gazed at his friends bright green eyes and the brown locks upon his head.
Both took a pause from speaking, each hoping the other would break the unbearable silence that seemed to last forever.
"Lelouch, about the other day-" Suzaku began to speak then felt a warm, unexpected kiss.
Lelouch pulled away from Suzaku and bit his lip ashamed of what he had just done. Silence began to overcome them once again, as the best friends stared at one another. Suzaku lusted after Lelouch's amethyst eyes, his smooth black hair and his frail girlish figure, it was something he often admired.
"Lelouch may I ask a very personal question?" Suzaku smiled softly
Lelouch just nodded and kept eying over his friends tan skin and beautiful features.
Suzaku lifted Lelouch's hand into his own and held it firmly, "Will you be my girlfriend?"
"Girlfriend? Does this mean you want me to be the uke?"
Suzaku chuckled out a 'yes'.
"Yes, Suzaku, I will be your girlfriend. But you have to promise me one thing." Lelouch smirked
Suzaku looked slightly confused, "What do I have to promise you Lulu?"
Lelouch pulled Suzaku close so their foreheads were touching, "Never leave me."
Suzaku whispered, "I promise."
The boys fell into a kiss, and both knew everything would be alright.