Bella Sitting
Taken place in Eclipse

Disclaimer: Dear Santa, I would like to own Twilight for Christmas. Please?
Santa: no.
Me: damn.

I was stuck with Emmett and Jasper tonight while Edward was hunting with the rest of the family. And, of course, they had resulted to pulling pranks on me.

Edward should have known better. Now, I was hiding in the deepest part of Alice's very large closet. It didn't help that Jasper played my emotions into agreeing to play their games. Had Alice not seen this in her visions?

Emmett was downstairs, pretending to not know where I was. Emmett's footsteps were distinct; the whole house shook when he walked. Jasper, on the other hand, was a silent ghost.

Suddenly, the door flew open, a mischievous-looking Jasper sauntering in. I cringed into the clothes rack I was hiding in. I looked back, and Jasper was gone.

It was quite for a few seconds, then "Boo." I screamed and almost had a heart attack. Emmett might be the biggest, most intimidating of the Cullens, but he had nothing on Jasper. The fact that Jasper still had some trouble controlling himself, put together with the most frightening, menacing, look he can give you, and also that he can make you feel fear, is the most terrifying thing I have ever experienced. Well, other than Edward leaving.

"Bella….you……should have…….seen your……FACE!" he choked out between fits of laughter. "Not funny Jasper." I managed to say after I caught my breath.
"Come on, Bella, we don't BITE!" he barely managed to say the last word before he erupted into another fit of laughter.

Jasper picked me up and ran downstairs. He dropped me on the couch, and went to sit in the single chair next to me. Emmett walked in placing a video camera on top of a shelf. Oh, great, whatever horrible, embarrassing, thing they were going to get me to do is going to be on camera. Wonderful.

"Bella, there's no reason to be afraid, you won't get hurt……I think." Jasper mumbled the last part, not realizing I could hear. A new wave of fear came crashing down on me. "I'm only KIDDING!" he shouted before I made a run for the door. "Thanks so much, Jasper." I mumbled, knowing they could hear. Emmett broke out into loud guffaws. Then he collected himself to speak.
"Don't worry Bella, we're just going to play a game of truth or dare……..Cullen Style."
oh, no.