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'He's been asleep for a while now…Why did he want his memories to be forgotten?' Rolo sat beside his brother's bed, holding onto his hand…waiting…for anything.

"Nnn-g…" Lelouch rolled over opening his eyes slightly, "R-Rolo, what happened?"

"Brother," Rolo nearly shouted, "You um, you fell while horseback riding…"

"Oh…I don't remember…" Lelouch sat up and looked around.

Rolo looked to the floor feeling guilty for lying to his brother, "The doctor said you might not remember some things for a while, if at all…But at least you remember me right?!" Rolo smiled.

"Yeah, I'm glad I remember you, I remember everything, just, I feel as if there's a big part of my life missing…" Lelouch arose from the bed and sighed.

"It is fine brother, you don't have to remember."

"Rolo, I-I think I'd like some time alone right now if that's fine. I'd also care to take a shower and call Shirley."

"Yes brother." Rolo left the room.

Lelouch walked to the master bath and slowly undressed himself down to his small black panties. Steam from the shower filled the bathroom quickly, alerting Lelouch that the water was hot enough. Lelouch slid off his panties and stepped into the hot stream of water that tinted his skin pink from its high temperature. The boy glanced down, admiring his feet that were standing in a pool of water that was trying to rush down the drain.

'Hmm, my feet are small…' Lelouch giggled a bit to himself as he turned off the shower and dried himself off.

"Brother! Shirley's here!" Rolo yelled up the stairs.

"Thank you Rolo, I'll be down in a minute." Lelouch ran a comb through his hair after getting dressed into jeans in a black t-shirt, and then preceded downstairs, "Good morning, Shirley. I was planning on calling you but you beat me to everything." The boy smiled.

"You were, why?" A blush appeared across the girls face.

"I was wondering if you would like to go for a walk around the park, if not that's alright."

"W-we can go its fine with me!" Shirley perked up and smiled big.


Lelouch walked along side the orange haired girl in a local park. They were silent for a while, listening to the birds within the trees and watching the cherry blossoms fall softly onto the ground.

"You know Lulu, it's strange now; hanging out with you I mean."

"Why's that Shirley?" Lelouch found a bench to sit on.

"Well, first of all, you're a prince; second, we're being followed at a distance by security…" The girl sat beside him.

"I'm no diverse from when we met in school Shirley; I'm the same old Lelouch. My security is only here because my older brother wishes they follow me, at least they aren't at school with me." Lelouch smiled and crossed his legs as he picked up a fallen cherry blossom.

Shirley smiled as Lelouch placed the blossom in her hair, "I guess you're right Lulu." The girl paused for a moment, "So, have you talked to Suzaku lately?"

"Hmm, no, why do you ask?"

"He seems very depressed. Why don't you just forgive him for his mistakes?"

"Could we talk about something else?"

"Yes, sorry Lulu."

There was an uneasy silence between the two friends as they sat together on the wooden bench of the park, that was lined with cobblestone walkways.

"Shirley, could I tell you something that I'm not proud of?" Lelouch placed his hand over hers in attempt to gain comfort.

Shirley grasped his hand tightly wanting to never let go, "Of course Lulu, anything, I'm here to listen!"

The prince looked to the ground as he grasped her hand even tighter wondering how to say what he was thinking, "Shirley, I think I've lost my memories from a fall..."

The girl with orange hair looked over Lelouch noticing that there was not one scrape nor scratch upon his head, "Lulu are you sure? You don't look as if you've fallen. Maybe you just have some short term memory loss, you still remember everyone and everything correct?"

"I'm sure Shirley, everything is like a blur. I don't remember much from the past few years, I remember all of my friends and Rolo and even Nunnally, but I don't remember ever hanging out with Rolo or how he's my younger brother...I also don't remember any events that I've had outside of the school and home..." The prince frowned and kicked at a pebble on the ground feeling embarrassed about his current situation and soft attitude.

"Who told you that you fell, and how did you fall?" Shirley acted like she was pondering what Lelouch had said, even if it did confuse her a little as how he could remember so much, but be missing so much.

Lelouch sighed and arose from his seat, still grasping onto the girls hand and placing his other hand into his pocket, "Rolo told me that I had fallen off of a horse, I believe him, it's understandable, from what I remember I ride horses a lot." Lelouch smiled a bit as he guided Shirley to a fountain.

"I'm sorry Lulu, I really don't know what to say about this. I wish I could help." Shirley placed her hand into the water and swirled around a cherry blossom. Their reflections in the water along with those of the trees rippled and pulled apart into lines. "Lulu, would you mind if I asked you a question?"

Lelouch raised an eyebrow in question and shook his head, "Ask away."

"There's a rumor going around the school, that you aren't going to be around anymore, that you are moving away before graduation. Is it true?"

The raven prince frowned as he noticed the slight tears forming in Shirley's eyes after his head nodded automatically to a yes.

"I'm going to miss you Lelouch, and I know Suzaku will as well."

"I'm going to miss you too Shirley." Lelouch sighed to himself, 'I already miss Suzaku...'

The prince was planning to move to France, a place no one, not even Suzaku would think to look. Only a few select people including Rolo and Nunnally, would know his address. There, he could live alone, no one to bother him, work would come easy for a young attractive boy, especially in France. No, not just France, an apartment, rather condo with a flat, that overlooked the Eiffel Tower in Paris. 'Perfect...' Lelouch thought as he packed the last of his things into boxes.

"Master Lelouch, are you sure you wish to move to Paris? A prince should not reside in a place without his own empire." Prince Schnitzel placed his hand on the younger boys shoulder to try and prevent him from leaving the royal family behind.

"Schnitzel, I need the leave the horrid memories that I still have left of this place behind, the hate I've suffered at school because of my past affairs, the pain Suzaku has put me through and many other things. Yes I love all of, well, almost all of my friends here but I need to move on with my life. Now if you'll please, remove your hand from my shoulder..." Schnitzel agreed and said farewell to the young prince, as did his two younger siblings.

- - -

'Lelouch has been gone for a year, I at least expected him to write me...I know that with what I've done to him, most people would expect me to not care about the boy so much anymore, but I love him so... Yes it's been two years since it's happened and I should just get over it, but I love him...I keep expecting him to show up around in town, but I haven't seen or heard from, and or about him. It's like, hes disappeared off of the face of the earth...'

- - -

This chapter jumped around a bit, sorry. I just wanted to END THE STORY!!!!! Yes this is the end of Sleepless Beauty. Bit of a cliffhanger no? Lelouch looses his memories then moves away without leaving a trace of where he went to? Well anyone who is reading what I'm typing down here is smart and going to be in touch I assume because there WILL be a sequel to this story. I didn't want to continue in Sleepless Beauty because then it would just drag on more than it already is. So here, 'Lelouch is living in Paris France as a model under the name of Lulu-Bell. Lulu-Bell is a well known model across the world. Never once did Suzaku think that this popular model named 'Lulu-Bell' would be his ex-lover, Lelouch Vi Britannia. As Suzaku goes on the search for the famous model, he finds that Lelouch has turned into a complete jerk, more so than he was in the past. But is Lelouch only masking his real feelings for what he still feels is love between him and Suzaku Kururugi? Suzaku shows Lelouch that he doesn't have to be caught up in money, caviar, and expencive parties all the time. What happens when Suzaku becomes jealous of Lelouch's modeling life and feel's that he's being a little too exposed?' OMGOSH I hope you will read it O____O'